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    Who kill m

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    I don’t think it your Uncle that did it

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    Who could have killed him?

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    Episode 4-6

    Episode 4

    Present Day !!!

    ….. He was reported to have died from an heart attack after receiving a phone call but I knew better to know it was not just a phone call.. His wife narrated how after their dinner , he was in the sitting room and claimed he wanted to get fresh air outside which according to his wife means he is going out to drink.. Only for him to come back from outside ,a bit drunk and he received a call, shouted at the top of his voice and collapsed.. By the time they took him to the hospital, he was dead..They claimed it was an heart attack !!!

    But I just couldn’t believe the story.

    Two people that knew about this money are gobe !!! Dino ,the bursar and the accountant is missing probably dead and the prof is also dead, all in mysterious circumstances , I knew someone else was involved in this.. And if am not careful, Am next..My life is not also safe !!!!

    Or could the story about Prof’s friend J okoro company has the owner of the cash be true ?? Was it prof’s friend that owned the construction company, J okoro that ordered the hit on these people …. Oh !!!..

    But why would he kill them when he could simply have requested for his money .. or did Prof refuse to return and disclose the location of the money to him and hence his anger ??? …

    But how come the accountant is involved !!!!

    []Episode 5

    To my utmost surprise, I did a quick search on the so called J okoro company and I found was a fake and conjured company by My uncle as I earlier suspected !!! Why didn’t I bother myself to verify prof’ s claim earlier..Perhaps, I could have confronted him and things wouldn’t have gotten to this !!!!

    It was not J okoro . Hence, someone else knew about the money and if am thinking right ,the individual is definitely plotting the next way to kill me.. the first thought that crossed my mind was to go to the building and get all the money and flee but I was a bit sure, the person would probably have set up guards there or I will just be walking into my own death.. I didn’t want to be too greedy and I knew it was only a matter of time before the killer got to me.

    But there was an option that could give me protection and get me the money too !!!


    I got on my Toshiba system and quickly alerted the EFCC, informing them of the exact area and location of the building but I refused to mention the name of the owner.. Truthfully, I myself do not know.

    They informed me that they would swing into action immediately and assured me of utmost confidentiality as they collected my personal data which they claim was for identification and payment purpose.

    Withnin minutes, We had concluded a deal that could fetch me a life changing sum of 50 million naira.. Immediately I get my hands on this money , I am leaving this wrecked country for somewhere safe to finally start a new life !!!!

    I kept waiting to get a favourable answer of them identifying the location and retrieving the money until about almost six hours later, when I heard knocks on my door.

    Oh my God, The killer had come for me.!!!!

    “ It was my turn !! “ I said to myself , as I could feel drops of urine dripping down my trousers . They didn’t want me to say anything about this money oh, they didn’t oo . I saw all the signs but I still wont keep mute and protect my life… God, how the hell did I get involved in all this.. ??

    I picked my phone and my id card and rushed towards the backdoor. I noticed they heard my movements and started banging the door, trying to open it by force..

    I kept running through the wide hallway as fast as my legs could carry me and finally found my way to the backdoor.. I opened the door and behold, an armed police man staring right back at me..

    “ sir, they are coming for , they are” … I felt relieved sighting the police officer who I felt would helped me combat my yet unseen assailants even though my brain had not taken time out to process what a police officer was doing in my apartment in the first place.

    “ they are…’

    Before I could finish my statement, whether it was a blow or a kick, baton or headbutt, I honestly could not remember.

    All I knew was I fell to the floor and I could hear slow vibrating voices and mumbles of “ we caught him , yes sir, he is the one..

    My head ached as I lay on the ground and struggled to keep my eyelids open .. I could see like four, five people in the red EFCC vest with the imprinted Eagle staring at me and some other men in uniform ,with DSS tag and with guns, coming towards my direction.

    One of the armed men moved closer to me, raised his leg and gbam !!!!

    Episode 6

    EFCC headquarters !!!

    Paa !!!!

    I was woken up by an ear echoing slap ….Here I was , seated and my hands cuffed … I still dont understand what was going on or why I was being treated this way ..

    ” Treat him gently , He is still a suspect until arraigned before the law court – The man in suit, standing in the room into said to the mopol officers.

    I looked at the person who gave me the slap and it was the same officer that kicked me in the face at my house !!!He and the other other officers withdrew a bit !!!!..

    “ Whats all this ?? .What the hell is happening?? Did u just call me a Suspect !!!… I shouted , infuriated .

    “ You call me a suspect, is this how you people treat a whistle blower now.. Why was i arrested and handcuffed ..I was trying to salvage…

    “ mr boo, the man in suit said in a crisp commanding voice, he turned around and walked towards me . He had a rather mean look and as he was about to say his next words , a weak smile spread across his face,
    “ You sir, mr boo , you re not a whistle blower…. You are a killer and a fraud ….
    “ what is all this bullshit .. I stated,already getting tensed and angry as I looked into the faces of the armed men and back to the man in suit..

    “ look, you cant play games with me, I know my rights,,, you found the money there.. where I told you the money was, the building or didn’t you ??….

    “ Yes, Mr Boo, we found the money but it was not where you told us we would find it.. we instead found your armed men there waiting

    “ what the are u saying …I have no…

    “( cuts In as he bangs the table ) .. Two of my men are f-----g dead , shot dead by your guys because you called and gave them a wrong location …You informed them of a wrong location so as to distract them to allow you pack the money in the real location while they waste time there..

    Mr boo, Someone how u knew someone blew your whistle over the money you hid and you planned it out

    “ The money I hid ??? officer am confused..I didn’t hide …..

    “ don’t play games with me mr boo osin ,

    “ no am not….

    “ why did you give us a fake address then .

    Cos of this kind of things, cos … wait how did u get my address then..??? I inquired

    He looked at me for a minute as if to stab me and smiled ..

    “ you will enjoy your time in prison mr boo osin, you are under arrest for the conversion of the monies of the federal institution, Isale Eko University of to the tune of 200 million…. At least, you stole less money than your vc but you won’t go Scot free also for the murder of my men.I promise u…

    Listen to me !!!! something is wrong …Let me explain….

    Officers take him …..

    He said as he left and slammed the door..

    The Last thing I remembered was me struggling with one of the mopol as they tried to drag me up !!!!

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    eyaa pele

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    sorry mr man

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