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    When i got to her office,i knelt down their,waiting for her arrival,but for about half an hour she is not yet back,i stood up and was about going to tell her that she has me to knee down coz i taught perharps she might have forgotten she ask someone to knee down in her office…Unfortunately she met me standing up……gbosa….. gbosa….,two slapz on son of man face…..JESUS i shouted,what the hell are you doing here,standing up,i taught i ask u to knee down,you are playing under my intelligent abi,she fired…I stood there looking angry,tears forming on my face,knee down there she roar again…I just hiss and walk out..*she no know say i be gentLe BADdOO*…when i got to the class i look at clara obviously she was looking at me,so we looked at each other for some seconds,i sat down burying my face on my palm, before she came to meet me and said what as she done to u.i was about talking when tears of anger flow down my cheeks,sowi she said and wiped them off wit are bare hands… CLOSING i heard……..shouts of joy came out from different classes,everybody was packing there books and other stuffs inside there bags including me…..Aiint u going home she asked…y won’t i,i replied…i guess u still gonna stay here wit me while i wait for my dad,she said and winked…Oops am sowi i cant wait here with u,i need to go home as soon as possible, i said,no problem jzt joking she said….
    Moving out of the school compound i heard someone calling Leicester,leicester!!, i didnt bother to look back cause i can recall mentioning leicester for someone today,but the voice was catching up with me,suddenly i look back and i saw sandra walking up to me and giving me a hard punch..*heeeei,today na today,first it was a soundful knock,followed by a lightning slap,den here comes a thundrous punch,did i forget to pray this morning abi dem stil dey purshue me…Lord help me oo-i prayed*…leicester can’t u hear that i was calling your name or u dont wanna answer us again,i heard sandra saying….Who be leicester,- i said, is dat not what u told me this morning…..OOH sandra am sowi i lied to you,i thought you want to write it and give it to the principal for proper purnishment..i no be leicester,leicester ko,burnley ni…Gbas…she kicked me i can’t believe u lied to me well u will have to pay for this tommorrow,i promise she said and start walking away…Leaving me to wonder what wil happen to me the nextday…Sandra and my honourable class teacher awaits my fall(sandra power ooo,tenniebenson power i will never bow down),LORD i need your help oooo i breath heavily……..

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    Leicester indeed!!
    Cabiasso deh your team jhor.
    He no go allow you bow for the two chesters*ah no talk here o*(nah 2 Manchesters*City & United* I mean sef).
    Next please

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    Nice one. Nxt pls

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    U suppose b burnley wey no bow to man city powers….nxt!!

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    As soon as i got home,i went for a shower,lie down on my bed and slept off..Later around 5:00pm,i woke up feeling dizzy,went to the kitchen took some food(fried yam and egg) finished it within a tickling of an eye,on my way to my room,i heard my mum called..PREST
    Me:yes mum

    Mum:you look dull,what happened

    Me;ehmn, Nothing mum, i jzt woke up,that’s why my face is like this…

    Mum:you mean u slept this afternoon

    Me:yeah mum,wat*seein her facial look*

    Mum:unlike you,u dont sleep during noon nor afternoon..definately something is wrong

    Me:alryt mum,the truth is just that,this my new school,i don’t like it jare

    Mum:wat happened

    Me:they aiint friendly at all,my class teacher nearly killed me today self

    Mum:what!!!what did u do to her

    Me:Nothing oooo

    Mum: okay dont worry,i will talk to your dad and see what wil can do to help you

    Me:thank mum……….

    @3:00a.m in the night

    i found myself vomiting vigorously*winshes and lizard wetin i take do you now*Mum i called and fainted….

    I woke up,seeing myself in a strange environment but i know it is an hospital,as soon as i open my eyes,i saw happiness in everyone face,they were happy…Thank God,you are alright mum said..

    Mum wat happened i asked.I really don’t know but i heard u called my name last night when i get to your room you are already weak and dizzy,i guess you lost a lot of blood last night,cause u really vomit alot of blood

    Me: *chai,so na blood,i dey vomit,i think say na food i dey vomit oooo,DIS ONE IS STRONG*hmmn hope the doctor say my condition is not critical–i asked


    For about a week,i was retained in the hospital,sunday evening i was discharge….i slept off as soon as we got home….

