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    Ride on

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    ah…tory don land ooh…hu dey call register, nr try 4get my name ooh..lemme go n do amiebor n come back.

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    firmly seated… ride on

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    MR. TEACHER (2)

    So I got to sister Gloria’s place nine minutes past 5. I was sweating because I had rushed down to her place after running an errand for my father. When I reached her house which was a self-contain apartment, I knocked on her outta wooden gate and she opened the door almost immediately as if she had been anxiously awaiting my arrival. Immediately, she grabbed my upper arm and pulled me in then glanced down the open hallway to be sure that no one had seen me. Surprised at her rough handling, I waited then she bolted the wooden door, adjusted her curtain and turned to look at me.

    “I said 5.” She sounded displeased.

    “I’m sorry, I had to run an errand for my father.” I apologized.

    She sighed then said, “Come in.” I stepped out of the foyer then entered her bedroom and she bolted the door behind her. I stood there wondering why she was so nervous and also why she seemed skittish. I stood by the wall because I was confused of what to do next. There were two beds adjacent each other with a small aisle housing a reading chair and table in between where several motivational books, bibles, jotters and other materials laid.

    The two beds were neatly dressed and even though I had no idea which was hers, I was certain that one of it belonged to her roommate, sister Yemisi who was also a chorister. The church had rented this apartment and had paired them up to live together as a form of assistance for their service to the church. There were two wallpapers on the wall. One was about a beautiful and neat kitchen and the other contained several pictures of Don Moen.

    There was also a tall shoe rack that contained several footwears which most of it were high heels of different colours, inches and designs. In a corner, there was a wardrobe and a towel was draped over one of the unlocked doors. I noticed other things and I realized that this was actually the first time I had entered a female’s room that wasn’t my sister. I was still sweating despite the fan which was slow and made squeaking sounds. I had worn one of my favorite pairs of clothes and it was all to impress sister Gloria.

    “Where’s sister Yemisi?” I finally asked.

    “She has gone for Bible study. I told her that I was sick.”

    “But you don’t look sick”, I wanted to say but stayed mute instead, waiting for her to tell me what she had invited me over for. In as much as I was excited to be in her room, I was also looking forward to the ten thousand naira. In fact, I had even made a list of what I would spend it on.

    “Sit down.” She said, pointing to the bed with a blue bedsheet close to the bathroom and I obeyed. She moved to a chest freezer that I hadn’t noticed and brought out a bottle of chilled fanta and before I could refuse, she uncorked it and handed it to me.

    “That will help you cool down for a while.” She said, standing in front of me.

    I took the drink and took a sip, enjoying the cold sensation as it travelled down my throat. After a short while of awkward silence, she finally asked, “Patrick, have you ever been alone in a room with the opposite sex before?”

    “Yes, my mother and my sister.” I ignorantly answered and she rolled her eyes.

    “I mean with a girl who is not related to you.”

    “Oh! No, I have not.” I answered.

    “Have you ever seen the naked body of a woman before?”

    If I was fair, I would have blushed but I was a tall dark almost-lanky boy. “I’ll be honest. I have only see my teacher’s be laps. She doesn’t properly in class.”

    She hissed. “I mean a girl in your peer group…”

    I hesitated as I tried to remember and when I couldn’t come up with any memory relating to that, I shook my head. She seemed to frown a bit then said, “It means you are a novice then.”

    “Novice in what?” I asked, puzzled.

    She began to unbutton her shirt and that was when I realized that she was actually tying a towel underneath the shirt. As she shrugged off the shirt, I almost lost the hold on the bottle of my fanta and my jaw literally dropped when she finally untied the towel to reveal her nudity. What caught me more was her pink nipples. Sister Gloria was so fair that her stretch marks were almost red.

    With a shivering hand, I slowly lowered the bottle to the floor between my feet without taking my eyes off her chest. I couldn’t believe what was happening that I had to blink several times before I realized that I wasn’t dreaming nor imagining any of this. She seemed to watch my reaction for a moment then as if reading my mind, she said, “You can go ahead and touch it.”

