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    My name’s Trish.Tricia Parker if we’re making counts.My parents are Mr and Mrs Parker,the honourable owners of Gravantees Ville.Like I actually care.Dad and mum were really harsh on me on the course of growing up since I was their only child and they were too scared of lettng me out.So technically,I was never really allowed to explore the world like the rest of the people.Hah!It didn’t matter anyway cause I still had my ways of going against theIr bullshit rules without them actually knowing.Yeah yeah!Call it whatever but I’m a bad ass…And also crazy in a way.Haha!Just kidding!So where were we?Yes!So I had gained admission into this popular uni at the far side of Mitzchburg town where James resided.James was my bestfriend.Such sweet lad he was.We’ve been bestfriends right from kindergarten and ever since then,we’ve been partner in crimes.You know what I mean.Wink!I never really had a boyfriend.I don’t really fancy guys much but when it came to James,it was different.D--n!He was literally good at everything and all I could yearn for,was to have him all to myself without those wacky-ass bitches crowding all around him.Anyway,sit tight people.This is all about me.

    “Tricia,hurry up.Today’s a big day for all of us”my mum called out from the downstairs.
    Hhh!That’ll be my mother.Did I mention that she was the paranoid one?Hmm,I must have left that out.Sorry!
    “Errgh!So annoying”I uttered under breath.
    “Coming mother.I’m almost done”I yelled out tieing up my blue laced sneakers.
    “Tricia,come on downstairs honey.It’s past 7 already”my dad called out too.
    “Seriously!Why can’t they just stop yanking?It’s not like I’m getting married or anything”I muttered to myself rushing downstairs.
    “Oh…There you are my sweet pea!Mm,my you look gorgeous”she said hugging me.
    I know!I get that a lot.I was an average teen with really huge sized boobs and a smashing hot looking booty that shook left and right whenever I moved and I guess that’s why boys never failed to admire me whenever I walked passed them.Haha!One perks of being adorable.
    “Aww…Thanks mum”I said to her taking my box from Josie,our maid.
    Hhh!I so hated her.She was so perky and all and I hated the fact that we were of the same age.But no matter,I’m much prettier.Wink!
    “So sweedy,hope you packed up everything?You don’t wanna leave anything behind”my mum called out to me.
    “Yeah.Let’s go!”
    “Aww…Not so fast baby!I’m really going to miss you”she said hugging me.
    Blurf!Such drama.What am I?A kid?Gosh!My mum can be annoying at times
    “Mum,quit it please.I’m not a baby ok?”I said pretending to smile.
    “Hah,oh you!Take care of yourself okay and don’t you forget those advice your dad and I I’ve been giving you alright?Mama loves you very much”she said wiping the tears off her eyes.
    “God!I can’t believe I’m stuck with this kind of parents.Imagine,she’s crying over me cause I’m going to college?Parents can be really dramatic at times”I said in my mind
    “I love you more mum.Bye now!”I said to her wiggling off from her hands
    Dad c’mon,let’s go”I said getting into the car before my crazy mum started acting out again.She’s so annoying…..

    “Campbell university!Ain’t it adorable?”I smiled to myself getting out of the car.
    “Dad,do you think the girls over here will be better than ours at Hennsen?”I asked eagerly closing the car door in.
    “I don’t know baby.Just try fit in okay?I know you’ll make us proud”he said kissing me on my forehead
    “Uh,what about these stuffs you packed in here honey?Do you need help moving them?They seem pretty heavy to me”he called out taking my bags out of the trunk.
    Seriously!!!Why can’t he stop worrying about me?I’m almost 18.
    “No thanks!I’m cool!”
    “You sure about that?”he asked concerned.
    “Yes dad!Trust me!”
    “Aww…Come here you.Gosh!I’m starting to miss my baby already”he teased pulling me into his arms.
    Errgh!My dad can be really embarassing sometimes.I bet everyone saw that.
    “Uhh,quit it dad.I’m not a kid anymore,you know that?
    “Shh!Just keep quiet will ya?Now,be a good girl for daddy and don’t you go around moving with those silly wacked-ass boys that are up to no good.You never can tell what they’ve got in mind…You hear me?”
    “Heh!Sure dad!
    “Hah!So ironical!You can’t expect someone to live on campus and not look at any guy….It’s so not done anywhere.It’s not like I’m actually gonna look at one.I bet they aren’t as sweet as mine”I smiled inside of me.
    “Now go daddy.Before I change my mind and make you stay”
    “No but daddy.I can take care of myself,trust me”
    “Haha!Trust you baby”
    “Now go!I bet mum’s wondering what’s keeping you”
    “Haha!Not so fast swifty.You’re so cheery about this.Is there a boy behind it?”he asked jokingly rubbing his arms on me”
    “Hah!Seriously dad!”
    “Just kidding”he chuckled getting into his car.
    “Bye baby!I’ll call you when I get home okay?”
    Hhh,dads…Am I right?
    “Byeeeeee”I yelled happily rolling my box behind.
    Whoo!Some peace and quiet.
    No body guards,no Josie(I’m gonna miss that puffy brat though..Heh) and oof,dad and mum ain’t here too.My!Could dis day get any better?
    “I’m finally alone”I yelled out falling right onto the spring bed that stood at the corner.
    Mmm!I wonder what my roomies look like.Hope they ain’t bitchy though”I smiled getting out my mp3 player and my phone.
    “Oh No!James.I’d better call him”
    “Hey munchkin!Guess what!
    “Oooo you know I don’t do that babe”he chuckled from the other line.
    “Hhhh,you’re so annoying”I muttered enthusiastly making him laugh so hard.
    “Wait a minute!Where are you?”
    “I won’t tell you.That’ll be cheating”I giggled softly.
    “Hang on!Are you on campus now?”
    “Ooh-la-la!My baby’s now one of us.I’m going to text you my address right away.You’ll come see me tomorrow right?
    “Uh-uh!Anything for you hanny”I laughed seductively.
    “Uh,who are you?a feminine voice asked from behind.
    “Hey,gotta go.I’ll call you later okay?Bye bye!I said hurriedly hanging up.
    “Why that little skunk!Who the hell is she anyway….Hh,calm down Trish”I held my breath.
    “Hi.You are?”
    “I’m Joan.But you can call me Jo.You must be the new girl Chris talked about”she said letting out her hands.
    “Chris?Who’s Chris?”
    “Pfft!Not like I care though but I sure hope he’s hot”I muttered inside biting my lips.Ah,Trish,don’t be such a weasel.You’ve got James remember?Miss goody angel yanked inside of me snapping me right out of my thoughts”
    “Oh…well,no one to worry about”she smiled to me.
    “I’m a final year student though.What about you dear?”
    Mmm,she seems nice!But yuk,she so reeked of sweat.I wonder if she’s had her bathe in weeks.
    “I’m Trish.Trish Parks”I said with an accent.
    “A first year scholar.Law to be precise…Leader of the cheer leader’s team back at Hennsen and a straight A’s star pupil.You can hook it right up if you’re doubting honey”I grinned with pride crossing my legs like a demon spawn.
    “Hennsen?Not bad!”she shrugged her shoulders moving towards her bed.
    Not bad?Ohhh…She didn’t just utter that in my face!How dare she!
    “Ever heard of Hennsen?”I chirped in trying to tag along.
    “Nope!I can’t say I’ve been there but I do hope you enjoy your stay over here Trish.I’ve got class now.I’ll see you when I get back”she said taking out her red ripped off bag from the drawer as she made for the door
    Hmmph!I guess she isn’t as classy as I thought.
    “Sure!Bye roomie”I called out to her acting all nice.
    “God!I can’t believe I’ll be spending the rest of my year with this frog eyes girl.I mean look at her,her style is so last season.Even her dress looks awful.And grrr,she’s too hairy for my liking…With those scary eyeballs of hers that are way too big for those Harry Potter glasses.Hah!Anyway,it’s only for a year and it’s bye bye Miss Froggy eyes”
    “So what’s next?”I said putting my hands on my waist and I focused my eyes on my bag.
    “Oh..Yeah!!I need to unpack these.Whoa,mum did pack a whole lot in here…Good old mum!
    Can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss her already…Haha!What?I didn’t say my heart was entirely made of arsenic,did I?Hmm!Oh,well,cao…..

