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    please next ooooooo

    The suspense is too much now

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    Episode 14

    Written by: Abike

    Writer’s POV
    Jamal’s mom walked in, looking at everywhere, Tomiwa stood up immediately while Niniola took awhile before she stood up
    Bummi: Welcome ma
    Tomiwa:Good afternoon ma, (No reply) Afternoon ma, Hello ma!Ma?
    Niniola:Good afternoon ma
    Jamal’s mom:I got the news that my son got married but I never knew that he got married to two women
    Tomiwa:Ha, at all ma, it’s just one am only a friend who came to visit my friend ma
    Niniola: What type of Friend is that, abeg free me jor, we both live here case close
    Jamal’s mom:Oh I see, so you are the one he got married to?
    Niniola:(Like is not obvious)Yes Ma’am
    Jamal’s mom: So you was the one who went to his office to create a scene there?
    Niniola: Pardon me ma’am, the last time I checked I am not an actress, I never went there to create any scene but to lecture ma
    Jamal’s mom:Then that makes you a lecturer then
    Niniola:Am cool with that Ma’am
    Jamal’s mom:I can see that you are fearless
    Niniola: Escuze me?
    Jamal’s mom:I can see the way you are talking to me
    Niniola:Sorry ma, I wasn’t talking to you anyhow, I was talking to you with res… (Jamal’s mom slapped her, Bunmi and Tomiwa was shock, while Niniola make a smirk)
    Jamal’s mom: When am talking you keep shut!ok?
    Niniola: Actually, you are old enough to be my mom, and you are my mother-in-law, but I want you to know something that no one has ever raise his or her hand up to hit me
    Jamal’s mom:Then I will be the first
    Niniola:Of course you are the first, and this will be your first and last time that you will hit me, because if someone do this to me, either you are older than me or you are my age mate and you slapped me, Ma if you are one of those categories I just mentioned and you slap me just like you did right now, I swear it down, you will found yourself in just three places, either the hospital, or the church receiving both physical and spiritual deliverance, or better still the mortuary, Ma’am with all due respect, I only let it slide because of your son, and anytime you comes here please ma, Mind your business and I should mind mine and never, I repeat never you raise your hand up to hit me again, and if I have said anything to annoy you,am sorry ma,have a nice day ma(She walked out with her long yellow gown following her while Tomiwa ran after her, Bunmi also ran in, Jamal’s mom was just shocked, surprised and speechless because no one has ever fire back at her she said
    Jamal’s mom:The battle line has just been drawn(She walked out angrily, Jamal and his boys Working on some files when his mom opened the door, David and Daniel quickly parked the files and rushed out, She dropped her bag on the table)
    Jamal’s mom:I went to your house and I saw your Iron woman but I want you to help me to tell her this, that she is new in this type of game, if she wanna learn more she should come to me, and tell her that I will be the one to send her out of that house and for that am coming to your house for full time holiday which will last for just a month, meaning in just a month I will surely send her packing out of that house, Mark my words

    Jamal’s House

    Niniola:(Sitting on the bed)So your mom said that? (She smirk)
    Jamal:Look Niniola my mum is not someone you can face, just let it slide
    Niniola:Of course I won’t, so shall it be, the battle line has just been drawn, since we are done with the issues of fear and ladies I think your mom is the next one to solve, I promise you, she will be the one to plead you and say thank you to me
    Jamal:What?! Nini yo..
    Niniola:Your mom said I met her in this game, but she never knew that, This game was mine not for someone like her(She stood up and went out angrily)
    Jamal: Niniola,ni..oh no!

