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    EPISODE -1
    Bisi , Faith and Sophia were best of friends. They attended the same school and the same church as well. They like staying and sitting together any where they found themselves. Bisi the Yeruba girl was slightly taller than the other two but but they were all in the same young age Twelve (12) and also in the same class
    one particular Sunday , the three of them were coming back from church together discussing on certain issues as they used to , suddenly one of them asked

    “did you remember the sermon(preaching) of the pastor today?” that’s Sophia asking. The others were just looking at her blankly trying to figure out where she was driving at with her question.

    “what happened to his sermon?” Faith asked

    “he said, he who finds a wife finds a goodthing and obtains favour from God. I believe the same thing is applicable to the lady who has find a Husband” Sophia explained

    “what did you mean by that?” bisi asked

    “i have found my husband ” Sophia replied smiling at them

    “and who is he?” Faith queried looking confused

    “there he is” Sophia said pointing at a direction .

    Bisi and Faith followed the direction her right hand went and to their surprise , all they could see was a young boy on Tartard cloths who was hawking groundnut

    “is that #orukoyour Husband?” Bisi asked jestfully

    “yes” Sophia sang

    immediately, Bisi and Faith busted into laughter . Sophia was just staring at them in confusion

    “how is it funny nah?” she asked

    “this girl oooo , you will not kill me ooo” Bisi screamed while she was still laughing
    “okay, you may laugh at me now, but don’t forget , you will soon have to get jealous.” Sophia said to her two friends

    “God forbid i do that!” Faith exclaimed
    “two of you are irritating me, just keep laughing let me go and patronize my future husband”

    Sophia said moving away from them
    “this girl has gone nuts oh” faith said
    “o Ko mo nkan Kan” bisi said in yeruba as they took steps following her behind

    “hey groundnut! Groundnut!!” Sophia screamed calling for the attention of the young boy and when he heard her, he instantly raced toward her
    “how much ?” Sophia asked
    “these are N20 and the rest are N50” he replied calmly
    “okay, i need this one” she said searching her little pink bag for money

    “Sophia , did you take a good look at the dirty street boy you called a future husband?” Bisi asked once they are near enough

    “will you stop that nonsense!” Sophia screamed looking up set
    “there’s nothing to be upset about, we are trying to wake you up from your sleep, may be you are still dreaming” Bisi said to her again
    “i am not dreaming, infact leave me alone” Sophia said angrily and then gave the boy the money

    “your husband is putting on patch patch short, you should be ashamed of that” Bisi said further mocking the boy who felt like crying at what she said

    “Easy Bisi, you are talking too much and perhaps embarrassing them.” faith said
    “its better i do that than to allow my friend destroy her future ” said Bisi in respect to what Faith said

    the Boy shyly walked away from them after giving Sophia the groundnut she had requested for. Sophia felt so bad at what Bisi had said so with that, she attacked her immediately

    “what is even wrong with you bisi? You like insulting and embarrassing people!”
    “i did not insult you neither did i embarrass you. I am just doing you a favour which you ought to appreciate . Abeg give me groundnut joor” Bisi said

    “come and eat let me see that mouth!” Sophia said
    the story is just starting

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    EPISODE -2
    Bisi , Faith and Sophia’s parents were also friends. They lived in the same street and they were also rich. Due to the amity that existed between them, they children could spend the night at each others house when ever is due with out problem.

    Sophia and Faith conveyed at Faith’s house after school so they could do their assignment together . When they were through with assignments, they started discussing

    “you see Gabson heh, that boy is playing prank on me and i am going to deal with him.” bisi complained

    “what again did he do this time around?” Faith asked

    “don’t you see he is always looking for my trouble . If he did not snatch my barret and put it on his head he will snatch my handkerchief and run away” bisi narrated

    “you and this your Gabson every time, i don’t understand you two. Infact i think you guys are some kind of husband and wife” faith teased

    “what! Husband and wife k?” bisi exclaimed

    “its only some one that likes you that will always look for your trouble so you will chase him around” faith explained

    “Lol , shaaa its better than that of Sophia who called a poor Oruko her husband” Bisi said .

    They turned over to Sophia who had been adamantly looking at them. They had expected her to say something while her name is being mentioned but she didn’t. She just cuddled the pillow tighter.

    “oh no. Princess Sophia is thinking about her Prince charming ” Bisi said bending her neck leftward in sympathy.

    Sophia instead of saying something in respect to what bisi said stood up and hung her school bag on her back.

    “so where are you going naw?” Faith asked

    “i think i should be going home ” she replied
    “wait lets go together ” Bisi said to her

    “you don’t have to bother. I want to do some thing at home” she said calmly to bisi

    “are you angry ni?” bisi asked
    “am not, see you girls tomorrow” she said and off she went.