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    “F--k!First day of class and I’m so late”
    Grrr!Stupid alarm!”I muttered under my breath racing down the hall way.
    “Whoa!Take it easy there”I heard a masculine voice say behind my ears making me freeze.
    “Ooo….I wonder who’s got this amazing voice”I smiled turning around.
    “Hey!I’m Phil!”he said stretching his hands out to me.
    He was a bit tall and he had such pretty eyes with a magnificent smile to crown it up.
    “I’m-I’m Trish”I said shyly taking hus hand in mine.
    “Trish?As in Tricia?”he asked curving his lips in the most sweetest way I’ve ever seen.
    “Yes.Tricia!Are you here for lectures too?”I asked politely.
    “Mm!This guy’s actually making me not mean for the first time in hundred years.Hah!I wonder where he’s from”
    “Heh!Isn’t that obvious”he smiled revealing his cute smashing dimples.
    D--n!His smile was just so perfect.Even better than James.Shoot!Trish what the hell is wrong with you”I yelled in my head.
    “Well,anyway,we better get inside so we won’t miss the rest of the class”he said taking my hands in his.
    “Guys,remember when I told you I don’t fancy guys much,well this girl’s got a change of heart now.Giggles!
    “Ahem!Are we intruding kind sir?”a bass voice called out to us
    “Oh.Sorry!”we quickly apologised,
    “Great!You may as well have your seats lovebirds or take that outside”he said mockingly making the whole class laugh.
    “D--n!That’s really embarassing.By the way peeps,that’s Professor Wyatt.A lecturer you never wanna go close to.Trust me!He’s the harsh kind but aside that,he loves girls so much just like he loves his drinks.So don’t you dare mess with him,you hear me?!
    “Lovebirds?Oh no sir!We-we’re not!”I said out to him.
    “Urrgh!Don’t care!Just sit down or I’ll walk you both out”
    We took our sits right next to each other.
    “Aww!I can’t believe he’s sitting right next to me”I blushed hard forgetting all about that slutty professor.
    “Wait!Why am I so nervous because of this?Blurf!Girl!You’re way better than this!”I muttered inside fixing my eyes on the projector.
    “Sorry about that babe.Hope Professor Wyatt didn’t scare you?”he asked holding my hands firmly.
    “No…Not at all!”I smiled softly.
    “Gosh!He’s such a gentleman.He even apologised for something he didn’t do.I wonder if this is real”
    “Heh!Don’t mind him okay?That’s how he is.Just try and stay off his path and you’ll be sure to make it out”he whispered giving me a wink
    “By the way,I’m from Britten Hills.What about you?”he asked answering the question that’s being bugging me.
    “D--n!This guy’s just so good”I said joyfully.
    “Hennsen.I’m from Hennsen.
    “Wow!Hennsen?”he repeated carving his full brows.
    That’s a big place for rich kids.You know Gravantees…”he chirped taking his mind off the class.
    “Ville?I cut in completely.
    “Gravantees Ville?!How’d you know about that?”I asked anxiously.
    “Hah!I just know.I once lived in Hennsen you know and Gravantees Ville was one of the places my parents and I used to come chill before they died”
    “Whoa!He’s an orphan…I definitely did not see that coming!”
    “Class is over now babe.C’mon!”he said jerking up from his chair as I followed put.
    “I’m sorry about your parents Phil.It must have been really hard for you”
    “It’s cool.I actually live with my grams now over at Britten.We moved there few years ago.I was still little though.Let’s say nine or so.But it’s all in the past” he said smiling at me.
    “Gosh!Poor guy!He must have been through a lot all these time”I thought to myself feeling all sober inside.Told you I wasn’t entirely made of iron.
    “Well,Trish,it’s really nice knowing you.I hope I see you again.You’re such an amazing girl”he smiled softly making his dimples show more.
    “The pleasure’s all mine Phil.Do take care of yourself.I’ll see you soon”
    “Sure dear.Till we meet again”he called out taking the other path that I guess led to his own lodge likewise mine that was on the other side.
    “Hh!I can’t wait to see him again”
    Oh shoot!James,I had almost forgotten about him….I better go see him.But wait,what about Phil?Trish,get your mind off Phil.You just met him”I yanked to myself hitting my head gently.
    “Hello darling.Missed me?”a voice called out from behind putting his arms around me.
    “Hang on!I know this voice.Oh My God!James!”I gasped with guilt fluttering inside of me.
    “James!What’ you doing here?You scared me”I said jokingly.
    “Um,hello,I school here.I should be asking you.Who’s that anyway?”
    “No one.Just a friend”I swallowed hard.
    “Hmm,a friend?You just got here Trish and you’ve made friends already?”he asked suspiciously.
    “Yes and is that a bad thing?Don’t tell me you’re all jelly now”I said playfully punching him on his arms.
    “Nope.I can’t be cause I know I’m way cuter than that slim pack of bones”
    “Oh,shut up James”I yelled in my mind
    “Hey,quit it.Phil’s just a friend alright?So there’s no need competiting with him”I said trying to hold off my anger.
    “Did I just say that???Yikes!What’s gotten into me today?
    “Whoa!Take it easy.Come here,I’ve missed you so much”he said taking my lips hungrily in his.
    “I can’t say I didn’t miss that though.Heh!”
    “James,w-we can’t do this here”
    “Chilax chica,we’re on campus so no one really cares”He grinned seductively pressing my boobs softly.
    “Oh God!Now he’s turning me on”
    “How about I come to your lodge later in the day?”I asked without thinking.
    “Dang it Trish”I yelled to myself.
    “Uh-uh!That’s more like it my amor”he said kissing me much deeper this time as I clinged ny arms around him.

    “Here you are Miss Tricia.How’d you do ma’am?
    “Hah!Drop the formalities Mr Phillip.We’re friends now,remember?
    “Uh-uh!I know”
    D--n!That smile got me tripping.I’d have sworn this guy wasn’t human if we’ve never been together.
    “So,um,where’ you headed Trish?Care to have lunch with me at Murphy’s?”
    “Uh,I don’t know.I’m not yet done working this out”I uttered with furstration not taking my eyes off my book.
    “What’s that?”
    “Well,um,you know.I just can’t understand these assignments Prof Wyatt gave us some weeks ago.They’re a little bit hard”
    “Hmm,let’s see.Oh this!”
    “Yeap.I’m not even halfway done.Good thing the guy hasn’t asked for it yet”
    “Haha!It’s quite easy babe.Here take mine”
    “You just have to do it this way and that way and voila,you have your answer.See!”
    “Wow!You actually got the answers right”
    “I’m so glad we’re study buddies Phil”
    “Mh-mm!Me too.So you ready now?”
    “Hah!You bet I am”I laughed getting yo from the chair as he took my hand in his.

    “That b---h!How dare she walk around with that loser”James fumed with rage.
    “Guy what’s up?Why do you wear such look on?Is anything the matter”Jeff,and average guy of twenty-two asked concerned pulling the chair out.
    “It’s that fool of course.I saw him move around with Trish.You know Trish right?”
    “Trish?Your babe?What about her?”
    “I just saw her with that stupid guy.Can you imagine that!”
    “Whoa!And you’re still here?Won’t you go get your girl James?”
    “Haha Jeff Jeff!
    “Don’t call me.You can’t just sit here and do nothing man.You need to act out before she gets so attached to him”
    “Haha!Chilax.Chilax!I’m just waiting for the right time.Trust me.But you see,I want to ask you for a favour.Come closer”
    “Hmm,a favour?What’s that if I may ask?”
    “I want you and your guys to take that b---h down.You know what I mean.I don’t want any killings.Just scare her a little so she’ll know who’s the boss”
    “Mhm-mm!No that’s what I’m talking about.You’re the man”he laughed maniacally giving him a chop-knuckle.
    “Let’s go to class now.I bet that foolish professor has started with that useless preaching of his”
    “Class?Are you kidding me?”
    “No I’m not.Let’s go or don’t you want to meet up with Monique”
    “Ohh jeez!I’d already forgotten all about her.Let’s go then”
    “Good.Hurry now or we’ll miss the rest”

