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    Author: Akhigbe Godsgift
    Genre: Adventure
    Word: 14786
    Copyright © 2016 by Akhigbe Godsgift .
    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may
    be reproduced or distributed, without the prior
    written permission of me.
    To get the completed story for just #200 Airtime card message me on

    Episode 1 &2
    I was on a bike with my friend going to my village from Auchi when we had an accident, I woke up in another time in the early 80s were a village called Evbiamen (river people) were looking for a savior to save them from the evil Queen, they prayed and prayed for that savior and unfortunately I landed there, to them am the Savior but as for me, am just a lost soul looking for a way back, after falling in love with the princess I decided to make the place my home and help them even though I don’t know how to fight, but with the beautiful Murica by my side I don’t think am going home anytime soon.

    I was in a secluded place rounded like egg build with net just like bird nest, I was sleeping inside with tattered clothes all over me, I wokeup and was surprised to see myself here, I look around and saw that there is no door nor window but how did I get here?
    I got up and started walking around the big nest, I look up and saw a small opening meaning that must be where I came in that is, if am the one that brought myself here.
    I started thinking about how to climb to the top of the nest to escape but I don’t see anyway up there, as I continue thinking how to escape this secluded place I saw a ladder drop down from the top and somebody started coming down through the ladder, she has yellow hair and yellow body, she wore lion skin on her body like deep villagers, I hide at the edge of the nest as she came in and started looking at me.
    “don’t be afraid”.
    Me: who are you and where am I? (I said to her with shaky voice)
    she came closer but I ran to the other end so that she won’t touch me,
    “I told you don’t be afraid, am not here to hurt you”
    she came over again slowling and knelt down close to were I am.
    Me: who are you?
    “am Murica and am your wife ”
    Me: my wife, when did I get married?
    Murica: we were betrothed from child birth and both our parent swore an oath that we will never leave each others.
    Me: I wasn’t aware and where the hell are we?
    Murica: you ask too many questions, I will answer all after we bond.
    she started touching my head, she raised my head up and kiss me, I was in shock and don’t know what to do, I was scared.
    Murica: I told you I wont harm you just be free, if I want to kill you I would have done it already.
    she stood up and remove all her clothes and then she took my hand up and I followed her to the center of the nest, she sat down and remove my dress too, I was standing watching her like an idiot, she started rubbing and also s-----g Me, she s--k it for some time and then she made me sleep ontop her, she guide my dickson inside her as I started sexing her slowly, as we continue having sex my dickson remove and as I guide my dickson inside again I look at my hand and saw blood on my hand, I was confuse but she told me to continue.
    We sex for some time before I came.
    Murica: we are bonded now.
    that was the last thing I heard before I slept, when I wokeup I saw myself in my real house in Egbe road Auchi Edo State.
    I look my time and saw that am late for lesson already, I quickly took my bath and rush to school, even when I was in class (Auchi Poly) all mind was thinking about is Murica.
    Am Ozila and am a student of Auchi Poly reading Science Lab Tech ND1, This is a horror story please don’t read alone or in the night.

    chapter two

    I enter school and saw class has already started, i gently enter
    the class and sat down thank God the lecturer didnt say anything unlike the wicked ones.
    Everything went well in school till we close, by 2pm i was on my way
    home when rain started falling heavily so i quickly branch to one of my
    friend house that is closer to school I stay with him till the rain stop, my
    friend name is Joseph but I call him Jojo.
    I enter their compound and knock on his door.
    Jojo: who is there?
    Me: guy its me Oz.
    I heard the door unlock and i open the door.
    Jojo: how far na.
    Me: guy i they oh how parole?
    Jojo: we just they, you are just coming from school?
    Me: yes oh.
    Jojo: okay na.
    Me: what are you up to?
    Jojo: nothing just solving some physics question (my friend is
    studying polymer).
    Me: okay oh.
    i remove my shirt and rest on his bed, i didnt know when sleep took me
    because the next thing i heard was Jojo calling my name, i sluggishly
    open my eyes and was surprised to see darkness everywhere.
    Me: so i slept off?
    Jojo: yes, rain has stop falling and its dark.
    Me: why didnt you wake me up since na?
    Jojo: didnt want to disturb you oh.
    Me: you self Na wa to you..
    i check my phone and saw that it past nine.
    Me: Jesus, which kind sleep i sleep na?
    Jojo: me surprise self, make i escort you?
    Me: dont worry i will run home.
    Jojo: okay then.
    I thank him and left his room and then started running home, today is
    friday and i plan to travel to Afuze to visit my mum but now i guess
    that wont be possible, i will just go early morning tomorrow.
    I continue running home even though the road is not good, anytime rain
    fall here the road will always be bad, i continue running not minding the slump or erosion, my dress will be rough and even my fine shoe will spoil but yet
    i dont mind.
    Auchi is a rugged place with many cultist because of the school Auchi
    Poly, if you dont want any trouble dont stay long outside.
    I got home
    and clean myself up and then i warm food and eat, i relaxed on my bed
    and started pressing phone, as i was pressing phone one of my friend
    Me: Victor how far?
    Vic: i they oh, you been say you wan enter Afz?
    Me: yes but night don reach na.
    Vic: i they enter there now with my uncle bike.
    Me: really abeg come carry me sharperly.
    Vic: no lele but you go find me something oh.
    Me: no worry i go dash you hundred naira.
    Vic: ha, wey e be say Auchi to Afz na three hundred naira?
    Me: guy you be my friend na just show abeg.
    Vic: okay oh.
    i quickly arrange my things and came out of my house waiting for
    Victor, i know my mum is against journey by night but i dont
    have a choice since i wont spend much and beside He will drop me in
    front of my house.
    I waited for ten minutes before he called me and told me to come to
    the main road, i took my bag and walk there, i saw him with his bike.
    Me: guy how far (i shake him).
    Vic: i they oh.
    i sat on the kanchen bike and then he started it and speed of.
    We were discussing on the way about school stuff, he is also a student
    of Auchi poly and my hometown friend too so we know each other very
    well, we left Auchi and enter the road to Ivbiaro another town in Owan
    East L.G.A, Victor was running very fast and i like it, we pass the
    bridge to Ivbiaro and we came across the tick bush before the town,
    the bush is so tick that if not for the Express road, the place would
    have been a tick forest.
    We pass Ivbiaro, Ihievbe and before we enter Afuze we saw something
    like a wolf on the road close to the bridge, and Victor match break at
    once and the bike throw us far inside the dark river.
    I didnt know what happened next because i passed out but when i gain
    myself back i felt somebody holding my leg dragging me on the ground,
    i manage to open eye and saw a yellow girl wearing old london gown
    wear, she was dragging me on the ground to where i dont know.
    She drag me into a wild forest and then left me there, she left and i
    look where i am but i dont know, all i see is tall trees and short
    grasses, a hill and moutain.
    I heard her footstep approaching so i close my eyes again, she came
    and open my mouth, she pour water inside my mouth and started rubbing
    my head singing a song with her melodious voice like a bird.

    where the hell am i?

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    You shouldn’t have journeyed at night

    Ride on

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    I don deskepo 4dis story make una bring d story to live ooooo

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    Ride on

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    ride on

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    Ok ride on

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    Hmm,ok,Watchin Whats Gona Hapin

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