    Instead of going home directly, she headed to the particular street where she saw the boy selling groundnut . And after spending thirty minutes there wandering like someone who had lost her money, she sighted him from a far distance . That instant, she began to run towards him screaming groundnut! Groundnut!! Groundnut!!!
    When he heard her voice , he turned around and saw her running toward him

    “ma’am , you don’t have to run , just call my name and i will do the running” the boy said once they had approached each other.

    “so what’s your name , so i will call you by your name other than calling you groundnut when next i sees you?” Sophia requested

    “i am Victor, what about yours?” he ended with a question

    “my name is Sophia. The only daughter of chief Nicholas” she replied
    “wow, your father is a very rich man” he said
    “yes. Your groundnut was sweet , its probably the sweetest groundnut i have ever tasted. ” Sophia commented

    “wow, really?”
    “yes, i will like to buy more again” she said

    victor brought down the tray on his head so she can be able to make a perfect selection on her choice.

    “i am sorry for the embarrassment yesterday by my friends” Sophia Apologised giving him money.

    “its nothing, i am used to it. It is like a part of my life” he said

    “so where did you live?” she asked

    “i live down the estate with my uncle and his family” he replied

    “what about your parents?” she asked further

    “they died in an accident when i was three years old” he answered

    “oh no, sorry for that” she said

    “okay , thank you very much for your patronage; here is your change.” victor said

    “you can keep that” she said

    “wow , thank you very much. You are such a generous girl” he appreciated

    “you are welcomed”
    * * *

    during the weekend, Sophia was walking along the street , fortunately, she sighted some one sitting in am empty shop. She recognized it was victor so she called out “Victor!”

    he raised his head a little to know who had called him then continue staring at the floor as he has been doing.
    At that , Sophia knew really that all is not well. So she went closer to him and found out he had been crying

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    EPISODE -3
    Sophia knew really that all is not well. So she went closer to him and found out he had been crying

    “what’s the problem? ” Sophia asked in sympathy.
    He did not respond to her question . Instead , tears flowed freely down his cheek the more.

    “victor , what’s the matter? Why are you crying?” yet still there was no answer but when she held his hand, he opened up

    “i lost Three Hundred Naira from the Groundnut i sold earlier and my aunt said i should not return to the house with out it”

    “is that all?” she asked
    “yes” he replied
    “now clean your eyes with this and follow me let me get you the money so you can go home. Its getting late already” she said giving him her handkerchief . He cleaned up his eyes and followed her. He waited for her just in front of their gate while she went in to get the money. With not less than Five minutes , she showed up again

    “have this” she said giving him the N1000 her uncle gave her the last time her visited them

    “this is much, wait let me get you the change” he said

    “just keep it , its for you ” Sophia said

    “my aunt will say i have stolen from her” he complained

    “keep the change for your self most especially in terms and situation like this” Sophia said

    “thank you very much, God will bless you abundantly” he appreciated going down on his knees

    “oh , you don’t have to knee down for me” she said drawing him up. “and don’t forget to come around this side when ever you have fresh Groundnut” she added

    “yes ma” victor said.
    * * *

    gradually, Victor and Sophia became close friends. Sophia is always found at the front balcony of their two storey building so she would be able to see him when ever he is passing . And victor at the other hand passes their street almost five times every day

    Sophia’s two friends found out about their close relationship and became jealous . This was because she create less time to spend with them and spend much time with him. With that, they began to make trouble for the poor boy.
    The captain troubler was Bisi . She will always call him ugly names both with English and yeruba language when ever she sees him in their street. Some times , she will threaten to fight him when ever she felt words are not enough to stop him from peddling into her friend’s life.
    She was so hostile to him that one day, she slapped him and threw his tray of groundnut inside a wet gutter. She also gave him the name “gold-digger” and the name made him famous that every body apart from Sophia calls him a gold-digger . Victor didn’t retaliate because he saw himself as a no body neither did he gave up because his only source of Happiness was staying around Sophia.
    when Sophia , Bisi and Faith were through with primary school, they got to be separated from each other based on condition. Bisi traveled to Lagos to live with her mum , also to start her secondary school there.
    Sophia was to travel to U.S.A where all her elder brothers were. Only Faith remained in Onitsha because all of her family resides there.

    Sophia was very sad when her Dad told her that she would be travelling to U.S.A
    she tried opposing the idea but her father was so strick and mean . He didn’t even made a budget of changing his decision even when she cried

    she broke the news to Victor with tears when he came visiting as usual. Victor automatically began to cry . At first , Sophia thought she was the only one who is feeling Bad about it but then she turned out to be surprise when she saw Victor crying like a baby on the floor. She definitely forgot about her own agony and consoled him to take heart that she would be back with in a space of time.

