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    Chaii, dis story really long o, but is James realy u bestfriend or ur boo? Funny you, next episode please

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    I love lengthy update nice work

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    “Kara!Kara!Where are you,you backstabbing oaf”I yelled like a mad woman kicking the door wide open.
    “Come on out you b---h.What did I ever do to you?”I yelled again not hearing any one’s voice.
    The room seemed so quiet to my dismay unlike before when the sound of excessive booming of music could be heard.It felt really strange and I was starting to shiver.I knew something was up but I didn’t know what it was.I bet if you dropped a needle or two,you’ll hear them go clink.
    “Hmmph!I bet she’s hiding somewhere.Such cowardice!”I said shoving the fear off me as I headed towards the bathroom.
    “Mmm,what’s that s….”I said freezing at the spot.
    Ka-Kara”I gasped with horror seeing Kara’s lifeless body on our bathroom floor as blood gushed out from her private parts.She still had her clothes on.That means she never really got them off.
    “Oh!No!No Kara!You can’t die.You can’t die on me Kara.I forgive you.Just please wake up.Wake up Kara”I cried bitterly shaking her but yet she still laid mute.
    I couldn’t feel her heart beating anymore and her body was already cold as ice.
    “Someone help us!Anyone!”I screamed in anguish dragging her out with the little strength I had.
    Of course,I still felt really weak but I just couldn’t watch her lay down there.
    “She doesn’t deserve this”
    “What do I do now?”I said panic-stricken as I paced round the room shaking with terror.
    Yes!”I snapped my fingers as an idea struck my mind.
    “?Phil!”I called out.
    “Trish!Trish what’s wrong?Why are you crying?”
    “I don’t have time to explain.Just come please”I said sobbing really hard.
    “Calm down!I’ll be there shortly”he said hanging up.
    “Kara!Wake up Kara!Please!”I said hoping she’ll hear the sound of my voice and jerk up from me giving me that bitchy attitude she always gave me but to no avail.
    “Trish!We heard you scream and….Oh My God!Kara!!!!”Sophie and Daphne screamed with terror at the sight of Kara’s body.
    “Sophie!”I said bitterly rushing into her arms.
    “Shh..shh!Everything will be fine”she comforted.
    We need to move this body away from here before the whole school finds out.It’s starting to smell”
    “But how?What happened?How long has she been dead?”Daphne cut in examining the lifeless body carefully.
    “I d-don’t know”I shook vigorously.
    I came in only to find her over there by the sink.I can’t do this…”I said with frustration putting my hands accross my face as I made to leave the room.
    “Where are you going?”they both asked.
    “Anywhere!I just need to call Jo and tell her that Kara’s de…Oh God!She’s really dead”I said falling to the ground as I glanced at her again.
    “Come here child”
    “Kara’s gone Sophie.She-she’s gone!”I shook with fright.
    What will her mum say when she hears this?Oh no no!”
    “Shh!It’s not your fault.Just breathe!”
    “Sophie!Get Trish to the car.I need to wrap this up”Daphne said shutting Kara’s eyes close.
    “Sure!I’ll contact Christian”she said as she led me outside holding me gently so I wouldn’t trip.

    “Phil!”I said rushing into his arms.
    “I came here as fast as I could the minute I saw your text.What really happened?Where is she?”
    “She’s being placed in the…Oh Phil!I can’t believe she’s really gone”I said with pains as hot tears ran down my face.
    “I’m sorry Trish.What did the doctor say?”
    “He said they’ll have to perform an autopsy on her,just to make sure his assumptions were right”
    “And what’s that if I may ask?”
    “According to what he said,he thinks she must have taken some really hard pills that were meant for killing a young one in utero but then she took it in excess and that led to her losing a whole lot of blood but it makes no sense at all cause I know Kara wouldn’t…”I said stopping mid-way as I remembered Professor Wyatt.
    “What if…No!It’s not possible”I said shoving the thoughts off.
    “Wow”he exclaimed with surprise.
    “Yeah that’s what I said too”
    “Come!Stop crying”he said wiping the tears off my eyes with his handkerchief.
    “Where were you last night anyway?Your parents were trying to reach you but you weren’t picking up.Tell me,what happened Trish?They were so worried about you,you know?”
    “Uh,I had my phone put on silent mode cause I was reading”I swallowed hard turning my face away.
    I really wish I could tell him about yesterday but I just can’t.I can’t risk losing him or anyoneelse again.
    “Are you sure?”he asked with disbelief.
    “Yeah”I said again.
    “I could see the way he looked at me now”
    “Have you eaten anything?Are you hungry?”I said feigning a faint smile on my lips.
    “No I’m not”
    “Why?You don’t actually think I killed my roomie,do you?”
    “No.I’ll never think such”
    “Thank you!”I heaved a sigh hugging him.At least I that felt really comfty now on hearing that.
    “But you won’t mind eating something,will you?I think Sophie and Daph went out to buy some stuffs.I bet they’ll be back soon”
    “Yeah.Just don’t stress yourself”
    “Hang on!I need to call Jo”I said getting up from his arms.
    “J-Jo where are you?”
    “Trish!My!What a lovely surprise darling.It’s good to hear…”
    “Yeah.Kare’s dead Jo”I said cutting in before she could voice out anything.
    “I said Kare’s dead”I repeated again.
    “Woof!Poor girl”she said from the other line catching me by surprise.
    May her soul live on anyway”she said hanging up immediately.
    “And that guys,was the last I heard from her.Heard she died of some plague years later.Well,I wasn’t interested.Besides,that’s the reward of living a wayward life”
    “Now back to my story!!!”
    “Well,what did she say Trish?”
    “She uh….”
    “My daughter!Where is my daughter?”a woman in her sixty’s ran towards us with a patchy worn-out outfit that seemed they were going to fall apart any minute.
    “Your daughter?Who is she and who are you ma’am?”I asked astonished.
    “I should be asking you.What did you do to my daughter?What did you do to her?”
    “You mean Kara?I-I did nothing ma believe me”I said with fright as I could hear my heart beating faster now.
    “How dare you!”she said slapping me real hard making my face go red.
    “I really did not see that coming.I guess Kare took that fierce attitude of hers from her mother.How delusional!”
    “I swear ma’am.Kara was my friend.I’ had nothing to do with her death.Believe me ma”I said trying to defend myself.
    “She’s right.In fact,she was the one that found your daughter and brought her here.So you should be thankful instead of harassing her in public.I could call the cops on you for that”he said furiously gnashing his teeth.
    “Phil it’s okay.She’s just an old woman”I said holding him back.
    “Kara?Why are you kids calling her that?Her name’s Carol.Where did that name come from?”she asked to our dismay.
    “Ma’am you see…”I said taking her by the hand as I had her sit down with me.I told her everything and everything the doctor said leaving no details out.
    “Wha…aaat?I can’t hide the mystery behind her daughter’s death.Someone has got to tell her someday.The poor woman nearly fainted on hearing that.I guess she never believed her daughter was capable of such incessant stuff.Gosh!”
    “You’re lying!I raised my daughter so well and I trust her so much.She’s nothing like this”she shot back at me jerking up from the sit.
    “I’m sorry but that’s all I can tell you”
    “Where is she?I say where is she?”she said shouting on top of her voice.
    “Calm down madam.I’m afraid you’ll have to come with us”A nurse spoke up from behind us holding her gently.
    “Where is my daughter nurse?I demand to see her right this instant”she spoke with authority.
    “Just calm down.Come with us”she said leading her out.
    “Woo!That was one hell of a wacky drama”I said catching my breath again.
    “You guys okay?”Daphne and Sophie called out from behind with Chris following them.
    “Christian?!What are you doing here?”
    “I guess Phil knew him too.Weird!”
    “Hah!Same thing as you man.It’s really nice seeing you.You too Trish”he smiled giving Phil a hug.
    “Well,that’s settled gentlemen.Let’s go ladies before Kare’s mum gags my throat out next”I laughed getting up from the chair.
    “Kare’s mum was here?”Daphne asked.
    “Yeah!Totally!You really should have seen her”
    “Hah!She was all like grrrrr…”Phil chuckled hard.
    “Oh shut up!Come one now guys.I’ll explain in the car”I said as the five of us went out the building.

