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    Add my name in d reg na @senatordaniel
    nice start though

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    Next episode

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    Chelsea fan u said…den u go make am

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    It’s a dream come true for me to train with MR Babalola
    arguably the best coach in my area. Mr. Babalola has
    seen me play once and he fell in love with my game, prior
    to me join his team I learnt he once told his team that he
    saw a good player that was much better than anyone in
    his team and I confirmed the statement after I joined his
    team. Joining future stars fc was not easy because Mr.
    babalola came to my house thrice to plead with father to
    allow me join his team, I remember him telling father that
    he would protect me and help me improve on my game
    not only that he would help my education because he is a
    teacher himself, his love for football made him become a
    coach though that was after school hours. I remember my
    first day in training, the excitement on Mr. Babalola’s face
    was much that after training that day he took time to
    educate us on the laws of the game. Before he took his
    time to educate us, he introduced me to the other guys in
    the team and their names are as follow:
    Aaron Samuel (skippo)
    Babatunde Michael (b.mikes)
    Opa Moses (opa)
    Chibuzor azubike (cihibu)
    Roland mobta (Rolando)
    Daniel adegbuyi ( adeys)
    Michael Isaac ( mikalo)
    Jinadu yussuf (jinadu)
    Salami abdul ( salam)
    Chinaza godwin ( godwin)
    Opabunmi femi (okada)
    Michael’s john (oyibo)
    Soneye taiwo (thunder)
    Olarewaju matanmi (matan)
    Mustapha Kehinde (Kenny)
    Actually we were more than these in the team but these
    were the guys present that day. In his words Coachie said
    this is kunle Thomas “little messi”, I have brought him to
    add extra flare to our game and put fear in the minds of
    our opponent. Then he proceeded and said this laws I will
    be teaching you is to make you have a fundamental
    knowledge of the game. The registration to make our team
    play in the street league has commenced and it would be
    completed in the next few weeks, so you all need to have a
    basic knowledge of the game. Then he proceeded to the
    “Football is the most popular sport in the world, although
    there are thousands of sports out there. The main
    objective in football is to secure points and this can be
    done in three ways
    You get 3 points when you win a game by any margin,
    regardless of the score line. Although, the number of goals
    you score is an added advantage to you
    You get 1 point when you draw a game, that is if the
    number of goals you score at the end of the game is same
    as that of your opponent
    You get 0 or no point if you lose the game by any margin,
    and the number of goals you concede will count.
    To start a standard football game you need 11 players
    which is 1 goal keeper and 10 outfield players. Primarily in
    football there are four main positions and I will explain
    Goalkeeper: the goalkeeper is the only player allowed on
    the pitch to use his hands, but he is restricted to his 18”
    yard box. The function of the goalkeeper is to prevent the
    ball from going into the net.
    Defender: the number of defenders in a game varies on
    the formation the coach wants to play, but in football
    most coaches use 4 defenders which is a right back, a left
    back and two central defenders. The main function of the
    defenders is to protect the goalkeeper and protect the
    team from conceding.
    Midfielder: the number of midfielders also depends on the
    team formation. The midfielder serves as a link between
    the defenders and the strikers. But in recent times, there
    are two types of midfielders, the defensive midfielder and
    the attacking midfielder.
    Striker: the striker is the one who has the primary function
    of scoring goals. If you will win a game most often
    depends on the striker.
    I hope at the end of this short lecture, you can now
    choose the position you are good at Coachie said. He
    went on to say there are many laws and rules in football
    but we will continue some other time, we said our prayers
    and everyone went home.
    Home that night was very interesting because everyone in
    the family could sense how happy I am but then I have
    about 2 weeks more to train before I retire to my books as
    examination would commence in few weeks and father
    won’t allow me to go to training. This thought was on my
    head that I slept off without taking dinner for the second
    time in a week.

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    senator danielsenator daniel
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    All my life up until this moment, GREATSHED SCHOOLS
    has been the school I had went to; it was like a family
    school because that was where my two sisters had their
    secondary education. My school is located just about 1km
    from our home so most times I trek to school and it is one
    of the best in the local government because of the
    conducive environment and qualified teachers we posses.
    My school was also known for its academic and sporting
    excellence so no doubt that a brilliant boy like me attends
    such school. One thing I loved most about my school is
    that they give opportunity to everyone who could represent
    the school in sport or academics and I was a testimony as
    I have been drafted into the school team since jss2 and I
    get to train with the bigger boys in ss1 to ss3. I had
    always been among the top 3 student in my class, so
    when I get to represent the school my teachers had no
    doubt in me that it wouldn’t affect me academically.
    Exams are just 2 weeks away and I had stopped training
    so as to focus more on my books. It was just a week to
    exams that we were called to check our seat numbers for
    exams and I was number 133 out of 150 students taking
    the exams, the time table for exams was out and it would
    be done in 3 weeks, I was a partially happy because I
    would have enough time to study but on the other hand
    our football competition would be coming up in 5 weeks
    but all this while Coachie has always called to check out
    on how prepared I am for exams and he would always tell
    me about the competition on the other hand. Exams
    started on 20th February 2014 and the first two subjects
    were business studies and mathematics, ever since I
    came into secondary school I had this dislike for business
    studies because I was not the type who loved calculations,
    same as mathematics but I was happy the first two
    subjects were the ones I disliked most and after that I
    would have less headache on the remaining subjects. I
    shunned all contact I could have with the boys in training
    so as not to get distracted. I studied hard and in a twinkle
    of an eye, exams were done. The last day of the exams
    was very emotional for me because I would be leaving my
    friends, although many had promised that they would have
    their senior secondary education in the school but I know
    some might not make it. Many might wonder why the
    sudden change in my stand on not going into senior
    secondary school but that changed because father said
    the only condition he would allow me go to training was to
    accept that I would go to senior secondary school so I had
    no choice than to accept. I was very glad that exams were
    over because I would have the opportunity to train more.
    during exam Coachie called to tell me that our club had
    been accepted into the street league and so we would be
    having our first official match as a team soon and that
    would be a friendly game against fellow newcomers
    Howard fc and then a competition before we start the
    league proper, So I look forward to the game. Aside these
    thoughts, father had warned me that there would be
    trouble if I fail to pass my exams. So why I was
    fantasizing about my first game, on the other hand I was
    praying for a good result.

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    senator danielsenator daniel
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    I pray you have a good result.

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