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    Episode [15 & 16]…………..

    Semi final and Final episode…

    ” Good evening Peter, how are you doing? ” Lucy asked while smilling..
    I was shot of words and I didn’t know how to express
    Myself then..
    ” am fine ma” I replied..
    So my father was showed her room, so I packed all her luggages there…
    Then followed with soliloquy in my room.
    ” chaiiiii, what a temptation.. I never knew my father would bring her home… Chaiiiii, how do I cope with this now? ” I soliloquised..

    ****Several days later ******

    Funke was in the bathroom taking her birth one day when I bursted into the bathroom without knocking and she was amazed..
    ” why did you do this? “She asked.
    ” am so sorry if that hurts you, I just adore you
    . the urges of being with you is very strong that’s why I bursted without knocking ” I replied..
    ” hmmmm, sure? But I told you earlier that we aren’t save here, if I allow you to do anything with me now your dad might caught us red handed and you know what that mean ” she replied.

    Me: I told you earlier that, that doesn’t mean, he won’t discover anything that’s going on between us.
    Lucy: he will know, that your father is something else.
    Me: never mind him. He won’t do anything..

    Before she could say anything, I moved close to her, grabbed her waist and started romancing her thoroughly.
    Initially she was trying to stop me but later on, he agreed..
    we both locked πŸ” our mouth together and we started kissing.. We did the kissing for like 15 minutes and I switched to another technique.
    Iaid her down gently, located her breast and started s-----g one while playing with the other.
    I later opened her legs wide open then inserted my D--k πŸ† into her p---y and started banging her so hard as she moan…
    We were both enjoying and moaning in an excitement when of a sudden……………………………

    [πŸ’₯ I warned my father never to marry again but he wouldn’t listen πŸ’₯]

    Episode 16..

    The final episode….

    We were both enjoying and moaning in an excitement when of a sudden tgeThe door was opened and behold it was my father..
    I felt like the ground should open so that I would enter then.
    ” Peter, am I dreaming? ” he asked while gaping.
    I didn’t say anything but remain silent as he was trying to beat πŸ’“ me……….
    I quickly ran outside while Lucy was in the bathroom weeping πŸ˜‚..

    Few minutes later my bags and some of my properties we’re thrown out by my father…
    ” there are your belongings, go to wherever you want to go but don’t dare to step into this house again ” he said to me with seriousness.
    Despite all my pleading, he chased me out…
    So I took a bike 🚲 of mine i bought my self then heads straight to my mother in the village where she lives.
    Immediately I reached there with all my properties, my mother was so scared 😱 and she asked ::
    ” what happened πŸ’©? Why did you packed all your properties? Is everything a
    In other..? ” she asked.
    Me: yeah, just calm down πŸ”½.. All is in other, I just decides to stay in the village here for a while. We are on break..
    Mum: sure? Ok, how are you doing?
    Me: am fine and you.?
    Mum: fine ooo my son. Hope your father is well?
    Me: yeah, nothing happened to him.. He’s fine…
    Few minutes later I saw all my siblings out jubilating my arrival and I was so astonished seeing them and at same time annoyed. I presented my gift πŸ“¦ for them and they all guzled it down with happiness ☺️…

    ********** A year later **********

    i was eating with my mother home Alone one day and the following were ensued:
    Me: mum, there’s something crucial I want to tell you but I don’t know how to go about it.
    Mun : sure? What’s that my son. ? Just tell me.
    Me: ok, I saw a girl πŸ‘§ for about 2 years ago now and I would like to marry her. We both love ❀️ each other very well and I don’t think there’s anything that will stop me from marrying her. It seems to her parent as if am deceiving her, but I want to prove to them that am not
    Mum : Peter… Na wao… Why didn’t you tell me since?
    Me: I was afraid to tell you.
    Mum : sure? Why na… That’s a good ideal and I appreciate that.. Boys of nowadays talked of marriages after impregnating but yours is otherwise..
    Me: sure? Thank you so much…
    Mum : you are welcome, but I don’t think you can marry her now since you still schooling.
    Me: yes, that’s true. I thought alot too. But what do we do to prove to them that I really want thier daughter and would like to marry her?
    Mum : ok, we will both go to their house one day, then we do her introduction later after the visit. Then you continue your school while she waits for you.
    Me: sure? Wow.. Thank πŸ™ You so much, am so happy…

    I called her on phone one day and tell her that we would be doingher introduction soon and she was so hHappy…

    I and my mother visited them one day and told them everything and they all agreed…..
    The following day, we bought the criteria required for the introduction, we went to their house and the introduction was done successful…
    After the introduction, Angela visited my mum and she spent like a week in our house filled with merriment.

    I went back to school 🚸 and continue my education with the notion of marrying her after I finished my academic journey………

    THE END ❀️❀️

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    laslas ur papa chase u and u later marry angela

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    daniel wiredaniel wire
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    laslas ur papa chase u and u later marry angela @valentine u try

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    Nice… thank you

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    Today na today

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    Good work

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    Like father like son,Nice one

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    chiiii,meat don’t enter for you

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