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    Episode 14

    By Jennifer Owens
    “I’m here ” I heard the voice I’ve been dying to hear for years, Katharine’s voice.
    My head snapped to the door and my world stopped spinning when I met with those amber eyes.
    It was like time stopped and our heart beats was all I could hear.
    I can’t believe after all these years, she’s right in front of me.
    “Katharine ” I called when I finally found my tongue and John arched an eyebrow.
    “Katharine it’s you “I said and went to her.
    “I really can’t believe you came back ” I said and hugged her.
    I buried my face in the crook of her neck and let out all the pains I’ve been holding. I cried.
    She was still and didn’t hug me back.
    I could hear her heart pounding loud in her chest.
    We stayed in that position for a while until she pushed me away.
    “I’m sorry but do I know you ” she asked and I raised an eyebrow.
    “and I’m Wendy, Wendy Blake not Katharine” she corrected.
    “what are you saying Katharine? It’s you “I said amidst tears.
    “I’m sorry Mr Prize but is this Damon Saltzman that you wanna stroke a deal with? I think he’s insane ” she blurted out and the board members gasped.
    “Damon, what are you saying? She’s Wendy Blake, my secretary “John said.
    “no John, she’s Katharine and she’s my wife “I stated.
    “that can’t be possible cause she’s a divorcee ” John blurted out.
    “she’s Katharine and I know it “I said.
    “Piper please tell them she’s my Katharine, tell them ” I begged but she looked away.
    “OK I don’t know if you’re insane or not but I’m not Katharine, I’m Wendy Blake so let’s start work ” Katharine said and walked over to an empty seat.
    “shall I start the presentation ” she asked.
    “the meeting is over ” I yelled and the board members rushed out leaving Piper, John and Katharine in the room.
    I turned to face Katharine and the anger in me melted.
    She was shaken from the way I yelled.
    “Katharine, I know you’re upset with me, I know I’ve made unforgivable mistakes but I’m sorry, I’m sorry please forgive me “I begged.
    I didn’t know when my legs squatted and found myself on my knees, begging for forgiveness from Katharine.
    “I’m sorry, I don’t know you “she made to leave but I pulled her back.
    I held her tight and she struggled to free herself.
    “Katharine, I know it’s you, you’re just upset with me but I’ve changed, I promised “I said.
    “let me go “she struggled to get free from my grip but I was too strong for her.
    “John ” she called for him to come to her rescue
    I felt hurt when she called him. I’m the one to protect her cause she’s mine
    “Damon, let her go “John yelled but I paid no attention to him.
    “how can you say you don’t know me Huh ” I asked.
    Before I could say another word, John punched me in the face.
    That bastard.
    I sprung forward to hit him but Katharine blocked my way.
    She landed a slap on my cheek and I was taken aback.
    “why don’t you understand? I’m Wendy Blake so stop causing a commotion here please “she yelled, took John’s hand and they left.
    I was still recovering from the slap she gave me.
    Was I wrong? Isn’t she Katharine? Of course she is.
    No! I won’t let John take her away from me, I won’t let anyone take her from me.
    I rushed out and saw their car leaving.
    I boarded mine and followed them.
    They entered a suite and before I could drive in, the gate automatically locked.
    I got out of my car and walked to the gate.
    “open the gate ” I yelled.
    “open the d--n hate ” I yelled, hitting the gate.
    “Katharine, please let me in “I yelled but got no response.
    “how dare Damon “Mr Prize muttered under his breath.
    I stormed into my room to meet Allie and Olivia.
    I wiped my tears slowly they wouldn’t notice.
    “mommy ” Allie called and ran to me.
    I picked her up and kissed all over her face.
    “we were just watching movies cause we were bored “she blurted out and I smiled.
    I dropped her and she back to the bed.
    I avoided Olivia’s gaze and went knot the bathroom.
    The door to the bathroom opened and Olivia came in.
    “Katharine, why are you crying “she asked and I hugged her.
    I let out all the tears I’ve been suppressing.
    “calm down and talk to me “she shakes dad I sniffed then wiped my tears.
    “Olivia, I saw him. He was pleading me to forgive him and it really hurts to see him like that ” I blurted out.
    “then go back to him” she said and I yanked her hands off me.
    “no! I don’t wanna go back to him. Just because he pleaded for me to forgive him doesn’t mean I’ll throw myself at him like I did before. I don’t wanna make any mistakes again ” I stated and she sighed.
    “just freshened up and calm down ” she said and I nodded.
    She left and I took off my clothes to bathe.
    I stood outside the suite, hitting the gate and screaming for Katharine to come to me.
    It was getting dark and the weather seems like it was gonna rain.
    I was right cause it started raining and I got drenched.
    I brought out my phone and called John.
    How dare Damon say Wendy is his wife? I know Wendy was married before but she said she divorced her husband.
    And she’s not even Katharine.
    We were all seated in the sitting room except Allie who was already asleep.
    My phone rang and I brought it out.
    It was Damon so I picked up.
    “if you don’t open this gate know the next 30 secs, you’ll regret being born to this earth” I heard Damon’s husky voice over the phone and I shivered.
    The line went dead and my heart skipped.
    Damon doesn’t give threats.
    He does what he says and I know what he’s capable of.