    A month passed and yet,it still felt like Kara wasn’t dead.I’ve moved in with Soph along with my whole stuff.Not leaving anything behind.I wasn’t ready for any ghostly drama.It felt like a deserted area now and Lucas,hmm,I wonder what later happened to him.Not like I care anyway.It’s quite fortunate I didn’t end up pregnant for that dufus head.Yuk!
    “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la”I sang happily thinking all about Phillip.I bet you guys are wondering what transpired between James and I.I’ll tell ya.

    It was two weeks back…Well,look down!
    “Hi baby.Come to apologise?”
    “Apologise for what?”I said angrily.
    “Whoa!I was only kidding.Come on in”He said with a charming smile but that totally went unnoticed.I wasn’t after that.
    “So uh,I came to tell you something”
    “That can wait baby.Come here!I missed you”he said trying to kiss me.
    “J-James!Stop it”
    “C’mon!We haven’t done this for quite sometime now and I’m starting to get really hard inside”he said taking his hands up my laps slowly.
    “He almost got me there.But no Trish!This has got to stop”I yelled in my mind.
    “I said…leave me alone!”I yelled furiously slapping his hands away.
    It’s over James,so whatever stupid games you’re trying to have me play with you,won’t work,you get me?Cause I don’t love you and I never did”I said boldly not minding if those words hurt him.
    “Haha!Oh,I get it!Phil sent you here,didn’t he?Or let me guess,De-,what’s his name again honey?”he said mockingly and I guess that did it.
    “Leave them out of this.How dumb of you think that”
    “Ooo,so you do love them both?Uh!I see!”
    “I don’t have time for garbage dumps like you.Now if you’ll excuse me,I need to go”
    “Ohh,no you don’t”he said in the most scary way I’ve ever heard gripping me so hard with his manly strength.
    “Let me go James!You’re hurting me”I cried bitterly.
    “What happenned to you acting tough huh?You haven’t seen anything Belinda”he said slapping me as he pushed me so hard making me fall on my sides”
    Foolish girl!You were always so dumb.Now you’ll have to pay for that…In death!”he chuckled maniacally taking his pants off.
    “Please God!Save me!”I prayed out.
    James stop.Stop it!J-James!”I cried trying to shove him off me but to no avail as he was way too strong.
    “God can’t save you Tricia cause you’ve got no place in heaven”he said as he got hold of my upper clothing and ripped it open carelssly making the buttons fall off.
    I could see the lust in his eyes now as he gnawed on my underwear wear with his teeth as he chuckled devilishly.
    “Oh!What a monster.I never should have given a deaf hear to Daph”
    The atmosphere was nothing to write about too.I was starting to feel weak inside when suddenly,my eyes miraculously trailed itself to the tiny glass vase with no flowers that hung at the side of the bed.So I wiggled my left hand a little from his hold as the other one was left pinned down.I guess he didn’t notice.I succeded in getting hold of it and with every ounce of strength I had,smashed it on his head making him groan in pains as I loosened from his grips grabbing hold of whatever pieces were left.I made for the door as I ran out hurriedly for fear of him catching up with me and that guys,was how I escaped death’s butchering abode.End of story!Now where were we children?LOL!Kidding!

    “Girl,you look dashing.The outfit totally brings out your eyes”Sophie said to me admiring the hot yellow slender top I had on.
    “Thanks Soph.I won’t be back till…well,never”I said jokingly turning the door knob.
    “You wouldn’t dare”she chuckled slightly.”
    Where are you off to anyway?Boyfy’s house?”she teased taking up her pink teddybear as she kissed it naughtily.
    “Ooo,that’s gross.Stop it,will you?”I blushed hard.
    “Haha!I bet you’re blushing already.Mhm-mm!”
    “Heh!Tell me about it.I’ll see you later”
    “Al….right”she rung out.
    Have fun B”
    “You know it”I giggled softly closing the door behind.
    Β  Haha!Don’t mind her guys.Phil and I aren’t dating.Well,at leasr not yet.You’ll get to understand later.Don’t wanna ruin the rest of the story for us.Wink!”

    “Hi honey!Care to let me in?”
    “Why not?What’s mine is yours”he said as we both laughed.
    “Hhh!It felt so right being with him”
    “What’s for lunch?I’m quite starved”I said as I headed towards the kitchen.
    “Hmm,I haven’t cooked yet”
    “You got to be kidding me”I said with exhaustment.
    “Nope!You’re way too fat.Go do some work outs first”he chuckled dragging me back.
    “Oh,shut up!You’re too arrogant”
    “You didn’t just say that”he laughed hard lifting me up.
    “Ah!Put me down Phil”
    “Arrrgh!You’re so annoying”I teased as he dropped me.
    Now my hair is all ruffled up because of you.Hmmph!”I said punching him playfully.
    “You’re pretty Trish”he said not letting go off me.
    “Uh,thanks…I guess!”I blushed inside.
    “I mean it!Look Trish,there’s something I’ve always wanted to tell you”
    “Shh!Hold it”I said locking my lips on his.
    “Gosh!I’ve always wanted to do that and it felt really goooood”
    “Hmm,what’s wrong?”
    “This is Trish.We can’t do this”he said taking his lips away to my dismay.
    “C’mon!It won’t hurt”
    “I Just can’t.I don’t want to hurt you”he said backing me.
    “Just do it Phil.I want you to…Please”I pleaded bringing his lips down on mine hungrily and I guess,that’s when I felt what love really meant for the very first time.We made love.I mean real one and not just any kind.I’ve never felt anything like it and I definitely wished for him to be mine forever but I guess,fate does really have a way of coming in between.
    You’ll see!!!

