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    Wow!!!…@favourite infact am short of words,menh so much luv dis story,cant wait 4 d continuation!

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    “Piiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, the Inverter at home sounded, UP NEPA I said as I ran to get a Polo Ralph’s shirt (Still dashing oh) and some camouflage chinos to iron, it was 7pm and from the look of things, everyone was getting ready to go out. While I was pressing, esther gave me a straight skirt to iron for her, with a cute smile, I collected asap, ironed it twice and headed to her room.
    Getting to her room, I heard the shower running, I thought of hiding in the wardrobe to watch a new movie , but looking on the bed, I saw a thong and a brassiere. Chai! “This bra too small for this girl nah” was all I thought, as I was once again sexually excited. In this moment, I heard the shower reducing, Jack Sparrow whispered into my ear
    ” Cut!!!!!.
    Just like the speed of light, I ran outside with the skirt in my hands, and Jack Sparrow whispered Re-run, Action!!. Like some innocent nigga, I burst into the room with the the skirt (like everyone at home knew I don’t knock ), and behold! There she was, picking up her towel in speed to cover herself, but d--n my eyes were faster than her speed, and the towel was phucking too short!!!!!!!!!
    “How many times have I told you to knock before entering? Ehhhh?” She asked with her weak sick-ish voice, still trying to balance the position of the towel.
    “Skk.. Sk.. Skirt”, was all I said. Funny how I only stammer when I stand in front of cute creations.
    She collected the skirt and gave me a killer red eye that had “Get The Phuck Out Of Here, but I Like your style” written all over it.
    Mind you, I felt this girl was a big girl, not my class, so I wasn’t interested in flirting with her, all I wanted to see was her unclothedness, someone
    said I was a pervet few days ago tho.
    Heading back to the room to wear my clothes, thoughts of Esther’s unclothedness engulfed me.
    She had some “C” cupped b.o.obs (Trust me, iont know what C-Cup means but this was my mind at work ), which I was fortunate enough to see because of the towel. Laying on my bed, I started creating an imagination of how she was gonna shave her pubis.
    Na “V” shape, “I” shape or “?” shape? Abi she go just leave am like chinese Indecency stars?. At this point, I was super Hot, but I couldn’t self-service.
    Why? Because some OP on nairaland said self-servicing twice a day is unhealthy. (Make I nor catch that guy ohhhhhh )
    “Oboy! Where the babe nah?”, I asked Asamoah codedly with my hands as the woofer of the Honda Element was raving some vibrations on my body.
    “Charlie cool down”, he answered with a mocked sincerity.
    We were on our way to the party,Joyce, Esther and Abigail were preparing to go for a show at Eko
    Hotel and Suites when we left in Asamoah’s car.
    Joyce was still not herself, always trying to eavesdrop on me monitoring my movements as she was curious of what I think of her now. I just had this feeling that she knew I wouldn’t tell my jew of
    a uncle.
    But for the first time in history, I felt staying out the house till 3am wouldn’t attract punishments.
    *power of blackmail *
    Asamoah drove into Ikota Shopping complex to get some booze for the party, leaving me and faith (who was busy tweeting and laughing her a$ out) in the car. I looked at her via the rear mirror as the phone backlight shone on her face. D--n she was beautiful, adorned in a black dress, just a little space between her neck and her packaged
    “Nice bosoms” I mentioned her on twitter via writelonger, she laughed looking at me. My head was spinning!!!!!!!
    “Ode! Shy shy baby :p” was all I got as the reply via twitter. (Omo, she no vex ohhhh! )
    I looked back and told her I was not a baby, she laughed and dared me to look her in the eyes and tell her what I tweeted in a honest way, since I was naughty on twitter and shy in reality.
    Was about gathering courage to say this when Asamoah opened the boot, kept something in it and off we went to the party. Like seriously? Why
    nowwww? (Rihana stole this words 1year later to sing a song sha)
    “I owe you a compliment “, I DMed her.

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    Got to the party at exactly 7:50pm, got down with
    my borrowd Chuck Taylors (Original Ones oh!). But
    Faith remained inside.
