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    {My Adventure}

    *Episode 1*

    I know you all have been awaiting the full story and it is….

    My name is *Tife* and this is my *val Adventure*

    One sunny afternoon in Joseph Huston High School. I was forced to leave the class with my biology text book, and headed towards a lookout in the school, (a place full of rocks and trees, i believe they were broken and dug out during the foundation of the school, but were moved to a certain corner in the school compound) called ‘Aso Rock’ by students.. I met two boys there reading and chatting.. Maybe chatting but i know they came there initially to read. I greeted and walked by, i sat down away from them. I don’t know what kept me looking back at them quite often…
    I tried to concentrate at a point but the more i tried the more I looked, I looked again and our eyes met, I quickly looked away.. I stood up and I was going back to the class… Ohhhh but I don’t want to, I was forced out by their noise initially but why am I now willing to go back to that same noisy class.. Oh but these ones they.. He.. Caught me staring at them and I just had to leave..
    As I was leaving I heard..
    *Hey! Excuse me please*
    At first I paused but didn’t turn back or answer.. I kept walking.. Before I could take a few steps more someone grabbed me by my left hand and I turned to him.. (It was one of the guys).. Hey my name is Kelvin and I was the one calling you, I thought you were going to come back but you walked on rather, I just…
    I couldn’t let him finished I just interrupted.. What is it and why are you holding my hand?
    *Kelvin* ohh sorry dear! (He released my hand) okay I like you,since you walked down here have been staring at you till you caught me, so when I saw you leaving I had the intentions of having a word with you..
    *Tife* *{I was busy looking at his eyes while he was looking randomly as he was speaking to me}* alright so what do you want from me now?
    *Kelvin* yeah .I will be straight forward and please you will forgive me for that because I have never met any girl as beautiful and as pretty as you are before and this feeling about you is just so true…
    *Tife* oh!please stop flattering me and say what it is..
    *Kelvin* okay (he kept his head down and raised it up to look at my face) hey please look into my eyes… *ME* if that will make you say it.. Oya!(I looked into his eyes I kept on seeing what I have been seeing before but I kept that to myself) *I think am in love with you…*
    {I ran away from him and on getting to the class the closing bell rang..} I took my bag and ran towards the gate for the school bus, I sat down at the last end at the corner of the bus..I looked up and saw him looking around..ohh I kept my head down..he must be looking for the bus engine started I raised my head and behold….

    Stay tuned.. Sorry for keeping you waiting.. Itz school..

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    {My Adventure}

    *Episode 2*

    …the bus engine started I raised my head and behold he almost caught me looking.. I was there in the bus thinking about what he said to me…
    (The bus arrived at the next street to my won’t get to my place actually) i dropped and walked home..


    [Sorry but this story is strictly about my love story, so permit me to omit other stories, things happened before 11pm but its things like helping my mum and other stuffs ..domestic works sha]..

    At Around 11 pm i was sitting on a chair and reading with my book placed on the desk next to my bed.. But i just can’t focus, ohhh this kelvin of a boy… I sat on the desk and rested my head against the wall… (I was thinking about all that happened in the afternoon)
    *i haven’t falling for any guy before, so why? I just can’t get my mind off him, i don’t know this feeling, have met lots of guys before but i just feel so different about this one.. Am in ss2 and a new student, but his in ss3 but have never met him before until this day, hey Tife.. Wait why did i even ran away why?… When i walked by and sat reading in Aso rock, i kept staring at him, but he was doing the same, i dnt know why until now..* i felt a great peace with him, i thought all men are the same until i met kelvin! I just felt so strange about him.. I stood up and went to the mirror, and was talking to myself.. *Hy Kelvin, sorry for my manner yesterday, not that am shocked but i can’t even explain why i did sorry though i..i ..i think i love you too* hey Tife you can’t say that o…. After a while i slept off..

