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    Aiit….impressive…bring it on!!!

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    Episode three…

    Roy POV***
    What I couldn’t stop myself from doing all day is staring at Tina..
    Gosh..she looks so different.. That I began to ask myself I did travel for a whole year..
    All through the dinner time, I was staring at her , she almost caught me but I diverted my gaze but Lilly caught me instead and pinch me…

    Tina looks more beautiful than before, everything is just in perfect place..
    Gisting her everything that place where we went was so great , I could see her smile several times revealing her perfect teeth set, I just love watching her all day..
    I remember when were small , I will always promise to be her Knight …and we will always promise each other never to leave each other..But now am beginning to have some fear, I don’t know but it as if am gonna loose my Bestie very soon, like am feeling that something unusual is gonna happen , whenever I remember our promises back then when we are small, it as if is gonna break very soon..
    I always try to wave this thought off but they keep repeating… I hope am wrong…
    More stories @
    Tina POV***
    (School day)
    This is the third time am checking myself in the mirror this morning, I make sure I pack my hair in a very nice and decent way..
    I looked at myself from head to toe one more time …then finally said
    “” PERFECT “”….
    I grab my bag and rushed downstairs..
    Mom…good morning.. I greeted immediately I got the sitting room..
    Umm..someone looks ready for school…
    Wow..honey you are beautiful.. Mom said and kissed my forehead..
    Thanks mom..I said and pick my lunch box ..
    Are u going to Roy’s house… Mom asked
    Yes of course.. Mom knows I will always go with Roy to school.. We always walk together ever since we are small…
    OK dear..take care and love said
    Love u too mom..I said as I rushed out..

    Roy, Roy…I began to call immediately I get to their gate.. are up early ..he said as he was coming out struggling with his tie..
    Umm…someone is struggling with his tie this morning again…I guess I have another job this term..I said
    He I was about to move close and help him …he moved back..
    Tina ..I can do it now…he said still smiling..
    But don’t know how to knot a tie how come..I said..
    Anyways let’s say an angel taught me during the vacation..he said..
    Oh really which Angel.. I asked already curious.. was at the camp….I met her there, she does things just like you, and her name is Tena..
    Gosh she behave just like u that I almost think you are the one..he said..
    I was so shocked …but when he came back that I asked him to tell me about his trip ..he didn’t mentioned her…I looked at him and smile as I watch him knot the tie..I remember have always try to teach him but he did not get it , so how come someone from no where just taught him within how many weeks and he learnt it so easily…
    OK are u done..can we go..I asked
    Yea sure.he said..
    OK Roy can u tell me more about this Tena you met at the camp…I asked…
    Roy looks so happy as I asked him the question ..then he began to talk…

    He talked so much about her, that I think I never existed to him..
    All he was saying was “” Tena did this , Tena did that..he looks so happy while saying I watched him closely..
    So is she now your new Bestie.??. I asked not looking at his face..
    Common best.. You know you will always be my Bestie.. And beside you ask me to tell u more about her and I did and she does not even live in our city…she lives with her parents in hushtown..but she said they want to relocate , but she didn’t tell me where they are relocating to ….so stop this attitude.. He said..
    Umm…I said..
    But inside of me I pray they never meet..I can’t share my Bestie with anyone…

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    Lets se how this bestie stuff goes

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem

    Hmmm dis bestie stuff!!

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem

    Bring it on

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    Maybe he just want to see ur reaction am sure there is no tena

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