    “Guy! Where the greenspring babe?” I asked
    Asamoah again.
    *Pardon the convo please? why I dey beg una self?
    Asamoah: You be Banku pah, you want
    greenspring girls when you have some caged Hot
    right in your house?
    Me: (startled) I nor understand you oh A$AP.
    Asamoah: Charly, those two girls in private
    universities that leaves in the same house with
    you na hungry lions!
    Me: (laughing) Guy forget, dem too dey form jare.
    Asamoah: See you, you dey fall my hand!
    Anyhow, Faith is your date, I promised I was
    gonna peg you with her if she tweets about the
    At this moment, I wasn’t sure of the feelings I was
    showcasing. Was I shocked? Happy? Sad? Or Just
    indifferent?.. Like she retweeted to be pegged with
    me? That hot girl? Why? I no reach her class nah!
    Person wey Lynxx, Wizkid and Dbanj dey follow for
    twitter? Chai! Self Esteem ran from 20% to 120%.
    “Guy nor use me play oh! Nor just try am”. I said
    with a smiley face. Praying hard that he doesn’t
    say he was joking. He punched me on my chest
    teasing me with words I didn’t even hear.
    “Asap wia d booze na? Dispensers are ready”,
    michael shouted standing at the gate of the house.
    Asamoah went to the boot to take the drinks he
    got and took them inside saying “Ladi, remember,
    One Boy, One Girl, go and win your ticket manl.
    I tried tweeting at her but d--n! Network was bad.
    I went to open the car and there she was, sitting and tweeting. “Ok, those are the best laps I have
    seen so far since ummm.. Today? ” I shouted with
    the little morale I got from Asamoah as she looked
    at me with a smile and said “That is one”..
    Faith: I know, that was why I wore it. Me: (motivated) Ok! I will say it. I guess she was crushing on the ever Blunt twitter
    character I possessed. So I tried being blunt in a
    funny way.
    She placed her palm by her ear(sign that she is
    listening) and said “Oya!”. *Convo Me: Ok, you knew I was gonna be your date and
    you wore this packaging dress? Knowing
    fully well I might loose my senses of sense? (I
    said with a “YOLO” face). Faith: Like you lost it in my A$$ this evening
    right? Me: (shocked and laughing) D--n! You a sense
    finder? Faith: Nope! The mirror by the window detected a
    lost sense I guess. Me: That’s sad, because I am yet to retrieve that
    sense. (The humour exchanges were getting
    boring, so I opted out before it died). Me: So, is my ticket to my first official big budget
    party ready to be checked? Seems I got a VVVIP
    ticket. Faith: Sure, but tickets can’t walk you know?
    Me: Ayaaaay! This aint what I am thinking right?
    Make I carry you?
    Faith: (laughing) No Dummy, take me to the ticket
    “In Just 20mins, I don turn my real twitter self?
    And this girl is crushing on me? Chai! I must
    phuck(dis-virgin) before 2012 finish!!! I must show
    Aunty Joyce!!, Esther must pay for making me tag
    myself a Houseboy. Oga Abu must be paying me
    monthly salary”.
    These were thoughts I had as I walked through the
    hefty HFP officials paid to be bouncers for the
    Thanks to Asamoah and this Faith, my self
    esteem is high. And am balling with rich kids.
    Won’t be surprised if Jimoh Ibrahim, or Inegbeniki’s
    kids attended the party self. 9pm.
    Party was jamming, girls were everywhere and
    booze were pouring out of the water dispenser like
    it was ummm.. Water I guess . Faith saw one or
    two of her school mates there and was discussing
    with them, and I was chilling with Tobby, the supposed DJ right inside the mini bar in the sitting
    We were in the same Technical crew in
    church, so standing beside him wasn’t new to both
    of us. “You dey bassz n Gasz?” Tobby shouted in my
    I looked at him and shouted back into his ear: “No! What of you?”
    (Bassz=Drinking, Gasz=Smoking). He laughed and said
    “EL- O- EL (LOL)”.
    I wasn’t focused on what he was saying anyway,
    all I wanted to know was the exact location of my
    Ticket. Not like I saw anyone smoking on the
    dance floor.
