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    My Deliverance Ordeal;
    is a fictional one-day experience story written by bigwig97 for readers to catch fun and probably learn one or two lessons.
    No part of this story is to be reposted elsewhere without getting permission at copyright reserved.

    MY ROOM, 5:30am.
    I woke up the usual time I was accustomed to. I lazily carried myself to the bathroom which also doubled as the toilet. I brushed my teeth and rinsed my face with water and returned to my room. I sat on my reading chair and brought out my ‘real Analysis’ textbook and started to solve some questions under the topic ‘continuity of series’. I also brought out my samsung galaxy s3 and played one of my best gospel songs- “all the way by eben”. I moved with the rhythm of the song as well as solved questions from my real analysis textbook.

    Oh! I forgot to tell you about my personality. I’m Henry Faith by name. I’m the only child of my lovely parents. I’m a second-year student of mathematics, UNIlorin. I love anything based on calculation and hate reading notes and that’s why I decided to study math, thinking it’s all about calculation alone not knowing math also has some dead courses in which little or no calculation is done, example of such is real analysis.
    To talk of behavior, I’m very bold, humble and also very determined to get whatever I want. I’m very brilliant, infact I’m the best in my department as per 200 level students.
    My dad is a type of father who doesn’t force his son to do anything and he believes strongly in God and that was why he changed our surname from ‘odunifa’ to ‘faith’.

    Mum is the opposite of dad in all aspects apart from the God loving attitude they both exhibit.
    I continued solving questions and for sure I was getting the answers. Minutes later, someone knocked my door and I immediately stood up to check who was at the door.
    On opening the door, I met mum standing at the door with a serious look. It was them it remembered I wasn’t in my school hostel but back home for christmas and new year celebration. I prostrated and greeted my mum and she replied saying, ‘Henry, good morning how was your night? so if I didn’t come here you won’t come to greet me, ehn?” and pulled my left ear
    ‘No, mum. I woke up few minutes ago ” I defended myself.
    “Ok, take your bath fast because you will follow me to church today”
    “Ok, but why? are we going somewhere else? I mean are we not going to our normal family church today?”
    “No questions boy. Just go in there and take your bath now” mum said pointing at the bathroom and walked out of my room.
    Immediately, she was gone. I dashed into bathroom.

    IN MY BATHROOM, 6:30am stories
    I was in the bathroom for more than forty minutes without water touching my body, talkless of soap. In short, I’ve not taken my bath. I just stood rooted in the bathroom thinking of why my mum will offer to do what she had never done in the past 4 years, which is carrying me to church today. This is because our church is just a stone throw away from our house, so, we all used to ‘leg’ it to church. Even most times, my parents do leave me at home because they were workers, while I served as ‘chief-back-bench-warmer’.
    I can even boost of being the last to enter but first to leave church in most cases. Wait oh! do you understand the last sentence? I doubt it! See these for example;
    There was a day I got to church around 11:30am, and the next thing I heard was ‘let’s share the grace’, and 11:35am, I was on my way back home.
    Another case, I can remember vividly, was a day I wanted to enter the church premises and I saw members already going home. One of them even asked me if I was just coming to church but I told him I went back home to pick something. That day, I didn’t even enter the church before I went back ‘jejely’ to our house.
    I was brought back to conciousness when mum shouted “henry! Are you still in the bathroom? since the past one hour”
    I ‘sharperly’ poured water on my body (I bath without soap) and ran to meet my no-nonsense mum in the room.
    ‘What is that thing you’ve been washing since 5;30 ehn?’ mum attacked me.
    I kept my mouth shut because mum might slap me if I give annoying answer.
    “I give you 15 minutes to meet me in the sitting room”
    “yes, mum” I replied and she walked out of my room.
    I quickly put myself in a brown chinos trouser, a light blue short sleeve shirt and all-stars.
    I ran out of the room so as not to make my annoyed mum crazy.
    The Sitting Room, 6:45am
    “Good morning, dad” I greeted dad immediately I entered the sitting room.
    Dad looked at me for about 2 minutes before he shouted ‘what’s good about the morning? your mum told you, two of you will be going to church together but you decided to waste time. Henry tell me what made you spend like an hour in the bathroom?”
    I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to tell him I was stooling but I wasn’t good at lying. whenever I to tell a lie I was always nabbed by my over sensitive parents maybe because I used to stutter when I tried to lie. To avoid ‘wahala’, I kept quiet, looking downward.
    “Are you deaf? I’m talking to you, Henry.” Dad shouted when he saw I wasn’t saying anything. ‘Henry, you need serious prayer. no wonder your mum insisted on taking you to where you guys are going today. Anyway, I pray that by the time you are back, you would returned to your former humble Henry.”
    I still kept quiet, ruminating about what I heard. ‘Where are we going to? and am I proud like this? Oh ga oh! anyway sha let me just apologize before they start saying something else’ I said within myself. “I’m sorry dad and mum” I said almost prostrating.
    “Apology accepted” dad said smiling while mum shouted “just meet me in the car now”.
    Mum walked out without saying her usual “take care, darling” talkless of kissing her husband.
    ‘why this woman dey para nah sheybi I don apologize’ I thought. I said my goodbye to dad and went to meet mum in her honda element jeep

