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    (Episode 1)

    When I first moved into my apartment and was introduced to my landlady by the agent I did a double take. Her house girl came to get the door and ushered us into the sitting room.

    I was surreptitiously sizing the housegirl up and wondering if I could score. She was plump in a nice sort of way with a heavy Bottom and medium round bosoms. I smiled at her and she smiled back then looked away shyly, rolling her hips a bit more enticingly as she walked in to get madam. “Bad girl,” I thought to myself already gloating in anticipation. We sat down to wait.

    After about 15mins i was becoming impatient when, finally the land lady herself emerged. She walked into the sitting room staring at me like my d--k was hanging out. It might as well have been. I was staring at the most curvy and fleshy female being I had ever set my eyes on. Round and plump, with bosoms each almost as big as a melon.

    Despite her evident roundness, i could make out formidably wide hips through her clothes, a loose blouse with a wrapper tied round her waist. From the way her bosoms were rolling heavily but gently from side to side as she moved, i could tell she was not in bra. She seemed about mid forties
    ‘Bayo,” she greeted the agent as she sat down, ‘is this my new neighbour?’ ‘you’re welcome’
    “thank you ma” I replied.

    “I hope you like the apartment, has Bayo taken you round?”
    “Yes, I’ve seen it and its quite ok”
    After a few more pleasantries and rules and regulations of living in her compound, she asked what I was doing. I told her I was into business and she asked to know if i was married.

    My negative reply brought the ghost of a smile to her face as she jokingly said, “my house girl is off limits oh,” to which I also jokingly replied, “don’t worry ma, she’s a small girl,” and looking into her eyes added softly, “I like older women.” Her smile widened and she changed the topic. She soon left me with the agent to work out other details, but I didn’t hear a word he said.

    My eyes followed my landlady’s departing Bottom and I could feel my long d--k start to rise as I imagined burying it in the deep crack between her rolling buttocks. I didn’t have to wait long.
    The next day as I was moving my things in, she was driving out to the market. She stopped when she saw me,so she called me over. As she wind down her window I could feel the cool air from her Ac but she was sweating slightly. She has small eyes and full African lips and was wearing a very low cut blouse.

    My eyes trailed a drop of sweat down her neck and chest until it disappeared into her deep cleavage. Till today I can’t remember what she asked me. I was just saying “yes ma, yes ma”. Meanwhile my eyes could only stare incredulously at the huge succulent m----s between her arms as she gripped the steering. My oga downstairs was already nodding against the door of her infinity jeep and my heart was pounding loudly in my ears.

    All I could think was “chei!! See delicious woman!!,” wondering how those bosoms would feel in my hands. Suddenly I noticed everywhere was quiet. I finally looked up sheepishly to see her smiling at me with a coy look on her face. She said, “I said you should stop saying ma. Call me madam Janet or just Janet, you hear?!” I said I had heard. She took my number and said she would call me later in the day. She gave me a long silent look with that ghost of a smile on her face and as she drove out I could hear her humming along to the radio which was playing wande coal’s “u want it, u bad.

    ” I said to myself “e be like say this madam wan use me play sha.” I decided to chat up her house girl and learned that she had been married but her husband travelled abroad and she lost contact with him. They had had a big fight and lived separately for two months before he left. She had three kids and the last one was in boarding school.

    »»»Watchout For Episode 2«««

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    (EPISODE 2)
    Two days later I was relaxing inside when there was a knock on my door and I heard my landlady’s voice asking if I was in. I opened the door and there she was in the tightest body hug eva and a pair of tracksuit trousers. It was all I could do to keep my eyes off her swollen bosoms.

    I managed to close the door partially and hid my disobedient d--k behind it. “I’m going to the gym,” she announced, “but I want you to do me a favour.” She explained that she had a meeting with some people who wanted her to invest in their business but she didn’t want to go for the meeting alone, could I accompany her? I won’t have to say anything just sit in and pretend I was her partner. I said I would think about it but she took my hand and pleaded with me to do her this one favour. I couldn’t believe that was my landlady rubbing my hand and begging.