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    “It’s being a while since Phil and I last talked after our last encounter.Seems he’s being avoiding me for some reasons and I don’t know why.I was starting to miss him.If only he knew that.Pfft!”I said as I laid sunk in thoughts.
    “Trish!Trish,you okay?You’ve been lost in there for a moment.What’s the matter?”Chelsea called out to me.
    “I-I’m fine Chels”I lied fixing my eyes on my food.
    “You really are a terrible liar Trish.Even a blind man can see that”she said teasing me.
    “No,really,I’m fine”I spoke out again.
    Mmm,you have got to try this Chels”I continued taking in my salad.
    “I know right?It does look pretty tasty from here”she said admiring the huge turkey laps and garnished jollof rice with salad toppings I had ordered for.
    “By the way,has Phil said anything yet?”
    “Phil?Mm,who’s Phil?”I asked absent minded munching hungrily into the turkey flesh.
    “I gotta say,my appetite was starting to rise above normal and I can’t figure out why.Three days ago,Sophie and I went out to grab lunch.We both ordered for coconut rice since it was the only thing on the menu but then she got tired of hers halfway,so I took it and finished hers off too before anyone could say Jack.Hah!You really should have seen her face that day”
    “Tri…!”she said dragging my name.
    “What!I don’t want to talk about it.I’ve had enough stress for one day and I just can’t wait to go home and get some sleep alright?
    “Uh-huh!So let’s finish this up fast”I said finishing off the left overs on my plate.
    “Again?”she said carving her eyebrows as if she had seen something.
    “Hmm,are you the napping police now?”I teased cleaning my mouth with the savet.
    “It’s just 10′ O’clock and we still have two more classes to go.You barely even paid attention in the last class.You were busy dozing off like someone who hasn’t slept for ages.Think I didn’t see you?”
    “She does have a point,you know?”
    “Ohh!Heh!Don’t mind that.I was reading all through”I lied.
    “Yeah,yeah.Sleeping beauty”she mocked sticking her tongue out in a funny way.
    Why,speak of the devil”she said turning her eyes around.
    “Look Trish!He’s coming towards here”
    “Hey Chels!You done reading that stuff?”
    “Phil”I sang joyfully inside of me
    “Yeah uh…”
    “What stuff?”I asked jealously fixing my eyes on the both of them.
    “That book Trish…He”
    “Yeah!Can I have it back now?I’m so running late for class”he said ignoring me.
    “Wow!I wonder what’s making him act this way towards me.I don’t remember doing anything wrong”
    “But we’ve got class together or have you forgotten?”I said cutting in.
    “I just wanted him to at least look at me.I missed him so much”
    “Trish has it Phil,right B?”
    “Huh!I do?”
    “Your bag”she whispered to me.
    “Great!Just great!”
    “Excuse me?”I muttered with surprise trying not to show the hurt I was feeling inside.
    “Just hand it over please!I don’t want any trouble”he shot back rudely.
    “Fine!Here!”I said throwing the book at him angrily.
    “Thanks!Bye Chels!”
    “Chels….Don’t!”I cut in roughly giving her an angry glare.
    “Can you believe this guy?So what am I now?A one night stand?How disgusting!”
    “You saw that,didn’t you?”I asked with a teary face.
    “I know!I know!Just don’t sit there girl.Go get your man!”she encouraged.
    “Uhhhh!I’ll be back”I said storming off with rage”
    I bet everyone in the cafeteria was looking now but I wasn’t after that.I’m so going to give him a piece of mind”
    “Phil!What was that all about?”I asked dragging him back before he could flag down a taxi.
    “Just leave me alone!I don’t want to talk”
    “Don’t you dare walk out on me young man.What’s gotten into you?You barely noticed me in there.Did I do something wrong?”
    “Yell all you want.That’s what you do anyway”he said wiggling off from my hold.
    “What!”I exclaimed with disbelief.
    “This Phil was different.Even his voice was hoarse now.What has come over him?!”
    “Yes!”he yelled back
    You were always such a liar Trish.I can’t believe I trusted you.Now if you’ll excuse me,I never want to see you again”he said walking out on me without looking back.
    “Haha!Such scenery”
    “James!I should have known!”
    “You monster!What the hell did you go out ranting about me?Haven’t you pestered my life anymore?What else do you want from me?”I yelled madly.
    “You mean your dazzling lover boy?Awe!You guys are at it now.Oh well,the view is muah”he chuckled maniacally placing his two fingers on his lips like some drunk French man.
    “I told you I won’t rest till I have you all to myself”he continued making for my cheeks.
    “Don’t touch me you son of a devil”I said taking my cheeks away.
    “Why,that’s the face I was looking for”he grinned revealing his dirty sets of teeth.And,for your question sweetheart,that’s for me to know and…well,for you to dot dot dot”he laughed devilishly motioning with his fingers.
    “James!What are you doing with that dimwit?She ain’t worth it man”I heard his friends say in a mocking way hurting me more.
    “Hang on!You’re friends with Jackson?I thought you were better”I spat out with disgust.
    “Oh look who’s judgey”he chuckled harder.
    “I hate you”I fidgeted spitting on his face as I made for the cafeteria.
    “Chels!Let’s go!”
    “But I’m not d…Ooo”
    “Just brng it with you.I can’t stay here anymore”
    “Alright alright.Gosh!What did he say B?”
    “He…Uh,nevermind”I said flagging down a taxi.
    I need to get out from here”
    “But class isn’t over yet”
    “Yeah.I don’t care!I’ll see you later okay?”
    “Whoa!You’re burning up so fast.You need to stop by a pharmacy first”
    “Yeah I will!Bye now”
    “Take care okay?Bye!”she said hugging me affectionately as I stepped into the car.

    “Another two weeks passed and still Phil hounded me.He ignored every texts and voicemails I left out for him.I didn’t let that get the best of me.The deed has already been done and he hates me now”I thought letting my tears flow.
    “Trish stop!Stop this!It isn’t healthy for your baby”
    “I know Soph!I know but I just can’t.Phil hates me!He really hates me!”I sobbed harder sinking into her arms.
    “Shh!He doesn’t.He’s just going through a lot right now and I know that deep down he still loves you.Just c’mon,stop crying!You’re hurting me”
    “What’d you want me to do?And gosh,I can’t face him with this.Not now he completely doesn’t want to see me”I said placing my hands on my belly.
    “You need to tell him.Of course,he’s responsible for this.You can’t hide the truth from him”
    “But what if he denies it Soph.I’m so scared”
    “Gosh!What have I done?”
    “He won’t!Just go see him alright?Please do!”
    “Hhh!Can we just skip to the part of getting rid of the foetus?The guy doesn’t even care”Katie spoke up.
    “He’s just a baby Katie!When are you going to stop calling him that?”Sophie shot back at her with an angry look .
    “Ohhh,I’m sorry.I should have brought a blue ribbon or something”
    “Can you guys just stop?You’re only making it worse”I sulked more.
    “Don’t listen to her okay?Just go see him.Trust me,I know he’ll want this baby more than anything.That guy loves you and he’ll not want to see you hurt”
    “Hmmph!Sounds easy for you to say.I’m out of here.I’ll see you later guys”Katie said walking out on us.
    “I will”I said sniffing the mucus in.
    “And here,eat something”she said dishing out the food she had prepared for me earlier.
    You haven’t eaten anything since yesterday eve and it’s getting to noon already
    I bet my little bun’s craving for food now”she said smiling.
    “Thanks so much.I can’t thank you enough”I said hugging her with delight.
    “Don’t mention it.What are friends for?”