    I was letting my eyes wander about looking for
    faith when I saw a very drunk Yvonne in a skimpy short gown that made me forget faith for an
    “Hi Danladi”, she said as she punched me on my
    A strong alcoholic odour swayed in from her mouth
    as Tobby laughed and said
    “That’s what am talking about baby”.
    Yvonne was Asamoah’s junior sister. More like a
    half sister (she was gonna be 17 by January) as
    Asamoah was his mom’s last born. Yvonne was
    born out of wedlock but her mom was known as
    the second wife.
    Like Asamoah, she just finished
    her whatever exam they said they write in Greensprings (I hear say dem no dey write waec)
    and she was to travel to london for the
    continuation of her studies. Oh! She made me
    conclude Asamoah’s Sisters were endowed at the
    “Oh common! Don’t wait on the lady inviting you to
    the dancefloor naurrie boy, she might not ask you
    know?” Yvonne whispered in my ears with one hell
    of a seductive voice.

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    Omo! Na so Lagbaja begin dey
    sing oh!! Come dey vex say he wan commot for mask.
    “That altered my ego you know? Oya lead the
    I said in a much manner I believed to be a “drunk”
    me as I winked at Tobby. She held my hand at the
    back, just above her A$$ as she led me through
    the dance floor. Something came over me that made me grabbed
    her super huge A$$ and the only thing I expected
    was a slap on my face.
    Didn’t really care of what
    might happened though, all I thought was “That’s a
    super soft A$$!!!!!!!”.

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    “Girls love rough boys” as I remembered what
    someone I didn’t care to ask her name said few
    days ago. I didn’t believe her oh! But at this
    moment, she had better be right oh!!!!!!
    She(Yvonne) turned around as she felt me grab
    her butt while walking, laughing in a “Boy, You bad” manner. She placed my hands on her A$$
    (official invitation), rounded her arms around my
    neck and whispered “Ask! I am your santa clause
    baby” with some heavy breathing bathed with
    alcohol. She was a bit shorter than me, so as she
    pressed against me, I could feel my lagbaja pressed against her stomach.
    Just as it was in the novels, I was lost in the
    moment. The Loudspeakers weren’t as loud as my
    heartbeat, and the vibrations I felt from the
    woofers weren’t as strong as Yvonne’s heartbeat.
    The Dancefloor seemed empty as I didn’t notice anyone around.
    “Kiss Me Baby” was all I heard. Anyone watched
    merlin? Do you remember when the druids speaks
    with Emrys through their minds? Its like whispers
    right? Woo! If you never watch am, go buy am.
    I planted a soft kiss on her upper lips (Oh! She had a Christian Millian’s kinda lips in “LOVE DON’T
    COST A THING” movie. I think . ) as she raised her
    head up, then I felt a warmth breath like that of
    relief. This made me hor..nier as I went hardcore
    kissing on her focusing on her neck, ear lobes and
    her lower lips while her hands ran through my back (like I noticed ). I was on a neck routine when I
    whispered “Santa gives gifts where nobody sees
    him you know?”
    (Omo! All the novels I have been reading is
    working!!!!, readers na real leaders I
    “Yeah Babe, why don’t we head to the northpole so
    you choose a gift you never asked for?” She
    with the same “Druid to Emrys” kind of whispers
    right into my ear drum as she bit my big but cute
    ears. . (Ok, my ears aren’t cute, but I like them like that )
    She stopped kissing me and said “Ride with
    At this moment, my hard-on was so strong that I
    couldn’t walk in the cramped crowd, so I had to
    hold on to her waist this time as I buried my lagbaja in her A$$. This thought made me crazey!
    “This one pass Lisa Ann ohhhhhhhhh!”.
    I followed (Rode) with her as she led me to a room
    that was somewhere I didn’t even know, because
    all I was thinking was “TODAY NA TODAY!!!”
    We hardly locked the door to the room when she
    jumped on me(Thank God I had stamina) with her
    waist same level as mine and her short legs
    surrounding me. Kissing me like no girl has ever
    done, I placed my hands on her A$$ to support the new position as I kept on kissing her lower
    lips, I felt jealousy between the lower and the
    upper, so I diverted my attention to the upper,
    even kissed her eyes . I remember feeling her
    feets press against
    my kneels, prompting me to loose stamina as I headed down to the rug with my kneels.
