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    interesting story

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    This is gonna be tough

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    Episode 3

    On getting inside Bisola was so
    pissed off
    Bisola:am begining to read the
    writings on the wall
    Me:which wall,cant u see them
    on air
    Bisola:i swear if da(just then dad
    into my room)
    Dad:u swear what
    Bisola:excuse me,as u can see i
    referring to you
    Dad:bravo,the child i natured had
    grown wings so big that she
    wants to fly
    more than her father
    Me:dad thats every parents
    prayer for their
    children to be greater than they
    Dad: oh shut your trap you
    imbecil,so you are the one
    springing up this
    Me: father of matured imbecil
    (another slap
    landed on my fine face,i saw like
    stars changing colours)
    Dad:you fool,you had grown so
    big to talk to
    me in that manner
    Bisola:kill us,kill us so u and your
    useless son
    yomi would live on(dad raised
    his hand to
    slap her)yesss slap me,father slap
    slap me,is
    it not slap,oya see my face slap
    Dad:you no what,i don’t think
    you both are
    my blood
    Bisola:which blood! Blood full of
    secrets and
    evil mind(taahhhh there gose
    another slap
    on bisola’s face,she fell to the
    bed holding
    her face)
    Dad:from today,i disown the
    both of you
    Me:hahahaha,i disowned you as
    a father the
    very day my mother die
    Bisola: (still on the bed) and me i
    disowned you tay tay(i turned
    and looked at
    her,o boi see my fine sister face
    don red
    pass red oil,i almost burst out
    laughter,na wic kind slap war be
    dis na)
    Dad:both of you will hear from
    me…he left
    my room.i bursted out laughing
    Bisola:why are you laughing
    Me:babe your face don red o
    pass palm oil
    Bisola:your face nkor,look at it at
    the mirror
    now(i turned and looked at the
    beside my bed,o boi my own red
    pass bisi
    own o)
    Bisola:so stop laughing and lets
    think and
    plan together because this man
    throw us out soon
    Me: (jokingly)oya make we go
    beg na
    Bisola: over my dead body
    Me: (still joking) if dad should
    throw us out
    hunger would kill us o and u
    know we aint
    use to it so lets go beg him o
    Bisola:na true o,if ah hear,am not
    that heartless father of mine for
    anything in
    the world
    Me:correct babe.
    That night,from my sleep i could
    hear noise
    in mum’s room because her
    room was close
    to mine,i woke up,waking Bisola
    Me:can you hear the noise
    Bisola:yes are you sure our
    house is not
    being robbed?
    Me:no,that noise is coming from
    room(bisola stood up as if
    Bisola:am going right in there
    Me:relax,am sure it dad looking
    something in there
    Bisola:lets go in there before it
    too late…we
    tip toe to the room’s door and
    behold it was
    dad and yomi,they had turned
    mum’s room
    upside down
    Bisola:dad,yomi what are you
    both doing in
    mum’s room by this time of the
    Dad: (i could see how shocked
    himself and
    yomi were,he managed to
    defend his
    self)jamb question in my own
    Me: (but i gave him no
    chance)dad answer
    that jamb question now or it
    would be
    rough in this room in the next
    minute and
    you yomi talk now?
    Dad: (a little afraid,so he
    stammered,i guess
    he had never seen me look this
    have you
    seen it?
    Yomi:no dad
    Me:seen what?
    Dad:my passport
    Bisola:dad,let it not be what am
    Dad:what are you suspecting?
    Bisola:dad with all due respect,do
    you and
    yomi have a hand in mum’s
    stroke the room as everyone’s
    eye moved
    from one person to the other.

    To be Continued

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    Episode 4

    I watched dad as he fought hard
    himself to see a suitable lie
    Dad:how can i possibly kill my
    wife,does that
    make any sense to you?…he
    frowned and
    acted as if confused,stared hard
    at me(abeg
    look who ask u the question,nor
    put am for
    my head) and angrily walked out
    of the
    room,yomi just looked at Bisola
    with a
    deadly eyes
    Yomi:you accused me of
    mother’s death,i
    would deal with you so bad…he
    suit,walking out like his father
    did earlier
    Me:you were too fast bisola,dad
    suspect we are up to something
    Bisola:am sorry bros chidi,i
    couldnt hold it
    anymore,dad locked this room
    the very day
    mum died only to get in tonight
    with yomi
    to turn the room upside down…i
    the wall clock hanging in mum’s
    room,it was
    2 a.m sharp
    Me:it okay,lets go inside and
    entered my room again
    Bisola:but how would dad claim
    to be
    looking for his passport in
    mum’s room,he
    wasn’t in good terms with
    mummy for good
    two months before her death
    Me: (sitting on the bed)even
    when they
    were in good terms daddy never
    mum’s room,it always mum
    visiting his
    room…bisola joined me in
    bed,just then
    mum’s ghost appeared,if it were
    bisola would had entered inside
    the walls of
    my room
    Mum:do not be afraid my
    children,now go
    into my room,check under the
    would see a white long and wide
    envelop,you would find a
    disk,play it,it
    contains a video record,go now
    and do not
    be afraid,am always with
    you…she vanished
    into tin air
    Me:bisola lets go
    Bisola: (stil looking scared)go
    Me:mum’s room…she stood up
    and followed
    me,we met dad locking the
    room’s door
    again,he looked at us meanly as
    withdraw the key from its slot
    confirmed to see the door was
    locked,then walked away
    Me: oh shit,what kind of man is
    Bisola:how come we forgot
    when we were
    left alone in the room
    Me:i just don’t know
    Bisola: (walked to the door and
    opening it but it was locked)so
    what do we
    do now
    Me:lets go back and sleep,any day
    room’s door is open again,we
    make use of
    the opportunity
    Bisola:how sure are you this
    would come again?
    Me:very sure,because am sure
    daddy did not
    see what he was looking for so
    he must try
    again,so all we need do is stay
    Bisola:that’s true,lets go sleep
    then (who
    walked to the door of my room
    and heard a
    loud voice,it was that of my late
    mother,open the door,open it
    now)chidi did
    you hear that?
    Me:yes but how
    Bisola:lets open it first…i rushed
    to the
    door,winned the handle and the
    door gave
    way,i rushed to my mum’s
    bed,the room
    was still in a mess,i raised the
    bed up and
    there it lies,the envelop was just
    there like
    mum said,i took it,rushed off the
    room and
    shut the door out of fear,i tried
    to open it
    again but the door refused to
    give way,i
    turued,held bisola’s hand and
    lead her to my
    room hurriedly
    Bisola:did you get it
    Bisola: (reaching out for her
    watch it…i rushed to my
    door,locked it and
    back i come again,i brought out
    disk,insert it into her laptop and
    watched the disk load.

    To Be Continued

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    Henry Sanctus
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    hmmm were d secret of ur dad nd broda yomi lies…. ride on bro I dey ur back

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    Hmmmm hw can ur dad be this heartless

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    This story was written by Augustine’s a very interesting story… Hope you took permission sha

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    Next plz!

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