    “Jo,look!Our roomie’s got a date already.Aww!Ain’t that sweet”
    “Ooooo miss sausy’s got someone now.I wonder who she charmed up this time.The guy’s really handsome”
    “Oh,don’t be jealous Jo.You’ve got me remember.
    “Uh-uh!That’s right darling.I don’t need any silly weasel coming between us.
    “Uh,so sweet.Now let’s go say hi to them before going”she said dragging her.
    “No,we don’t wanna disturb them.Let’s go Kare”
    Kare!Damnnit!That girl!”
    “Hi Trishy”
    “Wow!Jo!Kare!What are you guys doing here?”
    “Uh,that’s no way to greet us.I see you’ve got a date.You didn’t tell us.What’s your name love?”
    “Oh,don’t listen to them Phil”
    “Ooo Phil?What a nice name.Anyway,Phil,I’m Kare and this is Jo,my bestie and also my roomie.It’s a pleasure knowing ya”
    “Kare!Jo!Can you two just quit it!”
    “Oh don’t be like that.Anyway,we were just leaving.C’mon Jo”
    Bye handsome!”
    “Whatever!Aaargh!Those girls can be really annoying at times.I wish I could just smash up those bleachy face of theirs.How annoying!”
    “Babe are you okay?”
    “Oh,yeah I’m fine”
    “Hope you’re enjoying the food?”
    “Yeah!Thanks a lot”
    “I wish we could be hanging out more here anytime we’re done reading.This place is quite fascinating,don’t you think Trish?”
    “Mh-hmm!Here’s really nice”
    “So is that a yes?”
    “Of course it is dum dum.You’re so annoying”
    “Ouch!My chest”
    “Oh silly.I was only kidding”
    “Hah!Quit pinching my cheeks.It’s getting all red because of you”
    “Oh really.I’ll pinch it more then”
    “Haha oh stop.Everyone’s watching”I chuckled softly slapping his hands playfully.
    “Haha!So Trish,I couldn’t help but notice your roomates attitudes.Are they always like that?”
    “Uh-uh,I’m managing”
    “Huh!Really?”he said relaxing back.
    “Yup!You done eating now?”
    “Almost.I see you’ve got your plates all cleaned up fatty”
    “Hey,I’m not fat.Haha!”
    “Yes you are puffy”
    “Oh you.You’re so funny.At least I’m not a slow poke like you when it comes to eating..Haha!Hurry up now.We’ve got Mr Ryan now”
    “Oh great!I almost forgot.I wonder what says the time”he said looking at his watch.
    “1:30!”he muttered out loud jerking up.
    Shit!He’s so going to kill us”
    “Mhm-mm!So c’mon now before he locks us out”
    “Alright alright.I’m done now”
    “Hah!You really should have seen your face back there.You’re such a scaredy cat”
    “Oh shut up,you!”he said to me tickling me from me.
    “Hhh,I’ll get you!
    “Haha!I’d love to see you try puffy”he laughed as we went out the school cafeteria.

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    “Knock knock”I laughed softly as I ran my hand on the iron door.
    “Who’s there?”James called out from within
    “Guess who!”
    “That’s me”
    “Welcome baby”he said swinging the door open with excitement.
    Here,let me help you with that”he said gently taking my jacket off.
    “Why,thank you”I giggled softly.
    “How did lectures go baby?Bet you smashed off those dudes eyes with that crazy ass you got behind ya”he said naughtily uncorking the soda he had in his hands.
    “You like?”
    “I don’t take soda remember?”
    “C’mon baby,you gotta try.You ain’t getting any younger,you know?”
    “Hhh fine.Just a sip will do”
    “Now that’s what I’m talking about”
    “Mmm,it does tastes nice”I said sipping it softly from the can.
    “Told ya,you’ll love it”
    “Heard from your old man Trish?”
    “Nope,haven’t called him since yesterday”
    “Alright!You seem tired.You hungry?Got some fries somewhere I think.Care for some?”
    “I want this actually”I said taking his lips hugrily in mine.
    “Mm,you taste sweet”he grinned sliding his fingers right under me making me moan out.
    “You’re soooo bad James”I said vibrating from his touch.
    “You love it,don’t you?”he smirked spanking me naughtily on my booty.
    “I do.Ohh,please don’t stop”I moaned harder as he made his way up my boobs naughtily with his tongue stripping my shirt off like a sex psycho he was.I laid bare now with just my undies as he got right on top of me.
    “Panty hose?You have got to be kidding me”
    “Just strip the d--n thing off James.I can’t take it anymore”
    “Whoa!Easy there killer,You’re really becoming a bad ass like me Tricia Parker”
    “Oh,you wish”I laughed bringing him down on me as he stripped the panties right off.I quickly grabbed hold of his shirt and like a hungry tigress ready to devour,ripped it open as he came down on me with full force moving his body over mine in full rhythm.
    “You sure you want this babe?We haven’t any protection on,you know?”
    “Oh shh.Don’t say anything”I screamed as I laid lost in the pleasure now.
    Good thing I had some pills on.We went on thrice but when it got to the fourth,I couldn’t go on any longer but gosh,he still yearned for more.
    “D--n!James was a s** running machine and that’s what got me all intrigued and more…What?I didn’t tell you I was a virgin did I?”
    “Baby,just one more round”
    “You’re not serious James.I can hardly breathe”
    “Please baby”
    “Ooo,another time okay?Gosh,it’s almost 6″I said with surprise fixing my eyes on the clock that laid at the bed side.
    I better get going now”I said jerking up from under him.
    “You don’t wanna take a shower?”
    “You know I won’t say no to that”I smiled mischievously moving towards the bathroom.
    “Mmm….Stop James.We’ve had enough kissing for one day”
    “Hmm,have you forgotten the part when you were screaming non-stop?What happened to that now?”
    “I didn’t say I never enjoyed it.I’m just weak”
    “Is it about Phil?You love him,don’t you?”
    “N-no.It’s not that.I love you James and you know of course”I said with guilt burning inside of me.
    “I don’t.You two are always together.So I don’t know what to believe”
    “God!James!You’re so unbelievable”I said angrily getting out from the bathtub not caring if I was dripping with lather.
    “Babe,look,I’m sorry okay?.I didn’t mean to hurt you.I’m just being overprotective cause I love you so much and I’m scared of losing you”
    “If you do then,you should trust me.There’s nothing going on between Phil and I,believe me.”
    “I believe you”he said kissing me
    “Alright alright.No kissing!”
    “Good”I said flipping my jeggins on.
    “Will you come tomorrow?”
    “I don’t think so.I need to cover up my reading schedules.They’re a lot more tight now you know?I don’t want to fail”I spoke with enthusiasm.
    “You read?How hillarious!”he said laughing really hard.
    “Yeah yeah.Laugh all you want but I’m taking my studies more serious now.
    “In my bed right?”
    “Whatever.I’ll see you some other time okay?Bye now.
    “No goodbye kisses?”
    “Hhh,fine.I love you”I said kissing him.
    “Love you more”
    “I’ll see you soon okay?Bye”I called out rushing out the door.

    “Babe,where are you?Are you in school now?”
    “Yeah,you wanna come?”
    “You know I do”
    “No,gou stay.I’ll be there in a jiffy.Just have everything on the go,you get it?”
    “Sure baby.I love you”
    “I won’t reply to that until I come”
    “Is something wrong Angie?Why are you like this?”
    “Nothing is,trust me.Just hold on okay?I promise to be there soon”
    “Is Jeff with you right now?”
    “Jeff?No.But I’ll call him right now”
    “Better.Bye now”
    “Yeah.I’ll be waiting.Bye”
    “Guess who just stopped by man?”
    “No.Hhh fine.Trish did”
    “Whoa!I can’t believe I missed her”
    “Ohh you did miss a lot”
    “Hope you guys had fun”
    “Of course yes.I won’t let such chance slip by”
    “Haha!I trust you”
    “And Angie’s coming too”
    “Yup.Anyway,don’t forget our plan okay?I don’t want you guys bailing out”
    “You know it won’t happen”
    “I trust you.I need to go prepare now.You get right?”
    “Ohhh I see.What a bad boy you are”
    “You can say that.Hah!Later”