    At this point, she was on the rug as I was on top
    of her kissing her like my life depended on it. She
    didn’t really have huge bosoms, when I think of
    her, Kapri Styles comes to mind (Heard that
    beensh did some job tho). *Team “b” shape!!!!!!*.
    At this moment, I needed a new move so as not to
    be like a learner so I headed straight to the
    She stopped me and said “You have to ask Santa
    for it baby”.
    “Jeez! Drop the santa already!!!, am sure that poor
    man’s manly fatty will be bigger than
    yours” I said in my mind.
    “I want my Kum all over your fat A$$ santa” I said
    in a mean tone. But Oboy, the thing make her
    oh!, this woman wey talk this thing deserves an
    award! See rough mode activated.. Chai! I must
    find that woman!!!!!!!!!!
    “You have been a naughty boy, be a good boy and
    make me kum baby”..(Remember we were talking
    like Emrys and The Druids oh!.).
    KUM?? This small girl? She don gbo like this?
    How? Novice like me? Only thing wey I don do girl
    na Finger oh! I don fall my hands today. I no go
    up, I must do my best, never say never ladi!!!!…
    These were things I was thinking, now kissing her and caressing her small which popped out
    from the gown she was wearing. She was letting
    out a moan I found sexy and at some moment, I
    lost consciousness again as I made it my number
    one goal to satisfy this spoilt pikin of a Girl.
    My pants(chinos) which were already sagged, now at my knees ( automated pulling trouser APT) and
    as usual, I was wearing some tight briefs and a
    PerryCole boxers. But upon that, lagbaja find he
    way come out for the sides. Y’all know what am
    talking about nah.

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    “What next?” I asked the devil in me..
    Still in my environmental unconsciousness, I
    thought to myself its time I explore her body aside
    the lips which must be deadly red by now. There
    was no light in the room but for light rays coming
    from the outside guard light, I raised my head to look at her as I placed my hands on her
    Chai! She had the biggest nipp..les I have ever
    seen since I have started touching. (LOL! She was
    the 2nd girl I touched sha *covers face*).
    Her eyes closed and mouth open, letting out some
    rhythmic moans that sounded better than FUN’s SOME NIGHTS song(Which was my favourite song I
    could think of that moment. Her gown was already
    up above her hips, she was wearing a black floral
    thong. Chai! I wanted to turn that a$$ over to see
    it in a thong. An ideal just came on “s--k on her
    nipp..les and press your lagbaja against her cun..t”
    and this was contrary to what I wanted.
    She took off the gown and the tube(which explains
    why the b.o.obs escaped like Michael Scofield.)
    I started using my lips on her neck, down to her centrefold(cleava.ges), I didn’t pay attention to the
    bosoms as I travelled down the navel, s----d on it
    and went to the hips side(where the ovary is) to
    tease them with my mouth, this increased the
    sound of the moans and I knew I was doing a good
    Job . I come dey feel like James Bond!

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    “Chai! She must not notice, na Bleep up e go be, I must do something to hide this abominable abomination, abi this tin go stand up again so?” This were words I was saying.
    I nor know wetin send me make I dey grind my lagbaja on her cun…t through the thong, but whatever it was, she enjoyed it but the tin be say, 4mins in the act and I already ejanlaculated. She didn’t seem to notice but I tell you, it was the sweetest horgasm ever!!! Spasm wan kill me. How did she not know? (Question for the gods).
    At this moment, I lost some intimate urges but the desire to satisfy this girl was still there but I regained my consciousness. Azonto was the song being played on the dancefloor. I looked at her and thought “If dis girl no dis virgin me today, I go kill myself”.
    I reached for the panties, slid a finger directly in her cun..t.