    I didn’t know when I said yes and agreed. I needed to get to the bathroom fast and self-service myself silly, but not before watching that huge bubble Bottom rolling seductively as she walked away.

    I knew I was in trouble. How was I supposed to stop my d--k from misbehaving while sitting in the car with her? Just a few seconds chat and I could already feel the precum soaking my boxers. I decided that I would have to put on my tight swimming trunks no matter how uncomfortable it got,so that she wouldn’t notice when my stubborn Dickson will rise.

    On the day of the meeting I dressed in my best suit and tie and went to join her. She was wearing a knee length floral dress with a v-neck generously showing off her deep cleavage. This was the first time I had seen her in a dress and it was all I could to not to stare. I was beholding figure-eight that was so full and bootyliciuos there was no space for anything else. The material of her dress was soft and light and occasionally caught in the space between her lush thighs so that I could almost see the outline of her m---d and thighs. She smiled at me commented on my smartness then gestured that I should get into the car.
    As she drove us, I noticed her dress gradually inching up her thighs as she worked the pedals. The skin was smooth and fair with fine hair and evenly distributed small dark spots. By the time we got to the meeting her thighs were almost halfway exposed but she didn’t seem to care or even notice.

    We just made small talk and she smiled at me a lot even if a bit nervously. We arrived at a hotel in a quiet part of town and we walked inside the reception where she was received familiarly by the receptionist who handed her a key.

    She led me upstairs and ushered me into a tastefully furnished suite with a huge double bed. I was a little surprised and I asked,
    “Are we holding the meeting here? Where are the others?”
    “Not here,” she replied, smiling at me, “but we have time to relax before they arrive.”

    “Don’t worry,” she added. “They paid for the room so I could relax before and after the meeting” She took my hand to my absolute amazement, led me to the sofa and poured me a drink, then she took off her shoes and promptly disappeared into the bathroom.


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    (EPISODE 3)
    By now all my alarms were going off and I didn’t know what to anticipate so I got up and examined every nook and corner of the room looking for what I didn’t know. As I stood in the middle of the room wondering if this was going to be my lucky day, she emerged from the bathroom and walked up to me with a “look” on her face and made to adjust my tie, then like slow motion she pulled my head down and kissed me full on the lips.

    I wasted no time in giving her the wettest, deepest, slowest French kiss ever performed on a woman. She went wild and immediately started tearing off my clothes without a word. I grabbed her big nyash and stared kneading it like foofoo. Two seconds later I was back on the sofa suitless, shirtless and tieless. She knelt in front of me, took off my shoes and began to undo my belt. By then, the long thing I call my d--k was in torment, straining against my swimming trunks.

    Madam Janet stripped me completely Unclad like the day I was born. She took one look at my thick, corrugated, erect throbbing joystick and became breathless. I pulled her closer and raised her dress to dispose her of her panties only to find there was none. So I slipped my large hands under her Unclad Bottom and she sat astride my laps and we started kissing again.
    “I’ve been dreaming of bleeping you,” I whispered as I licked her earlobes.
    “Don’t talk too much,” she said, “just Bleep me”
    I undid the zipper at the back of her dress and slipped it off. Then undid her bra as my heart rate doubled. I released her left bosom first. It was the eight wonder of the world. Large and firm and smooth with the largest areola I’ve ever seen in my life. I squeezed it with both hands and held the Tip up towards her mouth. “S--k it,” I ordered. We took turns s-----g her Tip and kissing until it was swollen stiff and thick, then I descended on the second bosom while she moaned with ecstasy. My joystick was already lodged deep in her Bottom crack, throbbing and nodding away and my belly was soaked with her Kitty-Cat juice.