    Hesitantly, I lifted my hand and reached for it and I naively tweaked the right n----e before I boldly spread my fingers and held the breasts. Oh my! It was so warm and soft. I swallowed hard and I could feel that a taut tent had formed in my pants already. This was the first naked body I was seeing and I was totally mesmerized by the sight of it.

    “Well, Patrick, to be frank, the reason I called you here is because I want you to break my virginity.” She confessed at last.

    I stared at her in disbelief and could only utter one word, “Why?”

    She swallowed hard and a sheepish look crossed her face. “I know you have been noticing brother Efosa and I for a while now. Truth is, we are dating and brother Efosa has told me that the only way he can marry me is by getting pregnant for him first. It’s their family tradition.”

    “But the church won’t wed you if you are pregnant.” I managed to say, avoiding lowering my gaze to her V-line that was calling to me.

    She snorted. “The church doesn’t have to know anything. Even if they later find out, it would have been too late by now.”

    “Then why me?” I asked. “I’m just a boy. I have never had sex before.”

    “The problem is Efosa and I have been trying for days but he can’t seem to get in and in frustration, he has given up and said that if I can’t go and do something about it, then there’s no us. So, this is where you come in. I have been watching you in church for a while now and I know that you are a good boy who doesn’t have many friends and somehow, I trust that you can keep a secret.”

    “But I don’t know anything about sex. I’m sixteen, remember?” I reminded her.

    “I believe that you are not totally ignorant, after all, you take biology classes in school. I myself know a few things and I’ll guide you. If you can succeed in doing what I have asked of you today, before sister Yemisi gets back from church, I promise that I’ll give you ten thousand naira.”

    I didn’t need to think twice, I agreed. I get to have sex with my crush and also get ten thousand naira, why would I want to pass off an offer? Immediately, she got on her knees in front of me and began to hurriedly unbuckle my trousers while I tried to assist her. When she finally pulled my trousers and boxers down my waist, I sprung free and the head of my erection hit her on the face, leaving a thin trail of pre-c-m.

    Her eyes widened in shock as she stared at my erection and then at my face. “I thought you said you are sixteen? How come you are this big?” She asked but I shrugged. I was oozing pre-c-m, anxiously waiting to get laid. Suddenly, she swallowed it inside her mouth and I let out a loud moan as I closed my eyes and began to imagine all the styles my friend and I had discussed we were going to do if ever we get an opportunity to get laid.

    Sister Gloria did wonders to me that within two minutes, I blew off in her mouth and she hurried to the bathroom to spit it into the toilet. When she returned, she laid on her stomach on the bed, spread her thighs and asked me to eat her from behind. At first, I made a face of disgust. Why would I want to put my mouth where she peed from. I was more interested in s-----g her pink nipples or sticking myself into her but she told me that the only way to prepare my body was to eat her out and that I should just forget about her boobs for now.

    Reluctantly, I got on my knees and hesitantly ate her out like the novice I was but I realized that she didn’t smell that bad down there like I had always imagined of every woman. Within five minutes, she told me that I could enter because she had read that it was easier to deflower a virgin by entering from behind while she she was fully laid on her stomach on the bed.

    When I couldn’t find her juicy orifice, she guided me but I could not push in. Frustrated and realizing that time was ticking away, she spread her legs wider, dug her fingers into the sheet, then bit hard into her pillow after instructing me to coat myself with Vaseline and shove myself hard into her and she would muffle her scream with the pillow and I did just that. With all my strength, I plunged in and when I pulled back a bit, I saw blood coating my erection and the rim of her p---y.

    I soon began to t----t in put of her slowly as she hissed and whimpered in pain, I was still enjoying the tightness and warmth when someone knocked on the window, startling us and I quickly pulled out of her and scurried to a corner. She sat up in alarm then waited to see if we had imagined the knock but the knock came again. The curtain was drawn so we couldn’t see who it was.

    “Who’s that?” She asked with dread.

    “It’s Yemisi.” A female voice grudgingly answered. “I have been knocking on the door for a long time but you didn’t answer it.”

    With wide eyes, Sister Gloria turned to look at me in shock and scared to death myself, my erection died instantly!

    To Be Continued…


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    Mr teacher

    This is brutal

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    Ok continue

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    Hmmmmm yawa don gas!!!

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