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    Hope Jace gets d info on time

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    Hope jace get the message on time and fred dont let the marrige to hold and saphia cant u stand on ur own and stop letting xavier used u again

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    This man na bad man oooooooh

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    Abiola Ifeoluwa KehindeAbiola Ifeoluwa Kehinde
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    I really missed this story.i hope Fred will help them

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    Abiola Ifeoluwa KehindeAbiola Ifeoluwa Kehinde
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    God please deliver these people from the โœ‹ of Xavier

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    ๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐ŸŽปMy Crazy

    House Help๐ŸŽป๐Ÿ‘ฐ

    ๐ŸŽค(She defiled me)๐ŸŽค

    Episode 45

    Sophia’s POV…

    I felt shivers run through me, my whole body trembled in fright, I fluttered my eyes breathing very heavy…

    Guilt covered my heart that tears was forced to form in my eyes, Bryan was having s*x with me, the camera was recording the act, it was really happening…

    After some minute, I heard his growl followed by his c*m filling me…
    I shut my eyes feeling very weak and exhausted not from the s*x but from the fact that I just used him..

    This is not different from rape, Bryan would never have s*x with me in his right senses, he loves Rose so much, he is one of those man that would never want to cheat or hurt the girl they love, but now….he just did it.

    Rose is alive, what if my father sends the video to her,
    What a heartbreak..
    She would regret ever meeting Bryan, she would hate him with all her heart..

    Oh, God!!
    I breathed heavily laying on the bed, Bryan had already slept up..

    I stared into his face and shook my head,
    What a great shock to hear that he had impregnated me, he won’t doubt it because of the s*x now that is recorded…

    He would finally end up marrying me, oh gosh!..Xavier is one of the most desperate man ever..
    He would never accept defeat, right now, Bryan won’t be able to run from it…
    When Rose hears that I’m pregnant for Bryan..
    Would she be able to bear it??
    I’m sure it would be a huge blow to her..

    Tears rolled down my eyes as I stepped off from the bed to remove the condom I wore…

    I took a quick and thorough bath before dressing up…

    “Bryan I’m so sorry, but I still need to be alive, Xavier would kill me if I don’t do this…” I muttered under my breath to him before walking away..

    Its just so clear that I am totally useless, I got no worth and can’t even be called a human, my freedom is taken away…

    I can’t even tell the state of Austin of boyfriend..
    Is he still waiting for me???

    Oh, God!!.
    When would all this even end???
    I can recall when things were going all well, there was actually that time when I had no trouble, Bryan was my boyfriend and we loved each other….

    I had been an idol for everyone, whenever I sings with Bryan, people scream in joy and swoon…

    I was the best female singer, Bryan was the best male singer, it was a great match, I thought life would be that way to the end till Xavier decided to shatter my life for his desire.

    I don’t even know how I even fell for Austin and left Bryan, but I just fell for him and his voice, I wanted him instantly that began to dislike Bryan…

    That was how it all went wrong, right now, I’m more of a robot than a human…
    I can’t even talk to my fans who had kept asking for my present state..
    My life is just so complicated…
    How I’m I even sure that Xavier would let me be after he achieves his dream…

    Someone should just help me out please!!!

    Fred’s POV…

    My eyes widened in shock as I cringed moving back, my whole body shivered and terror, I couldn’t just bear what I saw…

    It did well in shredding my heart, I could feel deep pain which I had never had before…

    After sending the message to Jace, I had quickly logged into Bryan’s server, I had hacked into his house camera system…

    You can’t tell how I kept muttering prayers for Jace to see the message on time and stop the act before it happens…

    To my greatest shock and regret, he didn’t check his email, he couldn’t see it..

    I watched as Sophia walked into Bryan’s room through the surveillance camera…

    Bryan really had s*x with her…words can’t explain how my heart ached watching the scene…

    It pained me so much that I couldn’t watch to the end, my eyes went wet as I bend my head down the desk..

    Why would Xavier shatter her life?..why would he use her like a trash!!!

    Why on earth would he be this cruel to his daughter?? heart is just too heavy in anger and hurt,
    Sophia the girl I long for, someone I badly want beside me…

    She may had never gave me attention but it didn’t change the way I feel towards her, I still love her so deeply and now seeing her having s*x with Bryan left me shattered..

    Xavier is just busy making her life useless, she is someone everyone out there see as an idol and crush on,
    Who would know all this she is passing through from her father..

    I could see the pain in her eyes as Bryan made love with her, it was clear she never wanted it..