    “what is it ” Wendy asked.
    She must have noticed my facial expression.
    Fear was clearly visible on my face.
    “it was Damon, he said if I don’t open the gate in the next 30 sec, I’ll regret being on earth ” I blurted out.
    “I’ll got talk to him ” I said and got up to leave.
    “no wait, I’ll go ” Wendy said and I arched an eyebrow.
    “why ” I asked.
    Was Damon right? That Wendy is Katharine?
    “he’s under the impression that I’m his wife so I have to clear up everything ” she said and I nodded.
    “be careful ” I said and she left.
    I can’t believe Damon is still in the rain.
    What if he gets sick? I need to make him leave.
    I walked out and met him on the phone.
    He saw me and ended the call.
    I felt like hugging him, kissing him but I can’t.
    I have to control myself.
    “what do you want ” I asked, my voice was hoarse.
    “you ” He blurted out.
    “I want you back Katharine, please come back to me “he begged and I rolled my eyes.
    “why can’t you get it that I’m not Katharine? I’m Wendy ” I blurted out.
    “really ” he asked, coming closer to me.
    The more step he took forward, the more I stepped backward.
    I stopped when my band hit the wall.
    Our faces were inches apart and his breath was all over my face.
    He captured my lips in his and I shivered at his cold lips.
    I reciprocated and wrapped my hands around his neck.
    The kiss intensified and he snaked an arm round my waist and pulled me closer to him.
    I shivered when my warm body came in contact with his cold body.
    I wanted to pull away, to stop all these but my body was saying another thing.
    I pulled away to catch my breath and he trailed kisses down my breast.
    “Damon ” I moaned out.
    My phone rang in my pocket and I got back to my senses.
    “Damon stop it “I said but he continued.
    “Damon stop it ” I half yelled and he stopped.
    I liked at the caller ID and it was John.
    I looked away from him cause I don’t wanna get lost in those eyes of his.
    He pulled me roughly to him and I gasped.
    He gripped my arms tight that it started to hurt.
    “you say you’re not Katharine bit you’re affected by my touch ” he said between gritted teeth.
    “let go of my arm, you’re hurting me “I blurted out.
    “hurt? That’s exactly what I want you to feel. I want you to feel the pains I felt when you left me. The pains my heart carried. The ones I kept buried deep down inside me ” he said, still holding my arms.
    He’s blaming me for leaving him? Hell!
    I yanked my arm form his grips and stared boldly into his eyes.
    “don’t dare turn the tables around, Mr Saltzman ” I said boldly.
    “you were the one who always made me feel like I’m nothing. You only wanted me for selfish reasons. You married me just for a contract. You shattered my dreams and you’re telling me about pains? I’m the victim here Damon, so don’t you dare turn the table around ” I warned amidst tears.
    “I’m sorry Katharine, I regret everything. Please forgive me ”
    “never ” I stated.
    “oh really “he asked.
    “remember you’re still my wife so I have all rights on you ” he blurted out and I laughed.
    “do you have evidence “I asked and he arched an eyebrow.
    “you married Katharine Eve Pearls not Wendy Blake. To the world, I’m Wendy Blake and there’s no marriage records in that name ” I said and laughed to myself.
    “Katharine, why are you doing this ” he asked softly.
    “cause I want you out of my life. You’re my past so remain in the past “I blurted out bluntly.
    “I love you, Katharine ” he blurted out and I scoffed.
    “too bad I don’t “I stated.
    “now Damon, go back home and don’t you dare involve John in this ” I said.
    “it’s a warning not a plea “I remarked and walked into the suite.
    I entered the sitting room to meet John and Olivia still waiting for me.
    “everything’s fine ” I said before they could say anything and walked into my room.
    I laid beside Allie and Damon’s words replayed in my head.
    “I love you, Katharine “… He loved me?
    No no no, I don’t have anything to do with him.
    I already survived 6 years without him and I can still move on.
    Now because of the contract we have, we have to stay in NY for a while so Olivia would enroll Allie in a school tomorrow while John and I would go to Damon’s company for the contract.
    I got under the duvet and slept off.
    I woke up the next day, tidied up Allie and myself then ate breakfast.
    John already employed a cooker.
    I dressed Allie up for Olivia to take her to school for enrollment and I dressed up for work.
    I wore a black pencil skirt and a white button up shirt.
    I packed my hair in ponytail and did a light make up.
    John and I left for Damon’s company while Olivia took Allie to enroll her in school.
    We arrived at his company and went to the board room.
    Damon wouldn’t take his gaze off me as Piper did their presentation.
    I tried my best in avoiding his gaze.
    I pretended to be concentrating in the presentation but I was dying to look at his beautiful face.
    It was now time for me to do ours and John winked at me.
    I stood up and boldly walked to the front.
    I did my presentation and they all clapped.
    John gave me a thumbs up and Damon huffed at it.
    As if I care?
    I went back to my seat beside John and we waited for Damon’s decision.
    “I need some more time to think about this” he blurted out and I rolled my eyes.
    I know he’s purposely delaying the contract.
    The door to the board meeting opened and Allie ran in.
    “mommy ” she called and ran to me.
    I glanced at Damon and he held shocked expression.
    She has a daughter?
    T. B. C
    By Jennifer Owens

