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    Present ma’am @Ciarajessy

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    ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸŒผEPISODE ONE & TWO ๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ’–


    โ€ โ€ โ€ โ€ โ€ โ€ โ€

    One girl, two brothers! Will Tricia the daughter of the aristocrats be able to love them both, even when she learns about the duo? Guess, we’ll have to read deeper now. Let’s go!

    Her smile,
    that smile
    Her beauty that yonder shines,
    and her love which doth strengthens me;
    Like the wind which blows unceasingly across the White Eastern sea
    Shall it forever be?
    Oh,I wish
    If only wishes do come true…


    I am Tricia. The only child of Mr and Mrs Parker, honorable owners of Gravantees Ville.

    …Like I actually care…

    Mum and dad were really harsh on me on the course of growing up, right from when I was a kid, and even when I attained puberty, it got even worse, freaking me out the more. I was never allowed outside;not on their watch ’cause they were too scared of letting me out, or so I thought. So technically,I was never really allowed to explore the outside world like the rest of the people. It didn’t matter anyway. I still had a way of going against their bullshit rules, without them actually knowing – Making me one hell of a badass!

    Years swiftly passed and I gained admission into this popular college, at the far side of Fitchburg; a town where James resided. James was my best friend – Such sweet lad he was.

    Right from kindergarten, he and I never parted ways, but since he had to leave for college, we were left with no choice. But there’s always a bright side to everything like they say, ’cause hear ye, people! I’m going to be schooling alongside with him

    I can’t exactly say I had a boyfriend. Didn’t fancy guys much, but when it came to James Halton, things were literally different. And my, such sweet partners we were. Guess his fancy charms and sweetness made me love him even more. Although,he had such a huge influence on me, that I could see, but it didn’t matter to me. Anyway, sit tight. ‘Cause we’re going on one amazing, fun ride I bet you’re gonna love.



    “Tricia? Tricia! Hurry up, baby. Today’s a big day for all of us.” My mum said shrilly.

    Her voice echoed so loudly from the living room and I feared it was going to bring down our storey building. She’s the paranoid one, unlike my dad who’s out working all the time. I can’t help but think he and work were created on the same day. He’s barely around. Most times,he’ll come, and then,go all again.

    …So annoying….

    “Oh, Tricia,” My dad followed almost immediately.” Come on downstairs, Honey. It’s past seven already.” He announced.

    Argh!Why can’t those two just stop?It’s not like I’m getting married or anything. I sighed, rushing downstairs, my right arm clutching tightly onto my backpack.

    “Oh, there you are, sweet pea,” My mum said, embracing me warmly.

    “Mu-mum. Mum,you’re squeezing me”I heaved a deep sigh,trying to wriggle free. “Mum!”

    “Oh, you.” she chuckled, releasing me. “Mm, you look gorgeous, my baby.” She complimented sweetly, eyeing the red jacket I had on my tank top.

    …Yeah, yeah. I do get that a lot…

    I was one average teen, a bit huge, and had really good, welcoming bosom and a smashing, hot booty to match, which shook rhythmically when I walked. Guess that’s the reason why the boys in our neighborhood never failed to steal a glance whenever I walked passed them – One perks of being adorable.

    “Thanks ma.” I giggled, snatching my box from Josie.

    Josie was our house keeper, a pigtailed, Browne eyed girl who seemed a lot quiet than usual. But that still didn’t make me like her. She was so gullible. And the fact she and I were the same age made me detest her more – Humph!

    “Hope everything’s all packed up, my sweet?” My mum’s voice came again. “Remember,you don’t wanna leave anything behind.”she continued, accompanying dad and I to the garage.

    “Mmm-hmm,”I replied with a nod.

    “Oh, I’m really going to miss you, baby.” She sulked, embracing me.

    …Bluff!Such drama…

    “Ma-” I stopped. “Oh mummy. You know I’m not a baby anymore.”I laughed.

    “Oh, you. Do take care of yourself, all right? I know you’ll make your father and I so proud.” She smiled, caressing my cheeks.

