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    Final again???!

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    My last request
    written by chichi tonia
    maxwell: and what is it again?
    tony: you must pay us the money that we have spent in the mortuary for our daughter’s corspe
    maxwell: ermmm….. ok, like how much are we talking about ( He asked and esther’s father told him the amount and he
    transfered the money instantly for him because he want to be a free man)
    one day, maxwell was in his office working on his laptop, when his secretary knocked on the door and came in.
    secretary: sir here is the file you ask me to bring for you
    maxwell: okay, drop it on the table (he said and the secretary dropped the file on the table and turn to leave, on getting to the door,
    she turned into esther. When maxwell saw this, with fear he almost fell down from
    the chair he was sitting
    esther: are u surprise to see me again?
    maxwell: esther what is it, what are u doing here again? i have done all the necessary things u asked me to do (he said with a shaking voice)
    esther: yes, you have done the necessary things I asked you to do, but is still remain only one
    thing you have to do
    maxwell: what is it that remained?
    esther: you must stay away from women, until after two years before u can be free, but for now you are still mine.
    maxwell: that can’t be possible, two years is too much nah, pls have mercy on me you have punished me enough.
    esther: u brought this upon yourself, so you must finish what u started, don’t dare me (she said and maxwell knelt down and began to
    plead with tears dropping down his eyes)
    maxwell: (with tears) please esther, i know have wronged you, but pls find a place in your heart to forgive me, two years is too much for me i beg you.
    esther: u must do what i ask you to do, which is to stay away from women till after two years, you must complete my request and that is final, but if you fail to do that you will pay with your life be warned (she said and disappeared)
    maxwell: if i had known, i would have listened to my friend wisdom, he warned me of my lifestyle then and I refused to listen, now
    look at what the lifestyle have caused me (talking to himself with tears dropping down from his eyes)
    And that was how maxwell stayed without any woman for good two years, even his girlfriend
    at that time he had to broke up with her.
    When maxwell finished serving his punishment for two years (esther appeared to him late in the night when he was sleeping)
    esther: maxwell! maxwell!! (She called and he woke up with fear)
    maxwell: esther pls have mercy on me, you have
    punished me enough, have stayed without woman for
    Two years, what do you want to say again?
    esther: Hmmm….. good news, you are now a free man, at least
    this will serve as a lesson to you and to all men who toys around with any
    woman they see, at least with this you have learnt your lesson, now i can go and rest and you shall have your peace.
    maxwell: Thank you very much Esther, once again am very sorry for all what i did to you, if not for my useless life back then, you would have been alive today, am very very sorry.
    esther: i have forgiven you, enjoy your new life (she said and disappeared and was never seen again)
    As time goes on maxwell got married, one year later, his wife got pregnant and bear him a son, and from there they lived happily without
    any problem again .
    plan carefully what you do, and whatever you do will turn out right. avoid evil and walk straight ahead. don’t go one step off the right way.
    Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed and learned something from the story ❤️❤️❤️

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    very well

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    Jboy young
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    I love it

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    Great ending

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    Nice one but too short,i learnt a great lesson from it

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    Thanks for the story and lesson learnt

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    What a story.

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