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    Abdullah Iyiola MuhammedAbdullah Iyiola Muhammed
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    Ayanfe i thank GOD for u life and also for sandra

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    Ayanfeoluwa OluwaseunAyanfeoluwa Oluwaseun
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    Written by:Ayanfeoluwa Oluwaseun Adeoye
    .Episode 19
    ………Ayanfe POV……..
    I will have myself blqme,it anything happens to Emmanuel, he was being push in with a stretcher, we have been standing outside for all most an hour now, I just hope everything will be okay,Not too long the doctor came out of the theater room.
    Doctor: (coming toward I and my friends)…. Who is the guardian for Emmanuel Augustine??
    Me:(We all rush toward the doctor)….. Weee arre his gurrdian(stammering)
    Doctor: Please you need to calm down
    Sandra:Hope everything is okay,I just don’t want anybody to die because of me…(thinking)
    Doctor:The operation was successful, $o the bullet has been removed
    We all chorus…… (Thank God)
    Doctor: But…..
    I &Isaiah: (cut in)…..But what
    Sandra:(Afraid of what the doctor is going to say)……what really happen
    Doctor: you people need to calm down, coz nothing really happen but he had loss lot of blood,I think that is why he faint before you brought him here,So he need blood urgently
    Isaiah; This is another problem oo,where are we going to find money for the blood now
    Me:That is true I don’t have more than #7000 in my account
    Doctor;:There is nothing we can do about it unless you have someone who can donate for him
    Me: Doctor please can u donate for him?
    Doctor:You can’t just donate for him we need to perform some test on your blood sample and sign some necessary document before we can confirm maybe you can donate for him.
    Me:so it is still not sure if I can donate for him
    Doctor: Yes…only the test can verify
    Elijah:Can we see him now
    Doctor; Yes…but try not to wake him up,he need to rest alot.Mr Ayanfe please follow me
    Me:okay…..(I hug Sandra before following the doctor)
    Elijah,Isaiah and Sandra walked away to emma’$ ward
    Sandra:(I can’t help myself from the tears that is rolling out of my eyes after seeing Innocent Emmanuel lying like a lifeless body on the bed,I hope we will all see you alive back)
    Isaiah: (in grief)…Emmanuel I wish you wake up on time, You are indeed a hero but naught sometimes
    Doctor: Mr.Ayanfe are you sure you are ready to donate the blood
    Me:Yes doctor am ready…. how is the result for the test
    Doctor: the test confirm that you can donate for him that is why am asking you if you are ready
    Me:Thanks… am fully ready.
    Every necessary things was done while the blood transfusion was successful without any problem.
    I insisted that. Emma and isiaah should go back to the hostel so that people won’t suspect what has happen while Sandra already went home to prepare some food for Emmanuel,Am the only one left in the hospital now with Emmanuel,I slept off after some minute at Emma bedside,am kinda of weak becoz of the blood taken from me.

