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    Story written by Class captain

    Episode 1

    I got on my Toshiba system and quickly alerted the EFCC, informing them of the exact area and location of the building but I refused to mention the name of the owner.. Truthfully, I myself do not know.

    They informed me that they would swing into action immediately and assured me of utmost confidentiality as they collected my personal data which they claim was for identification and payment purpose.

    Withnin minutes, We had concluded a deal that could fetch me a life changing sum of 50 million naira.. Immediately I get my hands on this money , I am leaving this wrecked country for somewhere safe to finally start a new life !!!!

    I kept waiting to get a favourable answer of them identifying the location and retrieving the money until about almost six hours later, when I heard knocks on my door.

    Oh my God, The killer had come for me.!!!!

    “ It was my turn !! “ I said to myself , as I could feel drops of urine dripping down my trousers . They didn’t want me to say anything about this money oh, they didn’t oo . I saw all the signs but I still wont keep mute and protect my life… God, how the hell did I get involved in all this.. ??

    I picked my phone and my id card and rushed towards the backdoor. I noticed they heard my movements and started banging the door, trying to open it by force..

    I kept running through the wide hallway as fast as my legs could carry me and finally found my way to the backdoor.. I opened the door and behold, an armed police man staring right back at me..

    “ sir, they are coming for , they are” … I felt relieved sighting the police officer who I felt would helped me combat my yet unseen assailants even though my brain had not taken time out to process what a police officer was doing in my apartment in the first place.

    “ they are…’

    Before I could finish my statement, whether it was a blow or a kick, baton or headbutt, I honestly could not remember.

    All I knew was I fell to the floor and I could hear slow vibrating voices and mumbles of “ we caught him , yes sir, he is the one..

    My head ached as I lay on the ground and struggled to keep my eyelids open .. I could see like four, five people in the red EFCC vest with the imprinted Eagle staring at me and some other men in uniform ,with DSS tag and with guns, coming towards my direction.

    One of the armed men moved closer to me, raised his leg and gbam !!!!

    []Six Weeks Earlier !!!!

    February , 2017

    Uncompleted story Building, 17,Kuta kura Close, Olomieja Avenue,Isolo,Lagos State.

    12:30 am

    I watched,speechless, as he packed them bundle by bundle ,right before myself and Dino’s kokoro eye.I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

    I could not but wonder why he called myself and dino here in the first place. He didn’t allow us to count the money, neither did he allow us help him with the storage. All we did was to point torchlights.

    I watched as he struggled to place the heavy Ghanamustgo under the asbestos,balancing on the wooden stool to get the right angle, licking his lips and bursting into short weird laughs occasionally.By the time, he had calculated the amount in the third and final Ghana must go with the counting machine, the total amount we had in the house was a whooping 250 million Naira.

    Here I was, with two unarmed persons standing between me and a 250 million naira. I started imagining a Jackie chan , jet li scenario and gazed my eyes upon any reasonable weapon to knock out these two.

    ‘More light please “- Prof beckoned on me, snapping me from my short Jason staham imaginary journey .

    After counting the money, he returned the money to the Ghana-must-go and called me this time to follow him inside the opposite room.. There he opened a sort of reinforced steel cabinet and asked me to push it in which I did. He looked at me as if he wanted to say something but he kept quiet…He simply locked the door and beckoned on us to proceed while he followed closely behind. .

    We had to stay in the car till 4am before we set off on a three hour journey to our destination, Ikeja..

    All through the trip, no one uttered a word. ….

    He dropped us at our individual houses .He dropped dino at his house first where he had a quick but seemingly fierce conversation with him and then myself at my own apartment.

    “Yes sir
    “We would see…., on Monday “ – He said coldly , with a sinister smile and in a tone that portrays the Monday meeting wouldn’t be an ordinary one. I stepped out of the car and he drove off.

    To say I was shocked and confused was an understatement. 250 million !!! How the f--k did the Prof get 250 million naira. His salary for 35 years plus his pension cannot be up to that amount ever.

    Why did he take us with him when he neither told us where we were going or why? Why did he want us to see where he was keeping the money . Something was not right !!!

    Did he not reason that we can go and take the money without his knowledge or even report this to the police !!!

    Fine, as my uncle, he might want me to know about the money as a surprise contract he got or something but why did he involve the accountant?? I could not wait for Monday to come to get the answers to all my questions especially this mystery cash..

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    Episode 2 &3

    Monday morning

    IsaleEko University, Lagos State…

    I waited all weekend for monday to come..I spoke with dino who insisted he had no initial idea of where and what we were going to do last Saturday night but that we should chill till Monday morning to find out. Pheww, Monday morning better come fast like a one minute man.

    Monday morning came and as expected , Prof called myself and dino, the accountant to his office.

    “ Tea Gentlemen – He offered , with his hands wide spread as he welcomed us into his office… I had second thoughts about taking the tea as it may have been poisoned by prof ( I trust no one ) but since dino had already gulped almost all the content of the cup before prof even finished making the invite, I had no choice than to sip the tea .

    So ……… Saturday Night – He said , looking straight into our eye balls.. My face glowed and dino adjusted his seat for the full gist..