    I was at the talk shop, i bought egg roll and fanta, after eating i wanted to pay but the seller said no he has paid.. (Pointing to a boy sitting down under the staff’s car park and eating popcorn..)
    *Tife* hey, morning (he turned around) oh kelvin! I should have known, thanks for the bill..(i turned and set to go..)
    *Kelvin*..hey baby, you welcome, i saw you while you buying so i intend to pay.. That aside. Baby please if what i said yesterday is in anyway upsetting to you please am sorry, the way you ran scared me,i thought you wanted to report sorry..
    *Tife* *(in my mind i was like hmm i love you too and you have nothing to be sorry for, i don’t even want to think about it i love you so much, but i just kept that to myself, i didn’t say it out.)* Kelvin is alryt, i should be apologizing for running away.. But we will talk later not now because break is almost over..
    *Kelvin* alright dear, i will see you off at closing so we can talk on our way home..
    *Tife* alright see you..


    *Kelvin* (waiting at the gate) have been waiting for you..
    *Tife* ohh sorry dear, am here now..lets go..
    *Kelvin* ok dear, so as i was saying, am sorry for yesterday am sorry but the truth is certain, baby i truly love you so much.. I know you will need to think about it,
    *Tife* hmmm… You never even asked me my name or did you know that before?
    *Kelvin* sorry dear so what’s the name?
    *Tife* Tife.. *Boluwatife*.. but my friends even my parents call me Tife..(what a pretty name he said).. Kelvin what you don’t know was that, i felt different too when i saw you, but am sorry i won’t and cannot think about what you said, because..
    *Kelvin* (crossed me and stood in my front.) Tife please don’t say that i do love you, i will really take care of you i promise..
    *Tife* ok ok Kelvin stand should at least allow me finished what i was saying.. I meant it.. I can’t, i won’t and will not think about it because have done that and my reply is….YES!I LOVE YOU TOO..{Kelvin so happy} i ran yesterday because i wasn’t expecting that, i loved you already even before you said as i was looking into your eyes but.. When you said it i was shocked..
    *Kelvin* (so happy, you can see it all over him,) are you serious? Oh babe you don’t mean it ..i really love you.. So let me have your contact number so i can call you.. I promise you won’t regret this..
    [We are getting close to my area by now..]
    *Tife* i don’t have but don’t worry we will always get in touch mostly in school.. I need to cross now, my house is down there, so let me go Kelvin..
    *Kelvin* waow waow waow..i love you dear..can’t i see you to your house?
    *Tife*..oh not yet kelvin that would be next time… (I was so happy as i still looked into his eyes)
    *Kelvin* ok dear can i kiss your arm please..??
    *Tife* humm alright..(i stretched my hand to him and i felt the coolness of his lips right inside my heart..) Itz enough kelvin i have to go.. Bye!
    *Kelvin* bye dear..(he kept looking at me till i walked out of his sight..)

    Oh immediately i got home.. I just kept feeling differently.. So overwhelmed… So this is how people fall in love, have never given any guy a chance before but now am willing.. I love him..
    All this while i do look into his eyes i was so in love with him.. When i told him to leave my hand the first day he approached me, i never want him to but i won’t be able to hold it much longer.. just have to let that be.. Oh i can’t wait for tomorrow to come..

    *The Next day*

    Me and Kelvin under a tree beside the school field..

    {Kelvin held my hand and was smiling}
    *Kelvin* Tife you need to see me yesterday, i was so happy and in fact just been crazy!.. Tife thanks so much, i love you so very much dear, thanks for accepting me into your life.. And i will really surprise you and show you how much i love you someday.. You are my epitome, my honey chickadee, my sweet.. Ohh i love you my Angel..
    *Tife* stop’ve started flattering me again abi, am blushing jor.. i love you too,..ok o..i can’t wait to see you surprise me and prove your love for me..oh that’s remind me..Valentine is just few days away.. Hmm …
    *Kelvin* exactly my point, am gonna surprise you and will take you where you’ve never been before..
    *Tife* humm,so there’s a place have never been before? Hmm i don’t think so not in this town…
    *Kelvin* am sure you don’t know there.. that day is really gonna be fun, you will love the place am sure and it will be so sweet.. Baby there’s something i want to ask you.. *(I Said am listening)* Tife i love you so much trust me… On that day can we do something special? *i was confused so i asked what?* can we just have some romantic section?
    *Tife* what? Hmm am not saying no.. And am still saying no.. Anything can happen from there and i can’t…
    *Kelvin*(interrupted) nothing will happen.. We are together now and we will be good Tife please!
    *Tife* no.. I am a virgin so please respect dat.. I said in a louder voice..
    *Kelvin* opps! Sorry dear, i never knew, ok, i promise i will respect that, i will love you more always and will wait till the appropriate time… Tife i love you..
    *Tife* sorry kelvin i never meant to raised my voice at you am sorry..(he said it’s ok baby i know the feeling) Thank you kelvin ( i hugged him) i love you more.. *So what about the Val.. It gonna be my first because have never dated anyone before you are my first* kelvin please make me love it..
    *Kelvin* Waow.. You not serious right? [Of cause i am..i replied] wonderful.. Am so happy and i promise.. sure you will love it, so am this lucky to be your first date… Then i promise you will love it..