    “Who’s there?”
    “Phil please…Open the door.I need to talk to you”
    “I don’t have anything to say to you”he shot back rudely.
    Just go Trish.Go!before I do something you won’t like”
    “You can’t be like this Phil.I know I’ve wronged you in so many ways and you have no idea how bad I feel inside Just let me in.Please Phillip!I’m sorry!”I cried bitterly not letting go of the door knob.
    “I said leave”
    “No Phil!I love you.I love you so much and I don’t blame you for believing whatever things James said to you.I regret my actions,believe me.I really do!Please don’t turn your back on me,not now I’m…”I paused for a while
    “You’re what?Speak up woman and don’t waste my time”
    “I-I’m with a child”I shook with fright looking down on my belly with pity.
    “What!”he said swinging the door open.
    What did you say?”
    “I’m pregnant Phil”
    “And why are you telling me this?”he bellowed hard.
    When you were going around opening those legs of yours for those dudes,I bet you didn’t see what was coming huh?”he barked with rage.
    “Dudes?”I gasped with shock looking up at him.
    “What lies have James been telling you?”
    “You’re the one lieung here!Now get out before I throw you out myself”he fumed with rage in his eyes.
    “What!You don’t mean that,do you?”I shook with terror.
    “I do!Now get out!I can’t believe you were really this cheap.You disgust me”
    “How dare you!”I said slapping him with all my might.
    You know what,forget it!I didn’t come here to ask you to accept me or this baby in here”I said angrily pointing down on my belly.
    I’ll raise him to be a better man and he’ll grow up learning what a terrible father you turned out to be.Goodbye Mac-Kenny!”I said running out with my face covered up in tears.
    “Trish!Wait!Don’t go Trish”he called running after me

    “Well,well,well!What do we have here?”
    “Leave me alone you three!”I thundered hard wiping my tears off.
    “Ooo!We haven’t even touched you yet sizzy”they chuckled hard making jest of me.
    “Boss we found her!”
    “Hello darling!You look miserable!”
    “Ohhh!That devil!”
    “Let go off me.Haven’t you had your fun yet?You deliberately ruined Phil and I’s friendship.What else do you want from me?”
    “Oh you haven’t seen ruining yet my amor”he laughed devilishly coming towards me.
    But first,I need to take out this little beast in you”he said aiming for my tummy.
    You think we haven’t heard?It’s all over on campus baby girl.I wonder what papa’s gonna say when he finds out his precious little darling is nothing but a s--t”he laughed hard kicking me with full force.
    “Guys!You know what to do”he said giving them a sign.
    “You monster!Stop it!You’re hurting me”I cried in pains as I laid helplessly.
    “Trish!Where are you Trish?”
    “Ah!My dear Phil.Come to watch us loverboy?I trust you won’t mind”
    “Trish!”he said moving towards me.
    What did you do to her,you bastard?”
    “Well,nothing!Take him guys”he grinned mischievously.
    “James!No!Please…Please don’t hurt him”I cried endlessly trying to get up but to no avail.
    “You guys don’t ever stop,do you?”
    “It’s only the beginning.And my,it’s four against one.Too bad we’ll have to dismantle that pretty face of yours,pretty girlie”the teased at him.
    “Rot in hell!!!”he said raging towards them
    “Phil!”I screamed with terror but I couldn’t move as I saw myself falling off endlessly in a deep endless deep dark pit.
    “And..that’s all I remember”
    The story has just begunβš”βš”βš”