    “It’s being few days since Phil and I last saw.And he hasn’t being answering my calls either.I wonder if he’s okay”I muttered under my breath as I walked through the narrow path that led to my lodge.
    “Jeez!I wonder what these d--k-heads are doing out here.I better head home fast”I mumbled hastening my steps.
    “Joan’s told me all about them.No one crosses their path without going unharmed.So you better be careful”
    “Hey beautiful!Going somewhere?”they spat out getting up from the pavement.
    “Shit!I shouldn’t have followed here”I gasped with fright turning around.
    “Not so fast baby!We just wanna talk”I heard Jackson say in a crazy way.
    “Such an a-----e!”
    “Beat it losers.Go take off someone your own size”I yelled back at them moving backwards a little.
    “Ohh c’mon,don’t be such a kill joy kitty”he grinned naughtily grabbing my hands behind.
    “Get your hands off me,you jerk”I yelled sharply giving them a don’t-you-near-me woochy eyes.
    “Eww!I better go sanitize these.So digusting!”I said with disgust rubbing my hands on each other.
    “Oooo…Baby mama’s so scared”they mocked licking their lower lips as the threesome glared at me with really huge lustful eyes.
    “Jax!Tom!I got this”Jeff said with a mischievous grin working his hands towards my boobs”
    “Don’t you dare touch me you twerp”I yelled angrily punching him in the face.
    “That’s it b---h!You’re in big trouble”
    “Leave me alone”I cried out trying to wiggle out from him.
    “You heard the lady!Let…Her…Be!”a voice shot at from behind.
    “Huh?Is that who I think it is?”
    “Who the f--k are you?”they asked fiercely.
    “It’s none of your buisness you jerks.Get your hands off her now”
    “And what if we don’t?”
    “Well,make your choice.Where’d you want this?”he smiled hard picking up a stick that laid by the corner.
    “Phil,please!They’ll hurt you”I cried out.
    “Shut up b---h!”Jeff cut in covering my mouth with his palms.
    “Think you can beat us huh?”
    “Hah!Worth the try”he smirked wacking Jeff hard in the face.
    “I can’t believe Phil’s going to get himself killed because of me”I sobbed covering my face with my palms so I wouldn’t see anything.
    “You okay Trish”he said pulling me into his arms.
    I slowly opened my eyes catching a glimpse of Phil whose body was closer to mine.
    “I was so worried about you girl.You shouldn’t be out here this late,you know.What were you thinking?”he scolded softly caressing my hair making the nice cologne he had on fill my nose.
    “I’m sorry Phil.It’s all my fault you got into this mess.You would’ve ended up hurt because of me”I sobbed holding him tighter.
    “Wow,am I f-----g feeling emotional right now?What’s wrong with me?”I muttered inside of me
    “Oh my gosh,your head’s partly bruised Phil.We should go treat this.Does it hurt?”
    “No,you shouldn’t worry.Let’s go.That’ll keep them down for a while”he smiled lifting me up.
    “Can you walk?”
    “Yes,thanks to you”
    “Are you sure or you don’t need me to carry you,do you?”he teased making me laugh.
    “No one has ever made me feel this way before.Not even James.Could I be falling in love?Gotta shake this off”I said yanking the thoughts out
    “Heh!You wouldn’t dare”I laughed punching him playfully.
    “We best be on our way now”I said to him though I never wanted us to part ways.
    “Uh,I should see you off first.I don’t want anything happening to you again”he said taking my hands in his.
    “Aww,he’s such a gentleman”I giggled in my mind.
    “No thanks.I can take it from here”I smiled to him forgetting all about the calls he had left unanswered.
    “What!I definitely didn’t want to ruin this moment”
    “As it pleases you ma’am.I’ll call you when I get home okay?”he said pecking me.
    “Oh My Gooseberries.Did he just do that?”I blushed so hard waving at him.
    “Bye Phil

    “Hi Jo!Hi Kara!I called out to my roomies who had their eyes glued on some movie.
    “I wonder if it’s p--n.Err!Not my biz”I shrugged moving towards the bathroom.
    “Hi”they both laughed not taking their eyes off.
    “I better go shower”I said tiredly taking off my jeggins.
    “Stupid jegz!Bet this’ what made those fools act out today.Serves them right.Pfft!”
    Memories of the series of hot make outs I had with James flooded my mind as the water trickled down my bare body.I thought about the kisses and the endless smooches he had given me as my hands went down my body.The thoughts of it got me all wet inside.How I wish he was here right now.But no,gosh,what about Phillip.Could he..No,it can’t be.We’re just study buddies “I uttered shoving the thoughts off me as I got out from the tub.
    “But Trish,you need to act wisely.Phil saved your life”my conscience rumbled out again.
    “Shut up!”I said to myself picking up my text and lying back down on my bed.
    “Uh,guys,can you please quiet down.I’m reading here”I yelled out glueing my eyes on the topics Professor Tristan had talked about earlier.
    “Aargh!This is torture”I grumbled hard again sinking my head in my pillow as I dozed right off.

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    “What the!”I exclaimed catching sight of Jo and Kare cuddling each other on my bed.
    Jo!Kare!What the hell are you….”
    “Oh,sweetheart!You’re back so early”Kare spoke out getting up from Jo.
    “Yeeees!And what in the world are you two doing over there?And grrr!You even rumpled my bedsheet.I’m so going to kill you”
    “Hah!Chilax honey!Haven’t you seen two peepsies kissing before?”
    “Can you guys just quit being bitchy for once?”I shot back rolling my eyes on them with disgust.
    “Um,hello!That’s how we roll girl.And besides,I bet you’ve done it countless times,so you don’t have to be all goody mama”
    “That’s it b---h!Out of my bed…Now!”
    “Ohh,calm down you.It’s the 21st centrury remember?So technically,no one really cares”Jo said out getting up from where she was.
    “Uh,well,I do cause you guys got yours.So get up now or I’ll make you”
    “Hhh!Fine!You’re such a bore”they both mocked.
    “God,I can’t listen to this”
    “If you can’t,then leave”
    “Very funny!”
    “And oh darling,check who’s at the door”
    “Don’t you have hands?Go do it yourself”I yelled back at them as the door swung open revealing a slutty Mr Wyatt dressed in black.
    “Hey darlings!Missed me?”
    “Professor Wyatt???Lord!Could this day get any worse?”I muttered with frustration.
    “Mmm-hmmnWe missed ya,right Kare?”
    “We sure did”she giggled taking his lips in hers.
    “Awe!Not fair!What about mine?”Karen chirped in.
    “Oh,come here you”he chuckled wrapping his arms around them.
    “Gosh!This two are so useless.I can’t believe they let him kiss them with that smelly mouth of his.Eww!So disgusting!”
    “So profy,to what do we owe this visit?Come to take us out?”Kare cut in rubbing her lips on his neck seductively.
    “Of course!Why else will I be here?I missed my favourite babies”
    “Aww”they both said out loud.
    “Like seriously?These two are so unbelievable”I gasped under my breath looking away.
    “Uh-huh!Get dress now so we can hurry up and go before that silly witch starts looking for me”
    “Haha!Seriously professor,you have got to take care of that fussy wife of yours.She’s always getting in our way.You won’t believe she almost…”
    “Zip it Kare!Miss goody’s still here”Kare spoke out cutting her off.
    “Ahh!Trish!My star student.How are you baby?”
    “Don’t you dare touch me,you old man”I fumed with anger slapping his hands rudely.
    “Gosh!Will you believe this guy?What does he take me for?”
    “Hhh,Trish,you didn’t just say that to our man?”
    “Oh,I did and I still will unless he behaves”I yelled out giving them a warning eye.
    “Girls!Girls!Calm down.I got this”he said bending towards me.
    “So sweetpea,you wanna come with us?”
    “I said,don’t touch me”
    “Well,alright!Suit yourself.You haven’t heard the last of me though”
    “Ohhh,I have.I ain’t scared of you”
    “Haha!So brave…Or rather foolish.Hmmph”
    Come girls.Let’s go now”he said wrapping his arms around them and they stepped out.
    “Bye Trishy”
    “Whatevs”I said slamming the door as they stepped out.
    “Finally!Gosh,I can’t wait for this semester to end.I’ve had enough of these two.Now,what do I wanna do?”I said thinking.
    Ah,yes,Phil.I better go see him”I said blushing hard as I made my way to the bathroom.
    I laid in the bath tub thinking all about him as I felt the warm water trickle down my bare body.
    “Wait!Why the hell am I doing that?James should be the one in here and not Phil.Ouch!My head”I said yanking myself out.I wonder who’s calling”I said getting out.
    “Hi honey!Where are you?”
    “In my lodge?Why?”
    “I want you to come see me baby.I’m so in need of you”
    “No can do.I’m busy”
    “Hmm,busy?Since when?”
    “I’m sorry baby but I can’t come.I need to meet up with my dad today.He’s coming to see me”I lied.
    “What?Don’t look at me.James is such a weasel….Jeez!Did I just say that loud???”
    “Oh,your old man’s coming?No qualms!I’ll see you next tomorrow then”
    “Just yeah?”
    “Well,what do you want me to say?”I said squeezing my face.
    “Hmm,nevermind.I love you”
    “Yeah”I said hanging up on him before he utters something stupid.
    I hurriedly got my pants on alongside a smashing crop top to go with it partly exposing my boobs and my clavicle.Not that I was going to get him in bed with me.Phil’s not that kind of guy.Wink!
    “So where were we?Ah-hah!”

