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    should I continued??

    don’t continue please, keep daydreaming about that girl… oga continue abeg

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    thief don enter ur room ba? I knw say something like that go happen since u no lock door

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    Door opened? There’s fire on the mountain o.

    Continue pls!

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    Ayanfeoluwa OluwaseunAyanfeoluwa Oluwaseun
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    Written by:ayanfeoluwa oluwaseun adeoye
    .Episode 2
    …..Ayanfe POV……
    After I bumped into this fairy lady,I helped her in packing up her books,she thanks me for helping her but I keep staring at her till she left me,After leaving me on the spot I keep blaming myself for not asking for her name ,this is what am thinking b4 this big head for nothing(Emma) wake me from my thought,he asked me where am going and who is lady am staring at,I gave him a dead stare,he tld me the lecture is over which I was really disappointed in myself for not to be able to attend the lecture
    I nd Emma take a stroll within the campus b4 heading to our hostel.But to our amusement we found our hostel door wide open which makes me remember o did not lock the door the other tym when am in hurry
    ……..Emma POV…….
    B4 the lecture commenced ave been expecting ayanfe to show up but he didn’t till the lecture end,I keep thinking y he didn’t show up coz ave miss him,i will ave disturb him if he is here with me in the lecture class so no one to disturbed for that day.I decided to head back to hostel to find out what is happening with ayanfe nd get something to eat coz those worm for my stomach are really protesting every seconds, Unknowingly for me I saw ayanfe staring at a lady and from my observation the lady is really fine frm far,she is really beautiful from afar.I call out ayanfe,I run up to him nd asked him y he did not came for the lecture……….he explained everything to me and we both walk back to hostel,during the walk I notice ayanfe keep smiling throughout till we get to the main gate of the hostel,I was abt to ask him what causes his smiling all the way from the school premises but I was dump folded by seeing our hostel door wide open
    Emma:Ahhh…..$ee life,thief don enter our hostel again oo
    Ayanfe:chai….na me 4got to lock the door oo (thinking).
    We both ran inside to see what had happened but we are surprise to see everything in order,nothing is misplaced even the small bag wey bside my bed wie I put my second phone still dey dere,we are very happy dey didn’t found anything to steal this tym around coz this is not the first tym they will broke into our hostel
    Emma:ahhhh….Thank God o,we mst do Thanksgiving in Church for this too
    Me:mtcheeew….no be thanksgiving only we go add another testimony
    Emma:na u knw make I go cook some noodles to eat jare
    Me:plz make u cook mine ooo…na beg i dey oo
    Emma:ehn…wetin ah hear u say,if wnt to eat u beta commot for bed and let go Cook the noodles together
    Me:ehn,cox u wan cook noodles so I will follow u,ole oshi
    Emma:me or you?,u beta stand up and let go,u that can sleep in water if u knw hw I dey wake u dz morning but na nonsense u ar speaking frm ur sleep
    Me:u no serious….. shey I knw tell u pple ah go do nyt browsing or is nt u pple u beg me to it so make I download film for you,now u are blaming me that I can sleep in water,make u no bring ur phone for me to send any movie ooo
    Emma:Ayanfe yanfe…..u knw me like joking nw,I just dey play prank on u nw
    Me:beta,plx make u do am fast oo,am nw really hungry
    Emma:OK(leaving for the kitchen)
    After I had much argument with ayanfe that I won’t cook the noodles alone expect he follow me to the kitchen, I later accept to cook alone. I enter kitchen open the first cabinet,I found nothing, I open the second one but instead if me to bring out the noodles and start cooking na cry I start till I call out for ayanfe