    Bella came to Jamal’s house, she saw Niniola and Tomiwa in the living room, she called out for Bunmi
    Bella:who are those people?
    Bunmi: Actually, she is boss’s wife and she is her friend
    Bella:Wife? What the hell is that? (She went in angrily, while Bunmi wishper to Nini and Tomiwa that)
    Bummi:She is the one I was telling you about
    Tomiwa:Oh I see
    Niniola:Wait up, where is she going?
    Bunmi:T…to the Boss’s room of course(Niniola stood up at once and head to the room, Tomiwa and Bunmi ran after her)
    Tomiwa:Nini can you just calm down a bit please, Niniola please

    Jamal was busy in the office when Daniel and David came in at once
    Both:Boss, Bella is at home
    Jamal: What?! Oh no(All ran out of the company,Daniel opened the door for Jamal, he entered while he also entered with him, David drove out of the company, Back to Jamal’s house in his room, Niniola has already poured down Bella’s bag, all her clothes and other things are on the floor)
    Niniola:Are you mad, Are you crazy or are you a fool,what nonsense, She told you that I am Jamal’s wife and you have the guts, the effontery to came in this room that I am sleeping in it with my husband, Are you stupid?huh!(No reply, bella just put her hands on her waist shaking her body and leg to fight Niniola) When I am asking you questions you should reply me you b---h! (She was about to slap her when she heard her name, it was Jamal who rushed in with David and Daniel)What Nonsense is this, is this part of it, is that what you told me, that i will leave this room for you and this b---h, is that what you told me Daniel, is that what you told me David, What kind of disrespect is that?you all s--k and I hate you all(She ran out of the room while Tomiwa ran after her and David)
    David: Niniola! Niniola!!
    Tomiwa:Nini can you please wait (Running after her, Jamal was full of anger and at the same time trying to calm down, he said in a calm way but really annoyed)
    Jamal: Daniel pack Bella things and take them to the second flat
    Bella: What?! What do you mean by that, I am sleeping here and tha…
    Jamal:(Yells angrily)Will you just shut the hell up (Daniel and Bella got freeze they never expect him to shout or yells and get angry and Jamal himself was surprised to what just happened)

    Niniola was brought in back to the room by David, tomiwa and Bunmi, no one was in the room, Niniola lay down on the bed, she said)
    Niniola:I will like to rest a bit
    Tomiwa:Ok, it’s ok babe
    Niniola:Am sorry for what I said earlier, I never hate you guys, I was only….
    David:It’s ok we understand Niniola, just get some rest

    Jamal in the compund talking to Daniel and David
    Jamal:Where was she going?
    David: Nowhere in particular, we just followed her, she was just walking along the street, so we stopped her and plead her, but seriously Bella passed her boundary, she was told that she is your wife, how could she went to the room?
    Jamal:Just let it be, I will handle that by myself, Is she ok?
    David:Of course she is, but I was just thinking about something Boss, are you sure this issue is just now is only a contract?
    Jamal:What do you mean?
    David:I mean this is more than a contract to her, Because with the look of things, I think it’s more than a contract to her, seems she is having some kind of feelings to you already and seeing the person she had some feelings for is bringing in another lady makes her to think a lot about her ex, as what Tomiwa told us, we all know what her ex did to her by showing off his babes to her, we know it hurts her but now seeing Bella coming to visit you brought back those memories, and Bella going to that room makes her feel like she is not important to you like how could you tell her to came in the room you both are sharing, I think she felt hurt and betrayed (There was a five minute silent between the three guys, While Jamal said)
    Jamal:It’s ok I just need to clear this issue of Bella for now, just look after her,both of you look after her
    Daniel:Sure boss
    Jamal:Now you can go(The boys left while Jamal looked up to the sky and down to the floor, he looked up at his room’s window hoping for Niniola to show up but no, she didn’t, after staring at the window for some minutes he went to the second flat where Bella was waiting for him impatiently to fight with him
    The next morning, Niniola, David, daniel and Tomiwa are having their breakfast but Niniola was on phone, she wasn’t eating, Jamal came in gretting everyone but Niniola never answer him
    Jamal: Niniola good morning (No reply) Niniola? (Suddenly Bella walked out with her bag out of the house everyone’s eyes are on her except for Niniola, while Jamal Said) David and Daniel meet me in the car I will just drop her off, am waiting for you guys
    Both:Yes boss(Jamal looked at Niniola who seems to be busy on her phone he went out of the house, while Tomiwa said)
    Tomiwa:He was gretting you
    Niniola:And did I asked him to greet me?
    Tomiwa:Ninny, a…are you jealous?
    Niniola: Jealous of what?(half yell)
    Tomiwa:Your reactions to all these issues is telling me that you are…
    Niniola: Tomiwa please stop, I am not jealous ok(Almost in tears)just let me be, because there is nothing here to be jealous about and let this be the first and last time we talked about this, Escuze me! (She walked in angrily while Tomiwa said in a gentle and silent way to David and Daniel)
    Tomiwa:She is not jealous but why the tears? Isn’t this suppose to be a contract? (David and Daniel are both speechless while Tomiwa breath out)Ok ooo

