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    Season 2, episode 6.
    The initial plan of Makamba was to get through the wall herself but she stopped herself controlling
    her anger. Desmond asked the gateman to help him with the stuffs in the car and they met
    Makamba at the door, “please help us open the door, the key is in my pocket, Desmond said
    turning to his side so Makamba can get the key. Makamba breathed in and brought out the key
    from his pocket and opened the door, they went in and he thanked the gateman after he dropped
    the stuffs on the sofa. ” make sure you lock the gate ok, Desmond told him as he was about
    shutting the door.
    The gateman went out and kept wondering if he should take former madam inside, “madam was
    good to me oo, why oga go throw am out carry witch put for house? Now she don faint outside at
    this time, he said and went inside to check his wall clock. ” no, I go help am, he said and carefully
    opened the gate to avoid noise. Makamba sat on the sofa with an angry look and Desmond knew
    it must be about Patience. “Dear, it’s not what u you think, he said squatting beside her not
    knowing Makamba is seeing the gateman outside trying to get Patience on her feet. ” I’m pressed,
    she said. “Uhmmm the rest room is up there, Desmond pointed to the stairs. Makamba went in
    and locked the door behind her, and immediately disappeared. The gate man drew her and leaned
    her on the wall, he went in and brought a bucket of water and a hand towel and kept rubbing on
    her forehead. “Madam wake up Na, make u start to go your house oo, the gateman said worried.
    Makamba appeared and looked at them, she knew she is the only one who can bring her back, “is
    she still going to remember what she saw? She asked herself. She shook her head and touched
    her forehead and immediately she woke up, ” madam! The gateman called out. “Where is
    Desmond? That lady is a witch I must warn him, she said getting on her feet. ” no madam abeg,
    yuu want oga to sack me? Abeg go your house night don come, the gateman said trying to block
    the entrance of the gate. “Don’t you understand? Desmond life is at risk, she insisted. “I know, but
    I dey here to protect am, abeg go your house, gateman said carrying her away while shBt
    looking back.Makamba saw all of that and disappeared back to the sitting room. Desmond came down after
    knocking on the door so long and was so shocked to see Makamba downstairs. ” how did you get
    down? He asked and she suddenly remembered she was suppose to pass through the restroom.
    “How? Didn’t you see me? She asked. ” see you? You entered the restroom and you stayed so
    long despite when I was knocking and calling your name, now you’re downstairs, Desmond said.
    “Like seriously, I left the restroom and I told you to meet me downstairs, Makamba lied. ” that is a
    very big lie! Who the hell are you?, Desmond shouted and held her neck and Makamba eyes
    immediately changed colour and he fell back landing on the sofa. “Please don’t hurt me, he
    begged but Makamba went nearer to him, bowed her head and kissed him. Everything suddenly
    became black to Desmond and he slept off, she stood up, went outside and knocked on the
    gateman door, ” where is that lady? She asked. “Madam she been go since, he said. ” really, but
    she fainted, who helped her got up from there? She asked and the gateman drew back in fear.
    “Madam I no sabi say she faint oo, he said. ” but you sabi say I be witch? No be wetin you been
    talk outside? Makamba said and The gateman just looked at her speechless. “Mind your business
    and face your work, Makamba said and went inside and still met Desmond sleeping soundly.
    ” now tell me, how do you want to be killed? Janet asked the bleeding Aniebiet who couldn’t voice
    out because of her swollen mouth. Janet burst out laughing, “so Aniebiet can be this quiet huh?
    I’m not going to kill you until you confess all your evil deeds, or should I name them for you? Janet
    continued but Aniebiet spat on her face. Janet drew back and one of her boys gave her an
    handkerchief, ” I want to see her lips sliced into pieces by tomorrow, Janet said and walked away
    in anger.

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    Season 2, episode 7.