    “Arrrrrgh” was all I heard because I was now hearing the music. Kissing and manipulation
    (good experience I teyuu), One finger in, two in, three in and I felt like a mechanic that was playing with engine oil. Using my thumb to massage her femalecore(like I knew where it was, na guess work), I noticed she was cleaned shaven. I perceived some scents which were new to environment, aside her perfume and my saliva and hers mixing (Must saliva smell? Shuuueeewwwww)
    Seems she got bored of me kissing her, s-----g on her bosoms as she pushed me up(we were still on the rug remember?), she stood up and lay on the bed, place wey light rays no reach oh!!!! but I saw her pull her panties.
    As for me, lagbaja never ready come out.
    1. Because its shy,
    2.Because its flaccid as phuck.
    I followed her into the dark as she climbed on top of me, removing my shirt as she kissed me passionately and almost chopped off my neck.
    D--n it was ticklish, how girls take dey enjoy neck kissing self? For some moment I thought she was a vampire!!!! (Hollywood and their film tricks sha).
    She whispered “Santa won’t give you nothing until you go down on her”
    “Chai! So teenagers dey wey spoil like this? And I dey beg all those my classmates for ordinary kiss?
    Omo! God punish those girls. I never even toast this girl and she don give me tinx wey I never get before? I am in Jahhhhh! (Murphy Jemba of Brillia
    FM )”..
    This were my thoughts. Life is good oh my people!!!!!!!!
    I laughed at my silly thoughts, turned her over and started planting kisses on her lips, down to the navel, I got to the pubis, kissed there, travelled all up to her lips again. (No be say e dey my mind to go up again oh! But I been fear to go down on this girl)
    “Chai! Was that a smell of pee? Her thighs smells like urine? Omo! Na me go lick that thing? I don die!”.
    These I was thinking as I took my second journey to her thighs, teased it a little and was already gaining my attention back.
    I felt some hands placed on my head as it directed me straight to her cun…t. ( I know sabi something but I go form master for am dey kill ohhhh my
    people, abeg! . Na so I form King Julian swags obey her hands, with a “clockwise/anticlockwise/to-and-fro’ movement of the tongue on my mind.
    (Novels and sex stories at work oh )
    Na so I start to the s--k pussay oh! Omo! As I put my mouth for there, I no hear any smell again!!! Na so?? Na magic oh! , this must be a wonderland!.
    Hey! Its taste is something else sha!!!, as a wassup former, I no swallow anything oh! But all I
    know was I was feeling some salty acidic fluid in my taste buds. (Who send? As far as say I no hear the pee smell again )
    I reason ideas from lil’wayne’s songs, I finger…..ed her while I s----d on her cun..t (don’t ask the song).
    Few mins in and she was moving her waist, grinding. Na so I hear “F…UC ….K ME HARD”.
    Ahahahaha! Cool down!, na the song wey dey play for speakers be that. no be Yvonne talk am. Tobby ur head dey dia!!!!!(I exclaimed in my mind).
    It amazed me how I forgot about my greatest fantasy (Big A$). Na so e dey be? So if I dey Unclad with babe, I no go like yansh and b.o.obs again? (Question for the gods)
    “Arrrrrgh! Yeeaaaaaah!!” Were what I heard as I was enjoying D’prince’s Take Banana song. I quickly got back to her as I heared more rhythmic moans, I must have been s-----g on this for like 5mins. Spasm all over, she was shaking like a girl with convulsion as she came all over my mouth. ,
    “Danladi you just made a girl KUM? Baba ohhhhhhhhhh!”. Na So lagbaja wake up from slumber.
    Shock of life!!!!!!.. This thing don stand? He stood? He is standing? Chai! See as maturalation nearly
    make me think say I be okobo.(Whatever dat meant in yoruba sha)
    After like 20seconds(I guess ) of spasm, she finally let out a “D--n you are a good sucker!!!!!! Comment.

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    I was still lost in the euphoria of her comments, with her waist still wriggling like worms in the
    midst of salt. I looked at her face, just like a warrior that have conquered his enemies (her cun…t) taking a journey home (her lips) with the head of his enemies (her Kum), I wanted her to taste her own Kum walahi! Nor be she get am? *But she dare not try it if she gives me a head ohhhh!!!!*
    But what happened the next few seconds was scary af!!.. I never see am for novels before oh, neither have I seen it in any of the sex stories I have read, all I could think was “Devil, You be liar!!!”