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    Episode 15

    By Jennifer Owens
    She has a daughter?
    She glanced at me then back at the little girl.
    “honey, why did you barge in like that ” she asked.
    “didn’t you know mommy was in an important meeting ” she asked and the girl glanced at me.
    She studied my face for quite a while that I started to look around if anyone noticed how she was looking at me.
    “I just missed you mom ” she blurted out.
    “Miss Wendy, you do know this is a board room for business, not for chit-chats ” I blurted out and she rolled her eyes at me.
    “can I excuse myself, Mr Prize ” she asked and John nodded.
    “common honey, let’s go out” she took the little girls hand and walked out.
    I can’t believe she has a daughter .
    That means she remarried.
    “so what’s your decision, Mr Saltzman ” John asked and I glared at him.
    “till next week ” I blurted out.
    “that’s too long, I didn’t come to NY to stay you know ” he seethed.
    “then let’s end the contract since you don’t want it “I said and he sighed.
    “till next week then ” he said between gritted teeth and walked out.
    This is the only way I can keep Katharine in NY.
    I’m gonna delay this contract like forever until I win Katharine back.
    I don’t care if she remarried cause she’s mine.
    I won’t hesitate to kill anyone who comes between us.
    Katharine is my life and no one would take her from me.
    I brought out my phone and stared at Katharine’s photo that was on my phone..
    She’s a beauty and she’s full of charisma.
    She’s a a beauty but so unforgiving.
    She finds it hard to let go of the past.
    I’ll have to make it up to her.
    I got up and went out.
    I met Katharine, Olivia, John and that little girl outside the boardroom.
    Olivia saw me and she tried suppressing her smile but failed miserably cause she grinned widely.
    Olivia tapped the little and turned her to face me.
    She pointed at me but Katharine quickly took the little girl from her hold.
    Katherine glanced at me then back at Olivia.
    She held her daughter’s hand and stormed out of the building.
    I really need to talk to Olivia.
    John and Olivia followed Katharine out too.
    I went to my office and plumped down on my couch.
    ~ Katharine ~
    We stood outside the boardroom, talking.
    Olivia turned Allie away from me and I heard her say.
    “you see that man there ” I looked at her and noticed what she was trying to do.
    I yanked Allie from her and held her to myself.
    I can’t believe she wanted to tell Allie that Damon is her father.
    I took Allie’s hand and stormed out of the building and they followed.
    We boarded the car and drove off.
    Allie ran to the balcony and Olivia and I went to my room.
    “I can’t believe you ” I yelled and she sighed.
    “look Kathy, I’ve never opposed your decisions before and I’m not saying I’m gonna do that but Damon deserves to know he has a daughter ” she blurted out and I rolled my eyes.
    “that decision is mine to make not yours ” I stated.
    “I know but you’re too busy sulking over the past that you can’t see reality ” she yelled.
    OK this is the first time she has yelled at me.
    “Allie has the right to know her father, regardless of what happened in the past ” she blurted out.
    “I’ve always supported your every decision and I’m not saying go back to Damon but please give him a chance to know his daughter at least ” she yelled and I was already getting pissed.
    I turned my back on her as she continued saying non sense.
    She came to my front and took my hand in hers.
    “Kathy I know you’re hurt and I understand you, trust me. But think about Allie too, she needs a father ” she said softly and wiped the tears that were already streaming down my cheeks.
    She pulled me into a hug and gently patted my back.
    “let go of the past, Kathy ” she whispered.
    She disengaged from the hug and wiped my tears.
    “just remember that any decisions you make, will either build up Allie’s future or ruin her future ” she said.
    She turned to leave but stopped when we saw Allie at the door.