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    “Mommy!Mommy!Mommy please help us!Help us mommy!We’re alone”I heard the screaming of little children though I didn’t know where it came from but it felt like they were in grave danger and I just couldn’t stand there and do nothing.I have to help them!I have to!”
    “Hang on!I’m coming you guys!”I said panting heavily as I ran through the dark narrow path.
    “Trish!”a voice spoke out gripping me.
    “I couldn’t see his face but his grip was so strong and I couldn’t go any further”
    “Trish!Trish!Wake up!”
    “Hhh!Am I in hell?”I groaned in pains swinging my eyes open as I caught glimpse of Phil whose hands were on me.
    “No silly!You’re in the hospital.Gosh!You scared us back there”Sophie said hugging me tight.
    “Soph!Ph-Phil!H-how long have I being here?”I said jerking up weakly.
    “Just take it easy.The doctor said you needn’t stress yourself muxh”
    “Take it easy?!”I asked confused.
    What happened to me and why the hell do I have this on me?”I asked peering down on the drip that were attached to my wrist.
    Oh gosh!Phil!Phil are you alright?”I said panic-stricken as memories of the other day came crowding my mind in bits.
    My child…Yes!My child!I-is he…”I said with fright.
    “Yes!Our child is perfectly fine Trish”he smiled caressing my hands softly.
    “At least hearing that word “our” felt relieving”
    “Thank God”I said heaving a sigh of relief as I laid back down.
    “Well,what about James?Is he d-dead?”
    “Oh!You mean that riff raff?”Soph cut in angrily.
    “You needn’t worry about him.He’s where he won’t bother you guys anymore”
    “How’d you mean?”
    “Well,my dad had him and his gangs run over the minute Phil informed me of what took place.Good thing Phil was there.You’d have probably being dead by now”she said caressing my hair.
    “So you mean they’ve been locked up?”I asked with surprise.
    “Yup!So shh!Enough talking now.You don’t want to get my little bun all worked up in there.He’s had enough stress for one day”she teased adjusting the pillow for me.
    And don’t you dare do that again!Gosh!You scared the hell out of me.I thought I’d lost you”she said hugging me again.
    “You got Phil worried too,right douche bag?”she teased poking him.
    “Uh-huh!I’m sorry Trish.I’m really sorry for everything.I never should have pushed you away like that.You don’t know how much I missed you those times”he said hugging me gently.
    “Aww,I missed you too and I’m sorry either.I never should have kept the truth from you.It’s all my fault”
    “No it isn’t.I’m just glad you’re okay now”
    I’ll leave you two lovebirds now.Oopsie!”She giggled giving me a call me sign as she went outside.
    “Ohhh!”we both laughed entangling from each other.
    “I love you Phil”
    “I love you too Trish”he said happily kissing me on my lips.
    “I won’t say I didn’t miss that.Well,that certainly went well,didn’t it?”
    “Trish,you sure you’re gonna be okay with us leaving you all alone?I’m starting to get worried already.What if something happens while we’re gone?”
    “Oh nothing will!You do worry yourself so much Soph.Look,I’m perfectly fine”I said placing my hands on my belly that was a little big now.
    “She’s right sis!You worry so much”Daph spoke out folding up the remaining clothes into her bag.
    “But seriously Trish,you can’t be all alone on christmas.What’d you think mum and dad will say if they find out you’re not coming home?Don’t you think it’ll look suspicious?And why haven’t you told them yet?It’s being three months now”she continued putting her hands akimbo.
    “Ohh,don’t look at me like that.I’m just waiting for the right time to come”
    “The right time?Soph can you hear her?”
    “Hh!Look Trish,you can’t hide it from them anymore.They’re your parents for crying out loud.You really need to tell them before someone else does”
    “Oh what do you want me to say then?Hmm,let’s see….Hi mum!Hi dad!Phil got me pregnant and now I’ve got three little mini Mac-Kennys crawling inside of me.Seriously?”
    “Tell me about it!”Daph grinned.
    The guy really tried.Three at once.What a goal!”she teased flaring her hands in the air.
    “Oh,do shut up Daph.The babies are hearing”Soph cut in turning back to me.
    We just want the best for you Trish.Just tell them okay?You can’t hide it forever hon”
    “Ohh,fine!I will.Trust me!”I smiled faintly.
    “Good!That’s what I want to hear”
    D!you done packing?I bet dad’s outside already.We don’t wanna keep him waiting”she said in some kind hottie telenovela accent.
    “Yeah!”she said zipping her box.
    “We out then!Take care B”they said hugging me.
    “Oww!You guys are squeezing me.I can hardly breathe”I said jokingly trying to wiggle free.
    “Haha!We do hate we won’t be able to see you till next week.Are you sure you’ll be alright?”
    “Oh you guys!It’s only for a week.I’m not going anywhere,you know?”
    “Yeah yeah!We’ll see you soon then”they said dragging their luggages behind.
    “Yeah!I love you guys”
    “Byeeee”they waved back shutting the door behind them.
    “Ooof!So you guys are awake.How sweet!”I said feeling my belly gently.
    “Daddy’s calling”I said excitedly taking up my phone from the cane rack”
    “Hey honey.What’s the occasion?”
    “Mmm,let me see!There!There’s you!There’s my babies and hmm,what else am I leaving out?”
    “You?!”I chuckled softly.
    “Ah-hah!Yes!The top dog!”
    “Oh shut up.You’re so arrogant”I chuckled again.
    Where are you anyway?You’re still with grams?”
    “Nope.Try again!”
    “Hold on!You’re back already?I thought you won’t be coming back till next week?”
    “Hah!And miss my chance of being with you?No way!”
    “Ooo goody”I said blushing hard.
    You should see me now.I popped this week”I laughed.
    “If only dad will laugh over that too”
    “I see!Put on an Elfie hat then and head down to the North Pole.I bet santa’s waiting for you there”he teased.
    “Ohh shut up!At least you’re not the one carrying three hefty babies inside of you”
    “Awe!Tell me about it!”
    “Hang on.Are you..”
    “Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!Merry Christmas Mrs Clause”he rang out swinging the door wide open.
    “Phil!”I exclaimed with amazement
    OMG!How did you?”
    “It’s a Christmas miracle”he smirked pulling me into in his arms
    I missed you and my,what do we have here?”he said lowering his face down to my belly.
    “Oh stop!That tickles”I giggled.
    “Shh!I can hear them”
    “Well,what did they say?”I asked with interest.
    “They said daddy’s so handsome and mommy’s all puffier now”
    “Awe!Not fair”I said pretending to be jealous.
    “Oh you!Mmm”he said kissing me deeply.
    “Gosh!I so missed this”I said kissing him right back.
    Hmm!I wonder what’s in there”I said taking a peek in the grocery bag he had in his hands.
    “Oh this?Here!Take a look”he said handing it right out.
    And also this”
    “Burgers!Yay!Gimme gimme!”I yelled excitedly snatching the burgers from him.
    Mmmm!I love you”I said with enthusiasm taking the burger out of it’s wrapper carefully.
    “Mhm-mm!I love you too”
    “Huh!I wasn’t talking to you genius”I said giving him a smirky face.
    “Ouch!You didn’t!”
    “Heh!Just kidding.I love you more”I said letting go of the burger as I hung my arms around him.
    “Ooo”I coughed out.
    “They just kicked”
    “Mmh-mm!Ooo,now there’s baby B!Ooo!…and baby C”I said teasingly running my hands on my belly.
    “Really?You can tell them apart?”
    “Uh-huh!I’m their mother.Come!Feel them”I said placing his hands on my bare belly.
    “Whoaa!We’ve got ninjas in there”
    “Uh-uh!I hope they’re not as arrogant as you too”
    “Oh I do wish that”He said pinching my cheeks.
    “Trish!Your phone”
    “Oh!Shh!”I signalled to him seeing mum’s name pop up.
    “Hey mum.What’s kicking?”I said trying to act normal.
    “What’s kicking is that I’m missing my baby.Is anything happening over there baby?Why don’t you want to come home for Christmas?Are you sick?”
    “Uh,no mum”I said nervously.
    I just have some projects to tend to”
    “Hmm,that’s it?Just come home baby.We’re missing you.Or do you want us to come pick you up?”
    “N-No!That won’t be necessary.I’ll be fine okay?”I said trying to hold back my tears.
    “You sure?”
    “Yeah!I promise.I need to go now mum.I love you very much”I said hurriedly.
    “I love you most baby.Come home soon alright?”
    “Sure!Bye now”
    “Woo!Trish we can’t hide this anymore”Phil spoke up taking my hands.
    “I know b…”
    “You’re scared it’ll break her heart.I never should have gotten you into this mess in the first place”he said turning his face away.
    “Don’t say that.I’m really happy that’ve got you and these babies here.If you want to blame anyone,blame me.I love you Phil and I’m ready to face anything with you.You just have to convince me that you are too”
    “Believe me,I am!I can’t let you off just like that.You mean so much to me”he said kissing me softly.
    “I love you very much”
    “I love you too.We’ll go see them tomorrow alright?”
    “Sure we will but for now i need to sleep and you need to rest too.Are you hungry?”
    “Not yet!I just want to watch you sleep”
    “Alright Superman”I said placing my head on his chest as I dozed off before anyone could say Jack.
    “Whoo!I’m never getting this feelings off me”

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    “Babe!”I called out to Phillip as we stepped out of the car.
    Hey!Keep the change man”he said to the driver as he drove off.
    “You sure grandma’s gonna be okay with me spending the night over here?”I asked with anxiety written all over my face.
    I mean,look at this.She’s definitely gonna ask”I said nervously rubbing my hands on my belly.
    “C’mon,grams won’t fret about it much.We just have to tell her everything”
    “Urrgh!We should have just stayed back at school.This was totally a bad idea”
    “Oh don’t be like that hon.I’ve got you all right?”he smiled holding me firmly so I wouldn’t lose balance.
    “Ohh stop!Just because I’m all preggy here,mean you have to hold me.I’m definitely not going to fall”I said laughing as I clung to my bag.
    “Stop being so grumpy you.Here,give me that.It’s totes heavy”he said taking my luggage from me.
    “See!Now who’s grumpy”I teased squeezing my face as we rang the door bell.
    “Who is there?”I heard Mrs Hennia call from inside.
    “Phillip!”she said jerking the wooden door open.
    “Ohhh my grand son.I’ve missed you so much”she said hugging him with delight.
    “Oh grandma,it’s only being few days,you know?”
    “I know but it’s being a little lonely here.And my,who do we have here?”she exclaimed rolling her eyes all over me.
    “Phil?”she called again arching her brows in a what-did-you-do kind of way.
    “Goodevening Grandma Hennia”I greeted politely cornering my lips to an angle.
    “Uh,evening child.Why,come on in you two.It’s quite cozy out there”she laughed slightly shutting the door behind.
    “Hmm,grams where’s nanny Vanelle?”
    “She isn’t back yet son”she said pouring us some hot coffee into a small white mug.
    “Ahem,grams!”Phil coughed as he sat up.
    I’d like to discuss something crucial with you”
    “You don’t need to tell me son.I’m not blind”she smiled glancing at me a little.
    “Oh-oh!We’re so in!”
    “You do?”
    “Yeah!So,I reckon you two get some rest.I trust you must be tired”
    “Uh,sure”we both replied sipping our coffee silently as we watched her leave.
    So um,to cut the long story short guys,Mrs Hennia got to hear us both though I could see the disdain in her face but what can the poor woman do anyway?There’s no turning back now…Sigh!