    “And oh,” Dad cut in. “Always remember those advice we’ve been giving you. They’ll sure be of help.”

    “Sure daddy.” I affirmed, giving my lips a slight lick.

    “I can’t believe my baby’s all grown up,”

    “Gee,” I gave a mutter and turned to face her. “It’s just college, mother. I’ll be fine.”

    “I know, baby.”

    “Yo guys! Wrap it up. We gotta beat traffic, you know.” Dad interrupted, getting into the SUV.”

    “Oh.”we both laughed.

    “I love you, mum.”I said, getting inย  right next to dad.

    “Oh, baby, mama loves you most.” She said, bidding us goodbye.

    Campbell! Ain’t it adobes?! I smiled within, shutting the car door.

    “You okay there?”

    “Never been better.” I replied with doubts. “Dad, do you think the girls over here will be better than ours at Henson?” I asked curiously.

    “I don’t know baby. Just try fit in, okay?” He said. “I know my little Sunshine’s gonna make us proud.”

    “You really think so, dad? I mean, what if I mess up?”I continued, clasping my box.

    “Oh, I know so, baby. I’m sure you will.” He spoke with full assurance.

    “Oh, thanks,daddy.”

    “Uh, honey, what about these stuffs you packed in here? Need help moving them ? They’re so heavy.” He laughed, taking the rest of my luggage out of the trunk.

    I faked a frown. “Why do you worry so much, dad?”

    “Why shouldn’t I? My daughter’s entering a new chapter, which I know would be-”

    “Yeah, yeah, dad. I know.”

    “Ha- Goody. Whew! Guess that’s the lot. Still need me?”

    “Dad!” I yelled, my brows arched at him.

    “Come on, baby, you don’t have to be like that.” He laughed, poking my sides.

    I made to laugh, but took it all in, my eyeballs enlarged, sending him a signal he understood.

    “Alright. I’m sorry.” He gave a funny chuckle, getting into his car. “I love you.”

    “Love you, too, dad.”

    Marionette hostel was one gigantic one, and had really long stairs. And if one wasn’t careful, he or she could end up lost in the whole no-boys zone.

    …Can’t believe it actually is…

    “Room 344.” I muttered, turning the doorknob.

    The milky painted room came in sight and I couldn’t help but marvel at how convenient it looked. I can’t say why I’ve got a nice feeling about this place – But loved it!

    I tossed my bag carelessly on the bed that laid in the middle, giving a slight shrug as I took out my MP-3 player and my phone, a gasp eluding my lips as I remembered James.

    “D--n! He’s really gonna be mad.”

    I gave a sharp slide on my phone, dialing his number swiftly. “Shit! He’s not answering.” I groaned.

    “I’m sorry, who are you?” A female voice came.

    Oh, good Lord!

    “Ah. You must be the new girl Singer talked about. I’m Joan.” She said with a British accent.

    “Tricia. Tricia Parker.” I said.

    “Parker, huh? Any relation to the Brooklyn’s.”


    “Heh! Forgive me, dear. Welcome to Campbell. Be sure to have such an ecstatic stay here. I’m a final year student, by the way. Theater Arts.” She said at one stretch.

    …Doubt her words ever have commas in them…

    I smiled. “Lovely. I’m a newb, which I’m sure you already know.” I said, my right hand suspended in the air.

    “Oh, right.” She giggled. “Newbies are always my favorite.” She smiled, throwing a wink at me. “Oops! Almost time.” she said, stealing a glance at her watch. “I’ll see you later, Roomie.”

    “As will I.”


    I ran through the hallway, hotfooted, a groan escaping my lips. “Can’t believe I’m gonna be late.”

    “Whoa! Take it easy.” A calm voice came halting me as I quickly turned around, my eyes meeting with his.

    Such charming gray eyes, I thought, blinking simultaneously.

    He gave a welcoming smile, as my heart skipped a bit. “I’m Philip.” He said to me.

    I gulped, wanting to say something, but no words came out.