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    Ayanfeoluwa OluwaseunAyanfeoluwa Oluwaseun
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    Written by:Ayanfeoluwa oluwaseun adeoye
    .Episode 3
    ………..Ayanfe POV……..
    After Emma accept to Cook alone,he left for the kitchen while I picked up my phone, tusk in its earpiece to listen to some music,Later I decided to login to my Fb account I read some news feed b4 checking my friend request coz it is almost 82 friend request nw,I accept and delete some as my instinct direct me,I also checked pple I may knw,to my amusement I saw the gal pics(whom I bumped into the other tym),I did not waste time in sending her a friend request I like and comment in some if her pics so that she can accept me in tym.
    In less than 10mins she don accept my friend request, I “hey”her immediately, I was so happy to the extent that am jumping,I later realized that she only accept my request and am already jumping, mtcheew (I hissed).but the message I set her,she is not replying,I text her again if I can knw her beta,the message was read immediately,my phone beeped she don reply to my message oo I was abt to read the message b4 this Emma scream out my name.
    Me: (I quickly ran to the kitchen) wetin happen?Y u dey scare me nw?shey u see snake for kitchen in
    Emma:,Come check it urself
    Me:(I slowly open the cabinet but I found nothing inside)Guy… what is wrong with u…nothing dey inside this place nw,so y screaming like…
    Emma:(cut in)…u mean u don’t understand what has happen nw abi
    Me:Yes nw…will I be lying
    Emma:ok,where is the remaining 4 cartoons of noodles
    Me:(That is when I can understand why Emma is crying)….$o na food stuff those thief come pack.. ehn so is that y u are crying??maybe I should tell ur gf abt this that u at crying bcoz of food oo
    Emma:u beta don’t try that or else this house no go occupied both of us again and is that what u will say??
    Me:ok…wetin u wnt to say(the happiness in me already Belle full me),ok continued crying maybe they will bring it back
    Emma:u R just saying that jare na operation 001 I did yesterday and that one sef name noodles without egg I Chop,u wnt to kill me,can’t u see my neck is nw looking like that of tolotolo
    Me:(laughing)…wetin u wnt us to do nw
    Emma:Let just find a way we will all eat today
    I was about to answer when we heard a knock from the room
    Me:who dey for the door
    Isaiah :somebody dey dere
    He enter with Elijah,we do call him last born coz his behavior is not different from that of a baby of the house
    Isaiah:Guys wetin u pple cooked oo,am really hungry oo
    Elijah:wetin happen?…..y is Emma crying and sweating like this?,Ayanfe u don torture him again??
    Me:(I smiled)…. Nooo,something big just happen for our hostel
    Emma:ayanfe u still fit smile in this situation, na hunger u dey play with…..Guys, thief don enter our hostel again oo and na food stuff dey packed dz tym around
    Isaiah: Yee!….u guys must be joking,who open the door for them
    Emma:which kind question be that?
    Isaiah is really sweating nw,even Elijah is crying his own even worse pass emma’s own I just stood at one corner watching them.
    Me:(I knew am the one who cause all these for not locking the door if I tld them,they would ave tear me into pieces) Guys….. let go and eat at the restaurant
    All:(choruse) ……are u serious??
    Me: ok….u pple wnt to die of hunger abi
    i grab my wallet with the ATM,We all leave the hostel and I make sure the door is perfectly lock this tym around
    Na Emma firstly gv me tight hug b4 they start hailing me
    Emma:Ayanfe!I just trust u I knew u can never defy us of anything, that is why I love you
    Me:love me??…. I resemble ur babe??
    Elijah:,(laughing)….u that like disturbing and frustrating ayanfe,nw u ar saying u love him bcoz of food
    Isaiah:Emma, food will not kill you oo,u beta say amen
    Emma:Elijah, so U too can talk nw abi…..if u knw how u dey cry, I should have video u and showed it to ur gal friend
    Elijah: u beta don’t try it, as u see me dz small I will beat the hell out of you
    we all laughs.
    We are still on the road but about to reach the restaurant when Emma asked me this question
    Emma:Ayanfe…u knw what, since that devil (Linda) u call ur gal friend
    Me:(cut in) $top calling her devil or else i will go bak home and we will all sleep with empty stomach today
    Emma:plx dont do that oo..u knw i like food too much,ehn…she already leave u for good y dont u find another one,coz I knw that is easy for you or u still ave feelings for her
    Me:Emma y can’t u just keep quiet for a while,u ar to talkative
    [email protected]:Emma don’t frustrate ayanfe oo,coz me can’t come and sleep with empty stomach oo
    Emma:I already knw,he will try not to answer my question
    Me:when u knw that,y do u asked?
    Emma:I’ m sorry oo….but remained one question I wan asked
    Isaiah: Emma aren’t u tire of talking
    Elijah: ah no understand him oo
    Me:OK… asked,and don’t asked me any question again after this
    Emma:yea…I won’t asked,ehnehn(co
    ugh)….who is the Lady u ar staring at in the campus premise this morning, coz the way u are staring at that Lady, a blind man will notice.
    is Emma not too inquisitive??
    please help me out oo,ah no wnt tell them yet that she is my crush?

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    Ireoluwa EmmanuelIreoluwa Emmanuel
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    hmmmmmm,, Ur crush! just like dat? and pls reduce dat repetition in form of POV

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