    *A DAY TO VAL*
    (after closing in school)

    *I was just wondering how tomorrow will look like.. Oh itz my first val,and it’s gonna be awesome with Kelvin, i need to put on a very sexy cloth and i pray mum will let me out*


    I slept off…
    Early the following morning i was dressed told mum am going to see a friend she said ok but don’t stay too long.. Wow i was so happy.. It’s so strange of my mum, letting me out on Saturday morning, when we have lots to do.. I got to the gate and stepped out… On getting out i……

    Stay connected…..

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    {My Adventure}

    *Episode 3*

    …on getting out i saw Kelvin.. Wow this is a surprise really.. So how did you know my place?
    *Kelvin* never mind, i found out days ago.. So lets move.. So we can come back early..
    *Tife* oh kelvin you are so Romantic..{he crossed his right hand across my shoulder and we walked away..we took a texi and he spoke to the taxi man in the ear..he don’t want me to know where he is taking me..}

    *In the Taxi*

    Kelvin! So you don’t want me to know where you are taking me right..we will sha get there.. And Aw see
    *Kelvin* don’t worry when we get there you will love it.. Take..(giving me a pack, i collected and asked if i can open..) Yes you can!
    *Tife* wow Kelvin this is so loving, chocolate, ice cream, and lots of cookies.. I hugged and pecked him.. Oh i love you.. You are really proving your love and surprising me.. I can’t wait to get where we are going..

    *about 10 minutes later*

    Kelvin asked me to close my eyes.. Which i did, after several minutes i became worried and told him its getting too long now..
    Just after i said that the car stopped and he helped me down and took the packages..
    He said baby sorry you will open your eyes now just one more minute..
    He *blind folded me and held my two hands close to my shoulder from behind and so we walked for like a minute or two…and at a point we stopped and he unfolded my eyes*

    *Kelvin* (unfolding the tie) ohh yes baby here we go..
    *Tife*:(my eyes opened wide, hands covering my mouth as my eyes was unfolded)…..Oh mine mine..Kelvin where is this beautiful place? It’s so beautiful.. I love the nature here and if i may ask; what are we doing here?..
    *Kelvin*: this place is the dream place of so many out there to make out and have fun with their love especially on a day like this, but only very few of us knows here… I brought you here Tife to have fun and see how beautiful nature is!
    *Tife*:(i sighed)..hummm.. So you brought me here to make me have fun?.. Waow.. I love the shades of the trees, the evergreen land and the pretty roses.. See the colorful butterflies… *(oh i spoke excitedly cause i was)* ohh Kelvin thank you.. I never knew there’s a place like this.. I love you dear..
    *Kelvin*:..(interrupted) yes i love you too and this is the best place to show and prove to each other how much we love ourselves.. Tife.. (Putting his hands on my shoulder as he was standing before me)..lets make.. do it..
    *Tife*: (I put his hands away) do what Kelvin? *i Asked furiously..*
    *Kelvin*…you know now..
    *Tife* i don’t know until you tell me! So am listening..
    *Kelvin*..i.. I mean.. I mean lets make love (before I could say a word Kelvin continued) nobody will find out, it will be a secret between us.. This is the best place, we will always remember its awesome memory for life and for good, its cool and glorious here Tife please..
    *Tife* OMG.. Kelvin.. I don’t want to believe this is coming from you.. But why? What about your promises and everything.. Where are they? Sorry i can’t do this…(i turned my back to Kelvin thinking on how to get out of the place but i was blind folded into this place, i love the place though and never felt like leaving soon but it’s messed up already..i don’t know where or which turn makes the exit)
    *as i was there thinking, Kelvin kept his head down and his hands by his waist. as he was trying to raise his head to persuade me then there was a pause at a point and his eyes glued to my butt* oh did i told you am so endowed?..