    What Next??

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    Written by: Abike
    Episode Fifteen

    Jamal’s POV
    Actually I can’t get anything for now, am having different kinds of feelings, Am I having feelings for her or what, does she feels the same way I do to her, I was just thinking about her in my office suddenly David and Daniel came in, they both sat down looking at me to talk
    Jamal:what was those faces for?
    Daniel:We are just waiting for you to speak up
    Jamal:(These guys must be out of thier minds) speak what ?
    David:Do you realize that she almost shed tears this morning?
    Jamal:Of course I know
    Jamal:I was at the door I didn’t left immediately, I heard when Tomiwa asked her if she is jealous and the way she replied I knew she was almost in tears cause her voice was shaking, I think this is more than a contract now, because the way this issue is going now I can’t just understand it, infact I was unable to touch Bella
    Daniel:For real?.
    Jamal:Am serious, I had to pay her off to leave me finally with the sum of 5 million naira, I couldn’t touch her, I was just thinking about Niniola, the way she cuddle me to sleep just like my Dad, she told me she will cuddle me to sleep just once,but she does it everyday and I miss her for that during the night,I don’t know why I just can’t touch Bella cause I was feeling guilty and i wonder why, I swear I missed her that yesterday, I missed her not sleeping with me yesterday
    David:Boss why don’t you give it a trial to see if she feels the same way to you
    Jamal:I Know she do, but I don’t think she will because of her past relationship and she vow not to have any relationship
    Daniel:Boss why don’t you try it, give it a trial atleast, maybe she will change her mind,the way you treat her will determine Boss

    Jamal’s room

    Niniola was busy on her phone, she sat on the bed when Jamal walks in, he said hi to her but she ignored him again
    Jamal:Look I never have anything with her yesterday, if that is what you are thinking
    Niniola: What is my own issue with that?
    Jamal: Niniola am sorry about everything, I never knew that she will come, she changed her schedule finally and beside I never asked her to come to this room yesterday, Niniola you are one of the best things that had ever happened to me, am sorry about yesterday, if you are acting this way with me, it’s not gonna help me, most especially at my works, I never pray to offend you,not once I pray to get you mad at me, because you really brought a lot of changes into my life and I really appreciate them a lot, just please forget about Bella, I paid her off and she is gone, I never touch her yesterday, I know that you will be thinking that this guy is just making an Escuze, of course am not, For just one month that you are here with me, I swear it’s the best to me, I don’t think I will be fine if you are mad at me(Niniola smile, she turned her back to him to sleep while Jamal said)
    Jamal:For real, is that all what you will say?
    Niniola:(Stood up walking closer to him)Can you take me out to have some dinner?(She stopped walking)have been at home all day and am bored, can you please take me out?
    Jamal:Sure I will, does that means that you forgive me?
    Niniola:I will forgive you if you take me out for the dinner
    Jamal:(Smiling)Sure I will (Both staring at each other, moving closer to each other, suddenly thier lips both met, Jamal kissed her lower lips, she also kissed him back,it was a quick kiss, Suddenly Niniola stopped the kiss)
    Jamal:Am so sorry, sorry about that
    Niniola:Its ok, we were both at fault and besides it’s only a kiss, so can I go and get dress now?
    Jamal:(Still lost in the kiss)Huh? Oh, y …. Yes you can go(Niniola smile at him while she enter the small room for all clothes, she shut the door, she sat down on the floor flashing back the kiss over and over again while Jamal still standing thinking about the kiss also
    Niniola was taken to the best restaurant, she had a nice time, so also Jamal, they both gist and giggles, they went back home a bit late, Niniola was the first to have her shower when she came out of the bathroom, her hair is not yet dry and she is putting on just a blue towel which was revealing her laps so much, the moment Jamal saw her, his phone dropped down from him, He quickly picked it up to check the screen but his screen was broken while Niniola couldn’t stop laughing
    Niniola:I just want the water to dry on me that’s why
    Jamal:Oh I see
    Niniola:And what will you do to your phone now?
    Jamal:(Staring at her laps)Phone?oh phone, I will do that l…latt…I will sort it out later(Niniola knew she was making him to feel hot and out of control but she ignored him to sat on the bed,she took her phone to press while Jamal couldn’t stop staring at her body