    She walked to me and hugged my thighs.
    “mommy, is daddy a bad person ” she asked and I glanced at Olivia.
    I smiled and caressed her hair.
    “no honey, he isn’t ” I said and she smiled.
    “so you’ll take me to go see him ” she asked and I looked up at Olivia.
    She nodded at me, telling me to say yes.
    “yes sweetie ” I said and she jumped up.
    “Yaay mom, you’re best ” she said and turned to leave.
    Already at the door, she came back and told me to squat and I did.
    “thanks mom ” she pecked my cheek and ran out.
    “you see how happy she is ” Olivia asked and I nodded.
    “she was very happy ” I said.
    “so will you take her to go see Damon ” Olivia asked and I put on a contemplating face.
    “common ” she urged.
    “yes. I won’t come between them but that doesn’t mean I’ll go back to him” I blurted out and she chuckled.
    “Kathy is now so matured ” she teased and I laughed.
    “well, I like that you’re strong now. You aren’t even scared of the rain again ” she said and we busted out laughing.
    I remembered how Olivia made me stop my fear for rain.
    She left and I freshened up.
    I tidied up Allie too and we had dinner.
    We all sat in the sitting room, watching a movie when John’s phone rang.
    He excused himself and left the siting room.
    My phone rang and I excused myself when I saw it was Damon.
    I picked it up and he told me to come meet him at his house.
    I went out, boarded my car and drove off to his place.
    I already made a decision and I just hope John agrees.
    That’s if he truly wants my company’s partnership.
    I’ll tell him that, for us to agree to partner with them, I’ll take Katharine as my PA for a month.
    Don’t blame me, I just wanna spend time with Katharine.
    The doorbell rang and I smiled.
    I opened the door and let him in.
    “sit ” I offered…. More like ordered.
    “I’ve decided to partner with your company ” I blurted out and his eyes lit up.
    “wow, that’s good ” he said.
    “but on one condition ” I said and his expression dropped.
    “your secretary will be my secretary for a month ” I blurted out and he stared at me in awe.
    “OK Damon, I’ve known for the first day you saw Wendy that you lust for her and that was why you put on that show that she’s your wife ” he blurted out and I smirked.
    “is it a deal or not ” I asked.
    “to hell with this contract, I love Wendy and I’m not gonna let anyone take her from me ” he blurted out and I jerked him up by his collar.
    “Katharine’s mine, mine alone “I growled and pushed him to the ground.
    “she’s my wife and I’m gonna take her back. So, Mr Prize, know your limits ” I said between gritted teeth.
    “Katharine’s my wife and I won’t tolerate any one going close to her ” I said sternly.
    He gave me a blunt look then left he house.
    I have to get Katharine back, anyhow.
    I drove back home, pissed off with Damon.
    I can’t believe he wants to exchange Wendy with business.
    I love Wendy and I won’t exchange her for anything.
    To hell with this contract.
    Wendy has to tell me the truth today.
    There’s one thing I noticed in Damon’s eyes today, truth.
    He was saying the truth.
    I arrived and alighted.
    I went in to meet only Wendy, pacing back and forth.
    “you’re here, I was waiting for you ” she said and I nodded.
    “Wendy ” I called and she looked up at me.
    “are you Katharine ” I asked and she was taken aback.
    She stared at me with guilt and her gaze slowly drifted off me.
    She is indeed Katharine, Damon’s wife.
    Her silence says it all.
    “why didn’t you tell me ” I asked softly.
    “I’m sorry ” she said, already in tears.
    Seeing her cry weakens my soul.
    “you don’t have to cry Wendy, you must have a good reason for all you did ” I said and gently cupped her face.
    I wiped her tears with my thumb and kissed her forehead.
    I hugged her and gently caressed her hair.
    “ssh, it’s okay” I cooed.
    Wendy or should I say Katharine, left to her room and I went to mine.
    I can’t believe she’s Damon’s wife.
