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    hmmm boss relax don’t finish miss kim

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    Woow I’m gonna have a nice treat here, can’t wait…
    Bring it on!!!

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    u too careless

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    U are not jobless but next time dont be too careless

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    CHAPTER 3.

    Ashton’s p.o.v.

    “What the hell have you done”. I yelled barging into Kim’s office. I couldn’t say I was mad,I was far from mad it was like the bomb ticking in my head would soon explode. She looked terrified but I couldn’t care less. How could she? she knew how important this project was and the people involved are assholes except from my uncle. If my uncle haven’t bailed me out I wondered what would have happened,I felt helpless back there and I didn’t like the feeling one bit I was one to always be in control. Even after my uncle bailed me out I still hated myself for having him always bailing me out like I was incompetent and I had to apologise again even though I was aware of their mutual hatred for me except from my uncle of course.

    Back to Kim,she was really stupid for doing that. Wasn’t she suppose to use the flash and even when I told her she just had to look down and look stupid and make me look f-----g stupid in the presence of everyone. She could have told me there was a problem before we got to the conference room instead of making me look like a fool there. I was so sure of the project and now most of them probably thinks I have nothing to offer.

    I wanted to yell at her again not considering her terrified state,she f----d up big time. But this was a company even though it was soundproof I couldn’t risk yelling again because I don’t trust myself.

    “What have you done Miss Kim”. I said menacingly with a voice I didn’t believe was mine.

    I was really pissed like really,she flinched again. I didn’t even yell this time.

    “Do you think this is a f-----g joke?” I asked her moving closer.

    “I am really sor_”. she was saying before I cut her off.

    “that word. You spoil everything and you just expect it to get fixed with your stupid sorry”. I said again.

    “it’s just that earlier today I _”.

    “where is the flash?” I asked cutting her off again.

    she looked down again,she already spoilt everything what else does she wants?.

    “I forgot it at home”. she said raising her head.

    f--k if that did not make me more angry.

    “you forgot the flash?”. i asked not believing what she just said.

    she nodded her head before saying “yes,I am really sorry”.

    “Don’t f-----g tell me sorry”. I yelled making her flinch again. “This is the line. This is the f-----g line,I have had enough of all your incompetencies,you either forget everything given to you or you just mess everything up. Are you that dumb or you are just clueless”. i said there was this flash of hurt in her eyes then anger.

    “I apologise it was all my fault,I was working late yesternite and_”

    “You had no right to take that flash home knowing how confidential it is”. I interjected.

    “You said there were some things that needed to be crosschecked”

    “yes I said that but I didn’t ask you to take it home with you”. I said sharply.

    “There was alot of work to do so I had no other choice than to take it home and work on it”.

    “here comes your incompetency again. You took something so important as that home and you just had to forget it. Who does that? You are really dumb “. I said again and she flashed me an angry look.

    what does she want to do? I should be the angry one here because she f----d everything up.

    “you don’t have to keep repeating that I am dumb”. she blurted out.

    so much guts.

    i look at her with a raised eyebrow “Aren’t you? you are one of the dumbest person I have met because I see no reason why you have to do something like that”.

    “I know I am not dumb and I don’t like it when people call me dumb either, because I am not. Since you knew I was dumb you shouldn’t have given me something of that importance”. she said.

    “This shows how irresponsible you are. You are trying to shift your responsibility on others”. I said getting more angry at the tone she was using on me. who does she thinks she is.

    “No i am not shifting my responsibilities and like I said earlier I am at fault,but if you can’t still believe that and accept my apology then with all due respect you are the irresponsible one”. she replied looking at me straight in the face.

    I was shocked,she might be pretty and all that but no one talks to me that way. She might have talked to any of her previous employees that way but no one talks to me like that. I repeat no one.

    “looks like you got a job elsewhere”. I said smirking,she definitely wouldn’t see another place with a pay like this at this time of the year.

    she looked at me with so much anger not saying anything.

    “you are fired”. I told her and she gasped.

    “Right,I knew it would get to this but you are more of a jerk than I thought”. she said maintaining eye contact with me.

    I didn’t give a f--k about what anyone thought,She had no right to speak to me that way.

    “Pack your things and bring my flash first thing tomorrow morning”. I said curtly before leaving her office.

    who the hell does she thinks she is?

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    I would get back my flash and solve the problem she began.


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    Next please

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    Ride on

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