    Daniel and David walking towards Jamal’s room, both checking a file on thier way, suddenly Tomiwa stopped them, she was putting on a two and half blue gown and a back fashion slippers
    Tomiwa:Hey handsome! (Both of them was like handsome, who?)
    Tomiwa:Of course am talking to you Daniel, can I have a moment with you please (acting cute and sexy)
    David:I think I will Escuze you both(He went away while Tomiwa smile and winked at Daniel who seems to be surprised to what’s going on

    Niniola and Jamal are both watching an American movie, Daniel knocked on the door and came in, he said
    Daniel: Boss your Mom is here with some of her belongings and it seems like she is using up to a year in this house cause she brought up to six travelling bags
    Jamal:What?! (Niniola couldn’t stop laughing hard, she was laughing and hitting Jamal’s shoulder)Nini stop its not funny (She stop laughing and stood up)And where are you going?
    Niniola:To say hi to my mother-in-law,Abi?
    Jamal: Niniola don’t do this right now and stop laughing please (She couldn’t stop laughing)
    Niniola:To be candid, Jamal stand up let’s go and say hello to our Mom now(Jamal looked at Daniel who was watching thier whole scene, giving him a sign like is Niniola ok why Daniel shrugged his shoulder like he can’t understand her too)
    Niniola:I hope she will be sleeping in this flat?
    Jamal:Of course not, She always sleep in the third flat
    Niniola:Oh no! How I wish she sleeps in this flat
    Jamal:What?! (David came in and said)
    David:Boss, your Mom is not ready to sleep in the third flat she said she wants here and she choose the room that is ssss I….ss opposite your room
    Jamal: Sorry, I can’t hear you very well which of the room please?(Daniel almost burst into laughing)
    David:The one that is opposite your room sir(Niniola bursted into laughing, while the three guys are just looking at her)
    Niniola: Actually I understand your mom,she really want this to be fun
    Jamal: Oh my God!

    What Next??

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    Written by: Abike
    Episode 16 & 17

    Writer’s POV

    Niniola came out wearing a white tank top and a pink bum short, with a puffy fashion pink slippers, her natural hair was all brushed to one side, She came out smilling wide to Jamal’s mom, she said

    Niniola:You are welcome ma, we didn’t get to know each other very well that day, and about that day let’s forget it ma, Am Niniola your son’s wife(Jamal’s mom hissed at her, she smiled and said)I heard that you are sleeping in this flat, actually am so happy to hear that,I guess we will get to know each other quickly that way (Jamal came out, looking stressed and confused)
    Jamal’s mom:I hope you heard about where am going to be sleeping?
    Jamal:I do, but you know that you

    don’t sleep here Mom, why now?
    Niniola:Oh common, don’t you get it that mother-in-law loves to….
    Jamal’s mom:Oh please shut it!
    Jamal’s mom: David and Daniel?
    Both:Yes ma!!
    Jamal’s mom:I want you both to take all these bags to the room I mentioned earlier (David and Daniel gave Jamal a sign like should they take the bags, Jamal’s mom saw them and shouted)Are you both crazy? Huh? Answer me! Are you sure you are both ok? I asked you to do something for me and you are still asking your boss if you should do it or not, what sort of rubbish is that?