    A dagger was brought and Aniebiet started struggling with her tied body begging, “please I’m
    sorry, I’m sorry ooo, but a blow was given that made her steady a bit. ” please forgive me, she
    cried when one of the guys held her and one of his hands on her face while the other watched with
    the dagger on his hand. “How I wan take slice this kind mouth sef, the guy asked. ” not to slice am
    comot o, just draw lines on it ete, the guy holding Aniebiet replied….
    The next morning, Emerald was woken up with a tray of fried egg, some slices of bread and tea.
    “Good morning darling, Desmond stood in front of her smiling broadly. “Morning, Emerald
    (Makamba) said rubbing her sleeping eyes.” Sorry I slept late, I was trying the clothes you bought
    so I slept off, she continued. “No problem dearie, I’ll be back soon, Desmond said dropping the
    food on the bed for her. ” u’re already set for work? She asked. “Yea bby, what should I get for you
    when I’m returning? He asked and Emerald smiled at him. ” ok I know what I’ll get for a pretty lady,
    when you’re hungry, help yourself with your pizza with a glass of juice or milk ok, he saidhis briefcase and dropped a kiss on her forehead and rushed out.
    Aniebiet who went through pains the past night was lucky a little sleep branched her eyes. Ete
    eyen appeared to her with a roasted body dripping with blood, “why did you kill me? He asked.
    Aniebiet wanted running away but she met with Blessing also dripping with blood, ” what did I do
    mama? She asked and Aniebiet screamed and wanted running again but Ime blocked her way,
    “why did you kill us? They all chorused and Aniebiet held her head shouting, ” I’m innocent ooo I
    can’t kill my children oo. “But you killed mine, A voice said and Aniebiet looked up and saw a
    shadow of Peace, ” no! Go away I didn’t kill anybody, Aniebiet shouted and woke up. She sat
    down breathing in the dark room alone and Peace appeared to her, “you evil woman, go and
    confess your sins! She said and gave her a slap. Instantly Aniebiet went mad, she screamed her
    head out in the room dragging the chair she was tied with her. The guys who heard the noise ran
    in and wanted beating the hell out of her but they found it a serious case. Soon Aniebiet broke out
    from the rope and the guys ran for their life, she went out on the streets shouting, ” peace I didn’t
    kill your daughter oo I only made her blind so that she won’t marry o, this one that you said I killed
    her, me I don’t know that one o, she said laughing.
    That morning, Takon went to Aniebiet house again but she was not there, “where exactly has this
    woman gone to, he asked himself and just then a car drove in. ” Takon, Ability said and came out
    from the car followed by Ayi. “My God! Who I’m I seeing? Takon said and Embraced Ability and
    had a handshake with Ayi. Soon Tony came out and they all greeted themselves, ” where is
    mama? He asked. “I wanted asking you the same question, infact I was about calling your wife
    line, Takon said. ” I don’t understand? Ability asked. “Aniebiet has not been found since Peace
    and Makamba was buried, he said . ” and you’re worried? Ayi asked. “Yes I am, what about Ime
    burial arrangements, I need to see her, Takon said. ” her burial can be done with out her help, who
    cares about her! Ayi shouted. “Please control yourself, Tony said. ” that woman just want
    sympathy that’s why she ran away to hide her Shame, so let her be, Ayi said. “We are here to see
    our sister body and not for her, please take us to her,Ayi continued. Takon nodded and his phone
    rang, ” please let me pick my mum call, he said and answered the call. “Where are you? She
    asked him immediately. ” here at Aniebiet place, but she’s not in. Rather I met her children, he
    replied. “Her children? Good meet me at ….. There’s something you all need to see, come there
    quickly, she said and ended the call. ” my mum says there’s something we need to see, Takon
    said to them and they agreed to go there.