    “Oh, sorry. I…I’m Tricia,” I stammered.

    “What a lovely name you got, Trish.”

    “Oh, thank you.” I blushed, forgetting all about class.

    “My pleasure. Come along, now. Class’ this way.” He gestured, as I followed.

    Walking side by side with him made me nervous and I couldn’t fathom out why. Maybe he’s not human. Or maybe….Just maybe he’s –

    “We’re here!” He announced, a smirk dancing across his perfectly, curved shaped lips. “Welcome to LSAT hall. Come on in.”

    The two of us walked right in, taking our seats at the middle row, neither of us uttering a word, as a white bearded man walked in.

    “That’s Professor Wane,” The gray eyes lad whispered to me.

    Feeling the warmth of his breath on my left ear, and hearing the softness in his voice made me wish he wouldn’t stop.

    “He’ll be taking us English Language, since Professor Shane isn’t back yet.” He added, much audible this time.

    “Oh.” I said.

    I went about wondering how this one guy could make me act really nice – Nicer than ever before.

    We sat in silence, eyes focused on the screen, except for the fact my mind remained unrest, with the frequent glances I kept throwing at my new friend. He seemed to notice, as our eyes met, and a soft chuckle escaped his lips.

    My eyes glistened, and I felt a bit shy, thinking of the next move to take. “So…where are you from?” I asked, drawing invisible circles on my jean.

    “Britten hills,” He smiled. “Ever been there?”

    “Nah.” I gave a less sounding laugh.

    He paused for a moment, his lips slanted at an angle. “You don’t say.”

    …Great! I’m sure he thinks I’m Psyche…

    “Well, care to tell me yours?”

    “Oh yeah. I come from Henson.”

    “Henson, huh?”

    “Mm-hmm. Been there?”

    “Been there?! Girl, are you kidding me?” He laughed, his words, half a question. “I spent half my childhood there.” He added.

    “No way!” I exclaimed lowly.

    “I know right? You know my mum and dad used to go to this rich resort…”

    “Gravantees?” I cut in, and his eyes stood wide open.

    “Yes! That’s it!”

    “Small world.” I said ecstatically.

    The smile he wore slowly disappeared. “What’s wrong?”


    “All right, guys. Let’s call it a day.” Professor’s Wane’s voice echoed in the hall.

    Wait. That’s it? I questioned myself as I watched students exit the class.

    “Be right back.” Philip said to me as he hurried off in the opposite direction.

    A red-hair black girl, dressed in a mini skirt and a matching slender top gestured to him, and I felt an ounce of jealousy gather up inside of me.

    “Oh,” A soft moan escaped my lips and I instantly buried my head in my palms.

    “Hey there,” Came a soft tap on my shoulder. “Welcome aboard.” She said, coming in front of me. “I see Duchy’s showing around already. The name’s Chels. Chelsea Valentine.” The brown hair girl said to me.

    She had a black leather jacket atop a stylish pink gown that partly covered her smooth, slender legs.

    “Mm? You mean….?”

    “Philip-” She smirked. “Saw you two come in.”

    …Great! Maybe she’s girlfriend number two…

    “That’s Daphne, though. Daphne Martinez.” The brown hair girl continued.


    “Mmm-hmm. I caught you staring at them.” She giggled, moistening her lips.

    “Heh. I certainly wasn’t staring.” I shrugged, my conscience pricking me.

    “Oh, I won’t tell.” She winked. “Phil’s a great guy. We both attended the same high school.”

    Well, that explains a lot, I thought.

    I faked a smile, getting up. “Well, Chels. It’s being nice talking to you.”

    “Whew! I’m back. I’m sorry I took so long, Trish.” Philip broke in. “Oh, hey, C. You doing well?”

    “You know it!” Chelsea laughed as I averted my eyes swiftly.

    “So Trish, you ready to go?” Phillip’s question came.

    “Yes,” I replied laconically.

    “Goody. You coming, Chels?”