    Victor looked at him self , he had nothing tangible to give to her apart from the necklace with a heart shaped pendant which was a gift from his late mother. He took off the necklace from his neck and placed it on hers an then he said

    “i don’t have any exorbitant item to give to you but despite that , manage this one , use it always to remember that you have a friend back here in Nigeria who cares and thinks of you. I want you to know it that i will never forget you no matter how log we will be parted from each other. ”

    she held his hand after his statement and said “thank you very much. This means the whole world to me. I am going to miss you very much and i will never forget you. ”

    instantly , the both of them hugged themselves for the first time , but then , the gate man caught them and chased him away with cane and that was definitely the last time he crossed the street during his child hood age: and probably the last he sold groundnut.
    It happened that he cried bitterly as he went home that evening. When he got home, he met his uncle(his mother’s only brother) at the sitting room . The young man was shocked and grieved to the marrow on seeing
    EPISODE -4
    When he got home, he met his uncle(his mother’s only brother) at the sitting room . The young man was shocked and grieved to the marrow on seeing how tartard and teary his nephew was. At first, his aim of visiting was to check on him and give him the new clothes he has bought for him from lagos. But seeing him in such condition, he decided instantly to take him to lagos the following morning. He knows that if he continues staying with them, he will amount to nothing in the future because they did not give him a chance to go to school. Mr. Michael the uncle who he was living with refused but Thomas his uncle from Lagos insisted. He began to call all member of the extended family on phone telling them how Michael and his wife have been mal-treating the orphan boy in their custody. And his aim of taking him and giving him a chance of having a bright future in Lagos. All of them supported his motion and with that, he took off to Lagos with him the following morning.
    Thomas live with his wife Kate and only daughter called Chidimma . Now victor has joined them making them four in number. He was so very hardworking and diligent and for that, Thomas and his wife loved him like their own child,. They sent him to secondary school according to his age but he did poorly because he couldnt read or write. So Thomas found the need of getting him a private teacher very important and he did just that. After some months, he picked up and got free from the shackles of dullardness. He took the first position in his JSS3 and maintained it till he was out of secondary school.

    Thomas sponsored him further into the university and he graduated as a first class student. After his NYSC project , be began to work in his uncles company and with all his effort , did every thing that will uplift and help to the promotion of the company. He also helped his uncle in training his own children who was at the particular time three in number
    he took them like his own siblings and they all were like a family.

    ¤¤¤¤THE STORY BEGINS¤¤¤¤
    most nights, Victor goes out with his two best friends Desmond and Martin to their favourite bar for drinking. His friends are so fund of coming with their girl friends unlike himself who do not have any.

    “why don’t you pick up a girl friend and stop being a lone ranger” Martin suggested on one of their night drinking. He is a typical example of an expert player. He dates five different ladies at the same time and yet won’t get into trouble with any unlike desmond who had only one girl friend . He once tried to cheat but was caught red handedly and so he have to go extra mile in order to obtain her forgiveness and when she did, he promised him self never to cheat again.

    “i have always told him that. I don’t understand how a handsome rich guy like him should be with out a lady beside him not that he is so active and obsessed with his religion” desmond added

    “you guys won’t understand ” victor said

    “why won’t we understand?” desmond asked

    “because you are not there in my past” victor replied

    “why don’t you leave your past and focus on the future? There is a reason why those in your past didn’t make it to your future ” Martin said

    “who is even there in your past that won’t allow you to focus on the future?” Desmond asked

    “its a long story, you guys should forget about this topic for the main time” Victor said to them

    “you guys should let him be. May be he has not find who his heart beats for” angel said , she is Desmond’s fiancee

    “we are not talking about wife here, remember?” Martin said

    “and what did you mean by that? So your motive is to use women and dump them abi?” Ruth attacked Martin his boy friend

    “no, that was no what i mean. I was just trying to convince my friend and never to confuse you” Martin said as the rest in the round table began to laugh.

    “So friends, Bisi my best friend is organising a birthday party tomorrow by the time. So i would like you guys to be there.” angel said when the laughter had gone down

    “come on, Desmond is always available to keep your company so you won’t get bored ” Victor said

    “oh come on, i told her much about you guys and the sweet songs you guys sings, she appeared to be eager to meet you guys. So i want you all to be there to make the party lively. Especially you Victor . Who knows, you might find that special one there. ” angel said again

    “wow, we will surely be there” Martin said.

    victor , desmond and Martin ‘s hobby is always singing. They have that talent to compose new songs and also , sweet voice to use in singing it. They like showing up their talent in any occasion they finds themselves and almost every body loves their songs. Angel told her friend Bisi much about them . She did also showed her some of their pictures and she turned out to be so keen to meet them.

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    lets see how it goes

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