    Who would want to have s*x with a guy against his will?..Rose said she doesn’t love him, it must really hurt her having s*x with him…

    Sophia is being hurt…
    She is being pained and no one cares, no one is standing beside her to console her,
    Bryan would hate her so deeply and detest her after this…

    Would he even know that she is innocent and being controlled like a nothing…

    Tears even fell off her eyes after the s*x..

    Oh God!!!
    My fist clenched tightly as I felt hurt seeing her that way, she faced the camera and I was able to see her beautiful face which drives me crazy, she may look so beautiful and enchanting outside but in her lies deep pain and depression..

    Immediately her eyes fell on mine, I felt a rush of guilt flow through me, it was replaced with rage….

    Xavier had really done more than he should, it has to stop or Sophia may die of pain..

    I sighed and stood up…
    I think its time to end this..I can’t sit here any longer while she kept passing through more pain from that devil Xavier…

    Bryan’s POV…

    My eyes opened slowly, I felt weak and exhausted, my dream was so weird to say…

    I can’t believe I dreamt having s*x with Sophia, that was so absurd, I just wonder why such a dream came true, I’m already feeling guilty for it…

    I mustn’t cheat on my Rose flower, she is way too precious to be hurt, I’m sure we would meet again…

    I moved to the edge of the bed and made to sit up when I felt something that left my whole body shaking in horror..

    I was unclad!!!!
    My eyes fluttered as I tried not to think all that happened was real…

    I put on my short and sat up only for me to lose balance and fall back on the bed..
    Just as I lay back, all the event played back..

    Sophia had walked into my room and I became h---y instantly in an extreme way…

    I could view vaguely the moment I kissed and undress her…

    I had s*x with her!!!!
    My whole body became weak and I felt so hurt, I couldn’t even say anything again…

    It is clear that Xavier and Sophia is out to destroy me and my father, he has succeeded once again..

    I had s*x with Sophia without a sheath, I released in her,
    What if she gets pregnant??

    But why??..why??..Xavier why???…he must have gave her the stuff that turned me off…
    That scent was really strong, it affected me so much…

    This is getting more worst day by day…
    Tears rolled down my cheeks..
    He must have recorded it and may send it to Rose, if Sophia becomes pregnant, how can I explain??

    How can I elude marrying her??
    So once again, my life is getting shattered!!!

    If only I can see Rose again..
    I would become strong again, I would surely have the strength to fight!!

    Slowly, I walked to the bathroom and cleaned up..
    I dressed up and head to the studio, I would sing for Rose anywhere she is..
    She would surely hear the song and would know I still love her and waits for her return..

    I was down the sitting room when someone knocked on the door..

    I opened it only to see Xavier, my dad and Sophia at the door post…

    They all came to meet me this morning.

    “What brought this sudden visit?” I asked and glanced at Sophia who was staring at the floor..

    My dad and Sophia wasn’t smiling at all, Xavier was the only one enjoying the smiles alone..

    “Oh, son…we are here to talk about the sweet romance between you and my daughter..” Xavier replied with a wide smile that send anger all over me..

    “Do you think I have anything to do with your daughter???..sir with all die respect, get back to where you came from…you and your daughter isn’t welcomed!!!” I growled and he laughed..

    “Stop the pretense son…we all know what happened..accept it, you love….”

    “Shut up you disgusting fellow!!!!” I bellowed and another croaky laughter went on…

    “Bryan, allow us in..” My dad said in a low tone…

    I grunted before giving way, Xavier smirked before getting in..

    I sneered at Sophia who glanced at me and she threw her face away again…
    She must feel guilty..

    “Tomorrow, is morning right??..that day for the date to be officially announced…” Xavier said with a teasing smile…

    “Date for what please??..Xavier or whatever you are, keep on dreaming!!!!…you and your daughter looks dead to me!..I can’t have anything to do with you both!!” I snapped.

    “This isn’t the time to prove stubborn, its too obvious to hide, at least you both consummated the love yesterday…” He smirked and I couldn’t hold my anger…

    I rushed to him in rage and send a punch to his face…
    I raised my hand to send another one but he caught hold of it and pushed me to the wall hardly…

    “How dare you touch me!!!” He howled and punched my belly twice that blood spurted out of my mouth…

    He grabbed me by the shirt and made to punch my face when my dad quickly held him..

    “Stop hitting him!!!” He growled and Xavier laughed pushing me away..

    “Are you daring me???” He asked with a smirk..

    “I can’t let you hit him, we came here to talk not fighting!!” He said and Xavier stared at him for some second before nodding..

    He head to the sofa and slumped on it..

    “Hey Bryan, no one dares to hit me, I don’t mind sending him to his grave!” He warned stretching his cloth which was ruffled..