    “Ergh, I still got some things to do.” She smiled, throwing a quick look at me and back at Phil. Guess, I’ll see you two later.” She said to us as we bid her goodbye.

    The gray eyes lad and I walked side by side, under the warm airy breeze, the sun lighting our path as we walked on the less busy road, lined up with flowers and coconut trees, which made it such an amazing sight to behold. We chatted, and then I remembered we haven’t really talked about the one thing I was wanting him to hear him say.

    “So Phil, what happened back there in class?”

    Did I just call him that?

    “Sorry?” He stopped, confused. “Oh, you mean with the girl I was talking with?”


    “Oh, you mean before we got interrupted.”

    I affirmed. “That one.”

    “Well, it’s just family related. Nothing much.” He laughed, as we began walking again.


    “Yeah. I got none. It’s just me and my gran.” His shocking response came, and my legs stood stiffly.

    “T-they’re dead?” I swallowed hard. “Oh, gosh. I’m so sorry.”

    “Oh, it’s fine. I think this is where we part ways, Trish.”

    “Part ways?” I asked, a bit surprised.

    “Ha! Not that kind.”

    Thank goodness, I exclaimed. “I’ll see you soon, Philip….”

    “Mac-Kenny. But call me, Phil.”.

    “Oh, wow. Mine’s Parker.”

    “It’s such a pleasure meeting you, Tricia Parker. Hope to see you again.”

    I smiled. “Sure hope so, too.”

    I watched as he slowly disappeared, and was about taking the next turn when a hand came on my bum, startling me.

    “Oh my goodness!” I uttered aloud.

    “Missed me?”

    “Ohh!” I yelled as the mystery guy came in front of me, and with a naughty expression written on his face, cupped my cheeks. “Oh, how I’ve missed you.” He grinned, nibbling sweetly on my lower lip.

    I made to resist, but my feelings betrayed me at the sudden capture of the erotic feeling that was starting to gather up inside of me.

    I let out a soft moan, my body melting totally in his arms. “Ahh, James….”

    “That’s right, baby.” He smirked, moving his hands down my back onto my enlarge butt cheeks as he gripped it in a way my kitty-cat made a spurting sound.

    “J-James, you know we can’t do this here.”I purred, vibrating from his touch.

    “Oh, please! No one really cares about us doing this here. You have no idea how much I’ve missed you.” He grinned between kisses.

    “I know baby, but-” I made to pull away, but he pulled me back, my bosom grazing his broad chest, which I could see clearly.

    He went further into brushing my hair aside as he made to nibble on my earlobe.

    “Oh, that t-tickles.” I laughed, feeling the wetness in between my legs.

    “Oh, I know, baby. You’re gonna come see me tomorrow, right?”

    I looked up at him, giving a slight chuckle, my arms still wrapped up around him. “I’ll be right where you need me, baby.”

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    So….I’ll continue from here, guys. I don’t know what made me do this, but all I can say is, I changed a whole lot in the story line ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ…Which took a great deal of effort and sacrifice, by the way. I know, I got a lot of story to cover up, which I’ll be tending to, soon. It’s just this whole not-having-a-laptop thing that’s making me write really slow. But don’t worry. It’ll be over pretty soon, that I can assure you ๐Ÿ˜“. Whew! Sure hope this feels right…๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‡

    I sat deeply engrossed in what I was writing and the loud chattering wasn’t helping the situation. I adjusted a little, a low moan escaping my gloss, wet lips.

    I shut my eyes partly, slipping them open again, and with a sharp roll tried working out where Philip was – The only friend I’ve made.

    I wonder where he’s at, I wondered, catching not a glimpse of him anywhere.

    I gotta admit, college was really different. A whole lot different from Bovillean – My former high school. There were so many people, so many culture I craved so much to learn, most especially the Mayan.

    “Oh, why can’t these assholes just quit it!” I mumbled irritably.

    I lifted my palms and with them, covered my ears, my eyes shut alongside as I tried so hard to separate myself from the unending noise that was always making me want to explode.