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    Ayanfeoluwa OluwaseunAyanfeoluwa Oluwaseun
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    Written by:Ayanfeoluwa Oluwaseun Adeoye
    .Episode 20
    …………Sandra POV…………..
    Ayanfe pursuade me to follow Isaiah and Elijah so that I can prepare something for Emmanuel the next day
    After getting home,I met nobody at home,I open the door and get in,the flashback of everything that happened keep playing back in my head.
    Sandra: I think I need to shower (I say to myself)
    After getting ready to sleep,I was still surprise for Linda and Lina not to have come back.
    knock! knock!!
    Sandra:Who is there??
    Lina and Linda walked in
    Lina:Sandra!!….(she ran toward me and hug me)….where have you been
    Linda:Sandra!…Where have you been?,why don’t you even gv anyone of us a call
    Sandra: Am sorry!….. I was kidnapped
    Sandra:Yes…I don’t really know who is behind this,but thanks to ayanfe,I could have been dead by now
    Lina:Thank God oo….$0 those thqt kidnapped you,did they escape
    Sandra:No they have been arrest by the school securities,they will be handover to the police
    Linda:Let just thank God you are alive
    Sandra:am just feeling sorry for Emmanuel, he was shot
    Linda:shot??,how did it happen
    Sandra: Everything is really complicated, i dont really know whom I offend, am going back to the hospital tomorrow, will you guys follow me
    Linda:Yes no problem about that
    Lina:I ave a place to attend to tomorrow oo
    Linda:sheybi is just a visit?
    Lina: yea I know,but I need to do something important tomorrow, or else I won’t be able to do it again
    Sandra: okay…. no problem, I and Linda will go alone.
    Sandra:( I already met Emmanuel awake while ayanfe is still dozing..I ran to Emma and hug him on the bed while I tap ayanfe from behind)….Emmanuel how is your body now,Linda also come to visit you ..(pointing to Linda)
    Emmanuel: (thinking…. This witch again)…..
    Linda:Emma how is your body now
    Emma:Am fyn….thanks
    Ayanfe:Linda thanks for the visit
    Linda:No problem
    Sandra is trying to bring out a flask,which I knw it is filled up with food ,she brought out the cooler while she firstly serve Emmanuel,she serve me after serving Emmanuel, I dipped into the food like an hungry lion,While Emma is still eating like a baby being pet to eat when Isaiah and Elijah also walk in with another flask in a polythene bag
    Me: (today name today…thinking)…. I must till my belle started begging me…I didn’t even brush my teeth.
    Elijah: Emmanuel u don wake how your body?
    Emma:Guy am fyn oo
    Isaiah: Thanks to God ooo,the Emma wey don look like a dead hen yesterday is now talking like a duck
    We all laughs
    The doctor walked in
    Doctor: Mr.Emmanuel how is your health now?
    Emma:Thanks to you doctor too,am healthy now
    Doctor:Thank your friend,Mr Ayanfe,he donate part of is blood for you
    Emma:hunnn…Ayanfe u donate blood for me without seeking for my consent,I must punish you for that
    We all laugh again
    Doctor:okay…I think we can even discharge you this evening, I can see you have coke around… (he left)
    Ayanfe:Thanks doctor
    ………Ayanfe P0V……….
    That evening Emmanuel was discharge,while we all went back home with the drug prescriptions given to us by the doctor,the moment we get back to the hostel,someone living next out hostel deliver a letter to me which I don’t wher3 it come from.
    Emma:(lying on the bed)….wetin be that?
    Me: na letter oo,one of our neighbor just deliver it to me now.
    I open the letter while I read it silently
    Me:This is a letter from the police
    Isaiah: What happen again??
    Me:They summon I and Sandra
    Elijah:Why?what did they want
    Me:maybe they are investigating the matter
    Emma:yea….that might be true
    Me:I need to tell Sandra about this,,,(I picked up my phone and call3d her)…Hello bby
    Sandra:hello,how is your body now
    Me:am fyn. ..I really enjoy your food ooo
    Me:I just want to tell you that th3 police want to see us tomorrow
    Sandra:For what??
    Me:I don’t know oo
    Sandra:okay…am coming Tomorrow,so that we can go together
    Me:wait I want to tell you something
    Sandra:what is that?
    Me:(I reveal my past relationship with Linda
    Sandra:I already knew about it
    Me:Really?,how did you know a boy it
    Sandra:Linda told me about it
    Sandra:Before you propose to me
    Linda:Sandra,I want to tell you this before I will be blame for it
    Sandra:Hope no wahala shà
    Linda:yes…I knew Ayanfe really loves you and cares about you a lot
    Sandra:Why are you saying this?
    Linda:I and ayanfe have dated before but I left him, thinking we don’t meant for each but I regret leaving him….(bust into tears)
    Sandra:(I really pity Linda,i knew she is advicing me not to take a wrong decision like her
    Linda:I knew he loves you and is your turn to love him back Which I know you do
    Sandra: Thanks a lot…(I hug her)

