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    My experience in the hands of the dreaded men of the highway popularly known as “one chance” is not one to be forgotten so soon.
    It is important for us to share our experiences so others can learn from them and see caution in other for them not to fall prey of one.

    My experience goes thus:

    It was on a Tuesday evening on my way back from work around 10:30pm. I had stopped over at a friend’s place that normally helps me in buying meat from his customers around Onipan; they sell good ones at very reasonable prices. I quickly rushed down to his house, picked up the meat, pay him for it and head straight back to Onipan bus-stop to board a bus going towards Ketu-Ojota as I stay around Ogudu.

    On getting to Onipan bus-stop, in front of the police station beside Forte Oil filling station, I met about five other guys waiting to board a bus as well and the entire highway looks deserted with few vehicles going to and fro. As at that time, whatsapp messages kept on coming in from my wife saying it was too late for me to be outside at that time since I didn’t go out in my car. The chat went on and on….the only thing on my mind was to see a bus very fast going towards my route so I can go home to my family.

    After a short while of waiting, here comes a neat well painted (Lagos Commercial bus colored) Volks-Wagen bus with a usual aggressive “conductor” shouting “ketu-Ojota-Mile 12….. N100 ketu-ojota”!! Only two of us ran to the bus with the rest still waiting at the bus-stop. I never sensed foul play as my mind was only fixed with one thing; home. After shouting for a while calling passengers, the driver moved to the next bus-stop called “Aladiye” still at Onipan. A very close friend was standing there busy pressing his phone, waiting for a bus when the bus parked by his side with the conductor repeating his lines “Ketu-Ojota-Mile 12…….N100.00 Ketu-Ojota”. He (My friend) felt reluctant at first; maybe for the fear of too many guys in the bus. Then I called him….”wale (not real name), wale”. He then responded “guy…how far now? You just dey go home?” then I replied “yes o my Brother. Na wetin man go chop cause am o”. So I told the bus conductor to stand up from my side and allow my friend sit beside me, he quickly objected as there was only one person in the back sit. Wale seeing me in the bus felt at peace and hopped in to the back sit. The conversation then continued with blutooth. Wale then said “Ore, why didn’t you go to work in your car”? “Omo with the traffic around Apapa these days, I go on public transport. I only take my car on Fridays…you know as e dey go now?” I replied. The bus had gotten to another bus-stop called “Church”. A Bros I know also entered the bus. I dodged for him; never wanted him to see me cos he is always in need begging for money. And I mean always.

    The driver then moved on to Palm-groove bus-stop. With no passenger at the bus-stop, he drove on. Then the conductor started asking for money. I dug my hand into my front pocket, brought out N500.00 and paid for two; myself and my friend. While waiting for my N300.00 balance and at the same time in deep thought of my family, they declared thus “Hey everybody, you have entered one chance….respect yourself…” I rose up my head to this amazement of whether these “crazy bastards” still exist or they are only joking. The guy sitting beside me started struggling with them when one of the “one chance” guys sitting in the extreme end on the same sit started hitting him hard on the head with a big stone and the guys on the sit behind us hit him with knuckles and gun butt in a bid to calm him down. They hit him on the head until blood started gushing out of it.

    I then raised my hands, with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in my hand and my BB in one of my front pockets. One of the two guys sitting beside the driver collected the Note 4 from me. Then they stopped bordering me as they focused on other victims. Deep down, I was happy as I still had my BB with my N21k in my pocket. At the time, my friend Wale who is obviously taller and relatively huge was their center of focus. The craziest one among them sitting right behind me holding a gun; pointed the gun at Wale; ordering him to surrender all he has to him. While reluctantly bringing t out, the “Crazy” gave him a heavy blow on his lips and threatened to shoot him. “Abi were nie ni…moni ko fun mi ni owo apo e. olo fe ma s’agidi. E be like sey I go shoot one person for leg so una go know sey we no dey joke o” he said as he released a shot in the air. Then Wale started begging; released all the money plus ATM in his pocket to one of them. “How much dey there?” said the “Crazy”. “N50k” said Wale. Then they asked how much the guy sitting beside me has in his pocket, he brought out N350.00, N2k Nokia phone and 2ATM cards. They asked how much he has in his ATM when the guy replied “N3k”. The crazy now said angrily “so na because of N350, N2k Nokia phone and N3k in your account you wan kill yourself? No dey try am again o. we go just kill you comot; nobody fit hold us”.

    At this time we were already in Gbagada cos instead of going straight, they made a turn beside Batola Machine Tools Company, Anthony and headed towards Gbagada via Charley Boy before making a turn on the bridge facing Anthony-Oshodi again. I was nursing the ambition of going home with my BB and N21k in my pocket when one of them dug his hand in my pocket and took them. He then said “wetin be this (showing me my BB)? Sebi you say u don give us everything. You even get money” “haa….i no know say the phone even dey there. I think say I don drop everything o……na a your own, take am naa.” I said. Meanwhile, I had my ATM and another N2k with some change in my back pocket.
    They then forced others to release whatever they had on them while pointing guns to Wale to release his ATM PIN to them. He quickly gave them a fake PIN. Not satisfied, they insisted he must follow them to an ATM machine where he will make a withdrawal for them. He then pleaded that he had withdrawn everything in his account which they already collected.

    They later dropped us along the road in a flower garden very close to Anthony after UPS office, Gbagada. I then took a cab home with my friend Wale. On getting home, I narrated my ordeal to my wife who said she’s been calling my line to no avail. I then remembered I bought a Chicken Suya….”oh one of then eating it in the bus” I realized.

    It was really an awful experience as they were so mean and ready to kill anyone found not cooperating.

    I urge the Lagos state government to rise up to its primary responsibility of protecting the life and property of every Lagosian by working closely with security operatives in tracking these dreaded and heartless men down before it is too late.
    Kindly share your “One Chance” experience if you have any so others can learn. If you don’t, kindly follow so as to learn from people’s experiences.

    Please ignore errors and omissions as this was posted without cross reading.

    God Bless Nigeria.

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    Gosh! This is too bad…Government n force pls take note.

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    May God answer us

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    Only God can save us oo!

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    Blaise brayne
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    It was a bad experience
    Government should do something oo

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    This is Terrible Cant Believe This One Chance Stuff Still Exist

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    Tenniebenson (Area Mama)
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    Wow…. I’m speechless…. Never experienced it… Nd i dnt pray to….. It can affect one’s brain… Is dis caused by unemployment or wat?

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    na wa oh. sorry ya. the cash n phones really pain me oh. i pray i dnt experience such.

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