    I searched around for the pretty new girl I longed to see again. She sat all alone looking ravishing and calm. I walked towards her, not taking my gaze off.

    “Hey there,” I greeted, a magnificent smile eluding her lips.

    “Oh, hi. How’re you?” She asked.

    “Heh. You got no idea.” I joked, averting my eyes on the book that laid in front of her. “What have we here?”

    “Oh, just, you know, trying to cover up some things.” She replied.

    Her smile was perfect; Her oval face matching her perfectly pointed nose, alongside everything she had.

    “You got such an amazing smile.” I remarked.

    …Shit! Shouldn’t have said that…

    “T-thanks.” She shyly said, and we began talking like we’ve known all along.

    It felt really nice being around her and I couldn’t help but marvel at such unparalleled grace God has created.

    “So tell me, what have you been up to?” She asked, jerking me out of thought.

    “Well, nothing. I was just wondering if you could join me for lunch? You know, before the lecturer comes in.”

    “Lunch?” She paused for thought. “Bet that won’t hurt.” She managed to say.

    “Alrighty. Lunch it is.”

    At late afternoon, I went to see James. I wore a smashing, red, hot, sleeveless mini gown that partly revealed my sides and a blue fancy slippers to match, alongside a light make-up. Not like it was of any use, but I certainly didn’t want to look unattractive in his sight.

    “Hi, baby.” I said happily as the door swung open, revealing a hot figure with a towel wrapped around his waist, and the smell of aftershaves enveloping my nostrils.

    He grinned, pulling me into his arms. “You made it.” He added, “Never thought you would.”

    “Well, why won’t I?” I laughed, feeling the coolness of James’ body around my warm skin.

    He shut the door behind, still not letting go as he began kissing me hungrily, without any pause. “D--n! You’re hot.” He breathed, slowly s-----g on the side of my neck.

    I gave a soft giggle, “You certainly couldn’t wait, could you?”

    “You got no idea,” He laughed, slowly pulling the hands of my gown down as the enlarged part of my breast came in sight.

    He made to s--k slowly on them, one hand trying to set them free from the partly loose bra which held them gorgeously in place. I yearned for this and if there’s anything I ever wished for, was for it not to stop – Never to end!

    I was stark naked, left in a world of lust and love as we made love, our bodies entwined at the mercy of the sheet underneath us: The atmosphere reeking of nothing, but the driving sweat birthed from our constant love making and lubricious body rhythm.

    I couldn’t return back to Marionette, not after the long day I had. So I stayed back, and my, we sure did have such an amazing night to remember.

    “Leaving already?”

    “Yeah,” I nodded slightly, turning backwards. “Will you, please?” I said as he helped me with my zipper.

    He made to kiss me as I put a finger across his lips. “No, baby. Some other time.” I added.

    “Awe, come on, just one more kiss,” He persuade

    “Oh, fine. Have at it…”

    I walked through the narrow path, my earplug inserted into my ears, trying to distract myself from some thought. The thought of having gone in bed with James after I told myself I wasn’t – Again!

    Ah, Parker, I muttered and stopped, taking out my earplug as I rummaged in my bag for a free gum.

    I got it out, unwrapped it and took the whole in, allowing its sweetened chicle taste enclose my mouth. I began moving again, but this time, was held back by a strong grip – Who could that be?

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    ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’จEPISODE FOUR ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’–

    ๐ŸŒผ Campus Life ๐ŸŒผ๐Ÿ’–


    ๐Ÿ’–By Jessica Duru๐Ÿ’–
    ๐ŸŒผA Ciara’s Romance ๐ŸŒผ

    โ€ โ€ โ€ โ€ โ€ โ€ โ€

    “Why, isn’t this such a surprise?!” His husky voice spoke, as I turned, my eyes looking deeply into two glistening brown eyes.

    Gasping, my eyes shone alongside. “Derek?”

    “Hello, Parker,” The light-haired lad said to me.

    “H-how are y-you here?” I stuttered.

    For one thing, I could say I never expected to see any of my friends from my old high school here, but here I was, standing not a million miles away from one.