    I pushed her to the bed and began to lick her clean shaven Kitty-Cat hungrily, teasing her c--t and s-----g the labia. She spread her huge thighs wide open and started thrusting her Kitty-Cat against my mouth while moaning loudly. Then I s----d on the tip of her c--t and she screamed then wrapped my head completely between her thighs and bosoms as her lush body convulsed in the throes of c----x and her swollen Kitty-Cat gushed more juice.


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    (EPISODE 4)
    I felt something wet on my shoulder and I looked up to see that her erect Tips were leaking milk.

    I pushed her down on the huge bed, spread her thighs wide open and pressed the large, pulsing head of my d--k against her Kitty-Cat. It was tight, but the copious Kitty-Cat juice helped it slide in effortlessly and I t----t it to the hilt. I embraced her and grabbed one bosom again and started s-----g milk from it like a baby while grinding my d--k against her Kitty-Cat.

    I could feel her desire mounting again as she threw her head from side to side moaning “Bleep…Bleep!! Bleep ME HARD!!!

    I had no choice but to comply. I slammed in and out of that Kitty-Cat for the next 15 minutes not pausing to even acknowledge her intermittent c-m soaked cummings.

    When both bosoms had been s----d completely dry of milk, I slid out and pulled Madam Jane to her knees then pushed her face down from behind with her battleship Bottom waving high in the air and her swollen c-m dripping Kitty-Cat dead ahead. I needed no more invitation to once again fire my c-m laden d--k torpedo into that delicious Kitty-Cat.

    I bleeped her wild and hard until her c-m was running down both our legs. Then with mounting fury, my c-m exploded out of my loins causing her to buck and thrash as she came once more and we both collapsed on the bed totally exhausted.

    She pulled me into her embrace and wrapped my head between her bosoms. I began to stroke her thigh insides slowly, hearing her moan and feeling her lust mounting slowly again.

    My fingers work their way slowly, tenderly and teasingly up her thigh towards her still wet honey pot and just as I’m about to plunge them in, the bedside phone starts ringing.

    She reluctantly unwraps me from inside her warm cozy embracing bosoms and thighs and reaches for it.

    “It’s the front desk,” she says. “They’ve arrived. We need to get dressed.”

    “So there really is a business meeting,” I groan. “Perfect!”
    “What did you think? That I lured you here for the most Intimate Bleep I’ve had in years?” she asks
    “Thanks for the complement,” I mutter grumpily and roll off her to head for the bathroom.
    “Aww… don’t be like that,” she pleads. “I’ll make it up to you”
    I quickly closed the bathroom door and grinned to myself… “chei!!! I don hammer!” I had just been told that I was to expect a repeat experience of one of the hottest, lushest and most Intimate bodies on God’s earth. I felt as if I had won a jackpot.

    We got ready and 20mins later were seated at the small conference table, going over charts and proposals with her visitors. There were three men and a woman. She made the presentation and the guys proceeded to answer all of Jane’s questions. I just sat there looking over charts and lists as if I knew poo about what was going on.

    Jane would lean over from time to time, touch my hand and ask me a leading question to which I would provide the insinuated answer. It was all going well and I was really eager for it all to end so I and jane could get back to the main event. Then I felt something tickle my ankle.

    I ignored it at first but the third time it caught my attention and I froze. Slowly I raised my head and looked up and across the table. The lady who had given the presentation was seated across from me but appeared to have her full attention focused on one of the other guys who was explaining something.

    After a few seconds I looked away only to be tickled again a few moments later. I looked up again to see her looking right at me with a dare in her eyes. Haba, another one?!! I studied her closely and could not help but notice that she was of average build and filled her suit in all the right places. She kept looking at me as she slowly and tantalizingly worked her toes up my calf and towards my crotch.

    I was wondering what I was going to do next when one of the other men called to her.

    “Bimbo, please distribute the last report to madam and her partner.”


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    Destiny John
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    This Is Awesome Let See How It Goes

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    Hmmmmm odikwa risky o, delicious landlady ineed.

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