    “Trish!Boy,am I glad to see you”he said hugging me excitedly.
    “Seems he’s being waiting for me…Ooo,I so love this feeling”
    “Ow!You’re crushing me dum-dum”I said teasingly pulling out from his hold.
    “Heh!Sorry!So,what would you love to have puffy?I know you’re a foodie”he teased softly.
    “Haha!What do you think I want then?”
    “Chicken wings?”
    “Not even close”
    “Hmm,no wonder you’re starting to get all skinny”he laughed pinching my cheeks.
    “Haha!Very funny!”
    “You wanna know what I want?”I smiled putting my arms around him.
    “Uh-uh!Do tell please”
    “I’m serious dum dum”
    “Me?Why will a rich girl like you want me?I haven’t any money and I certainly won’t be able to meet up with your needs.I bet you know that well”
    “Awe!C’mon,don’t be like that.I don’t want your money.You’re a nice guy Phil and I…”I said stopping halfway.
    Uh,you know what,let’s talk about somethingelse”
    “Nothing”I said trying to hold back the tears that were already gathering up in my eyes.
    “I don’t think this is the right time to let that out Phil but when that time comes,I promise to tell you okay?”
    “Well,sure.Just know I’ll always be here for you when you need me alright?”he said drawing me closer to him.
    “Thanks so much.
    “Uh,Phil”I called out flingng the strands of hair that laid on my eyes backwards.
    “Yeah!What’s that B?”
    “Would it be okay with you if I stay here for the night?I can’t go back to those roomies of mine”
    “Sure!That’s no problem.You’re always welcome here Tricia Parker”he smiled softly.
    “Why,thanks”I giggled hugging him joyfully.
    “Anytime puffy!”
    “You’ll have my bed okay?”
    “No,you can’t sleep on the floor.You’ll catch a cold or something”
    “Nah!Don’t worry about me.I’ll be fine”he smiled kissing me on the forehead.
    “D--n!I can’t believe I just stayed with a guy without getting touched.It felt….Hah!Figure that out.Wink!”

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    “Hhh!What a brand new day this is.Isn’t that right baby?”my mum said out sipping the cup of cocoa she had in her hand.
    She sure doesn’t miss having that every morning.Ooh-la-la!
    “I don’t know mum.It seems pretty normal,don’t you think?”I said shrugging my shoulders as I kept my eyes glued on the fashion magazine that had lots of pictures and artistrys drawn inside.
    “Awe!Don’t be like that honey.You’re always serious”she teased turning towards me.
    “What?I didn’t say anything,did I?”
    “See!You’re starting to act out again.Now smile for mummy”she laughed getting up from the couch.
    “Ooo mum!Quit doing that”I laughed as she tickled me softly
    “Now,that’s the smile I’ve been looking for”
    “Ohh mum”
    “I really missed her company.Though she can be a little disturbing sometimes but I can’t say I didn’t miss it.Heh!”
    “So baby,tell me,how’s Campbell treating you?Hope you’re happy over there?”
    “Not like I have a choice but yeah.I can’t wait to be out of that stupid school anyway”I mumbled under my breath.
    “What did you say?”
    “(Gasps)I bet she heard me”
    “Heh!Nothing mother”
    “Hmm,baby,is there something you’re not telling me?”she asked suspiciously.
    “Nah”I said pretending to smile.
    “What!I can’t tell her about my love life,you know?She would totally kill me if she ever found out about James and I.Mum never really liked that guy and I can’t fathom out why”
    “Are you sure honey?”
    “Yeah!I-I’m fine mum”
    “See!Cracked pitch fine means something.So talk!”she persuaded.
    Remember Belinda,I gave birth to you,so you can’t lie to me”she said pulling me in her arms
    “Gosh,I really felt like pouring out my hearts to her at that moment but you know me,I don’t want to ruin my reputation.Hah!And oh guys,Belinda’s my other name.It’s a grandma’s name.Bet you didn’t know.Oopsie!”
    “I said I’m fine mum.Jeez,you worry so much”
    “Oh shh it,will you?You really sounded scared back there baby.C’mon,if there’s something bad going on over there,just tell us.So you’re dad and I can act out immediately”she said fiercely.
    “Jeez!My mum can be really scary at times.No wonder why dad named her iron-lady”
    “Chill mum!You don’t wanna scare those guys,do you?I’m fine alright.Trust me”I said trying to sound confident.
    “Well,alright!I better go check if your dad’s done unpacking those stuffs at the garage.
    “What stuff?”I asked inquisitively.
    “Err,you know the package Uncle Rob brought over yesterday”
    “What!Uncle Rob stopped by yesterday and you guys never informed me?What am I mum?”
    “Hah!I didn’t ask you to be such a sleepy head,did I?”
    “Muuuuuum!”I said stomping my foot with my hands folded up
    “Yes honey,I’ll catch you later.Muah!”she said kissing me on the forehead
    “And oh,do check if Josie’s done cooking.I bet you’re hungry now”
    “Uh,that slowpoke!”
    “Be nice baby”she rang out from the porch.
    “Josie!Do hurry up,you wench.It’s almost 9:30″I yelled out taking up my phone from the glass stand.
    “Okay ma’am”
    “Oof!I need James right now”I grinned dialing his number.
    “Whoa!That’s new!Did he just hang up on me?”
    “And what are you staring at?Don’t you have anywhere else to be?”I said angrily looking up at Josie who was giggling by the corner.
    “Oh nothing.I’ll be off now ma’am”
    “You better be or I’ll lose it”I said angrily making my way towards the bedroom.
    “Can you imagine?”
    I laid down on my bed as the thought of James ignoring my constant calls ran through my mind.
    “Hope it isn’t what I’m thinking though?Oh Lord!Please let it not be”I muttered under my breath as I laid lost in thoughts.
    “I wonder who that could be”I said taking up my phone again
    Phil?Phil!Oh My Gosh!It’s my Philly”I jumped up excitedly.
    “Hah!Did I just say that?”
    “Phil!I’m so happy to hear from you.Where the hell have you been?”
    “Whoa!Easy there puffy.You seem cheery.Did you miss me?”
    “Of course I did.Gosh!I left a million messages for you but you didn’t reply to any.It’s not fair leaving me off like that”
    “I’m really sorry babe.I didn’t mean to.Something came up and I didn’t have time for anything at all.I’m really sorry alright?”he apologised wholeheartedly making my anger fade away.
    “Hmm,something did?Hope it isn’t something I should worry about?”
    “Nah!Not at all.I don’t want you losing that puffy weight of yours”
    “Oh you!You haven’t changed a bit.I did miss you,you know?Don’t you dare leave me off like that again,you hear me?”I said jokingly.
    “Not like I meant it sha.But my,I think I’m in love with this guy.Mmm!Scratch that out.Heh!”
    “Alright puffy.I see you’re getting ready for school”
    “Uh-huh!What about you?”
    “I don’t think I’ll be coming back anymore”he said with a sad tone.
    “What!Phil,no you can’t do that.You’re among the smartest student we’ve got over here”I spoke with fright.
    You can’t just drop off like that.What about me Phil?Don’t you want to see me again?”
    “I do!I really do but I don’t have a choice.I’ve got no money Trish and my grandma’s out sick.There’s no one to take care of her except me.In fact,I don’t know what to do”he said weakly.
    You know what,I’ll talk to you later.Bye Tricia”he said hanging up on me swiftly before U could utter anything.
    “Tricia?He’s never called me that before”I said heartbroken getting out from the bed.
    “Wait,did he just…No!!!I can’t lose Phil so soon.I can’t!I need to do something about this”I said rushing downstairs
    “What’s wrong honey?Why are you crying?”
    “Mum,I need your help please.I need you to give me some cash.I’m literally out of money”I said without thinking
    “Baby,is that why you’re crying?You know we can give you anything you want even without you asking.How much do you need?”my dad cut in front behind.
    “I-I just need your credit card dad”I spoke confidently.
    I promise to return it.Just please daddy.I really need it”I said sobbing really hard.
    “Just wipe those tears honey.Tell me, what’s wrong?”my mum asked with concern taking her sit beside me.
    I had no choice but to tell them everything about Phil not minding if there were so insecured of me being around guys.It was worth it anyway.I just wanted everything to be alright with him.
    “He doesn’t deserve this”I muttered under my breath.
    “Gosh,poor boy!Honey we really need to do something”
    “We’ve heard everything you said and now,we’ll go see that friend of yours right away and of course he’s grandma.The old lady should need a good doctor now.I’ll call Doctor Ben right up but first do you know where he lives?”my dad asked putting his arms around me
    “Wow!My dad’s really full of surprises”
    “Y-yes.Britten hills Daddy”I said happily.
    “Ah-hah!Just an hour’s drive…or two at least.Let’s go so we can beat traffic”he said making for the door.
    “Are you serious dad?”I said with eyes wide-open.
    “Did he just say that?”
    “Anything for you darling.Everything will be just fine.Be thankful he’s got someone like you.I’m so proud of you baby”he said hugging me with pride.
    “Aww!Thanks so much papa.I love you guys”I said hugging them both.