    @ about 5:00a.m,monday morning,i woke up,get dress and was set for school,then after,we did our morning devotion in which we ended about 6a.m..everyone was set for his/her various working place,my dad decided to drop me in my school.Getting to school,opening the gate,thank God the assembly asn’t started i said….

    What’s is now your real name,i heard someone asking…looking back i saw sandra *this winch again, after what you did to me on tuesday morning,you stil have the gutz to call me abi,don’t worry*,am i not talking to you…she said

    Me:hey sandra,am not late today,so don’t ask me any question,u are here to look for late comer not names,u told me urz willingly,i didnt ask,did i? I snapped and walked away….She was very shocked but didnt show it…..

    we were already in class,everything had already change,clara seat has been taken to the front,two newcomers,a boy and a girl..Well this new girl is managable,all i know about her was that her …… And …… Was ok….*maybe u can fill in d gap to ur own taste*……….

    Tear a sheet of paper,our biology teacher(madstar khola) said,for wat i asked,dont u know today is ur test…TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I shouted*me wey know read,wey b say na hospital i pass my wikend,say na dis i go start dey fall my hand in front of my enemies*
    we did the test,submitted,well am glad i did 18 out of 20 question*at least i tried…..
    Our paper was marked our score was paste on the noticed board..all of us went there to look for his/her score and position…when i got there saw something….WAYNE PRESTIGE number…….

    Stay tuned….

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    Number 2,score 18….*chai,e don do*abeg who be number one….RADAMEL RACHEAL..*Who be this i asked one of my classmates,that new comer now he replied well it is not bad..let me check Clara own jare…ROBIN CLARA 4th*jesus!!!!*who be third*JAMES WILSON*who be this i asked one of my class mate that was beside me again,that new comer boy sitting beside you now…..*so na genius dem put beside me ba?don’t worry una go show ourself who be who the next paper*…..Wayne,see me in my office during break,i heard,i look back,seein my class teacher*abeg wetin dis one nid again,thank God i have my medical report with me*oow…ookay ma i replied…..

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    I deh laugh tire for here (buh ah no go say wetin deh make me laugh-madstar sha)…

    Nah so you take face the first chester(Sandra),E good like that, next time she go know say you don vomit your smellow!!
    Wetin your 2nd chester wan see you for??.
    ah deh wait to see ahm.

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    We did all how test…d result was still the same,except in physics that i came first and clara came third,james was the 5th, JUAN ISREAL(our class captain)to occupy the fourth position,while Rachel was the second*i know physics die*..BREAK,the time keeper rang the bell,i went to see miss tennie alias aunty wahala, a.k.a honourable class teacher(H.C.T),when i got to her office,i saw her looking for what is not lost…

    Me:gud day ma,
    H.c.t:gud day wayne
    Me:you said you want to see me ma,
    H.c.t:yeah,i guess you know why i called you
    Me:no ma,
    H.C.T: well i want to know why u walked out on me the last wik monday,and why u aiint present thorought that week again…
    Me:about the reason i walked out on you last week,i have no explanation for that but am really sorry for doing that,and the reason why am not in school is between God and i, i answered politely
    H.c.t:well wayne you know what?
    Me:wat ma?
    H.c.t:since the first time i saw you,i knew u will be very stubborn and intelligent,and i also love those people that are stubborn and intelligent…you see am also sorry for what i did to you last week,i almost cried when you aren’t present throughout lastweek,i taught u won’t be coming again,plz forgive me,and as from today i will lyk us to be friend,any tpoic you don’t understand in any subject bring it,i wil be glad to do it…..
    Me: *for the first time,dis woman is talking sense,dis really cause for celebration* thanks alot ma, BREAK OVER!!the time keeper said”standing up and about go out”she said again,Prestige!!hope we are fwends now, sure i replied and storm out of the office….as soon as i get to my class,i saw clara,how eyes met..i didn’t say anything i went and sat down on my seat…
    Throughout that period,racheal and wilson where just throwing occasional glances at me…*well i pray all is well*

    (to be continue)

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