    “How am I here?” He stared at me for a moment. “You do know you and I applied for the same school, right? I remember telling you,” He spoke as I recalled.

    “Hey, Peez. What’s popping?” A savagely handsome, whiskey brown eyes lad approached me.

    “Pass.” I sighed, shutting my locker.

    “Oh, c’mon, Parker. There’s no need for that.”

    “Oh, there is.” I shot back. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll-” I stopped, taking a deep breath. “What do you want?” I asked. “You do know James got eyes on all corners, and boy, he’d be so mad if he saw the two of us talking right now.”

    “Peez, don’t tell me you still worry about that loser?”

    Hearing him call James that got me off steam. “You know, Matthews, why don’t you just beat it, and quit poking at my man at every chance you got! Not like you’re any better.” I scowled, pushing him aside.

    “Hey, hey, hey…. chilax! I’m sorry, all right?”

    “Oh, you better be, dude! Look, I’m late for class, so if there’s anything you wanna say, you’d better spill.” I said to him.

    “Since when do you care about class?” He joked, and I threw an angry stare at him.

    “Oh, fine. I just wanted to ask you if you’d like to be my date to the…”

    “Oh, please don’t say prom.” I cut in, raising a brow at him.

    “I’m serious.” He laughed. “You know Halton’s gonna be out, and I thought maybe – Well, maybe we could….”

    “Oh, you thought wrong! Ciao.” I said, walking out on him.

    “I’ll be going to Campbell next summer.” His voice rang. “Hope to see you there.”


    …Ah, those were the days…

    The sound of his voice came yanking me out of thoughts. “Huh?”

    “Oops! I forgot you weren’t listening.” He laughed, placing a finger on his lips, which were quite full and moist.

    Jeez. Am I really noticing his lips? I asked myself as he went on talking.

    “Oh, you still haven’t changed, I see.”

    “You know I’m not the only one.” He grinned. “Where’ you headed, though? Certainly not to class. And certainly not in those.” He laughed, staring at me.

    Ah, jeez!

    I shrugged. “Well, it’s none of your business. Hope you enjoy your stay here. Happy talking.”

    “N-no, wait. Tricia! Tricia!!” He called, but I was already out of earshot.

    Lots better!


    D--n! She’s always doing that, I thought with anxiety, feeling hurt. I sulked inside, forcing myself to walk, as I succeeded; if only it would be, when time comes knocking….

    I got home early, and was so worn out from the short, yet tedious class we had, owning to the activities we did, coupled with the one I had previously. I hoped for Philip to come, but he was nowhere to be found and I couldn’t help but miss his presence. I didn’t know why, but a part of me did wish he came, and I couldn’t help thinking something was up somewhere, keeping me in thoughts.

    “You okay there?” Karen’s voice came jerking me out. “You’ve been staring at nothing for a couple minutes, now.” She said to me.

    Karen was my other roommate. She was a Ghanaian, a half and half actually, as her mum was an Australian, and her dad, a Ghanaian. She had such pretty long hair, which she carried in braids, making her look more like an African queen, no doubt. She was slender, beautiful; her body like that of an athlete. She was in the same department with Joan. All this I learnt in one day – So me!

    “Y-yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.” I faked a smile, getting up. “Just need to head out for a couple minutes. I’ll be back.” I announced, walking out the door.

    I strolled the sidewalks, stroking my arms, my head raised up, as I felt the warmth of the evening sun on every part of my body. I hummed a certain tune my mum used to sing to me when I was little, as I walked slowly, inhaling the nice scent of summer’s airy breeze. I felt lost in the sweet melody, as I began singing, not minding if anyone was watching.

    ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŽถSunflowers in the meadow

    ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŽตRed roses in the garden

    ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒน ๐ŸŽถOne special as the other:

    ๐ŸŒฌ๐ŸŽตScent of nature embracing summertime

    โ˜„๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŽถBringing to us happy memories

    Memories, I stressed, a smile dancing across my lips.