    “Trish?Ahem!I mean ma’am”Josie uttered with surprise seeing me on the front porch.
    “It doesn’t matter”I cut in sharply stepping inside alongside Phil and his grams.
    Is mum home?”I spoke out gathering up courage.
    I could see her eyeballs diverted on my belly now.
    “Gosh!Why can’t everyone stop staring?It’s not like I’ve got demon spawns swimming inside of me”I bickered inside.
    “Baby,is that you?”my mum called out from the dinning room.
    “H-hi mum”
    “Phil?Mrs Hennia?”she stared amazed.
    Oh,Mrs Hennia!How nice of you to come”she said happily hugging Phil’s grams.
    “And oh gosh,my ba….”she paused peering down on my belly.
    “M-mum!”I shivered intensely.
    What?!Wh-what in the world…”
    “Calm down child”Mrs Hennia spoke out reaching out for her.
    “Calm down?I can’t calm down Mrs Hennia not when my daughter’s standing right in front of me in this state”she yelled furiously.
    “Honey,I’m home!”My dad sang out happily stepping in.
    “Trish?Phillip?Mrs Hennia?”
    “D-daddy?”I said with tears flowing down my face.
    “D-daddy!I’m sorry.I’m so sorry daddy”
    “Sorry?Honey what’s going on in here cause clearly I’m confused and Trish what’ you doing here?I thought you said you got some stuffs to cover up at school?”he asked confused.
    And what are you guys talking about and why are you all here?Did something happen?”he said handing out his briefcase to Josie.
    “Yes Silas!Can’t you see?”my mum said shoving her hair backwards.
    “Belinda!!!”he barked furiously glaring at me.
    “God!I can’t take it anymore…Not with dad’s eyes like this”I muttered under my breath with my whole body shaking like a leaf.
    “D-daddy…Daddy!I’m so sorry.I’m really sorry daddy”
    “How dare you talk back,young lady”he shot back flaring a hot slap on my face.
    “I bet that slap can boil a drum full of water..Ohhh!Such defiance!”
    “Slias!”Mrs Hennia gasped moving towards me.
    “Silas please!She’s still our daughter”my mum defended coming right in front of me before my dad could do anythingelse.
    “Our daughter?Our daughter you say!
    Phil!”he barked turning towards Phil.
    You two are always together.How could you let this happen huh?”
    “I’m really sorry sir.I never meant for this to happen.I never did sir”
    “You animal!!!”my dad cursed raging towards Phil with a hard punch.
    “Dad no!Please daddy.Let him go”
    “Shut the hell up!”he bellowed hard pushing me roughly.
    You know what,before I come back here,let it be you’ve gotten the rest of your things upstairs all packed up.I never want to see you around my house again.You hear me?”he spoke harshly.
    “No daddy!No!You can’t do this to me.I’m your daughter”I sobbed endlessly clutching onto his arms.
    “Mother!Mother please!Please mum!Beg him!I have nowhere to go”
    “Silas no!You can’t do this to her.Just hear us out please”Mrs Hennia begged endlessly.
    “I already have.What will the press say when they learn about this?Huh?What’ll become of me?I bet you never thought of that when you gave yourself cheaply to this wretched fool?”he spat out rolling his eyes on Phillip with detest.
    “D-dad!”I gasped out holding him.
    “Don’t touch me!”he yelled pushing me violently.
    “You’re no daughter of mine”he continued.
    I raised my daughter so well and I know if it were to be her,she wouldn’t dare drag the family’s name to the mud in this manner”he spoke with disgust as he gnashed his teeth.
    “Oh no!My baby”my mum yelled out rushing towards me.
    Honey please,please!That’s enough…Please!She’s still our daughter.Please don’t do this”my mum cried endlessly as she had her arms wrapped around me.
    “Mum…Mum!I’m so sorry I failed you”I cried in her arms.
    D-dad please forgive me.Please daddy”
    “Forgive you?God Belinda!”
    You guys wanna talk?Huh?Go on then.Speak up I say!”he thundered in top of his voice slumping down to the sofa.
    “Jeez!What has come over dad?”

    Mrs Hennia came towards him and with her two senile-knuckled knees on our tiled floor,begged on our behalf for him to accept my fate.It was such a nightmare seeing all that happened but dad didn’t say a word but to my surprise,he spoke up.
    “I’ve heard everything Mrs Hennia.I don’t want to disrespect you cause you’ve never been unkind to us.So,in respect of that,you’ll keep this child Tricia”he said turning towards Phil and I.
    “A-are you s-serious dad?”I swallowed hard as I sat right next to him still trembling.
    “Y-yes!The deed has already been done.We can’t change the past.But know this Mac-Kenny,you’re never to be seen around my daughter or this child ever again.You understand?”
    “Yes sir!”Phillip answered getting up on his feet with his head bowed down.
    “D-dad..No daddy.You can’t do that.I love Phillip.Please daddy!”
    “That’s final!”he said furiously getting up on his feet.
    Now go!Go,before I change my mind and hand you over to the cops”
    “Daddy no!You can’t do this to me”I cried non-stop.
    “M-mum..Please!Beg dad.I know he listens to you”
    “Rayla!Take her upstairs.You’re never going back to that school of yours”
    Josie,do see our visitors out.They’ve overstayed their welcome”
    “Yes sir”
    “Phillip!Mum…!”I cried seeking for a change of heart but all fell on deaf ears as dad forbade me from ever seeing him again.

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    “Hum..Hum…Hum”I hummed in a sorrowful tune as I laid on the grass in our backyard looking up to the sky like someone in search of redemption.If there’ll ever be one for me.

    It seemed it was going to rain but it didn’t matter though.I just wanted to be here.At least,it reminded me of the one I once loved but now,he’s history.It’s being five months since I last heard from him.Of course,I’d have gone in search of him if not for the body guards that dad assigned to watch over me.I was a prisoner in my own home and it felt worse knowing that.
    “Poor guy!Things wouldn’t have been this way if I hadn’t met him in that hallway”I sobbed letting my tears flow this time.
    “Trish,you’re doing it again”Derek called out to me reaching out for my hands.
    “I’m not”I smiled faintly wiping my tears off.
    “Heh!You can’t lie to me,you know?C’mere!”he spoke softly pulling me into his arms.
    “I’m sorry!I-I can’t help it.I can’t help it,you know?It’s all my fault”I sobbed with pains lingering in my heart.
    “Ohh stop it.You’re stressing yourself and I hate to see you like this”he said caressing me.
    “What do you want me to do?”
    “I just want you to be fine and be strong for your babies too.Look at me,I know wherever Phil is,he wouldn’t want you being like this.You know,going about crying all day and night,hammering yourself.You’re stronger than this Tricia.C’mon wipe those tears and come eat.I prepared something for you”he said jerking me up.
    “You did?You really shouldn’t have bothered about that.I’m not even hungry”
    “Ohh c’mon!Don’t be such a tease.You’ve not had anything since morn and it’s already noon”
    “But you really shouldn…”
    “Shh!Come on now before it gets cold.And perhaps later,we can go order for some lasagnas.I bet you love those,don’t you?”he grinned making me laugh.
    “There!That’s the face I’ve been looking for..Up, up now!”
    “Haha!Well alright”I stood up staggering backwards a little.
    “Woo!Easy there…I got you”he said holding me firm.
    “Ohh!Heh!Thanks”I said letting go of him.
    “Get…your…paws…off…her!NOW!”a voice called out rather hoarse making me shiver.
    “P-Phil!Phillip,h-how did you…W-what are you doing here?You shouldn’t be here Phillip.Dad’s gonna kill you”I said with terror.
    “I don’t care Tricia.I don’t!I once had you but then I lost you.I can’t live like this Trish.Just come with me my love.We can have our own perfect little family…You and I together with our kids.Just please Tricia.I want you back with me.Life without you is meaningless and I’m not ready to go on with such pains.Not anymore!”he said looking all sober.
    “Tricia don’t listen to him.Look man,you need to back out or else…”Derek shot back dragging me back.
    “Or else what?”
    “Or else…”he said coming closer.
    “Stop you two”I said getting in between them.
    “You heard the lady!”
    “Let’s go Trish.I’m sorry but I can’t lose you…Not now!Not ever!”he uttered making me cry.
    “Ow Phil,you’re hurting me”
    “I said let her go,you punk”Derek yelled with fury pouncing right on him as they began throwing punches at each other ferociously.
    “You two..Stop!Stop it!Phillip….Derek please stop.Stop Derek….”I screamed with terror moving towards them.
    Ahh!I moaned in pains as I felt a sharp pain cut across my abdomen making me fall to the ground.
    Ah..Ahhhh…Ph-Phillip!Arr…rrrrrrh!Phillip!”I yelled again catching sight of the blood stain that’d covered the gown I had on.
    “De…rek!Derek!!!!”I screamed much louder.
    “Trish?Trish!Oh no no Trish”Derek said moving closer to me as he carried me up hurriedly towards the car.
    “Don’t you come any closer.You’ve done enough”he shot back at Phil as he placed me in front of the car lowering the seat so it won’t be inconveniencing.
    “D-Derek!”I said panting heavily.
    “Shh-shh!Just breathe.Breathe all right?I’m here…”
    “Trish!D-Derek what’s wrong with Trish?”
    “There’s no time to explain Josette.Just call mum and dad and tell them we’re headed to Marinade hospital”he commanded immediately tossing his other phone at her as he got in beside me.
    “Stay with me Trish.You’ll be okay”he assured as he drove off swiftly.