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    Ayanfeoluwa OluwaseunAyanfeoluwa Oluwaseun
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    Written by:Ayanfeoluwa Oluwaseun Adeoye
    .Episode 21[FINALE EPISODE]
    …………Sandra POV…………..
    I told ayanfe about his past with linda,I know he will be shocked and surprise, He kept mute for a while, which I know he is short of word
    Sandra:Are you not going to talk
    Me:bby am really sorry,I should have tell you but am afraid
    Sandra: Afraid??.. wetin dey make you afraid
    Me:Am afraid that you might leave me if I tell you about it
    Sandra:If I want to leave I could have done that before you proposed to me
    Me:Am really sorry
    Sandra:Am not angry now,so why begging me
    Me:Lemme beg you. well oo so that you can forgive me too, Don’t you know you are just like my heart beat
    Sandra:(laughing)…. you are teasing right
    Me:Not really….okay help me thanks Linda for the visit and why did Lina don’t come because I know she is always at Linda side
    Sandra:okay…. I really don’t know but she said she need to attend to something important.. even she has not arrive yet
    Me:By this time….wetin she dey do for outside
    Sandra:She mighty not come home again and sleepover her boifriend house
    Me:okay oo….don’t forget we get an appointment tomorrow oo
    Sandra:yea….I did not….Am coming to your hostel tomorrow before we go together
    Me:Alryt…no problem
    Sandra:Goodnight sweetie
    me:Goodnight bby…..(I end the call)……….
    (Thinking)……. I really thank God oo,who could have plot the attack,hope Linda is not playing a game on me sha,and what could have made the police to summon I and my Sandra again, Hope no problem sha….I slept off.
    D.P.O:Please have your seat….(pointing to two chairs in front of him)
    I and Sandra have our seat,while the D.P.O cough a little before he continued talking
    D.P.O:We are very sorry for the sudden information we gave you,we are just doing our own work.
    Me:No problem sir
    D.P.O:Mr Ayanfe,we have go deep into your case and the truth has been revealed, the criminals had confessed
    Sandra:So what you are trying to tell us now is that someone sent those people
    Me:(Thinking)…Hope it is not Linda?
    Sandra:So who is the person, because that person must not go scot free
    D.P.O:Just calm down ……Officer(calling one if the police)
    The officer walked in and salute his boss
    D.P.O:Bring the lady in
    Officer:okay sir
    Sandra: A lady is behind this?.
    Me:(I keep praying inside me not to be Linda the masterplanner of everything.I dont even know when the officer walked in back,the way Sandra shout that person name brings me back to reality
    Sandra:Lina!!….How come it is you behind this
    Me: (Ahh….Nigeria police sha,they have gave her the torture of her life,that fine girl now look like a begger on a street)… Lina!!…..How did this case involve you
    D.P.O:She is the real culprit
    Sandra:How did it happen
    D.P.O:Explain yourself to them,why you do such thing
    Lina:Sandra am really sorry,I just did it for the love I have for my sister
    Sandra:So you and Linda plot this
    Me:Don’t shout at her let her finish what she want to say
    Sandra:(sobbing)… I should not shout, she make us pass through hell but it should not have be the one who did this
    Lina:She is my sister but from different mother
    Linda:(crying)…. Lina please help me out,why is ayanfe doing this to me, I really can’t bear to see another Lady with him
    Lina:Sorry….there is nothing we can do, he is already in love with our friend
    Linda:(crying bitterly)… There must be a solution oo)
    Next day
    Linda:I must end this…I can’t bear to see another Lady with ayanfe.(trying commit succide) She tied the rope at the fan while trying to put the rope to his neck (Lina enter)
    Lina:Linda!…(ran towqrd her) I remove the rope from his neck while I sat her down,I really can’t bear to see my sister in grief like this.please don’t kill yourself because of a man you can still move on
    Linda: you should have let me die,I don’t wanna live again
    Lina:What!..just because of this ayanfe
    Linda: that is whom I want,I need him
    Lina:okay..I will help you find a solution he is yours already
    Linda(wiping her tears)….how are you going to do it?
    Lina:Don’t worry (I hug her)
    I keep advicing her everyday to keep her away from thinking of committing suicide again
    ……….LINA POV……….
    The day I start the plan I have for Ayanfeoluwa is the day my sister found another lover,I regret my action, I try to stop those guys but they never pick my call,Which I don’t know it will end like this
    Sandra:Ahh…Lina you should not have dine this (tears roll down my check )….Ave never think she can do this type of thing,she is so friendly and jovial,the one whom will laugh,chat and dine together
    It should not have been her
    Me:I was really amuse if what I just hear, this girl is really kind,I did not even expect it from her at all,truly enemy are like friends. I try to console Sandra,because I know it really pain her,We left the D.P.O office while we watch as lina is being lead to the cell,this world is really deep,If possible we can see what other people are thinking, we Will all be the enemy of ourselves. Is not Linda after all,whom I also suspect but can’t say it out
    Thanks to you all who all read this story from the begin to this moment, And am really sorry for the late update of the story always, am just a lazy writer.And thanks for the likes and comment
    Thanks to you all.

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    First to comment

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    Nice ending

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    I really pity lina in cell
    (I wish her the best )

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    Nice one

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