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    My billionaire wife
    Episode 1
    I was in my well furnished office, working on my laptop as i create new design, I was so busy with what i was doing when i got distracted by my phone that was ringing. I check the caller and it was jenny my best friend, and it was a video call…I pick up the call and the moment she saw me she scream.

    “Ella..!!! Am so excited” Jenny scream.

    “Good thing it was a video call, or less you would have just give my ears a critical issues by your scream” I said smiling.

    “Oh am sorry” jenny said while laughing.

    “So what are you so excited about ??” I said.

    “Am excited about today or don’t you get it, is Friday and you know what will do on Friday night” Jenny said.

    “No jenny am too busy going out this night” I said.

    ” common Ella let’s enjoy life, we are young and rich, have even inform Betty” Jenny said.

    “Okay fine, I will be at club 15 at 8pm” I said.

    “Yeah that’s my girl, club 15 it is” Jenny said happily as she hung up.

    I look at the time and it was 6:26pm
    “Wow I thought it was 4pm” I said to myself.

    I know you really want to know who I am, well let me introduced myself.
    I’m Ella, am 24years old, am the first youngest richest multimillionaire in Nigeria, am a fashion queen…my grand parents will their company to me before they died with my dad on a fatal accident when i was 20 and at that time they only have 45 breaches around the world, but the moment i step up with my hard working and business idea, I took the company for 45 breaches to 246 breaches around the world and i change the name of the company from home of fashion to QUEEN FASHION.
    Believe me am d--n rich, I make 2 million dollars every hours, and am really working hard to be the youngest billionaire..( don’t be surprised).
    I have two best friends Jenny and betty we have been friends since childhood and we are all singles…we spend money as we like, every Friday night we go to club 15 that club is for only the rich is the best club in Lagos state every thing they have their is expensive and I love it, am a d--n party girl..I love crazy thing.
    David POV
    I wash my face, my hand and my legs as i put on my jean and shirt..*well , before i start let me introduced myself*
    My name is David am 26 of age, i came for a very poor bad ground my mum has a small restaurant why my dad ride a bike, well i manage to finish my University and ever since i finish i keep on looking for a job but i have got i carry blocks and work my ass off everyday so we can feed and my little sister ufoama just finished writing her waec that’s give me the more reason to work all day…but i keep on praying for God favour (so you have know little about myself, the rest u can find out in the story)
    I just finished carrying block’s from the site and my paid was just eight thousand naira..atleast i can mange this, i board a bike home (I forgot to tell you i and my family we live in Lagos) after some few ride i got home i paid the bike man and went inside we live in a flat just me my dad my mum and my sister the parlour just have three chair one is plastic and one standing fan that i brought last year and the room only has one big vita foam and a wardrobe so you can see that the house is empty…the moment i step my foot inside i saw my sister sitting on the plastic chair , holding her stomach as she give me a weird look.

    “what is it, why are u looking at me like that an’it you supposed to be helping mum??” I said as i stare back at her.

    “good evening” She said ignoring my question.

    “evening” I answered back.

    “see brother david am hungry oh” Ufoama said, holding her stomach.

    “if you are with mum are u supposed to be hungry” I said still standing.

    “mum didn’t open today oh” Ufoama said

    “why ??” I said, as i sit on the chair close to me.

    “she went to go and borrow money for one of her friend so she can pay store rent” Ufoama said still holding her stomach.

    “how many month is mum owning ??” I said.

    “six month and a month is seven thousand naira” Ufoama said.

    “Jesus.!!!” I said surprised.

    “What, are u surprised” Ufoama said looking at me.

    “how come mum has not pay six month” I said still surprised

    “I don’t know if she comes ask her” Ufoama said
    I stood up as i walk to the bathroom had my bath put on my casual clothe, am going to pay my childhood friend a visit he has been in ghana for over two years now, and his finally back..I walk to the sitting room and saw ufoama still holding her stomach as she give me the same weird look.

    “see stop this looking of yours am telling u” I said getting annoyed.

    “ohoo where are u going again now??” Ufoama said angrily.

    “where am i going i cannot go anywhere” I said.

    ” I told u am hungry and now u are leaving me to my fate” Ufoama said.

    “so because u are hungry i cannot go out” I said looking at her.

    “broda david please give me money let me go and buy something” Ufoama said , as she stood up and walk up to me.

    I just look at her and put my hand in my pocket and gave her three hundred naira.

    “broda david just three hundred” Ufoama said looking at the money.

    “what is wrong with the three hundred” I said.

    “is too small nah” Ufoama said

    “Oya give me back my money” I said angrily.

    “broda is too small but i will manage it” Ufoama said.

    “You cannot even say thank you” I said as i walk out of the house.

    “Thank you” Ufoama yelled from inside.
    I walk outside get a cab and in some few minutes i was in my friend apartment, i paid the taxi man and walk straight to the entrance door but before i could knock the door open and Emma my friend walk out..and immediately he saw me he hug me.

    “sup bro” Emma said happily.

    “Am fine, long time no is life in Ghana nah ??” I said smiling as we disengaging from the hug.

    “A bit hard but i survive..common let’s talk inside” Emma said smiling as We both walk in and sit on the sofa.

    “guy see the way you fresh like freshman” I said, looking at him.

    “nah God oh” Emma said laughing.

    “oboy you don blow oh” I said.

    “Nah still God” Emma said still laughing.

    “help your brother nah make i still blow like you” I said.

    “Nor worry david i dey with you” Emma said.

    “you sure” I said.

    “100% sure” Emma said.
    We chatted for about an hour before i say my good bye.
    To be continued..

    My Billionaire Wife story by Gideon

    My Billionaire Wife ©2021

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    Bãd bøy
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    First man seated

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    Bãd bøy
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    Diz tori go dae interesting ajeh

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    Itz Reindy
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    Go on

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    I predict this story to be awesome. ride on pls.

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    Interesting story

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    This story go tight walahi.
    Ride on.

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