    “Dad are we there yet?”I asked impatiently.
    The drive was taking too long and It seemed it was going on forever.I can’t hold on much longer.
    “He doesn’t deserve this at all”I muttered inside of me taking my head in my hands as I shook my legs uneasingly.
    “Calm down baby.We’re almost there”my mum said soothingly.
    “We are now!”
    I heard my dad say.Before he could utter anythingelse,I rushed out of the car towards where I assumed was where he lived since technically,I wasn’t so sure of the exact building.
    “I sure hope we’ve got the right one”I prayed in mind.
    “I see you’re a lot fatter now puffy”a voice said from behind jerking me.
    “Phil!Oh Phil!I’m so glad you’re okay”I sighed with relief hugging him.
    I was worried sick about you.You shouldn’t have hung up on me like that.You almost made me have a heart attack”I chuckled clinging to him tightly not minding if my parents were anywhere near.
    “I just needed to be in his arms and his only.Can’t believe I’m saying that out loud”
    “Calm down Puffy.I’m not dying,you know?”
    “Heh!You’re certainly not.You got me all worried,you know that?”I said still not letting go.
    “Hang on!How are you here right now?Did you come all the way here just to see me?”he asked surprisingly pulling me backwards.
    “Of course we did dum-dum”
    “We?As in it’s just not you?”
    “How come you were able to locate my house so easily and where are…”
    “Shh!There’s no time to waste”I said dragging him by the jacket he had on.
    “But Trish…”
    “Trust me!I’ll explain on the way”I said dragging him towards where my dad’s car was packed.
    “Trish,I don’t like this.Hope you’r not trying to kidnap me cause if you are,I won’t mind kicking that ass of yours”he said teasingly.
    “Oh silly!Since when did you turn bad?”
    “Well,since now.Hmmph!”
    “Ohh shut up!Come along now.I want you to meet my parents”
    “You say what now???”he yelled with fear in his eyes.
    “Yes!Look!They’re over there by that car.You see them?”I said pointing towards where they were.
    “Of course.I’m not blind”
    “Yeah yeah!Whatever”I said sticking my tongue out on him.
    “Hmm,what did I do?Am I in some kind of trouble?”he asked innocently.
    “No silly.Don’t be such a scaredy cat and why the heck are you using a low tune?”
    “Oh nothing”he chuckled slightly.
    “There they are honey.My!You must be the handsome young lad my daughter’s being talking about.How are you dear?”
    “I-I’m fine ma’am.Goodday Sir!Goodday ma!”he greeted politely bending forth in a more respectable way.
    “I bet that got dad more”
    “I’m Phillip Sir.Phillip Mac-Kenny”
    “Hmm,Mackenny?That surname does sound familiar,right honey?”
    “I bet they’re plenty of Mac-Kennies around”
    “She’s right sir.We’ve got many scattered all around.It’s such an honour meeting you sir”
    “The pleasure is ours son”
    “Come on in Trish”he said leading the way.
    “Told ya he was nice”I whispered in my mum’s ears as we followed behind.
    His house wasn’t that big like ours but I loved it still.It had two worn out sofas and a small LED TV which was glued to the milk brick wall.To me,it looked perfect.
    “Phillip!Phillip!Where are you?”I heard a faint voice call out from the corner of the living room.
    “That must be his sick grams.Gosh!Poor lady.I bet she must be so worn out inside”
    “Grams,we have a visitor”he said letting us into his grandma’s room which I guess was his too since I didn’t see any other entrance.
    “Oh don’t look at me.I’ve got sharp eyes you know?Heh!”
    “Whoa!His grandma isn’t anywhere near old.I bet she isn’t up to 60 yet…Oh my!”
    “Mrs Hennia?”my parents gasped out with surprise
    “Rayna!Silas!Is that really you?”Phil’s grams said sitting up slowly.
    “Take it easy grams”Phil said reaching for her.
    “Mum,dad,you guys know each other?”I asked looking transfixed
    “Why of course.Isn’t this such a pleasant surprise”my mum said joyfully holding Mrs Hennia.
    “It’s really a small world”I muttered unheard.
    “Have you guys seen a doctor yet Phil?”
    “Actually sir,we just got back some days ago”
    “Got back?She ought to be there.She doesn’t look good to me”
    “I know sir but we haven’t any money left so they let us leave and I’m not even certain the petty money I’m earning right now we’ll be able to buy her those expensive meds the doctors prescribed for her”
    “You work?”I cut in surprisingly taking his hand in mine.
    “Yeah!”he said winking at me.
    “Phillip,have you given our guests something to eat?I think we have some leftovers stuck up inside the fridge”Mrs Hennia cut in.
    “Oh no Mrs Hennia.Just a glass of water will do”my dad said.
    “Are you sure Sir?”
    “Yes son!You shouldn’t worry”
    “I have something for you Trish but I won’t hand it over yet”he whispered as we moved towards the living room
    “Aww!I love you”
    “I can hear you”
    “Shut up,you”I said giving him a naughty face.
    “So sir,can you please tell me how you and my grandmother got to know each other?I mean,I’ve barely seen you around here”
    “Well,you see son,I got to know your grams from a friend.A man named Pete if I could recall.Him and his wife used to come around most times back then but sadly,we lost contact and ever since then,I’ve never set my eyes on him.Guess he moved out though”
    “Pete?As in my dad?”he said with bewilderment.
    “Your dad?You have got to be kidding me.Boy!You have grown so big”my dad said getting up from where he sat
    “Honey,is he that little boy Rose and Pete usually brought over at our hotel whenever they came to see us?”
    “Yes!He really is”my dad said joyfully hugging him.
    “Heaven…Bless…My…Soul!”I said out loud putting my hands on my chest.
    “If you don’t mind sir,are you the owner of Gravantees Ville?”
    “We sure are.Trish never told you?”
    “Not quite sir”he smiled faintly looking at me
    “Oh-oh!I’m in big trouble”
    “Do your parents live here too son or it’s just you and your nana?”
    “It’s just us Sir.My parents died many years ago”
    “Rose and Pete are dead?”my mum gasped out with astonishment.
    “Ouch!I totally left that out.Why me?!”
    “What happened to them?”my dad asked with astonishment.
    “They died in a car crash when I was still young but that’s a thing of the past now Sir”he said wiping the little tears that were already dropping out from his eyes.
    “Ohh,don’t be like that Phil”I said drawing closer.
    “I’m sorry.I-I just can’t help it”
    “This is the first time I’m ever feeling so remorseful like this.I can’t imagine losing dad and mum.I won’t be able to bear it either.Gosh!”
    “Awe!Poor lad!”my mum said out patting him on his back.
    “And all this time we thought you guys just left without even saying goodbye.Gosh!We’re so sorry Phillip”my dad apologised sorrowfully.
    “I don’t blame you sir.Things went on really fast but it’s fine.I no longer feel it that much cause I know they’re in a better place now”
    “Yeah.They really are.My!It’s almost 2:30.I better call Doctor Ben.He should be here any minute now”
    “Oh no sir.You shouldn’t worry about us.We don’t want to bother you”
    “Why,we insist dear”my mum chirped in
    “Oh!Thank you Sir.Thank you so much.I’m really grateful”he said prostrating forward in a manner I’ve never seen before.
    “It’s nothing son.Trish,come!”he called out to me.
    We will be going now”
    “Awe!Not yet daddy”
    “Hah!Puffy!C’mon,I promise to come see you guys okay?”he said hugging me right in front of them.
    “Not like it mattered though.I really needed this and I definitely didn’t want to let go.Not now!Not ever!Haha!”
    “Phillip,are they leaving?”Phillip’s grandma called out making us disentangle from each other.
    “Yes Mrs Hennia.We’ll come see you again alright?”my mum cut in.
    “Okay child.Drive safe”
    “Phil,do see them off,will you?I’ll be fine here”
    “Oh no Mrs Hennia.We can take it from here”my dad cut in.
    “But first,I want you to have this”he said again handing out the bundle of cash he had in his hands.
    “Oh gosh!This is far too much Sir.I can’t take it”he said politely.
    “Wow!This guy’s really different.I bet if it was James,he would jump at anything in accepting such huge offer”
    “No,please!I want you to have it all and if you ever need anything,don’t hesitate to call me okay?My wife and I will be right here when you need us”
    “What’ you waiting for dum-dum?Take it”I smiled hitting his arms.
    “Hah!Thank you sir.Thank you ma.We’re really grateful for everything”
    “Thanks so much Silas.You don’t know how happy I am”
    “Oh Mrs Hennia,you’re more than a family to us,remember?So there’s no need for that”my mum said hugging her gently.
    “And one more thing Phil,do make sure you return back to school once the break is over.A fine man like you shouldn’t be found lurking around,you hear me?”
    “Yes sir!”he said to him.
    I’ll see you in school fatty”
    “Ohhh!I’m definitely looking forward to that”I said happily hugging him again as we went out the front door.