    David:We are sorry ma
    Jamal’s mom:Sorry for yourselves, you fools! Common take something for me jor(David and Daniel took the bag while Jamal’s mom followed them, she hissed on Niniola who was trying to hide her laugh,When she left Niniola bursted into laugh, while Jamal said
    Jamal:I pray that both of you should not kill me(He took one of his cars keys on the table he went out straight while Niniola gave both Bunmi and Tomiwa s sign to follow her, when they entered the room, Bunmi close the door while Niniola was moving up and down in the room thinking, Tomiwa took the remote to switch on the TV, she sat down to watch the program that they are showing on the TV, Bummi joined Tomiwa to watch the TV, after five minutes of Niniola walking up and down the room, she took the remote and switch off the TV, she sat with them and said
    Niniola:I have a plan
    Tomiwa:Oh really? What plan?
    Niniola: This is the plan, what we want to do is to make that woman realize all her mistakes and to reconcile with Jamal, we all know that deep down in Jamal’s heart he is not happy with his Mom, but to make things right, this is what we are going to do, first of all,I will make sure I compete with that woman in dressing, Am sure you all see what she is wearing today, and am sure that everything from her head to toe is up to three million naira
    Bunmi:You are funny, Sometimes she spend five million naira just to look good and outstanding, that woman get skushi
    Tomiwa:But Ninny what are you really trying to do?
    Niniola:First of all,we must get through that room, I mean her room, we will take a full pictures of all the clothes she brought, jewelries, shoes and bag
    Both: What??
    Tomiwa:Ha! Niniola ko po
    Niniola:O po
    Tomiwa: I said ko po
    Niniola:And i am telling you that it is possible, We will target her ni, when she goes out we will take them
    Tomiwa:So you will now take all the pictures of her things and show them to Jamal to get you the same stuffs right?