    “When you are done staying here, get your smelly a**s off my couch, I can’t stay here and talk with a devil!! for you daughter, getting married to her is the last thing I would do on earth, stop fighting because you won’t win!!” I yelled before turning to the stairs..

    “Bryan!!!” My father called pausing my step..

    I turned and he nodded making me sigh…

    “This is the file for the marriage, get your self here and sign this!!!..tomorrow, the world would know of your marriage with her…stop being stubborn!!..its useless!!” Xavier bawled..

    My father gestured me to go on…I recalled his word and signed it…

    “I’m sure you and your father might have plan to destroy the marriage, I have to laugh at you for it..know this…” He paused and made a short chuckle..

    “Sophia was in her period when you did it yesterday, you wore no sheath so I guess her pregnancy would be coming up soon…” He smiled and my world shattered…

    My dad was also stunned to hear it…

    “Bryan you had s*x with her????” He exclaimed in shock..

    “Dad…I…” My lips stuttered..

    “You wanna marry her why pretending!!” My dad added in frustration..

    “Dad I was drugged I think!!!’ I spoke out..

    ” stop those lie, I have the video, get ready and marry her, forget about Rose and face your fate…” He scorned before standing..

    “Sophia did I..??” I spluttered and she nodded..

    I slumped on the floor in anguish..
    If Sophia gets pregnant truly, all hope is lost…

    Rose’s POV..

    The newspaper fell off my grip as I read the headline…

    My legs quivered with my head spinning, I couldn’t believe my eyes,


    With speed, I ran home, my eyes was flooding..
    It was so painful..

    How??? soon…

    I couldn’t even meet him before this,
    Has he forgotten me??
    How could he even agree so easily??
    I may be dead to him but don’t I deserve half a month of grief…

    He is getting married to the daughter of Xavier who destroyed my life…

    Bryan why????
    Don’t you know it hurts so much??
    I’m a commoner which you already know, why then did you gave me hope…

    You should have jilted me from the beginning, now I pass through all this for nothing!!

    Oh…gosh, I’m going crazy..

    I am just returning from the new school happily, this new have ruined me..
    I thought Bryan would wait a little longer, I thought I meant much!!!

    I must have been over thinking!!!

    Finally, I got home and dashed in speedily..

    Fred was in the sitting room all alone..

    “Fred tell me its a lie!!!…tell me I had an illusion!!…Bryan is getting married to Sophia????” I screamed in tears..

    He hugged me tightly…

    “Xavier is at it again, he made Bryan have s*x with Sophia without a sheath, he used a s*x chemical..” He said and I felt my heart pierced…

    “So…Sophia would be pregnant??..that’s why he is marrying her??” I whimpered..

    “Sophia was wearing a condom but no one knew, he wants to frame Bryan with pregnancy so he would marry Sophia, as you can see, he is succeeding….we can’t wait!!!..let’s go!!” He said and I nodded wiping my tears..

    “Where is my mom??” I asked looking around..

    “George isn’t too healthy to fight with us, she is also health impaired so…I had arrange a place for them, they would be meeting tomorrow…just don’t worry, she would be safe..” He said and I smiled..

    “Fred thank you!!!!!” I squealed..

    “I’m doing this because of Sophia, i want her to love me…” He said with his head bowed..

    I pecked his forehead in gladness…

    “She would love you more than anything, just watch and see!!!” I screamed and ran off to get prepared…

    My heart was just beating so fast like it would break off from my ribs…

    You can’t tell how I feel now!!..I would finally see Bryan!!
    I would see him again….

    Oh…..I think I may faint sooner, this joy is too much to bear!!

    Jace’s POV…

    I read the headline again and again to be sure i wasn’t hallucinating,

    How is this possible???

    Bryan finally agreed to marry Sophia even after knowing that Rose is alive??

    No!!!..I can’t let this happen!!!

    I flung the newspaper and rushed out of the class with Clara following behind…

    The whole class was in chaos as the news circulated,

    ๐Ÿ‘ฅJust a week after Rose died, Bryan forgot about her and went on to marry Sophia…

    They kept talking while I ran off, after knowing Rose was alive, I and Clara decided to continue school…

    Bryan hadn’t began, I thought it was out of grief and regret, how then is he marrying Sophia???

    I had forgot my phone so Clara took it for me..

    We both rushed to Bryan’s house..

    There were more people in there, lawyers and witnesses, some other people were there…

    Bryan was to certified the marriage with a stamp I guess that’s what is going on today…

    He didn’t even inform me which means he was doing it against his will…

    Oh gosh!! Xavier is really winning!!!

    Bryan would marry Sophia at last!!!

    Rose would be broken with this..