    They arrived and saw crowds with people commenting negatively, “what’s happening here? Ability
    asked one of them. “Hmmm my sister, is a mad woman confessing oo, Ability turned and looked at
    Ayi and they all pushed thier way in to have a better view. ” mummy! Aniebiet shouted at the sight
    of her but Ayi held her back. Aniebiet turned and saw her, ” hey my daughter, you came. I saw
    your sisters o and they said I killed them. Those people can be stupid eh, Aniebiet said laughing.
    “But did you killed them? Ayi asked. “No o, just because I made Makamba blind, that stupid Peace
    cursed the person who did it. Now they say I’m the one, Aniebiet said and they all shouted. ” yuu
    made my Makamba blind? Takon shouted. “Didn’t I say it, this woman was the cause of our
    problems, Ayi concurred. ” so you’re a wicked woman, I should have believed my mum, Takon
    continued and Aniebiet laughed louder, “your mum that…. You’re a witch, you’re a wicked woman,people from no where pounced on Aniebiet making her children not able to help her. One of Janet
    boys made his way in that process and stabbed her, when they were able to disperse the crowd,
    they met Aniebiet dead. Ability fell on her knees crying her eyes out while Ayi consoled her.
    Janet knew that Aniebiet is likely to expose her too, so she paid some women there to make a little
    show to give her boys entrance to be close to her so they can shut her mouth forever. Makamba
    felt uneasy, and she disappeared from her room to calabar. She met the dead body of Aniebiet
    and saw Ability crying. She stood there watching the faces of the people and saw Janet smiling to
    herself. ” what’s Janet doing here? Then Takon will be near, she said to herself and wanted
    turning away but she felt someone has seen her, she turned again to Janet side and met her
    looking at her straight in the eye. Then everything became clear to Makamba, “you’re dead! Janet
    whispered. ” how’s that your business? So you killed her so she won’t expose you too right?
    Makamba asked. “You don’t belong here, Janet said and threw a charm on Makamba. Makamba
    laughed at her little effort, ” do you think you can send me away that easily? Now is your time to
    shine! Makamba said and gave her a slap. Janet fell heavily on the ground shouting and
    scratching her body, “please ooo don’t kill me, leave me I will confess, she screamed drawing
    crowd to herself.

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    Season 2, episode 8.
    Soon Takon came running to his mother and Makamba was so happy to see him after a long time,
    she smiled at him and wanted approaching him then she remembered she was a spirit and how
    Takon abandoned her came to play which ruined her happy mood. “Madam talk Na, we dey wait
    for your confession oo, they shouted on her and Takon turned to them, ” talk what? He asked
    them. Makamba looked at everything and disappeared and Janet saw she was gone, “take me out
    of here, this place is making me sick, she said. ” eh! Take you out of where? You must confess oo,
    the people shouted. Soon Janet boys came and scared the crowd away and carried Janet away to
    the hospital. “How are you feeling? Takon asked her on the way. ” I don’t know, I’m just feeling
    hot, she replied still scratching her body. “Where are you guys taking me to?, she asked. ” to the
    hospital of course, Takon replied. “Take me home now, what will I be doing in the hospital? Take
    me home! She shouted and the guys reversed the car while Takon looked at her in a suspicious
    Ability and Ayi with Tony still stayed behind wondering what they should do with Aniebiet body. ”
    let’s call an ambulance that will take her to the mortuary, Ability said. “Why do you love bothering
    yourself like this? First look at her appearance, Ayi said and Tony came in, ” something is telling
    me something is not right here. What made her mad and where was she all this while? Why did
    Janet screamed she want to confess and suddenly changed? I can remember before Aniebiet was
    pounced on, she wanted saying something about Janet, now, who stabbed her? I don’t know if
    someone is getting me? Tony said. “Yea I saw that but I didn’t want to comment about it because I
    saw those guys that took her away pushing thru the crowds, I’m suspecting them, Ayi said. “also it was Janet who called Takon to bring us here, Ability added. “We are going to take this thing
    nice and slow not to arouse suspicions from them, after Aniebiet will be taken to the mortuary we
    will call Takon and ask about his mother whereabout so we can visit, Tony said and they all
    agreed to it.