    “My! Such talent you’ve got.” A voice came startling me.

    “Oh my goodness.” I jumped, panting for breath.

    I turned around, a gasp escaping my lips. “You again?!” I said, my eyeballs enlarged as though they were about popping out from their sockets any minute.

    “Oh, be quiet. I’m not here for you.” He hushed, making to leave.

    I thought for a moment, grabbing hold of his arm, “Wait! Don’t leave,”

    “Oh, how I’ve wanted to hear you say that.” He laughed, turning around.

    I feigned anger, pinching him real hard on his sides, and he gave a sharp groan. “Whew! D--n, woman!”

    “Oh, don’t d--n me, man! You following me?”I asked suspiciously.

    “Well, what do you think?” He smirked, making towards me.

    I groaned, taking a step backwards, as he followed. “Oh, don’t you dare….!”

    “Or else what?”

    “Or else -” I gasped, almost stumbling.

    “I got you. I got you. There! There, there now. Steady as you can.” He went on saying, the softness of his voice ringing in my ears.

    It was calmly and very soothing. Not like I cared, really.

    “You okay?”

    “Oh, quit touching me.”

    “Me? You’re the one who came falling. A simple “thank you” will suffice.”

    “You wish. By the way, I’m sorry about this morn.” I said suddenly.

    Like, what the hell?!

    “Oh, it’s nothing. Hold on, did you just…”

    “Zip it, Matthews!” I hushed, rolling my eyes at him and making to leave.

    He held me back, moving in front of me. “Hey, you can’t go now. I still wanna talk to you.”

    “Talk to the trees, then! I’m quite sure they’ve got lots of earplugs with them.”

    “Seriously? Is that how much you hate me?” He frowned.

    “I don’t hate you! I just hate the fact that you’re always there, s-----g up every air I wish to breathe alone. You know what, just leave me be, please!”

    Hearing my voice sound that way, made my heart feel so heavy. And my conscience pricked me instantly like I’ve been stung by gazillion of bees.

    “I…I shouldn’t have said that,” I shook my head.

    “No. No, it’s fine.” He smiled.

    “Derek -”

    “Good night, Parker.”

    “Derek…Derek, I’m sorry. Derek!” I called, but his back was turned on me.

    I watched as he disappeared, and I felt really worse – Worse than ever before….

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    please is this a different story or continuation of Campus Life? @ciarajessy

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    ๐Ÿ’–๐ŸนEPISODE FIVE ๐Ÿน๐Ÿ’–

    Days passed and there was still no sign of Derek anywhere. I felt miserable, didn’t know why, but part of me still wished so much to apologize and make things right once again. Ah. This is frustrating. Why do I say the wrong thing all the time? Why do I always mess things up?!

    I rolled restlessly, my towel seeming it was going to roll off my body, right hand stretched to the table, searching aimlessly for my phone. Come on, where are you?

    I found it lying on the far side, so I partly got up, took it with me and I swiped it open; logging on to Facebook as my eyes made a thorough scan of the zillion texts that laid in wait.

    I groaned, giving a slight shrug as I reluctantly made to reply;




    Don’t pass…



    “Pas- ” I jerked up immediately, rubbing my eyes. “Please tell me I’m not dreaming,” I rubbed again, bringing my phone a little closer.

    Can’t be. Totally can’t be, I went on with doubts, clicking on the text. Three weeks ago, I gasped, rolling my eyes on the screen.

    I stopped for a minute, giving a slight thought. No, no, no. I rather call. That’d be better.

    Another voice came, Oh, no you don’t, Parker! Remember your reputation. It said.

    I curved my lips, burying my face in my palms as I yelled silently into it. I can do this…I can do this.

    I took a deep breath, making for his profile as his number stood surprisingly on his wall like it’s being waiting for me to embrace it.


    I swiftly put it on the dial as it rang, “It’s Derek speaking. Please leave your message.” His voicemail came.

    “Dang it, you!” I groaned, hanging up.