    Everything seemed to be fading out rapidly as I saw myself on the brinks of death.I closed my eyes slowly feeling my strength drain out of me little by little…hearing the constant wailings of those little children ringing in my ears repeatedly from whence I knew nothing about.It was one hell of a nightmare and I wished to wake right up from it….If there’ll ever be another chance for me….

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    “J-James…James!Please!D-don’t do this.Don’t do this J-James”I pleaded endlessly as I watched James pull the trigger heartlessly.
    “Goodbye Tricia!!!”
    “Noooooooooo…..!!!”I screamed so loud jerking up with full force from where I laid.
    I rolled my eyes around catching glimpse of my mum and Derek as they laid in wait for me with anxiety and tiredness written all over their face.The room had white cottons hovering on all corners with blue paints all around it and the bed which wore a clean white bedspread on,looked quite comfy and the strong scent of disinfectant which welcomed me back from the land of the dead almost got me puking but that wasn’t what I was concerned about.
    “B-baby?Gosh!My baby!I was so worried I’d lost you…Doctor!Doctor!”she yelled joyfully at the sight of me waking up.
    “Doctor?”I asked surprised as my heart skipped a bit.
    M-mum!W-what am I doing here mommy?”I asked frightened looking down on my belly which looked a little normal now.
    “M-mum my babies!My babies…W-where are they mum?I need to see them.Mum!”I said sorrowfully.
    “Calm down Trish”Derek said moving towards me with sadness written all over him.
    “M-mum w-what’s happening?”I asked terrified as I saw tears drop from her eyes.
    Wh-where are they mummy?I need to carry them.Please mummy!”
    “Shh-shh come here baby”she said holding me firm”
    “M-mum!I-I-it can’t be.It can’t be mummy.I heard them crying.I heard them call out to me.Please mummy,just give ’em to me.Let me at least hold them…De..rek!!”
    “Noooo!”I screamed in agony.
    “T-Trish!You’re gonna be okay”Derek said making towards me.
    “Noo!Don’t touch me.I need my kids.No,they can’t be.No!Doctor!!!”I yelled making to get up.
    “Baby calm down.You’re hurting yourself”
    “Arrrrr mum!Mum please just give me my babies.Please mummy!They can’t be all de…No mummy!Just this once”I sobbed in here arms realizing what had just happened.
    “You’re gonna be okay…You’re gonna be okay my love.Everything’s gonna be okay”my mum said sobbing too as she held me close to her bosom.
    “Ah-a-ah!!!!”I screamed in pains as I placed my hands on my chest falling backwards.
    “B-baby,b-baby what’s wrong?”
    “T-Trish…Tricia!!!”Derek yelled holding me.
    N-no Tricia!Stay with me”
    “Doctor!Doctor!”my mum screamed with terror as she ran out the room.
    “Doctor please!Please save my baby.Save her please!She’s all I have”I heard my mum sob uncontrollably as my heart began failing drastically.
    “She’s crashing fast…Her blood pressure is going down fast too…This is our last chance”I heard the doctor say as the constant beeping noise echoed in my ears and I felt something placed on me as I slipped into the world beyond….

    “It’s good to be back”I smiled to myself as I stepped into my room at Campbell.

    I can’t believe I survived that night.It was indeed one hell of a miracle and as fate will have it,I’m back to where it all began…Getting rid of every memory and feelings I once had and convincing dad that I wasn’t going to let anything get in my way this time wasn’t that easy at all but as God will have it,he finally got a change of heart and with his presidential hands,worked his way up the zip line so Campbell got me back again and now guys,you’re looking at…THE FUTURE BARRISTER TRICIA!

    “Woo!Boo yeah baby!!!”I exclaiimed with joy tossing my luggage on my bed.
    “Trish?”Sophie and her sis exclaimed from behind.
    “Ohh my baby.We really missed you”they squealed joyfully as they rushed towards me embracing me tight.
    “Ohh,you guys”I giggled softly as the scent of their hair gel got enclosed in my nose.
    Mmm…I missed you too guys”I said wrapping my arms around them.
    “B-but,h-how are you here right now?We heard everything that happened?”Daphne asked with interest rolling her eyes on me.
    “Heh!I guess God doesn’t want me dead yet”I laughed slightly rubbing my hands.
    “Oh you!Gosh!You’re indeed a survivor”Sophie chuckled with delight hugging me again.
    “Guess,they really missed me so much!”
    “Trish!I saw you walk in”Chels called out stepping in happily.
    “Oh my gooseberries!Bestie!”she yelled with excitement rushing towards me as she quickly shoved me in her arms wrapping me warmly.
    I missed you so much B.Gosh!You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do this.Gosh!”
    Hang on!”she said pushing me back.
    Are you okay?Is she okay D?”she asked hurriedly not taking her eyes off me too.
    “Hah!Chels,I’m right here,you know?”I giggled softly.
    “I know,but I just wanna make sure you’re perfectly well.Oh gosh!You should be sitting not standing.How did you guys let her?”she continued ushering me to my bed.
    “Ohh Chelsea!We just got in now”Soph chirped in.
    “Ohhh you guys!Quit it now.I’m perfectly fine…Seeee!!”I sang out turning around majestically.
    “And look,guess who got her shape back”
    “You baby!”they said happily hugging me altogether.
    “That’s right girls!”
    “This calls for celebration”Daphne said taking out the wine she had in her bag.
    Not cold but uhh,who cares?Let’s just pop it,shall we?”she screamed with delight making it pop loud.
    “Whoo!Go girlie!”they all yelled as each took a glass out filling their glass up.
    “Ohh you girls!I love you guys”
    “We love you too babe!”