    To be continue…

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    Interestin…kelvin don play e part,so na ur turn o

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    Next o

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    damaris eze
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    Ride On…

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    {My Adventure}

    Episode 4

    Yes am so endowed.. [Kelvin kept his eyes there like he hasn’t seen it before, well he has but not like this and not in this dress] *I turned back facing him..*
    *Tife* and what are you starring at, Kelvin!(he looked at me in face and put his hands around my waist) ohhh kelvin.. Please take me out of this place.. I need to leave now..(somewhere inside of me i want to stay, ohh his hands around my bubble but felt so romantic but i just have to)
    *Kelvin* My love you are so precious to me and believe it i can’t and won’t hurt you, trust me you gonna enjoy it.. It a great pleasure please baby please..
    *Tife* ohhhh Kelvin why are you doing this naw (i kept trying to remove his hands around my waist tenderly but he held on) ok.. Ok.. What exactly do you want what?
    *Kelvin* you know it, you know what we want not just me.. See how beautiful the nature we have here, tife please.. My baby, my sweet, sexy damsel, my heart, my cutie cutie, my honey pie, my honey bonny..
    *{Has he was calling me names i was just blushing and feeling so special,my eyes stocked in his..i felt so high in love,i want to kiss him,i want to hug him, i want to have fun,but i don’t want to have s-x am afraid,I’ve not done it before.. Ohh at that time i wish someone can just tell me what to do.. Am so confused}*
    *Tife* (i drew closer to him, and laid my hands around his neck.. Our face were closer to each other’s now..) Kelvin.. My love i trust you and i love you,not that i can’t do what you are asking but please if this is the only favour you will ever do for me please dear, wait till we marry and if you want it every minute its yours but now i can just give you a chance of roman but we won’t get too serious with it so it won’t lead to what we are preventing..please dear.. *(before he could say a thing i enclosed his lips with the best kiss i a novice though but it not a competition so at that moment its the best)* *(he at first instance wanted to pull out cause that’s not what he wanted, but i was so much like in heaven i guessed i wouldn’t allow him pulled out)*
    (After kissing for minutes, i held him tight and he reciprocated and we romanced like that’s gonna be our last.. He’s getting more passionate now and somewhere in my head i remembered my mum, my dad, time and most especially my PRIDE..but i love this moment and i don’t want to pull back i don’t want to spoil the fun..)

    *27minutes later*

    After about 27minutes later non of us can explain how and what we are doing on the felt so cool on the evergreen carpet grass, so at a point i forced pulled back…
    *Tife* Kelvin i think that’s enough am scared.. Mum will be waiting for me..(he didn’t alter a word he stood up and stretched his right hand towards me and drew me up.. *i can see the expression on his face that he is totally down and disappointed, he’s sad about it…but he did say anything* he picked up the pack of the cookies then the ice cream is finished)

