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    S ometimes I just wonder
    why I was created this
    way. why I can’t seem to
    be comfortable when I’m
    in the midst of people,
    especially ladies. I had been
    this way ever since I was a kid.
    I’m already on my early
    twenties but my issue is not
    getting better. It had even
    worsened. I can’t believe that
    at this stage of my life, I still
    don’t know how to approach
    ladies. I had come in contact
    with a number of nice ladies
    that I love and would love to
    spend the rest of my life with,
    but due to my shy nature, I
    could not approach them and
    had lost them all. I still can’t
    believe that I’m still a virgin at
    this stage of my life. Not that
    I’m a saint or something. I had
    always wanted to take this
    virginity of a thing off me, but
    don’t know how to go about it.
    I had never dated any lady all
    my life. I dare not tell my
    friends that I’m still a virgin,
    because they would all laugh at
    me. I always brag about how I
    made a lady beg me to get her
    laid whenever I’m with them,
    but in reality, no such thing
    had happened.
    I always believed I could cope
    with my shy and introverted
    nature, but not until I gained
    admission into the university.
    it was when I gained
    admission into the university
    that I realized there is place
    for people like me in the
    university. it’s either I blend
    in and associate with people or
    be forever isolated.
    it’s been three weeks since I
    gained admission into the
    university. We had already
    completed the registration
    process and lectures had also
    started. The way I always see
    students in my department
    discussing and associating
    with one another, made me
    wondered if they had known
    one another already, before
    they gained admission. I
    wished I could be like them
    and interact more with my
    coursemate, but my
    introverted nature wouldn’t
    allow me. I always try my best
    not to be noticed in class. I
    dare not raise my hand to
    answer any question asked by
    a lecturer, even though I knew
    the answer.
    One day in class, just
    immediately we settled down
    for lectures, our introduction
    to statistics lecturer, Dr. Mike
    walked into the class to
    introduce his course. After
    5minutes of speaking, he
    asked a question which no one
    could answer. He was very
    disappointed and decided not
    to speak further until someone
    answer his question. I knew
    the answer to Dr. Mike
    question but dare not stand up
    to answer his question. Just
    imagining the number of eyes
    that would be boring holes on
    my body when I stand to
    answer the question could
    make my mind go blank.
    Dr. Mike stared at us from the
    podium while we stared back
    at him, with no one making
    attempt to answer his
    question. After the long silence
    in the class, he decided to
    “so out of over a hundred
    students in this class, no one
    can answer the question I
    asked” he said
    Everyone in class remained
    “this class can’t continue until
    someone answer my question.
    How am I suppose to teach
    you if you don’t know the
    basic of this course” he said
    The class still remained silent.
    He stared silently at us. After a
    while if silence, an idea
    crossed his mind.
    “I know what to do” he said
    walking closer to us.
    “I will start pointing you to
    answer the question and once
    you fail to give me the right
    answer, you will leave this
    class and never attend any of
    my classes for the rest of this
    semester.” he said in serious
    A faint murmur could be
    heard in the class
    “we you all keep shut” he
    shouted in angry tone.
    The look on his face showed
    that he was very serious with
    what he said.
    I wished someone could just
    answer his question and take
    me out of the tensed situation
    i was in. The class had
    suddenly became too hot for
    me to stay. I prayed silently
    that God should divert the
    lecturer’s attention away from
    anything that would make him
    notice me in class. Not that I
    didn’t know the answer, but I
    just couldn’t face the whole
    I could see the lecturer staring
    at everyone faces, looking for
    who to point. he stared at my
    direction and a shiver went
    down my spine. I suddenly
    started sweating profusely.
    “Hey, you over there” he said
    pointing at my direction.
    Even though he was pointing
    at my direction, I was so sure
    he was not pointing directly to
    me. because there is no how
    he could have pin-point me
    out of over a hundred students
    in class. so I looked back to
    confirm who he was pointing
    at. the person he was pointing
    at must be behind me.
    “why are you looking back?
    I’m referring to you” he said
    referring to me
    “is it me sir?” I asked to be
    sure he was referring to me.
    “no, it’s me” he mimicked me
    “come on stand up and answer
    my question” he barked.
    I suddenly became weak when
    I realized he was actually
    referring to me. how was I
    suppose to stand and answer
    question in a class of over
    hundred students.
    Just as I slowly stood up, I
    could see over a hundred eyes
    boring holes on my body. I
    tried not to turn my head,
    because my mind could go
    blank if my eyes meet with
    any lady in class. I cursed the
    devil silently who had
    succeeded in putting me in
    such situation.
    “will you answer my question
    or get out of this class” Dr.
    Mike barked when I didn’t say
    anything after a while of
    “erm………erm……….” I