    In Church, 7:30am

    After like thirty minutes of driving in silence, we got to our destination. The place was a church built like a shed- made with planks and roofing sheet only. I wondered within me why mum chose to attend a shed church against attending our beautiful, air-conditioned, palace-like, family church. My mind told me to be patient as everything will be clear to me with time and I did just that.

    Mum drove to a side of the church’s surrounding where 3 other cars were parked. I looked at the three cars only to see that they were all cars popularly used in late nineties. The one by the left of my mum’s jeep was a Peugoet 504, by the left was a Nissan Datsun and the third car was peugoet 505 saloon car. I laughed within myself. I was sure those cars were older than me (and even most of my readers, lolz.)

    I alighted from the car and waited for mum to lock her vehicle. When she was done, we walked toward the church side by side. Later, something caught my attention, it was a sonorous voice of the person i guessed to be leading praise and worship section. My mind spoke to me the second time saying, ‘oh boy! The girl wey own this voice go bad die. Sharply walk make you go see am before she go siddon’. As if I was under spell, I increased my pace to about five times the initial one. Within seconds, the gap between mum and myself was up to 3 metres or so. I could sense my mum too was surprised at my change in behavior, but I cared less.

    When I entered the shed church, an ugly male ursher beckoned on me. The sight of the ugly man made me forget my mission. I, immediately, went to meet him and he took me to a seat at the front. On a normal day, I used to shun urshers and sit on my usual back seat. But today was different because my mind kept telling me to follow.

    I settled on my seat and murmured my prayers quickly, just like almost all believers would do. Immediately, mum was brought to the seat on my right by the same ugly ursher. She smiled at me and I responded. The sonorous voice I heard earlier came into my hearing again and I eagerly looked up to check who the singer with the sexy voice was but what I saw made me scream out ‘JESUS’

    []In The Church,

    The people beside me thought my screaming was influenced by the holy spirit, including the pastor and the praise and worship coordinator, whose ugliness made me scream earlier.This ugly woman also have tribal marks all around her face. Why is this church filled with ugly people like this? First, it was ugly usher and now ugly chorister, I wondered. The ugly woman changed the song she was singing to “come down oh! Lord and manifest your power …….” because of me.

    I smiled within myself. “She’s meant to sing ‘come down ugliness and manifest your power …..” I said inwardly and started to dance just to play along and avoid mum’s questions like what caused that noise? and others.

    Few minutes later, I stylishly looked at mum. She was clapping her hands and oscillating to and fro like a pendulum bob. I them checked my other side and I saw a woman ,whom I guessed must be in her late fifties judging from her look, sweating and dancing like no man business. On close observation, I discovered her hips were going up and down one after the other. “Mama too dey dance etighi gan sef” I concluded. I them decided to look round the church and to my utmost surprise factually everyone was dancing and singing to God.

    “God have mercy on rich men” I prayed silently. why? because in my main church everyone used to move from left to right like pendulum when songs are being sung to most-high God. But in this shed church, where only three people can say they have a car even though the cars are outdated, members are dancing as if they are contesting. “hmmmmmmm!” i sighed.