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    “Ohhh!Another year at Campbell”I grumbled within me.
    Why do I have such mixed emotions?”
    “Yo Der!You feel anything?”I asked in my usual slangy way as I sat in front of the car finishing off the apple I had in my hand.
    Our apple orchids were really tasty.We’ve got them all over.
    “Now where were we?Oh yeah!Look down!”
    “No!”a young lad,yay high with brown fussy hair said out from behind.
    “Who am I kidding?The guy won’t be of any help to me.He’s a one word shy ass.I’m not even sure he’s ever talked for long”
    “Nevermind!You done now?We haven’t much time left,you know?”I said getting out of the car.
    “Yeah!I’m done now ma’am”
    “Goody”I said rubbing my hands excitedly.
    “Where should I take this too madam?”
    “Derek I told you not to call me that.I’m only eighteen you know?”I said taking my bag from him.
    “Oh sorry!”
    “Yeah it’s fine.Come on now and oh,don’t roll that.I don’t want it all dirty before we get inside”I said moving towards my lodge with Derek following mind.
    “Sure!”he said still not smiling.
    By the way guys,Derek’s the new driver dad got me.He’s the slum kid dad found some months ago wandering out on the streets begging for alms and eating off whatever thing he could salvage here and there.So my dad,being the kind philanthropist one he is,took him in and now,I guess I’m stuck with him too.I csn’t believe mum even approved of that.I bet he isn’t half my age at all.
    “Do you ever smile?”I asked carving my brows up as we stopped halfway.
    “The guy’s too serious for my liking.He’s well built and all and pretty good looking too but I doubt he’s ever worn a smile on before.
    “Sorry madam I…”
    “Yes yes!Just tag along and don’t strut”I said walking majestically in front of him.
    “Trish….Trish wait up!”
    “Ohhh!That backstabbing imbecile!”I mumbled to myself.
    He never returned my calls all summer not even the millions of mails I left for him,so I wonder what the hell he’s doing here?”
    “Tricia!”he said calling the third time
    “Ma’amwho’s that behind us?I think he knows you”
    “Oh well,he’s no one to be concerned about.So come on now”
    “B-Baby please!Just hear me out”he said making his way towards me.
    “Don’t!Don’t you dare touch me you backstabbing wimpy fool”I said angrily taking his hands off me roughly.
    “No Trish,you don’t understand”
    “What’s there not to understand?You never cared to say hello or even at least check up on me.What do you take me for huh?I bet you were so busy with those useless bitches of yours and you have the guts to show up in front of me.God!You’re so disgusting”I said spitting on him with hurt gathering up inside of me.
    “No,it’s not like that baby.Trust me.I’ve been sick this whole time.Believe me!”he said coming closer.
    “I don’t know what to believe anymore.You know what,just stop.I’m done listening to your dimwit excuses”I said loosening from his hold.
    C’mon Derek!Let’s go!”
    “Derek?Who the heck is he Derek?”
    “Oh honey,I didn’t tell you,did I?”I grinned mischievously knowing that was going to make him jealous.
    Derek’s my new boyfriend”I finally spat out clutching on to Derek’s arms.
    “Ohhh,don’t look at me.This Derek of a guy is d--n cute but that doesn’t mean I’m falling for him already.Wink!Serves James right anyway.He’s such a pest.Good riddance!”
    “Your boyfriend?You must be joking”
    “No I’m not.Isn’t it that right baby?”I said signalling to Derek so he’ll act along.
    “Yes!So get your hands off her now”he commanded with his eyeballs curved out wide.
    “Wow!I’ve never seen him with such look.How chivalrous!”
    “Oh,stay out of this you.This is not your fight”
    “Just quit it you two.Everyone’s looking at us”I yelled getting in between them.
    “I can’t believe you chose this haggard wretched guy over me.Haha!I guess you’re so f-----g cheap like they say”he chuckled harder hurting me more.
    “Woooooo!”the crowd echoed as thet got a closer view.
    “Well,this is getting way awkward than I thought”I said rolling my eyes around.
    “Look,Derek,don’t listen to him okay?Come with me”I said dragging Derek who was already fuming.
    “It’s all my fault.I really should have listened to mum and dad.I’m such a mess”
    “Oh don’t walk out on me little girl.You’ve always known it,so don’t act all dumb”
    “I…SAID…STOP!!!!”I yelled furiously slapping him really hard on the face not minding if we were being watched.
    “At least I got to feel that.Aarrgh!I hate him”
    “Oh,you didn’t”
    “Yes I did.Come on Derek.Let’s leave this crazy animal all to himself”
    “This isn’t over.You’re mine and you’ll always be Tricia Parker”he spat out chuckling like the devil himself.

    “Who was that guy?”he asked with concern as we walked upstairs.
    “Seriously,I get to pretend with this guy for just one second and here he is trying to act all sweet.Oh Gosh!Where’s Phil when I need him?”
    “Like I said,no one!”I shot back shutting him up.
    “Hmm,alright.Do you need anythingelse Trish?”
    “No!That’ll be all Derek.You may go now”I said trying to shut the door.
    “What’s it now?”
    “Trish”he said softly taking my hands.
    “Great!Now we’re holding hands!I wonder what’s next”
    “I know you may not like me that much cause I seem mean but deep inside,I know there’s a part of me that care about you and I don’t know why.Just know that if you everr need someone to talk to,you can count on me okay?”
    “Yeah!Thanks”I uttered with ignorance.
    Bye now”
    “Bye”I said closing the door behind as I slumped to my bed.