    Yvonne passed out (or so I thought).
    “Na Joke be this? Abi na prank? Abi na pre-joke?”
    I thought in my mind as she didn’t return my kisses. First thing that came to my mind was “She Dead? ”
    With the speed of bolt, I quickly tapped her, hoping she will wake up asap. Random thoughts came in but all I remembered was “Should I pray to God?”..
    “Thunder faya you!No make God vex oh” Was all I got in response as I answered myself.
    “Yvonne! Yvonne!!” (Trust me, this one no be Druid-Emrys convos, dis one na like Merlin commanding the dragon ).. I said as I tapped her and waiting for respond.
    “Chai! Na so man dey die so? Just my tongue? This one pass power of tongue nah”
    I thought, as the ever corrosive lagbaja went back into its mask and my heart beat on high.
    She moved her head. Yes!!!! She effing moved her head!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Didnt know who to thank, God?
    Devil? Or Amadioha?*
    “You almost gave me an heart attack you know?”, I said with a relief.
    Turns out she was tired from the horgasm as I could still feel her legs shake. (Like how did I even
    forget she was still shaking few seconds ago?.)
    Mtchewwwww for myself.
    Me: Don’t worry, rest, will lock the door to make sure nobody comes in here” (with my heart in my mouth still).
    Yvonne: Baby don’t go!!
    Me: Asamoah is calling my phone already, seems he is looking for me. (Liar of life)
    Yvonne: aiite baby. See ya. (In a sleepy tone fah)
    “Was it the alcohol or the horgasm? Or both? Abi na my style just give this babe K.O?”
    Question for the gods I think.
    *this I asked myself as I was covering her in the blanket. She managed to wear her gown tho, and to my surprise, oga lagbaja didn’t stand as I saw her bare A$ and Unclothedness, till tomorrow, I nor know wetin happen. (Oh! And I switched on the bulb that was in the room ).
    “Oboy, na so this girl just fall my lagbaja abi? She no even try at all! All I got was a miscalculated ejanlaculation for a job weldone? Chai!, abi na like this dem dey do if they go on spasm? E for be sweet story to tell say na GH girl disvirgin me oh!”..
    I was lost in thoughts when I felt a sharp pain by my lower abdomen. (I believe I am not the first boy that have experienced this sha), it was just too much but I ironed my steps as I turned the pains into swagger as I watched Yvonne lock the door to the room which I later discovered was a guest room.
    And to even think I tried acting like “Its nothing” by playing romeo, covering her in a blanket wasn’t enough, she stood up again ? Chai!!
    “Oboy I dey feel you!!!!!” I shouted into tobby’s ear as I got when I got back to the DJ’s stand.
    “Babah, were you been? One busty girl been looking for you mehn!” Tobby said.
    That was faith. Guessed right?, I asked him the way she went and he pointed towards the back door. I checked the time and it was 9:45pm. ( Omo! Time dey slow if enjoyment dey oh!! We all know shey?)
    Stepping out the back door, I saw my Asamoah at the pool stand, sitting with one girl I could swear was in her mid 20s(Joyce/Esther’s age), both of them holding an ignited jumbo sized weed . As shocked as I was to see my buddy smoke weed, I
    acted like a wassup niggar and hid the shock.
    Sitting closed to him was michael, with another big girl in her mid 20s, but michael’s merchandise didn’t looked like weed. It was brown, concluded it was cuban cigarettes anyway.
    “How far? You want a beensh to ride?”. Micheal asked in a funny way.
    “Mike chill! Dis guy na pikin he be. He carry babe come, e dey fear to touch am” Asamoah responded in a mocking manner.
    “Bobo how far? When be the action?! Sheewwww”..
    The girl sitting closed to Asamoah asked michael, with her mouth chewing gum.
    Na for here I conclude say those two girls na Ashewo!!!!!. Oh! They weren’t two, they were Six in numbers, all in bikinis. 2 in the pool, 2 sitting. With my 2 friends and 2 standing with some guys I didn’t care to know. (I guess this is the special pool service asamoah was talking about )

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