    But she doesn’t want Damon anymore and that means I stand a chance of getting her.
    I won’t let her go.
    I woke up the next day and tidied up.
    Now Allie has to go to school on Monday.
    I thought that idiot would finally accept our proposal but he postponed it to next week.
    I can’t let Allie stay at home even if it’s for a short period of time.
    I bathed her and dressed her up.
    “are we leaving now ” she asked and I arched an eyebrow.
    “you said you’d take me to go see dad ” she blurted out and I sighed.
    “look honey, mommy’s busy so another time ” I said and her facial expression dropped.
    “common honey, don’t put on a sad face, you know it breaks mommy’s heart to see you like this ” I said and she forced a smile.
    “try understanding mommy okay ” I said and she smiled widely.
    I kissed her forehead and told her to go have breakfast.
    I’ve changed my mind, I won’t take Allie to go see Damon.
    What if he takes her away from me?
    What if he demands for her custody?
    No no no, I can’t let that happen.
    It’s better to keep it a secret from him.
    I know what he’s capable of and I don’t wanna do anything that I’ll regret later on.
    I went downstairs and joined them for breakfast.
    Olivia and John kept glancing at me and I know why.
    John’s still surprised that I’m actually Katharine and that Damon was right.
    And Olivia, she keeps glancing at me because Allie must have told her that I wasn’t taking her to see her dad.
    Olivia took me aside after breakfast and I sighed, knowing well what she wants to say.
    “what is wrong with you Kathy ” she yelled and I rolled my eyes.
    “Olivia I can’t, what if he takes her away from me ” I asked and she sighed and hit her forehead.
    “how dumb are you? He won’t do that cause he wouldn’t want to hurt you ” she blurted out and I turned away.
    “you don’t know him and it’s my decision to make so no, I’m not telling Allie about him but maybe one day, I will” I said and left her.
    I need to see Damon.
    I brought out my phone and called him.
    He was surprised, I mean shocked that I called him.
    I told him to come meet me at a restaurant and he obliged.
    I left the house after telling Kathe I had some important things to do.
    I arrived and sighed sighted Damon at the far end of the restaurant and I chuckled.
    He didn’t waste any sec.
    I went over to him and sat opposite him.
    “who’s the father of that little girl? Is it John ” he asked and I sighed.
    “I didn’t come here to answer your questions, Mr Saltzman. I came here to talk to you ” I remarked.
    “do you love Kathy ” I asked.
    “of course, I love her a lot” he blurted out.
    “are you sure ”
    “look Olivia, I know I’m not perfect and I’ve made lots of mistakes but I regret it all ” he said and he was sincere cause I could see it in his eyes.
    “good! ” I commented.
    “well, I just wanna tell you that you shouldn’t give up on Kathy cause she still loves you ” I said and his eyes lit up.
    “really ” he asked and I nodded with a smile.
    “she just finds it hard to let go of the past and she’s acting stubborn ” I said an she nodded.
    “but she remarried ” he blurted out.
    “did she ” I asked and he arched an eyebrow.
    “if she didn’t remarry then how the f--k did she have a daughter ” he asked and I gave him a blunt look.
    He studied my expression and his eyes widened.
    “she’s my daughter ?” he asked and I shrugged.
    “I don’t know, why don’t you find out yourself ” I said and left.
    My head is aching from all these.
    It’s possible she’s my daughter cause Katharine left 6 years ago and if I’m correct, that little girl would be 5.
    And it’s also possible that she’s not my daughter cause 6 years is a very long time and anything could have happened.
    I need answers.
    I picked up my car keys and left he restaurant.
    I boarded my car and drove to John’s suite.
    The gate was opened to me by a man I presumed to be the gate man.
    I drove in and alighted.
    I rang the doorbell and Kathy opened it for me.
    She froze when she saw me.
    T. B. C
    By Jennifer Owens