    Takon took her home and she kept shouting her body is hot. ” what do you want me to do? Should
    I take you to the hospital? No!, should I call the reverend father to pray for you? No! What again
    because I’m getting confused, Takon shouted not knowing what to do and he noticed some things
    on her skin. He bend down to have a better view but Janet pushed him away, “mum wait! What is
    that? He insisted to uncover her hand but one of Janet boys hit him on the bead, causing him to
    be uncouncious. ” why did you hit him that way? Janet shouted. “Can’t you see? He was about
    revealing everything, he said. ” hope his not dead? She asked. “No his not, they said and took him
    away to his room.
    Aniebiet was put in the mortuary and they kept dialling Takon line but he was not picking, ”
    something is wrong somewhere, I think he is hiding something from us, Tony said after many tries.
    “One thing for sure is, she will still die if she’s an evil person, let’s not disturb ourselves again, Ayi
    said giving up. ” ok, what about our sister? Ability asked and they all looked at themselves not able
    to answer the question.
    Little Fidel is doing absolutely well as Gloria and Miriam joined hands in taking care of him.
    Sometimes Miriam will sleep at Alex side because of the breastfeeding and most times Gloria will
    ask her to drop the baby with her and rest with her husband at home, and they will laugh about it.
    Nelson father who was outside the country with his wife returned and Nelson explained to them
    why he adopted the boy, “dad is not because I need a son or Miriam can’t give me a child, is just
    that I can’t leave this boy in the hands of the motherless home when I know I have all it takes to
    take care of him, Nelson explained.
    ” hummm I see, if not Miriam is pregnant, anyone will see it as she can’t give you children that’s
    why you adopted one, but if you’re doing it out of charity, then no problem. Can I see the poor girl
    obituary? He asked and Nelson went to his bedroom to Carry it. “Here it is, she was buried with
    her mother, he said showing it to her and his father quickly collected it from him getting up on his
    feet at once. ” what’s the problem? His wife and Nelson asked him surprised. But he sat down
    slowly giving the book to his wife who collected it and her reaction suddenly changed too. “Can
    someone tell me what is going on here? Nelson shouted more confused than ever. ” do you know
    this woman? His father asked. “Yes, my friend mother, he replied quickly but tears fell from his
    father’s eyes. ” dad what’s wrong? Someone talk to me please, he pleaded. “Son, that is your
    mother! Oh peace, he cried covering the book on his chest.

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    Marie Nkeng
    Marie Nkeng
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    Hmmmm reality nw dawned on u that makamba is ur sis

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    still observing

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    Lollychi George
    Lollychi George
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    thanks poster

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    episode 9
    “I don’t understand, I can remember you telling me my mum died after giving birth to me, Nelson
    said looking at Mr James and Lucy. Lucy turned to her husband who was still embracing the
    photograph with tears flowing freely. ” someone talk to me! Nelson shouted banging his hands on
    the table and they shook in fear. “Calm down please, you see we agreed to tell you that your
    biological mother is dead. See it’s a long story, Lucy said. ” long story? For hiding the truth from
    me, how old I’m I? So I’ve lived for good 24years in lies! Nelson shouted. “Son it’s a long story, Mr
    James said slowly. ” a long story that denied me the chance to know my mother, a long story that
    brought me to my mother without me knowing, a long story that I buried my mother without me
    crying for her! Nelson shouted and ran out of the house, ignoring his father calling. Nelson thought
    of driving to Alex place then he remembered Miriam is at home together with his wife. He brought
    out his phone and called Alex to meet him at thier favourite restaurant immediately.
    He arrived there and helped himself with some bottles of Alcohol hoping it will help him out with
    the pains his going thru. Soon Alex arrived and was shocked to see Nelson already drunk. “Hey!