    Prof let out one of his silly meaningless laughter, banging the table along the line.

    “ You people ehn, That money ehn.. That cash .. I don’t have a dime in there ..– he said , maintaining a straight face, a bit of seriousness clouded upon the sky of his flesh covered skull.

    He explained that the cash belonged to his friend, Engineer James Okoro who owned the construction company J-Okoro Engineering and Construction Company . The money was kept with him as a trusted friend and not in the bank because the contract for which J-Okoro was paid the 250 million had not been validly and conclusively awarded by The Federal government.

    “So sir, if I get you right. ….. dino questioned the prof


    “ The 250 million was sort of a down payment for a job that they have not been awarded yet..

    “ yes dino

    “ with the hope that the company will eventually and surely get the job and kick start the project with the money – I quipped in..

    “ yes

    “ So , what happens when J-Okoro company do not eventually get the contract as expected, – I asked, my eyes fixed on the Prof …

    “will they return the money back to the government to give it to the newly awarded contractor or ……………….


    I found the story brought up by the Prof has complete bullshit and even Dogshit ..So a Friend will entrust 250 million naira into your hands in this present day Nigeria ?? .. So okoro could not keep the money himself..The story Prof gave just didnt make any sense…i expected a better lie from him..

    Anyways, there was little I could do . He still never told me why he took me or the accountant with him that day we went to hide the money.

    ” I just wanted … lets say… some companionship – He said smiling ..
    “ Uncle, I understand me but why..
    “ Boo, I have been in this world before you… I already told you my reason.. Companionship.. You guys were just lucky it was you people I chose to follow me.”

    The prof begged us to be please be very discreet about the “operation” as he termed it and as it was not his money, anything that happens to the money from any angle would emanate from either himself, myself or the accountant as only three of us knew about this money.

    He gave myself and dino 200k extra to our salary that month and well. since he has given us a seemingly reasonable excuse, we forgot about it..

    I still had no idea why prof made us follow him or how he actually got that money ……..

    2 Weeks Later

    Two weeks later, Dino the accountant went missing !!

    Episode 3…

    The sudden disappearance of Dino was a mystery to me. Two days earlier, he had called me that he wanted to see me for a very important stuff and we had agreed for weekend. By Friday, he had gone missing .. With no traces !!!!. Neighbors claim they last saw him Thursday evening looking stressed out ..Nobody saw him since then …

    The police force assured us that he would be found in due time and message was sent to his mother in the village who as I heard, kept sleepless nights praying for his return…..

    A week after his disappearance, the whole accounting department, data and files got burnt in a fire outbreak that was supposedly traced to the meter.. funny enough, the fire was effectively contained before spreading to other departments but only the account department was adversely affected . All storage files, data, everything, burnt to the ground.

    By this time, I had began suspecting some foul play … I was wondering and seriously trying to find a connection between the activities and the event of the past weeks ..

    The money, the missing accountant, the burning of the account department. Not until, I received a Sack letter without any renumeration on my office desk before I knew these thing was not a child’s play anymore.

    I met with my uncle who vehemently denied having any connection with whatever was happening..

    “ Dino disappearance, the office that got burnt and now my sack letter !!! why is everything happening after we hid that money,….- I questioned him angrily

    “ shii, – he moved close to me and tried to block my mouth

    “ Uncle,you are a prof in this department, why will I be sacked without…

    “ Son, am not the school authority. Am only a prof,

    “ Sir, Why is it only you that no negative thing as affected so far ……. it had better be not what am thinking …. You either clarify things or I will be left with no choice..
    The prof stood up and I could see anger written all over his face….

    “ Are you threatening me , BOO
    “ If you say so…but..

    He landed me a dirty slap on my left cheek before I could complete my statement..

    “ I brought you where you are today…!! I supported you when no one else wanted to…When your Father abandoned….”

    “Spare me the crap uncle . Spare all those bullshit..Am not a kid anymore.. …(sighs) ..Now you see, I don’t need the job anymore, all I ask for his 50 million naira from that money or the right quarters will hear…

    “ A threat boo, a threat…

    “ You have 48 hours sir… Good day… and oh !!! I remembered you like beans a lot… hopefully u get to eat a lot of it where you are going…..- I banged the door and left..

    I was really angry and furious that such a thing could really happen without the prof’s knowledge. And I was ready to blow the whistle on my uncle for real this time.. Not after what he did to the accountant and orchestrating my sack….

    The Prof texted me that night that he was sorry and that he had an urgent explanation to give me that day concerning the whole money issue. I told him there was no going back on the matter and he pleaded with me to please cooperate with him and meet with him first..

    I knew prof could do anything to harm me at this stage as he was probably responsible for Dino’s disappearance and I decided any meeting I was going to be holding with the prof will be in the open.. I suggested the mall to him and he agreed..

    The next morning, i got the news that Prof was dead !!!!

    To be continued shortly

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    Links to available episodes

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    whistleblower ah na wetin dey on board now o, blow a whistle to d right auotheries nd dey will reward u handsomely bt wat lead to prof’s death, Ajuju.

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    Hmmm,i’m So Curious Right Nw

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    Who killed him?

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    your uncle might not be responsible for all that is happening

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    Hmmm mysterious

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