    *Kelvin* [looking too sad] alright lets go..(standing some centimeters away from me)
    *Tife* (i hate myself for making him feel this way, he still looks handsome even when he’s not happy, but i want him happy.. I pretended like i don’t know what was wrong with him) Kelvin what? Why are you like this..ohh my baby please now please tell me what it is please..
    *Kelvin* nothing! Lets go (speaking in a thickly voice)
    *Tife* Kelvin because i stopped us? Ohhh baby sorry naw you should know why please dear please.. I don’t like this expression on your face (I moved closer to him and gave him a hug with a romantic cool kiss..and hug him from behind holding him that way)
    *Kelvin* lets go, lets go..[he was taking steps bit by bit checking his phone]
    *Tife* {I felt down too i didn’t know what to do to make him happy i walked past him..i was there in his front, kept my silence and taking my steps gradually has he was following me too..} Where will i turn..where’s the exit? (I asked not looking at him in the back in a very down mood..)
    *For seconds i didn’t hear him reply i asked again and i looked back and bent my head aside a bit..Kelvin where should i turn? I asked again..he saw am down too*(in my mind i was just thinking lots of things..but the summary was just that this day is ruined.. Oh i thought i will enjoy it..oh yes i did at the middle of it, at first i was *disliking* it, later i *don’t want to* stop and leave but now am *hating* it..oh i don’t know how am feeling right now.. Oh the fun is ruined..)
    *has i was standing there in his front,after asking where i should turn..he pointed his left second finger to the right side holding the pack with the right hand..i turned to the left and as i was trying to take my first step towards the direction after turning..Kelvin dropped the pack and grabbed my right hand drew me closer to him and jam me with a kiss… Ohhh I couldn’t talk but was pushing away but not too hard….a grabbed him and engrossed my hands around him and we…….*

    [The Adventure]

    *Last episode*

    *and we got it hot by this time.. Kelvin taste too sweet..i couldn’t pulled back anymore, by this time we were moving to a well dense part of the garden ohh we even trampled on the cookies pack but at this time no one cares..we went back to the ground.. We are both crazy about this romantic act..after sometime i felt this cold breeze on me, it so cold and o felt fresh…i released my right hand which was busy cuddling and moving to-fro in great romantic moves on kelvin..and placed it on my lap..Jeez..i pulled back..and saw am half naked and i asked Kelvin..*
    *Tife* Kelvin where’s my skirt and when did it get off me.. (Still longing for him but am scared still)
    *Kelvin* (his two hands on the ground by my two sides am camped under his body) ohh baby don’t spoil this fun, your skirt goes no where its right here (he said that has he touched it) *oh its right here by my waist..he rolled it up* so lets continue before the mood leaves us..
    *Tife* but…{i couldn’t finished the but when he descended back on me and i played on.}
    *At a point i was so in mood i don’t know what i want any more..oh Kelvin i screamed his name..please give it to me please! I don’t know where those words were coming from.. Kelvin had been waiting for this..he pull my panties down and …hmm has he pulled down his trousers with his lips kissing all over me..he touched me at that delicate part of me i got aroused so high.. I held him back trying to pull my panties back this time i was shivering seriously, but really in mood for it am just scared.. But Kelvin has turned someone else now..he held me down..trying to make me comply but it seems i wasn’t will so he added more force i pleaded i begged i cried but non was effective against him..oh helpless me all who came there had left..i cried more but kelvin won’t pull back..* kelvin pleaseeeeeeeeee.. And at once i was just like *ahhhhhh..uhhhhh ouch..i felt this Roddy thing inside of me it felt like am in another world.. Has he moved a a bit back and hit me so hard i creamed at the top of my voice with tears in my eyes as felt a light pain and a liquid substance from my IN.. and behold…

    *…So i woke up from my sleep and screamed so loud ..mum came it and asked what was it? I said blood.. (Blood on my hand) mum asked where that came from i said my Vigi___! She checked as i kept crying…oh menstruation naw! No mummy i replied, are you sure i didn’t lost my virginity? No! She answered and why all this questions what happened..?* i quickly controlled myself and said nothing.. Mum left..
    *oh my God so its all a dream..the cookies the garden and the…….No!so this is Kelvin’s plan..i tidy up and went out to meet mum..she said i said am going somewhere today..*
    No ma i will just stay at home..


    (Kelvin was looking so mad, i know why, i didn’t show up for the Val)

    Why didn’t you come yesterday?
    I didn’t answer i told him that am no longer interested in the relationship.. We talked more about it but i cut it off..

    *i never had Val but i did at the same time,because i only had it in my dream and it was an awful experience it made me hate it and that made it my LAST VAL…i only planned and urged for it but it was ruined.. By this revelation.. And now me and Kelvin only greet as friends in school i was the only one that know why i opped out*

    God bless you so much..

    Am still me. olutomi..

    My next story loading.. *IRONY OF LOVE*

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