    Everything went smoothly through out prayer session and testimony session save for grammatical blunder from some old women who were forcing themselves to speak English. The pastor then came up to the altar after the testimony. I wanted to laugh at the pastor because his tie was knotted in a way that looked like a rope was tied round a goats neck. “must pastors always put on tie?” my mind asked
    “I tire oh” I responded with a little smile and also closed my eyes briefly.

    On opening my eyes, I saw a beautiful ‘damsels’ (I said ‘damsels’ so you will know how beautiful she was). To say she’s beautiful was an understatement, maybe I should say she was ‘most beautiful.’ She wore a ‘Buba’ and ‘Oleku’ Iro made of ‘Ankara’. She was seated behind the ugly, tribal marked woman who led the praise session. A girl beside her whispered something like ‘Damilola’ and she faced her and they started talking silently while the sermon went on.

    Mum then tapped me saying “Henry, I didn’t take my glasses in the car. Help me get it, here are the keys”

    I collected the car keys and walked out of the shed church. I opened the door beside the driver’s seat and then took mum’s glasses. I was about to lock the car when I saw someone’s shadow coming towards me. I looked up and to my surprise, the girl have being admiring was coming towards me. I stylishly open the car which I was meant to close. I did as if I was checking something in the car just to make sure she sees me and think the jeep was mine. I then came out of the car when she was directly beside the jeep.

    “hey sis” I greeted. She looked at me as if I just said latin.
    “You look like someone I know at school, Unilorin to be precised. Are you Dami, Mechanical Engineering Department?” I manage to say so as to advertise myself as an undergraduate.
    When she heard ‘Dami’, she shocked and I’m sure she would be like “how did he know my name” but a sharp guy like me will always get whatever he wants.

    “oh! I’m sorry. I’m not the dami you know at unilorin. Infact I’ve never being there before” she replied after recovering from the shock

    “Ehnen? or do you have a sis there?” I asked

    “nah” she answered
    “But why were you shocked when I asked you my first question?”

    “Oh that. So you noticed? Anyway sha it’s because dami is my name” she said smiling

    ” You’re a chorister right?” i asked

    “how do you know?” she answered my question with another question

    “Because fine ladies like you are meant to have sweet voice” I said and she blushed
    “yeah, I am. Why are you asking?” she later asked

    “your outfit!”
    “oh! Today is first sunday now. And one can wear anything he/she likes” she answered. oh! no wonder almost all the workers are on native, I concluded.

    “please, I have to go now. I was sent to buy battery for the keyboard.” she said and turned to leave.
    “ok. let’s me after service so we can talk then.” I shouted
    “no problem” she shouted back.

    I then locked the car and rushed inside to meet mum in the church.

    In The Church,

    The Pastor Continued Preaching on a topic I don’t know because I wasn’t in church when he started his sermon. But I guess the topic should be something about adultery or fornication since what the man of God was saying is some how related to it. Later, I heard the pastor saying something like “it is a sin to commit adultery and this sin is being triggered by a spirit. And don’t forget that no adulterer or adulteress will make it to the kingdom of God”

    Just then, my mind spoke to me again, “don’t mind that old fashioned man calling himself a pastor, Jesus sef like am. You think say I dey lie? you too open you bible to john 12: 1-7” I sharply opened to that bible passage. Lo and behold, the story there was about when Mary, Lazarus’s sister, who poured expensive perfume on Jesus’s feet and wiped it with her hair. One of Jesus’s disciples, judas, then complained about the act but Jesus answered him in verse seven saying “leave her alone! …..”.
    “Can you see what Jesus said? he was enjoying the act and he wanted her to continue so he had to shut Judas up” my mind spoke again

    “hmmmm! bro Jesus I dey gadun your parol oh” I thought within me and smiled.

    I was still lost in thought when mum tapped me and said “it’s your turn”

    “for what?” I asked innocently. I wasn’t listening to what was going on so I didn’t understand what mum was talking about.

    “Deliverance, of course. I’ve gone for mine” mum answered, she was visibly angry with me ’cause of the question I asked.

