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    Its is getting to new year
    and I have to renew all my
    Mobile Plans which where
    getting Difficult Now calling
    the customare care agent
    waited for about 7Minutes
    getting frustrated almost
    wanting to cut it off.when it
    reached 10minutes a person
    picked it was a lady.
    goodafternoon there my
    name is Elliot tope may I no
    who am speaking with.Me : My
    name is Alli Abiodun
    Adam.CareLady:So may I
    know why you are calling?
    *The voice was thrilling I
    had to pretend as if I didn’t
    here her ,for her to repeat
    it*Me : Sorry what did you
    say?CareLady : Please may I
    know why you are calling ?
    Me : I had many issues
    renewing my subscribtion
    which is supposed to role
    over to the next month.
    CareLady : Please bear with
    me when I check it for
    you.Me: ok.CareLady : Please
    bear with me…CareLady : we
    are very sorry for the
    inconvieniency all the
    problems are solved I just
    want you to do something.Me
    : ok what.CareLady : Just
    text EXPIRE TO *****Me :
    Ok thank you can you offer
    me something?
    Care Lady: Mention!Me : can I
    have your mobile number?
    Care Lady : Why?Me : just
    for calling if any issue occur
    again .Care Lady : But you
    can call us Back.Me : No am
    begging you Please can I ha
    ve it .*Seriously you should
    know how thrilling her voice
    were tempting I was just
    flowing rhymes in
    Englais*Care Lady : ok
    080********.Me : Thank
    You .Care Lady : Thanks Mr
    Abiodun for calling our
    customer agent thank you
    for using our Network.*The
    Phone cuts then I saved the
    number with Tvoice (Thrilling
    Voice) to Me sha. when the
    time clocked 12Midnight I
    knew she was going to be off
    by that time.
    Then I called **Remember
    her name is Elliot tope which
    should be tope*Me :
    Hello.Tope: sorry am on my
    way home please call
    later.Phone cuts .*After
    30minutes that I was now
    wanting to lye down on the
    bird a call came in and it was
    the CareLady(Tope)*
    To be continue………

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    rhyne bryne
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    Ride on

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    rhyne bryne
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    Reply To: My Adventure with a Customer Care Lady * Episode 1

    The call came in and it was
    the Care LadyTope: Please
    who am I talking to.Me : Its
    Abiodun.Tope : Abiodun ?
    Which one? How related are
    we?Me : It is the one you
    talked to hours ago on the
    customer care line.Tope : My
    number?Me : Yes that I
    called on helping with my
    subscriptions which are not
    deactivating.Tope : Oh yes I
    remember ! Has it been
    The voice was still charming
    after work I had to
    confess*Me :Yes; Seriously
    Sister tope you have a very
    very good voice .Tope :
    (Laughs) Thank You.Me : Its
    is the Best voice have ever
    heard in my lifeTope : Thank
    you very much I appreciate
    .Me : are you on any social
    Network Like BBM /
    facebook.Tope: yesMe : can I
    have your BBM PIN
    please.Tope : Ok
    7******.Me : Thank you we
    would get in touch later you
    have to rest .Tope : Ok Mr
    Abiodun Bye.Me : bye.(Hanged
    I just switched On My music
    storing the Pin on my Note
    then slept off.It was Morning
    after doing all the house
    chores went for some weight
    lifting and press ups I took
    My bath And I settled in then
    Invited her on BBM in
    minutes later she accepted
    and she sent.*Tope : PING!!!
    *i checked her profile
    picture,Haa she looked like
    that diva I used to dream
    about when still staring I still
    heard another message
    While tapping the back
    *Tope : PING!!!ME : Hello
    Good Morning.Tope :
    Same,please is this Mr
    abiodun?ME : Yes; seriously
    am just in another heaven
    now.Tope : What happened?
    Me : Because of what I am
    seeing.Tope : What are you
    seeing ?Me : An angel.Tope :
    Wake Up you are not in your
    dreams.Me: are You not the
    person on your profile
    picture?Tope : Yes I am .Me :
    Yes am serious am seeing an
    Angel.Tope : Lol you are
    joking me.Me : I knew what I
    was seeing is not a joke I
    knew the voice qualified a
    diva.Tope : Thank You very
    much? You also don’t look
    bad on your profile
    picture,isn’t that you?Me :
    Oh. Really that’s me.Me :
    Oh. Really that’s me.Tope :
    Yes you look good.Me :
    Thank You! Where do you
    stay!Tope : Egbeda.Me : I
    Know that place, I stay in
    Idimu near Diamond Estate
    .Tope : I do know that place
    a person of mine do stay
    there.Me : Can we meet?Tope
    : Hummm Maybe when am less
    busy!Me : tommorrow ?Tope :
    am Going to work!Me : Ok
    Saturday?Tope : Ok.Me :
    Maybe We should meet at
    Egbeda Bustop?Tope :
    That’s ok By Me .*
    Saturday Reached so soon I
    got to Egbeda on saturday
    morning and I called she
    asked where I was I told her
    in minutes later a car just
    parked by my side and
    whyned down it was a lady*
    To be continue…..

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    No need for you to create new threads when posting a new episodes

    Just post the rest episodes here as a comment

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    Humble Patila
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    men.!! jackpot

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    So its a stori alryt ride on

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