    Niniola: Exactly!Jamal will just order them,maybe latest in two days time I will get them ,am Sure she will go out this evening or tomorrow we will use that opportunity to do that mission
    Tomiwa:Will Jamal be able to order all these things bayi, all the clothes inside there is yet to be wear, you still want to buy more
    Niniola:See leave that one, If she see me wearing the same thing as her, am sure her body will not be settle, to make life hard for her, the way I will be treating Jamal in her presence will make her to regret everything,She will blame herself for not caring for Jamal, ladies just leave all that one to me, what matters is that we should get al… (The door that was opposite them opened they all stood up to check and it was a big jackpot for them that Jamal’s mom was fully dressed, she is going out to a party, They all jumped up for joy, They all rushed to check her car, when they saw her car leaving, Tomiwa quickly remove her heels while Niniola ran to where her shoe rack was and gave her a slippers to wear, suddenly Jamal, David and Daniel came in the ,three ladies got shock and surprised
    Jamal:What’s going on here, Bunmi why are you here, and you Tomiwa why are you in Niniola’s slippers, What’s going on?
    Niniola: It’s nothing we were just discussing about ladies stuff, we will Escuze you now and go to Tomiwa’s room (They all ran out like some kind of teddy bears, while Jamal was like what’s going on?)
    Jamal:Are those girls ok? (When Niniola and others left the room, Niniola has already took the key to Jamal room from the back of the door and no one was aware, she immediately locked the door from outside)
    Tomiwa: Niniola you locked them up, why?
    Niniola:Those guys will spoil our mission and you Bummi run as fast as your leg can take you and bring me a very sharp knife
    Tomiwa:Are you sure you are ok, we are only going to snap not to kill
    Niniola:Of course I know, just do what I asked you to do Bunmi, Fast! (Bunmi ran into the kitchen, she grabbed the knife and ran out of the kitchen after two minutes she met Niniola and Tomiwa waiting for her, In Jamal’s room, David and Daniel are done with the files they are arranging, Daniel tried to open the door but he found it lock)
    Daniel:The door is locked
    David: Which door is lock, common open the … (He also tried to open it but was locked)Can it be Bunmi,Can she lock this door?
    Jamal:Of course it’s not Bunmi, am sure it’s Niniola,only God knows what she is up to now
    Daniel:We should have know since we found them together in the room
    Jamal:Press the Bell or call one of the boys to check on them , and beside where is the extra key? (David is pressing his phone to call one of the boys while Daniel is busy searching for the extra keys, Jamal on the other side sat on the couch,he was trying to call Niniola’s number, Back to Niniola, She collected the knife from Bunmi and said
    Niniola:You both should go inside that room now, I will stay here to stop those guys cause am sure they are calling them by now to check on us, I will only use this knife to threaten them, Common fast, go! (Tomiwa and Bunmi went inside the room, They took the bags one after the other snapping every single thing that was inside, Suddenly six bodyguards ran in while Niniola hold the knife to her throat they all stopped at once
    Niniola:One more step from there and I will kill myself and am sure you all know what will happen to you all if I should kill myself, So all of you should move back,Now!(They all move back a bit,one of the guy’s phone ring,he picked it up but before he could speak Nini cuts in and said on top of her voice
    Niniola: Jamal am holding a knife right now (Jamal jumped up from the couch he was sitting on immediately he heard her voice from David’s phone, he collected the phone from him)
    Jamal:Nini what are you trying to do?
    Niniola: Just tell your boys to back off or else I will kill myself, Now!(David collected the phone from Jamal who seems to be confused on what to say to her)
    David:(Yelling)All of you back off, I repeat back off right Now! Niniola just open this door we promise not to disturb you on whatever you are doing, I promise you , Niniola I cross my heart, please just open this door
    Niniola:Are you sure that you won’t disturb me?
    David:I promise (She opened the door while David and Daniel ran out, Jamal just sat back on the couch resting his head) Can you please drop the knife?
    Niniola:You told me that you won’t disturb me ooo
    David:Ok sorry (Jamal came out after few minutes, while Niniola said)
    Niniola:Am sorry,but just believe me that am doing all these for you
    Jamal:Can one of you get me a chair please (One of the boys ran inside Jamal’s room to get him a plastic chair, he came back with the chair while Jamal sat down, After thirty minutes, Tomiwa and Bunmi came out)
    Tomiwa:We are done but we can’t arrange it back,we need some girls to help
    Niniola:Ok Bunmi call six girls to come and help you right now
    Bunmi:Ok(She ran away while Niniola faced David and Danie)l
    Niniola: David I want you to call a very urgent meeting right now, tell them your boss wants all of them in the compound right now, both guards, maids, and Gardners
    David:L… Like now?
    Niniola:Yes now! (David went away while Bunmi arrived with the girls while Niniola join them in arranging Jamal’s mom stuffs back to places, before they finish everyone was already waiting in the compund for Niniola, She went downstairs with tomiwa and Bunmi, She saw everyone standing in the compund she shouted on top of her voice that)
    Niniola:I know that everyone of you already found out what is going on right now, except for one person and that’s your Boss’s Mom, if she finds out about everything that happened this afternoon, Consider yourself fire, If just one person, I mean a single person should tell her what happened today, I promise to sack all of you
    Niniola:May that Ha kill you all, Look at you, Instead of you to start begging each other to keep your mouth shut, you are all saying Haa! Don’t worry, I know that you all want to try me, Try me ok , no problem, feel free to try me and see what will happen, now everybody back to work now! (They all rushed back to thier various work, Niniola smile widely and said) Mission one accomplished!

    What Next??

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    Prosper YeboahProsper Yeboah
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    Ah! Ah! What kind of mission is dis na???
    Lemme brace up myself for de incoming surprise sha!!!

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    A very big suspense again!!!!

    Well let me position myself well for this upcoming mission

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    Hopeyemi AdenijiHopeyemi Adeniji
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    Boss ninola becarefull of ur mother in law

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