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    You think you don’t know what you are doing , don’t worry you will kn soon.

    Monkey ? smart monkey ? no because tree ? near tree.
    Ride on.

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    nice one! ride on

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    Seated already and lets see how its goes

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    My last request
    Episode 2
    This your life style will put you into trouble don’t say i
    did not tell you .

    Maxwell: like I said before, my life style is non of your business, so leave it to me, am enjoying it
    Wisdom: Hmmmmm……. if you say so
    *****One week later*****
    maxwell was in his office one afternoon checking on
    some files, when the door of his office opened, and it was his girlfriend Maureen who came in.
    maureen: (with a angry tone?) Maxwell! why have you been avoiding my calls?
    maxwell: can’t you see that am busy, am besides why did you come my office without informing me
    maureen: Did I hear you said informing you? why will I inform you when you are avoiding my calls, for crying out loud Maxwell, i have been calling you for.

    the past one week but you are not picking my calls, I even called you not too long but still you are not picking, so i decided to come to your office to know what the problem is, sweet heart what have i done to
    deserve this from you, and you know our wedding is around the corner.
    maxwell: well i don’t just feel like picking your calls,
    because am very angry with you.
    maureen: why! what have I done? please sweet heart tell me so that I can apologise (she asked with a concerned tone)
    maxwell: like the other day i ask you to cook melon
    soup for me, instead of you to use fish, you went and
    use meat, and you know i never liked meat for one day. (he lied)
    maureen: but sweet heart, i thought you love meat that was why i used it, and beside that was not enough reason for you to get angry with me because everbody make mistake.

    maxwell: (shouting) you see what am talking about, instead of you to take correction you are here running your mouth, infact am done with this relationship, is over between us.
    maureen: (pleading) pls sweet heart it haven’t gotten to that, ok am very sorry, i will ammend my ways.
    maxwell: too late for that, is over between us and that is final, am no more interested in the relationship
    maureen: please don’t do this to me Maxwell, remember the first day you met me, i was still a virgin when i told you that is only my husband that i will give my virginity and you promised to marry me and also proposed to me, which made me to give you my virginity and now you are telling me that is over just like that, what will i tell my people, friends, and family members after we have fixed a date
    for our wedding (she said with tears)
    maxwell: well! tell them that you don’t know how to cook and also tell them that you are not a wife material, that was why I broke up with you, now
    get the hell out of my office and never return again
    maureen: (with tears) you think is every girl you toy with and get away with it, don’t worry one day you will meet the one that will teach you a lesson i bet you (she said and left with tears)
    Maxwell: Ah… thank God she is gone, at least she’s off my neck (he said and smiled wickedly)
    when maxwell got home after work, he met wisdom in the sitting room, but he ignored and passed him without talking to him, so wisdom went after him to know what the problem is.
    wisdom: guy! what is the problem, this one you walked passed me without talking to me? tell me what the problem is, am your friend
    maxwell: (sighed heavily) nothing much, just that am very tired and need some rest
    wisdom: Are you sure? anyway what happened between you and maureen, because she called me on phone that you said is over between the two of you i hope is not true?
    maxwell: well that is the truth, am no more with her
    wisdom: what! how? but the two of you are preparing for your wedding, why the sudden change of mind
    maxwell: i just feel like to break up with her am no
    more interested in the relationship and besides there are other men outside who will replace me in her life
    wisdom: not again, for crying out loud when will you stop all this you are doing to women, but you said that she is different that you want to settle down with her and you even fixed a
    date for the wedding which everybody are preparing
    for, why change your mind now?
    Hmmm….. So sad for Maureen, what a heartbreak!!
    Maxwell is really bitting more than he can chew??

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    Bãd bøy
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    Diz maxwell of a guy

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    Starting 4rm d onset 1 thing must kill a man

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    Bt i pity am ooo

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    Wisdon no talk 2 am again….

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