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    senator daniel
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    J ust as I slowly stood up, I
    could see over a hundred
    eyes boring holes on my body.
    I tried not to turn my head,
    because my mind could go
    blank if my eyes meet with
    any lady in class. I cursed the
    devil silently who had
    succeeded in putting me in
    such situation.
    “will you answer my question
    or get out of this class” Dr.
    Mike barked when I didn’t say
    anything after a while of
    “erm………erm……….” I
    “actually………. I……….I”
    That was the last words I could
    remember saying. I knew I was
    still speaking, but could not
    remember what I was saying,
    because my mind was far from
    what I was saying. All my
    attention was focused on the
    eyes in class boring holes on
    my body, especially the ladies.
    I kept wondering what might
    be on their minds as they
    stared at me. could they be
    thinking bad of me. could they
    be saying I’m not smart
    enough to be in this class. All
    these and other thought
    occupied my mind.
    It was when I heard a big
    round of applause from the
    class that I realized I had
    answered the question. I
    focused my attention back on
    the lecturer standing in my
    front. He observed me for a
    while before speaking.
    “so you knew the answer all
    this while and you didn’t
    answer” he said
    I kept mute
    “why did you wait until I point
    you before you answered the
    question?” he asked
    I remained mute
    “Anyway, I will pardon you
    this time, because I like the
    way you answered the
    question. you gave a detailed
    explanation just the way I
    want it. what’s your name?”
    he asked
    “Christian” I answered sharply.
    “okay Christian. Once you
    know the answer to a
    question, don’t wait until you
    are called before you answer
    the question. is that clear?”
    I nodded in affirmation
    “good” he said
    “you can have your seat now”
    I sat down immediately and let
    out a hot breath which I didn’t
    know I was holding all this
    Dr. Mike walked back to the
    podium and continued with
    the lecture. All other questions
    he asked were answered by
    other students without delay.
    The class went on smoothly
    and he joked from time to
    time which made us laughed
    out loud. I later found Dr. Mike
    to be an interesting lecturer.
    After lectures for that day, I
    quickly rushed to the school
    restuarant to have lunch
    before I collapse. it’s as if the
    few words I said in class had
    drained all my energy. I didn’t
    even allow my food to be
    placed on my table before I
    started devouring it.
    After a while of eating, I heard
    someone screaming my name
    from behind. my heart missed
    a beat when I realized it was
    the voice of a lady. I slowly
    turned to see a lady standing
    at the entrance with smiles on
    her face. she must be my
    coursemate for her to know
    my name. she must have
    heard it when I mentioned it
    to Dr. Mike. she started
    walking towards me. my
    heartbeat kept increasing in
    geometric progression with
    every step she took. she got to
    me and sat opposite me.
    “hi Christian” she said smiling
    I couldn’t say anything. I
    couldn’t even stare at her. I
    just kept staring at my food on
    the table.
    ” hello” she stressed the word
    when I didn’t respond.
    I waved at her and said “hi” in
    a whisper. I was sure she
    didn’t hear that, because it
    was not audible enough for
    her to hear.
    She observed me for a while.
    “Christian are you okay?” she
    “yes” i responded sharply
    “okay, i just want to thank you
    for answering Dr. Mike’s
    question in class today. you
    are our saviour. who knows
    how many students he would
    have sent out of his class if
    not for you. I’m very sure I
    would have been among those
    that would be sent out because
    I had no idea of the answer.
    you did really well. by the
    way, I’m Joy.” she said
    I didn’t respond. I just kept
    staring into air.
    “are you sure you are okay?”
    she asked
    “I…….. I………. I want to go
    home. I feel dizzy” I said
    She quickly stood up from her
    seat and sat closer to me. she
    placed her hand on my
    “Are you sick?” she asked
    Her closeness made me more
    “I’m not sick. I’m just tired. I
    need to rest.” I answered.
    “okay you can start leaving.
    make sure you take care of
    yourself” she said feeling
    I stood up immediately and
    was about heading for the
    “wait” she said walking
    towards me
    “let me have your number so
    that I can call to check on you”
    I didn’t like the idea of giving
    her my number. what am I
    suppose to say to her when
    she calls. she stretched her
    phone to me and I collected it.
    I typed my number and gave
    her back her phone.
    ” okay I will call you” she said
    “I hope you are coming to
    school tomorrow?” she asked
    I nodded in affirmation
    “okay see you then”
    I waved at her and left the
    restuarant immediately.