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    Episode 16

    By Jennifer Owens
    She froze when she saw me.
    “what…what are you doing here ” she asked.
    I said nothing as I walked inside.
    “why? Aren’t I welcomed here ” I asked, looking from Katharine to John.
    “as far as I know, I have the right cause my wife leaves here ” I blurted and Katharine rolled her eyes.
    Katharine’s daughter ran out but stopped when she saw me.
    She stared at me for a while as if examining me.
    She came to my front and looked up at me.
    “are you Damon ” she asked and I glanced at Katharine.
    She held a surprise expression.
    “yes ” I nodded.
    She went to her mom and hugged her.
    Now that I’m looking at her, she has the same color of my hair and she has blue eyes just like me but she looks just like Katharine.
    “isn’t there any special welcome ” I asked, taking a seat.
    If couldn’t help but notice Katharine’s daughter’s stare.
    She keeps staring at me and I wonder why.
    Do I look strange?
    “come here ” I said to the little girl.
    She looked up at Katharine and she got the looks Kathy gave her……. Not to come to me.
    “oh Katharine, loosen up, I’m not gonna bite her ” I blurted out and went close to the little girl.
    Kathy hid the little girl behind her in a protective way.
    “OK Mr Saltzman, tell us why you came here and stop being pokey ” she said and I glared at her.
    “I just came to see you ” I blurted out.
    “baby, go to your room ” she told the little girl.
    “why should she? I wanna take her out and spend some time with her ” I said and she flared up.
    “no way ” she seethed and I chuckled.
    “well I am taking her out ” I insisted.
    “oh common Katharine, Damon’s not gonna bite her, he just wants to take her out ” Olivia said.
    “but.. ”
    “no buts, just let her go ” Olivia cut her short.
    She glanced at John and he gave her an approving nod.
    Well John knows me quite well so, he’s telling Kathy that her daughter would be safe with me.
    “what’s your name, pretty ” I asked.
    “Allie ” she said in a tiny voice.
    “come, I’ll take you out to have fun ” I said.
    “mommy, do you want me to go? If you don’t then I won’t ” she blurted out.
    Kathy smiled and ruffled her hair.
    “it’s okay, go have fun ” she said with a faux smile then pecked her forehead.
    I smiled at Allie and took her out.
    We boarded the car and drove out of the suite.
    “so where do you want us to go ” I asked.
    “I don’t know ” she blurted out and I glanced at her.
    “I mean, I don’t know cause I came to NY few days ago ” she added and I smiled.
    What a smarty!
    I drove to a restaurant and we alighted.
    We went in and took a table.
    “so what do you want ” I asked, taking the menu from her.
    She took it back and gave me a blunt look.
    “I can read ” she blurted out as if reading my mind.
    Wow, she’s more crazier than Katharine.
    She dropped it back on the table and sighed.
    “I’m not hungry so I’ll just have some vanilla ice cream ” she said and I nodded.
    I ordered vanilla ice cream too and they brought it for us.
    “so Allie, how old are you ” I asked.
    She looked at me, put a spoon full of ice cream in her mouth before replying.
    “I’m 5 ” she said, not looking at me.
    “OK ” I said.
    “and who’s your dad ” I asked and she stared up at me.
    The way she stared at me gave me goosebumps all over my body.
    “have you ever seen him ” I asked.
    “Yeah and I’ve even talked to him ” she blurted out.
    Great! It means I’m not her dad.
    “and what’s your dad’s name ” I asked.
    “that for me to know and for you to dot dot ” she blurted out and I was taken aback.
    She’s more smart than I think.
    I mean, which kid use those words?
    “oh OK ” I said simply with a faux smile.
    “are you done ” I asked and she nodded.
    “OK, let’s get you home before mom worries about you ” I said and she nodded.
    I ruffled her hair and got a strand from it.
    It won’t hurt to run a DNA test, right?
    We left the restaurant and I drove her back home.
    “I’ll come another time, okay ” I said and she nodded.
    I smiled at Kathy and left.
    I’m one step closer to winning her back.
    I went straight to the hospital and had doctor Mike do DNA test.
    He’ll bring it to my house once it’s out.
    I drove back home and freshened up.
    I did already work at home and went to sleep.
    When Damon took Allie out, I wasn’t at rest .
    She came back and I couldn’t be more glad.
    Damon left and I took Allie to freshen her up.
    I asked how the day went and she said good.
    I really have to stop letting my past rule me.
    Allie deserves to know her father.
    I can’t come between them cause of my past.
    She has nothing to do with it so I won’t let her suffer it.
    We had dinner and went to bed.