    What’s wrong with you? Alex said collecting the bottle from his hands. ” leave me alone, Nelson
    struggled with him. “Will you calm down and tell me what’s bugging you, Alex shouted on him. ”
    hey! Come take this bottles away, Alex shouted on the waiter. He quickly came and took all the
    bottles from the table, “what’s the problem? Alex asked. ” I’ve been living a life full of lies. I grew
    up knowing I didn’t have a mother and I kept praying to Holy Mary to make my mother soul rest in
    peace, Nelson said crying. “I don’t still understand you, what do you mean? Alex asked. ” my
    mother is alive or should I say was alive. What hurts me most is that I met her, I’ve greeted her,
    I’ve touched her hands and buried her without me crying for her the way I should have done,
    Nelson said. “Who can that be? Alex asked sitting up. ” it’s.. It’s.. Makamba mother, Nelson
    dropped and broke down crying in a way people turned to his direction. Alex was so weak when
    he heard that, he went close to him trying to comfort him. “You’re a man, please don’t do this, Alex
    whispered to his ears. ” I want to cry for my mother, I want to apologise for doing that to her
    daughter and my sister, Nelson said in tears. “I know, but you’re not to blame because you had no
    idea she was your mother. Please put yourself together, Alex said to him. Soon Nelson phone
    started ringing as Miriam called to ask why he has not come to take her home but Nelson refused
    to pick. His dad called too but he got angry and switched off his phone. ” we can’t remain here,
    let’s go home please, Alex said. “I don’t want to see them, I don’t want to have anything to do with
    them, Nelson said. ” there must be a reason why it was kept away from you. Don’t be too mad at
    them, give them a chance to explain things to you, Alex said. “I have a right to know! She is my
    mother and I’m grown up to know whatever reason it was, Nelson shouted. ” ok I agree with you,
    let’s go my place Na. You need to clean yourself up, Alex said. “Miriam is so inquisitive, I’m not
    ready for her please, Nelson said. ” will you tell them about Makamba? Alex asked. “That I have a
    child with my sister? I have my son which I’ve taken responsibility so it’s not important, Nelson said
    getting up on his feet but he staggered and Alex helped him out. ” where are you going to? Alex
    asked. “To the house, please help me tell my wife I’ll pick her tomorrow. It’s better she sleeps at
    your place, Nelson said and Alex nodded.
    Takon later woke up with his head hurting. He sat up trying to remember what happened, ” I cant
    remember being drunk, something happened…. Immediately his phone began to ring. He saw a
    strange number and picked it up, “hello, he said but the call ended. He dropped the phone and
    wanted coming down from the bed but his phone rang again and it was Ability. ” Hello, he said.
    “Takon was wrong? I’ve been calling your line but you refused picking up, she asked. ” refused
    picking? I’m just waking up and my head is aching. I don’t understand what is happening to me,
    Takon said. “Where are you? Ability asked. ” my house, he replied. “How is your mother now?
    Tony asked. ” mother? I don’t know, please I’ll call you back, Takon said and wanted ending up.
    “Wait, can we come over? They asked. ” yes you can, he replied and ended the call.
    Takon went to open his door and found out that it was locked outside, he banged the door violently
    shouting but no one voiced him. He sat down on his bed holding his head which was hurting so
    badly, “what exactly is happening…. Wait wait wait, did my mum boys knocked me down when I
    saw some strange things on her skin? He asked himself and took his phone immediately and
    dialled Ability number, ” hello we are almost there, Ability said immediately she picked. “I have a
    problem, my door is locked outside and I’m suspecting my mum boys did that, Takon said. ” why
    should they do such thing? Tony asked. “I can’t explain, my head is hurting, he said weakly. ” we
    are on our way, Ayi said and hung up. Takon was already getting very weak but he got up
    determined to help himself, he staggered and went to his table to search for something he can use
    to open the door then he found Ime hair pin. He looked at it as tears filled his eyes at the thought
    of her, he cleaned his eyes and went to the door trying to use the pin on it.

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