    “Oh hi honey”Kare called out.
    “Great!I’d almost forgotten she lived here.How awful”
    “Yeah!”I said not taking my head off my pillow.
    “I felt really sore inside.I just wanted to cry all day”
    “Oooo…don’t you look cheery”she chuckled maniacally wiggling that crabby waist of hers.
    “Ohhh,please don’t start”
    “Calm down fussy.C’mon,what’s with the tearful face?”she said sitting right next to me.
    One thing you should know about Kara,she’s nice but she doesn’t show it cause she feels people are going to use that for their own selfish reasons and she’s not that wrong…I think?Hmm,well it’s not something I should get flattered about”
    “No answer?Hmm,I guess I should get going then”she said getting up.
    “No wait!”I said holding her back.
    Actually,there is something”
    “Hmm!I guess I wasn’t wrong afterall.What’s it?Boy problem?”
    “Hmm,what do you know about boys?”
    “Hah!Trust me honey.I do know a whole lot about them”
    “There’s this guy.Actually,they’re two but I love one more and the other,I’m not so sure who he is to me but I do know we’ve gone pretty far and I don’t know if there’s ever a turn around for me.What do you think?”I asked looking all sober.
    “As in you guys h…”
    “Yes!”I cut in hurriedly knowing what she was about to say.
    I don’t want to hear that S-word again.It’s starting to make me s-sick.Yuk!I really feel like puking”
    “Awww!Welcome aboard love”she said to my amazement.
    “Yes!C’mon,you shouldn’t beat yourself up because of that.Everyone’s been there,you know?”she said pulling me in her arms
    “You think?”
    “Why,of course darling.I’ll never decieve you.Is this first guy rich?”
    “Well,not really but I still don’t care if he is”
    “Babe,forget that shit joor.Shine your eyes.Na campus you dey”
    “You speak pidgin?”I said amazed.
    “Hah!Don’t be so shocked”
    “Hmm,well,actually that’s not the whole story.The second one did something.Something really bad”
    “And you’re crying because of that?C’mon!The Trish I know is way better than this”she said pulling me up.
    “I swear Kara,you’re heart must be really made of pure arsenic.I can’t believe she’s taking delight in my plight.What a geek!”
    “Just dry those tears alright?I don’t want to see it anymore”she said comfortingly.
    “You know what?”
    “How about we go rock Millen’s house tonight?I bet you love parties,don’t you Trish?”
    “A party?B-but we just got back”I said surprised.
    Isn’t it too early for that?”
    “C’mon love!It won’t kill if you get some hippies off that waist of yours.It’s just for one night”she said giving me her usual puppy face.
    “Well,I guess a little fun won’t hurt.Aarrgh!I really need to get this wacky feelings off me”I mumbled with anxiety.
    “Ooo!Alright but that’s for you to quit doing that.It’s so tempting”I said teasing her.
    “Oh you”
    “My!I still can’t believe Kare and I are actually getting along for the first time.It’s a holiday miracle.

    “Who’s ready to rock this house tonight?”the DJ screamed excitedly making the whole house vibrate.
    “Woo-hooo!Bring it on”the crowd echoed.
    The atmosphere was so intense.I couldn’t even feel my hands in here.The club was packed up with so many hot looking girls and boys dressed in half-nasty outfits with hot stench of smokes oozing off from their cigarettes as they had the girls rock their lives out.How alluring!
    “Woo!Now there’s something I haven’t seen”I said to Kara.
    “You like?”I heard Kare say from behind.
    “Mhm-hm!Nice party but I still don’t know why you made me wear this.I look almost like a w---e”I said adjusting the skimpy lap crossed mini skirt Kare had me take out from her closet.I could feel the hot air blowing accross my lower shade now.
    “Of course,mum and dad wouldn’t have me wearing such in public.They detest it”
    “Chilax Love!This is a party and not some woochy boring church”
    “Jesus Christ”I gasped inside of me collating what she had just said.
    What have I gotten myself into?Lord let today go by fast.I can’t stand this!”I prayed silently not minding the hot paparazzis I was surrounded by.
    “Uh,Kare,can I go use the bathroom?”
    “Hmm,but we just got here”
    “I know but…”
    “Ohh,don’t be such a bore”she said giving me a naughty grin.
    Want some?”she chirped in handing out a bottle of scotch to me.
    “No thanks!”
    “C’mon babe,just for this night.You don’t want to disgrace me”
    “Oh alright.Just this one!”
    “Care to dance baby?”an average guy,well,not so tall but okay and errr,kinda hot too with a wacky accent called out to me wrapping his arms all around me like he actually knew me before.
    “Uh,who are you and what do you think you’re doing?”I asked fuming hard inside.
    “I really wish I could punch that rat face of his.How delusional!”
    “Lucas!My!Isn’t it such a surprise”she said hugging him not minding if those halfly visible boobs of hers were rubbing against his bare chest.
    ‘I bet that must have made the dude topple over.Hah!”
    “You know this guy?”I asked anxiously lowering the drink I had in my hand.
    “Yeah baby!He used to be my high school sweetheart back in the days before fate brought us here again”
    “Uh-huh!You still remember?”
    “Why not?You rocked my live out,you know?”
    “And…The weird gets even weirder”I mumbled to myself sipping my drink gently.
    “That’s right bebe!I see you still have that bitchy attitude on ya”he grinned widely releasing the molecules of alcohol that I guess were struggling to be let free,
    “My God!Will this ever end?”
    “You know it!”she chuckled.
    Lucas meet Trish.Trish,Lucas”
    “It’s really an honour meeting you En Chaunter?”
    “Jeez!Did this guy just hear himself?He can’t
    even speak French fluently.Ha!What a bloke!”I laughed within me
    “Yeah!”I uttered lackadiasically finishing off the last of my drink.
    “I was starting to feel a little dizzy.Whoa!”
    “I’m a final year student.Sociology actually.What about you gorgeous?”
    “This guy talks too much.I can’t even hear a thing”
    “Not interested!”
    “Like seriously,isn’t he seeing the end light?”
    “Ha-hoho!There there Trish!Luke’s only a friend”
    “Like I actually care”I said turning rudely to her.
    “It’s nothing Kare.I can handle her”
    “Whatever!!!Like seriously,who does this guy think he is?”
    “Uh,Trish,why don’t you wait here.I’ll be back shortly”she said taking her phone from her bag as she scurried off quickly.
    “Hmm,I guess the call was pretty urgent.Not my biz anyway.I just want to leave this stupid place and take this nonsense clothes off.I wish I could call Phil to come pick me up but he’s line’s not reachable.Oh God!”I said with frustration.
    “I just hope she hurries up it’s almost late.Good thing we brought a car along.If she isn’t driving,then I won’t mind driving.At least,it won’t hurt getting a scratch or two on Chris’ car.I’m so done with this guy and I was starting to feel really dizzy”
    “Where are you from honey?
    Las Vegas…Mmm?!
    North Carolina?!
    Or perhaps,Terracee?!Cause I can bet a million dollars you’re not from here.You definitely don’t look like our girls over here”
    “Oh please don’t talk”I said weakly.
    Now if you’ll excuse me,I’ll like to use the bathroom.I’m a bit out of mood for chit-chats now”I said getting up from the seat.
    I really felt like puking now.What’s happening to me?”
    “Whoa!Easy there”he said getting hold of me as I sunk into his arms and I guess that’s the last thing I recall that night.

    “Mmmm!My head hurts”I said tiredly getting up from where I laid.
    “Why,it’s about time darling.How’d you feel?”a masculine voice said out sharperly from the corner of the room scaring the crap out of me.
    “How do I feel?How do I feel?”I repeated twice feeling my head.
    I feel like someone who’s being shot with several arrows.Hang on,who the hell are you?”I asked fearfully blinking my eyes repeatedly.
    “Ohh,you don’t remember?”he grinned.
    “Oh No!What have I done?I couldn’t recall anything from last night.How did I end up here in the first place?”I thought with fright touching my head slightly as it ached so much.
    “What did you do to me,you monster?Where the hell is Kara and God,why do I have my naked body wrapped up in this disgusting sheet?”I yelled with rage trying to stand but I couldn’t.I was so weak.
    “Oh,I’m a monster now?!Serves you right b---h!Now get up before I strangle you with my bare hands”he said sinisterly like a demon spawn.
    “You bastard!Get your hands off me now!How dare you”I cried out slapping him.
    “I’m so going to deal with that b---h they call Kara.How dare she do this to me!”I cried bitterly realizing what just happened.
    “You!You’re so going to get this”he said with fierce looking eyes slapping me back much harder and I guess that got out the fury in me as I kicked him strongly in between his legs as I watched him stumble over.
    “This was my chance!”I said with delight as I made my way towards the door catching glimpse of my clothes.I quickly got hold of whatever pieces that were left and put it on as fast as I could before Lucas could get up from where he was groaning with pains.
    I guess that was his weak peak.I didn’t care about that.I ran as fast as my legs could carry me flagging down the first taxi that drove past me.I got in not looking back as I ordered it to zoom off.I bet the driver must have gotten d--n scared too seeing me like this.I could barely recognise my own self.How shattering!

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    I guess kare set u up..and prof too should be involved as well as james

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