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    I got home and freshened
    up. I lay on my bed and
    stare blankly at the
    ceiling. The event of the
    day flashed through my mind
    and my mood suddenly
    changed. I felt bad that I
    couldn’t answer a question
    confidently in class. Even
    when joy approached me
    nicely, I couldn’t even say a
    word to her. Why am I always
    like this? will I ever be
    confident enough to speak
    with a lady without feeling
    nervous? when will I stop
    behaving this way? Am I the
    only one in this world with
    this kind of personality? what
    did I do wrong to be born with
    this kind of trait? Am I cursed
    or something? It seems like
    i’m the only one in the world
    with this trait. I have never
    come across any shy guy all
    my life. where did I get this
    kind of trait from?
    I was lost in thought.
    The vibration of my phone
    brought me back to reality. I
    stretched my hand to my table
    to get my phone. I stared into
    the screen and saw that it was
    an unknown number. My
    heart missed a beat when I
    realized I gave Joy my number.
    I sat up immediately still
    staring at my phone. I quickly
    rehearsed a few words I would
    say to her when I pick the call.
    I took a deep breath and placed
    my hand close to the green
    button. While I was still
    contemplating on whether to
    pick the call, it suddenly
    stopped ringing. it started
    ringing almost immediately.
    My phone suddenly became
    too heavy for me to hold. I
    needed to pick the call. I won’t
    allow my personality to drive
    away someone who seems to
    care about me.
    I summoned all the courage in
    me to pick the call. I placed the
    phone on my ear and said “hi”
    in the nicest way I could.
    “Guy you didn’t try at all. you
    have forgotten about me. you
    can’t even call me” the voice at
    the other end said.
    it wasn’t actually a lady’s voice. it was a
    guy’s voice. I felt relieved
    when I heard the voice.
    “please who am I speaking
    with?” I asked
    “so you don’t recognize my
    The voice rang a well. I knew I
    have heard that voice before. I
    thought for a while.
    “Daniel” I called
    “yes it’s Daniel. I thought you
    won’t recognize my voice.” he
    “wow! so it’s you Daniel. long
    time” I said happily
    “yeah, long time” he
    “How are you?” I asked
    “I’m fine and you”
    “I’m fine too” I responded
    “so how is school?” he asked
    “school is fine”
    “I hope those girls in school
    are not giving you problem”
    “not at all” I responded
    “is this your number”
    “yes this is my new number. I
    said I should call you, since
    you don’t want to call me”
    “Daniel you know that’s not
    true. if I had your number, I
    would have called you” I said
    “okay o, I just said I should
    hear from you”
    “you did very well. I’m very
    grateful. I will save your
    “okay then, we will talk later.”
    Daniel said
    “okay, thanks for the call”
    I ended the call and stared at
    my phone screen with smiles
    on my face. it was good to
    hear from Daniel. Daniel is my
    childhood friend and a very
    good adviser. I placed my
    phone on the table and lay on
    my bed.
    Just immediately I placed the
    phone on the table, it started
    vibrating again. I took the
    phone from the table and
    picked the call without looking
    at the caller.
    “hello Daniel” I said into the
    “Christian” the caller called
    I froze when I heard a lady’s
    voice. I slowly removed the
    phone from my ear and stared
    into the screen. The number
    was different from Daniel’s
    number. I slowly placed the
    phone back on my ear. I could
    feel my heart pounding in my
    “hello” I said calmly
    “Christian how are you? This
    is Joy”
    “Joy. how……. how are you?” I
    “Christian you don’t sound too
    well. should I come over to
    your place?”
    “No, no” I cut in immediately
    “I’m not at home”
    “where did you go to?” she
    “I’m in the hospital”
    “hospital!” she exclaimed
    “is it that serious?”
    What did I just say? I couldn’t
    believe I just told her I was in
    the hospital. I quickly took
    back those words
    “no Joy, I mean I went to get
    some drugs from a pharmacy.”
    “okay, how is your body” she
    “I’m fine now. I will call you
    back. I’m on a busy road right
    now” I said
    “okay” she responded
    I ended the call and took a
    deep breath. I lay on my bed
    and didn’t know when I slept

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    Bro continue ooo ,nice start

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    Nawa o for your shyness

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