    I tossed my phone on the bed, getting up on my feet as I headed for the bathroom, taking up my shampoo by the corner.

    I got in, shutting the door as I turned the shower on, the warm water spraying all over my face onto my bare skin. I shampooed my hair for some minutes, sponging my body for about thirty minutes, finally getting off whatever dirt that laid hidden, as I washed the lather off my body, the sweet fragrance of my soap enclosing my nostrils as it covered my feet.

    I stepped out, turning the handle as I walked back to my room, tossing my towel on the bed as I stared across where my mirror hung, admiring my pretty curves and glowing skin…one habit I formed.

    It was funny, really, but it was something worth doing and I certainly didn’t mind staring at that figure in the mirror all day long.

    I stopped the admiration for a moment, moving towards the bed as a name popped up on my screen. “Oh yay. He’s calling,” I said happily.

    I gave a slight cough and tried to relax my voice as I answered. “Hel…loo,”

    “Hi, Tricia,” His sweet voice rang from the other line as a blush coated my cheeks.

    “Oh Phil. How nice of you to call,”

    He chuckled, “You sound like you’ve been expecting me,”

    “Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes,” I smiled, sitting down as I got my legs crossed.

    “I see.”

    Guess he was smiling now.

    “So…why’d you call?” I asked, making circles on my laps.

    D--n! His voice is so hot, I imagined as we talked.

    I was so lost in it that I wished he wouldn’t stop talking.

    “Guess I’ll see you tomorrow then.”

    “Mm-hmm,” I answered, nodding like he could see me. “Take care. Byeeee.” I puckered my lips, ending the call.

    Wheeee! I fell back on the bed, silly thoughts crowding my mind.

    I stayed that way for a moment, the sound of my phone jerking me up as I picked it up. Derek! I groaned, almost ignoring him as I answered.

    “Hello? Who is this, please?” He questioned.

    “Derek I just wanna say I’m sorry for what I said to you some days ago,” I saw myself saying.



    I held my breath for a second, releasing it again. “Yes,”

    “Tricia. Oh, man. I’m so happy hearing from you,”

    “You are?” I asked, startled.

    “I’m dead serious. Whew! I’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

    “You’ve been looking for me?” I repeated, my brows arched at an angle.

    “Do you have to repeat everything I say?” He teased.

    “I’m just…you know, wasn’t expecting you to be all…”

    “Cheery? Hmm?”

    “Totally happy-ish?”

    I shrugged. “Ye-yeah,”

    “Oh, it’s nothing,”

    “Cool. Why’d you call?”

    “I called? Or you called?”

    “Totally wasn’t me,” I denied.


    “Hush, hush. Got class now. I’m gonna see you later. Bye-bye. Love you.” I said in a hurry, hanging up.

    I made to dress as the door swung open. I didn’t lock that, I realized.

    “You’re back,” I eyed Karen.

    “Yea, honey. Gosh! Quite a day we had,” She narrated. “Professor Stuart didn’t let us rest. Ugh!” She grumbled, tossing herself on the bed. “Going somewhere?”

    “Oh, not at all. Just came back not quite long.”

    “Lucky you. I need that shower most.” She got up lazily.

    “That’d be great.” I said to her and went back to slipping my shorts on.

    I noticed I didn’t hear the bathroom door creak so I glanced over my shoulders, seeing two eyes focused directly on bum as I quickly averted my gaze, hoping she hadn’t notice.

    Is she gay? I asked myself, making towards the bed.

    “You’re one gorgeous girl, you know?” I heard her say.

    I scoffed, getting in bed. “Whatever games you’re playing, you had better stop!”

    “Oh, I’m not playing any here, Sweet. You’re really pretty,” She continued, cat walking towards me.

    “I got up angrily, “Out of my way…now!”

    “Or what?”

    “You’re h---y, Karen Adako, so I’m just going to leave,” I pushed her aside. “And oh, one more thing,” I turned. “I DON’T DO GIRLS! Read my lips!” I hissed, slamming the door. “Some w---e…”

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    It’s still the same, sir

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