    Just when I thought everything was gonna be just fine for me,but like they always say,you can’t tell what happens in the future till it actually does…You’re looking at the new Tricia Parker AKA Lyndiana Parks!!!

    Time went by swiftly and days turned into weeks and weeks into months and so did I.I turned into someone much worse than my original self and the demon in me was starting to show itself with each day that got by.I grew and changed rapidly with every inch of my body getting enhanced in whatever way it could.My B&B had grown twice it’s size making me look way bigger than twenty-one and this made every dude on campus hover around me like swarming bees in search of sweet tasty honey.Mh-mm!I was in my final year now and I was the Mrs Hottie of our faculty and also in the whole of campus if I’m not mistaken cause I’ve gotten beyond popular now since literally,I was the president’s only daughter.Ever since my dad won that doofus presidency,he began slacking on his duty as a father along with my mother.It didn’t matter though cause that gave me much time to carry out my mischief.I was worst than Kara now and my,my,I bet wherever she is,in hell or whichever place,she’ll be like;
    “Dammit girl!I knew you had it in ya”
    Even the devil himself won’t mind uttering that.So you see darlings,with just a wave of my finger,I could get any guy I want,whether he obliges or not and he dares not go against my wish or he’ll live to regret it cause no one goes against this girl and lives…Haha!Welcome to my universe!

    “Wes…Yo Wesley!Wait up!Where you off to so fast sweet pea?”
    “Hhh,what now Lynn?I’m almost late for class”
    “Yeah yeah!Ain’t my biz.You got it?!”I whispered lowly so no one will hear us.
    “Yeah..Here!”he whispered shoving the transparent nylon into my red handbag.

    Oops!I forgot!Ever since things went wonky in my life and Phil dropped off the face of the earth mysteriously,I took to drugs.Let’s say,I got stoned every minute…You know,smoking pot every day and night frustratedly and getting high in the process..Nonstop!And alongside shoving some really hard-on shits and memories off me to look much alive!Humph!So voila chica,this is my life now and there’s no turning back.

    “That’s right baby.I’ll see you in class”I said kissing him like a demon spawn that I was.
    “Hhh!That must be Miss Preachy coming to talk to me all again.When will she ever stop hoping for my redemption?”I sighed to myself pulling out a strawberry cigarette from my bag.
    “Bye bye baby!”I waved at Wes as he scurried off swiftly not looking back.
    “What do you want Martinez?”
    “Oh,now it’s Martinez?Trish it’s me,Daphne.Please come back to us.You can’t be like this”
    “Hhh yeah yeah!You can stay there and fret all you want or you might as well get going cause I ain’t ready to listen to those thrashy words of yours right now”I said lackadaisically drawing the smoke out from my nose.
    I could make whatever pattern I wanted now.Thanks to Aiden,my sire and my mentor…Hah!
    “Trish,y-you smoke?”she stared with shock motioning with her fingers.
    “Can you quit calling me that”I shot back rudely.
    “What?”she exclaimed with disbelief.
    Yes!The girl you knew by that name died two years ago.So beat it,will you?I’ve got no time for losers like you”
    “Hoho!My ride’s here now”I said moving towards Professor’s Wyatt’s car.
    “Trish,don’t you dare walk out on me”
    “I already did sissy”I smiled mischievously winking at her.
    “Oh hi honey.Missed ya”I said sexily taking my seat beside him as I took his lips in mine hungrily.
    “Trish!!!”she said with disgust.
    “Mhm!I’ll see you later baby.Bye bye!”I chuckled hard as we drove off leaving a pack of dust behind.
    “Arrrgh!That wench!How dare she!”I grumbled as I sat in the car.
    “What’s wrong baby?”Professor Wyatt called out to me.
    “Isn’t it that slughorn?”I said angrily.
    “Ohh,you mean that b---h?Want me to send my guys out on her?”
    “Oh nah!She ain’t worth it”I smiled back kissing him again as we drove into Trough land suite.

    “Boy,I’m so shacked up”I said in some vague accent as I moved into my room.
    “Ch-Chels?What the hell are you doing here?And how did you get in with the door locked?I can have the cops on you for that”I spoke harshly.
    “Ohh shut it Trish.This isn’t you at all.You changed so fast and I hate the fact that you did”
    “Ahh let’s see,Daphne sent you here to talk to me too…And here I thought you were my bestfriend”I sighed tossing my bag on the bed.
    “I still am Trish and that’s why I’m here.You need to fight whatever’s triggering that attitude of yours.The Trish I know or once knew is way better than what I’m looking at right now”she said coming closer to me.
    “Look alive honey,that Trish is long gone now and there’s no way you can bring her back”I said tossing myself on the bed.
    “Trish you’re not listening to me.Phil is gone and you can’t work yourself up because of how he left you all these years.You need to snap out of this.You need to fight it!I’m never giving up on you Tricia.I won’t!Not until we have you back”
    “Well,I hate to tell you this baby but you’re wasting your time”I said taking up the cigarette that laid on the bed stand.
    “Trish,we’re here for you”Tyler cut in from behind.
    “Seriously?You brought my ex to come talk to me?You should have done better”I yelled in her face.
    Ty,what the heck are you doing here.God!I can’t believe you guys”I fumed getting up.
    “Tyler,talk to her.I bet she’ll listen to you”she said moving out with disappointment imprinted on her face.
    “Trish,look,I know you’re still mad at me for that crazy dra…”
    “Hey!Hold it!I don’t wanna remember that incident.You were out talking to your ex when I was right in front.Do you know how that made me feel?But that’s okay anyway,I’ve been through worse”I cut in defensively.
    “I didn’t mean to hurt you all right?And I’m sorry too but you have to listen to me Trish.I still love you.We all do and we’re definitely not going to watch you fall off the deep end just like that.C’mon,I know you’re better than this.Where’s that smart girl that once cared for everyone?Where is she now huh?You gotta snap out from this girl.I know you can beat it”he said confidently looking into my eyes.
    “Urrrrgh!Can you just stop?I’ve had enough of this”I said stripping off my blue laced pencil gown not minding if he was standing right in front of me.
    “Ohh don’t be like that.I bet you’ve seen other girls go naked before”I grinned at him putting on my house wear as I walked towards him seductively.
    “C’mere baby!I missed you”I muttered turning hard inside as I wrapped my arms around his head caressing it softly.
    “Ahem!This would have been totally fun if it were the old you.I can’t believe you just did that”he said getting up furiously.
    So this is the new you?Huh?!Stripping and drinking till you get drunk like some stupid w---e?”
    “Uh,yeah?So if you don’t mind,pass me that”I said pointing at the bottle of cauldron that laid on the glass stand next to him.
    “Trish!You know what,do as it pleases you but know this,if you continue like this,you’re never gonna find peace within you.Get that into your skull!I’m out”he bellowed hard inducing fear in me.
    “T-Ty!”I called out to him but he had already stormed off barging the door in a hoarse way I’ve ever seen.
    “Whoa!What was that?”I said to myself.
    Gosh!I can barely recognise myself too”I muttered unpleasantly staring at myself in the standing mirror with detest.
    God!What have I done?”I slumped down crying with shame and bitterness sweeping all over me.

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