    I think Kathy is loosening up.
    She even let Allie go with Damon.
    She’ll soon spit out the truth.
    I’m so pissed right now.
    How dare Kathy hide the truth from me?
    The DNA results came this morning and Allie is my daughter.
    I’ve made mistakes, yeah but I regret them.
    If John and Olivia hasn’t been there yesterday, then she’d not even let me take my own daughter.
    I dressed up, boarded my car and drove to John’s suite.
    Allie’s my daughter and I have the right to see her.
    I arrived and alighted.
    I rang the door bell and Olivia opened it.
    “Allie’s my daughter ” I blurted out and she smiled.
    “took you that long to know ” she teased and I rolled my eyes.
    “where’s she ” I asked.
    “upstairs to your left, the second room ” she said and I nodded.
    “thank God, John isn’t home ” I heard her mutter.
    I went up to the room and there she was, playing with Allie.
    “Allie ” I called and their head snapped to me.
    “you can’t take her today, we have plans ” Katharine blurted out.
    “I didn’t come to take her, I came for you ” I blurted out.
    “baby, go play out with aunt ” she said and Allie sluggishly left the room.
    I closed the door and sprung to her.
    “why didn’t you tell me she’s my daughter “I asked and she was taken aback.
    “what? Are you shocked that I know huh” I asked.
    I was really pissed now.
    I’ve been suffering for years cause she left me and she’s planning on hiding my daughter from me.
    “why Huh? You think you could hide the truth forever ” I asked, moving closer to her.
    The more I moved forward, the more she moved backward.
    I grabbed her arms and she gasped.
    She looked so scared and shaken from the way I looked.
    “why didn’t you tell me ” I yelled and she flinched.
    Tears streamed down her cheek and I let go of her arm.
    I can’t bear to see her in tears.
    I cursed and walked out of the room.
    I went to the balcony and let out all my frustrations.
    He knows. He knows now.
    What’s he gonna do next?
    He’s gonna taker her away from me.
    He’s gonna take me to court and…. And take her from me.
    No no no.
    I slumped to the ground and cried.
    “mommy ” Allie called from being and I tried suppressing my tears but failed miserably.
    “mommy, why are you crying ” she asked.
    “Allie, just go to your room, leave ” I ordered and I heard the door slam.
    I was still at the balcony, trying to calm myself.
    “Damon ” I heard a tiny voice yell my name.
    I turned to see Allie, coming to me with an angry face.
    OK she looks scary with a face like that.
    “why did you make my mom cry ” she asked.
    Her hands were folded in a fist.
    Did she plan on hitting me?
    “she hid the truth from me ” I said in a defensive voice.
    “that’s not a reason to make her cry ” she seethed.
    “really ” I asked, getting fond of her.
    “yes! Her tears are too expensive ” she blurted out and I chuckled.
    “yes they are and I didn’t mean to make her cry but I was just upset ” I defended.
    “She kept me in the dark and I’m sure she did that to you too ” I said and she nodded.
    “I’m your father” I said softly.
    “I know ” she blurted out and I was taken aback.
    She knows?
    Oh God! Kill me!
    T. B. C
    By Jennifer Owens

    #1356873 Reply

    I’m glad Olivia did a good job there

    #1356875 Reply

    It’s really getting interesting…
    Indeed de truth cannot be hidden forever!!!

    #1356960 Reply

    I love this girl…she is soo smart

    #1356961 Reply

    Let’s see what happens next

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