    I then walked towards the pastor who had being waiting for me. A woman and two men were unconsciously lying on the floor beside the pastor and I guessed the pastor must have casted evil spirits out of them. When I got to the man’s front, he started uttering some inaudible words but I heard something like “oh you demon in his life..”.

    He then put his hand in my left ear and brought his mouth close to my right ear and screamed. “who are yoouuu?”

    “I’m henry faith, sir”I answered innocently.
    Then the man of God said, “not, you! I’m refering to the demon in you, if any is there”. he then asked again “who are you?” but the manner in which he asked was a bit relaxed.

    When he got no answer, he decided to proceed thinking the demon didn’t want to talk. He then screamed “get out!” I ignorantly turned and ran towards the exit, like the biblical mad man of Gadarea, without looking back.

    The pastor then shouted out, “Henry or what’s your name come back here. I was refering to the demon not you”

    “oh! poor me!” I murmured and walked back lazily towards the pastor. The pastor then placed his hand on my fore-head and murmured some words, I guessed he was speaking in tongues. He then started to push me away from himself. He pushed me in a way that i knew he wanted me to fall down.

    “you wan push me so i go fall for ground and in your mind you will be like you don cast out demon abi” I reasoned inwardly and then stood firmly, making it difficult for him to push me. But he kept on increasing the force which he was exerting on my forehead in the bid to push me down.

    My mind spoke again “oh boy! no fall down oh! if you fall, your ‘spiri-koko’ mama go think say you get evil spirit. That one separate. Your new fish, dami, too will also have the same mentality and may try to avoid you. ‘bobo’, use your head oh! I don talk my own”.

    Immediately my mind finished talking, I saw myself falling down and alas! I hit my head hard on the ground. I fell down at last. I then jumped up to let people know I was pushed and walked back to my seat in utmost disappointment.

    “how on earth will I fall when I’m not demon-possessed?” I asked myself when I finally got seated.

    The remaining part of the service went smoothly, leaving me with my thoughts, and ended about an hour later.


    I ran out the church and went the direction Dami passed. After about 3 minutes of running, I finally sighted her amidst 5 ugly girls who were chatting and laughing over an issue I can’t fathom.

    I finally caught up with them and tapped Dami from behind.

    “What do you want from me?” she splitted out immediately she saw me and all the five ugly ladies looked back to see who their friend was refering to.
    Then the ugliest of them all shouted “This’s that funny heavily possessed guy” and all her friends laughed at me including Dami. I instantly became angry and hated Dami at once.

    I then turned to leave shamefully.
    I then ran back towards the church “I must get to church before mum start looking for me” I told myself as I kept running.

    On our way back home, mum kept throwing glances at me to extent that I had to ask her if all was well.
    She answered saying “I just thank God I brought you here. if not, I know you would still have that demon inside you”.
    What she said made me angry and I said “The man pushed me. Tell me, have you ever seen T. Bright push anyone during deliverance before?”

    T. Bright was a great deliverance minister whom mum enjoyed watching his ministration every thursday evening on XYZ TV.
    “Will you shut up? The fact is you fell after you numerous lunatic displays. I mean the way you ran around the church like a possessed goat or are you saying he pushed you around?” I didn’t say a word because I wasn’t expecting such question.

    “I’m just very happy. I have to inform you dad, ASAP. Let me call him now sef, I can’t wait till I get home” she said and immediately grabbed her phone.

    I became laughing stock. I felt as if my world was about to crumble as I heard dad laughing when mum told him what happened at the shed church.
    My mind drifted back to my encounter with dami minutes ago. i was very depressed and annoyed. I felt like cursing the day, But I didn’t since it was first sunday.

    Ha! what an ordeal!, I lamented.

    THE END***

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    You only made matter worst for yourself when you wanted to ran out of the church when they were delivering you

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    Funny u huh,if u dnt v demon in u then renew ur mind.

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    you even behaved like a possessed guy when the pastor was praying for you

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    hahaha if na me I no go fall oh him go push tire b.DAT oh

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    Mr Fancy™
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    Bad day I guess

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