    “Jace look at this message in your mail from an anonymous…” Clara spoke out as we got out of the car…

    I turned to her and took the phone..

    I opened it and my mouth went agape….
    She rushed over and read the message too…

    “what!!!!!!” We both screamed together…

    “Xavier framed it up!!!!..Bryan must have think Sophia has his baby!!” I stated..

    “That must be why he decided to marry her….let’s go in there now!!” Clara squealed and grabbed my hand as we ran in…

    Bryan’s POV…

    I glanced at Sophia again feeling deep rage in me..

    Just this morning, she had showed me a pregnancy test, I tried doubting it but who I’m I deceiving, I had s*x with her…

    Even Xavier had threatened to expose the video if I deny the pregnancy…

    Right now, I’m going to certify the marriage which I dreaded so much, my father also look hopeless…

    He never expected I’d fall for Xavier trick and have s*x with Sophia…

    “Now with all these witness and lawyer, you have to certify the document signed by you…show you acceptance to marry her now according to the deal made in the past..” The lawyer said with a smile..

    Like seriously, it’s happening…I took the file and shut my eyes in exasperation…

    Xavier was all smiles and couldn’t stop chatting gladly..
    My hands shivers,
    My heart pound so hard…

    Rose was all I think of..
    Anywhere she is, her heart would be in pain…

    What should I do???
    Maybe this is my fate…

    I took the stamp and made a deep sigh…

    My hand came down slowly….

    Xavier’s POV..

    I began the clap while other followed..

    My eyes were fixed to his hand which was coming down to the file…

    After stamping it, they must get married in two weeks time…

    My dream is near to fulfillment!!

    “Stop!!!!!!” Two voice screamed stopping his hand up the air..

    We all looked up and there was Jace and a girl who I had always seen beside Rose..

    “Jace how dare you barge in here and stop this, are you mad!!!” I growled and he smirked at me…

    The camera men were all set to capture…

    “Bryan Sophia is not pregnant!! is a set up!!” Jace was the first to speak out..

    I sneered at him like he was stupid…

    “Foolish boy, would you leave here!!!” I shouted..

    “What are you saying??..but I…”

    “Look at this!!” Jace interjected and handed his phone to him…

    “What!!!!” Bryan screamed and jolted up after reading it and watching some clip..

    “What is that!!!” I yelled…

    The lawyer walked over and took the phone,
    His eyes also widened after going through it..

    “What is this Xavier???” He asked making me arch my brow…

    Everyone stared in curiosity…
    My heart had already start beating fast..

    I pray it isn’t something to tarnish my name…

    “Everyone look at this…” Jace said and connected his device with the large TV set on the wall…

    Just then, in front of everyone, a video of that day in Sophia’s house came through…

    It started when I walked in..
    ๐Ÿ“บ”Hey, I’m close to getting my long time desire, I won’t allow any flaw now!!!..come here and hear me out!!” My voice was heard and they saw how i pushed her to the couch..

    “What is it please??..I hope you see how hard it is to get Bryan, he is too mean!” Sophia complained..

    “I got a plan for you..have you even thought of what would get him over you grasp??” I smirked in the live stream..

    “What is that?” Sophia asked..

    “Make him get you pregnant..” I said and Sophia could be seen cringed and fell in shock.

    “What!!!!” She was seen screaming to the top of her voice…

    “Hey no fear…I’d give you a chemical scent, just spray it over your body and Bryan would have a huge urge for s*x after perceiving it, he won’t have the strength to control it..he would end up having s*x with you before he can know it!!” My voice sounded and a very one roared in shock..

    “I don’t want to get pregnant!!!” Sophia voice squeaked again In the video..

    “You won’t get pregnant but would pretend to be, I’d arrange the pregnancy test result, you would be wearing a condom, the s*x would be recorded, he won’t deny the pregnancy…take it now and spray after bath!!!” My voice ended it….

    The video ended and they all turned to me…

    My legs melted under me..
    My eyes fluttered as I stared to no one…

    Fear sipped in again as I saw that the camera men there were all recording all that happened..

    I shivered seeing that the press also took the video…

    “You forced your daughter to rape him!!!..Mr Xavier???” That was the words from the people that made sweat fill my forehead..

    I stood and watched how everyone left the place wagging their head..

    Is this happening???
    Does this mean they now knows who I am??

    I was still trying to contain all this when I heard what left my heart skipping beat…

    “Sir, the cops is here for questioning…”

    Oh my God!!!
    I’m I dreaming???

    To be continued…
    Who is he asking??๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    He even called God again??๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

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    Everyday for Xavier, one day for the Cops. wonder shall never end, see devil calling God

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    Xavier your end has come, you can’t escape this

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