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    🤫My life as A S3x slave👯‍♀️🔞

    🍆{Always on his bed}🛌🏾

    💐 Chapter 19 {One last time.}💐

    Note that this story is rated🔞🔞

    🎩Semi Finale🎩

    I slammed the door on him and plopped down on my bed,streams of thought gathered in my mind.

    Was I too cruel to him? Does he really deserve all this.

    All I know is that my heart beats for him but my head is telling me something else.

    Does he really deserve my love after all his cruelty towards me.

    I took my shower and went off to sleep I need to come to a conclusion tomorrow morning.

    The next morning came so slow am really getting used to Robert by my side.

    I got off my bed and took my bath and did my morning rituals.

    The whole issue was a conundrum in my mind.

    Am pregnant, I love him, but I want to pay him back for all he did.

    The pregnancy made me come to a tough conclusion, I can’t hate him forever, he’s also the father of my child it’s time I make a choice.

    I climbed down the stairs that led to the living room, I was surprised to see Robert preparing breakfast, his mood was kind of dull too.

    Probably because of what I said to him last night, he ignored me even when I greeted him, why is he acting different today.

    He served breakfast but the words that came from his mouth were unthinkable.

    Those words made me realize I really loved and need him.

    It’s time to let go of the hatred and tell him about how I feel.

    “I love you Robert, I sincerely love you if not I would be long gone.” I replied sincerely and kissed him his eyes almost bursted with how wide they were.

    “Gloria…. Please repeat what you just said right now.” He said gobsmacked by my words.

    “I said I love you.” I said moving closer to him, feeling his breath on my lips.

    “Oh my God, you just said you love me she said she loves.” He said excited by my words which seems funny.

    “Robert I love you!!!!” I called out louder and he looked at me stunned and more surprised.

    “You love me?” He asked again and I nodded in agreement. “Oh my God, she loves me.” He shouted and carried me rolling us around.

    “You are so happy?” I asked him tauntingly.

    “Am the most happiest man on Earth today or is this a dream? Am I in my dreams.” I can’t believe I actually fell for him too, despite all his cruelty towards me I learned something from this sometimes love and joy comes with both pains and sufferings it’s now left for us to choose and decide.

    And have decided to be with him forever, I choose him to be my love.

    I love him and that’s all that matters now.

    *Later at night*

    I cooed into his arms and cuddled him tight, as I breathe in his beautiful smell.

    He touched my skin and rubbed it with teasing strokes, being in his arms makes me feel comfortable and safe.

    Am happy that I actually love him.

    “Gloria, can I ask a question.” He said and I stared into his eyes.

    “Of course you can go ahead.” I replied and touched his Beard.

    “Why didn’t you tell me you love me sooner.” He dropped the question and my heart leaped in joy.

    It’s an answer which you all know.

    “Well… If I should think about it, I was pretending.” I said and giggled.

    “When you said pretending do you mean…”

    “Yes, I pretended as if I didn’t like you, I lied to myself, and it’s because of everything you did to me, I don’t want to believe that I will love the man who maltreated me.” I responded and he sighed.

    “To be honest, if I was you I would have done much worse, am sorry for everything I did, I think have loved you right from the day I met you, the S3x just clouded my mind.” He replied trailing my skin with his fingers.

    “It’s all right I understand now.” I replied and rubbed his chest.

    “You do?” He asked.

    “I do, and I love you.” I responded and kissed him.

    He smiled back and got on me, we both naked as our body collide in massive feelings.

    He covered us with the blanket and am sure you know what happened next.

    Sweet S3x.😋😋

    *A week later*

    👨🏾‍💼Robert’s pov👨🏾‍💼

    Sitted in a chair in one of the fanciest restaurant in town, I held Gloria’s hand and she smiled as her eyes brightened with joy.

    “So this is the date you talked about.” She said and I smiled.

    “Yes, do you like it?” I aked and she nodded in agreement.

    “It’s cool.” She replied.

    “The waiter will be here soon, I just want us to have all the fun you want.” I said and she smiled brightly.

    “It’s alright.” She replied.

    “Excuse me please… Are you not that pretty girl, I saw at that party.” A guy with a familiar face intruded us.

    “Hmm… I think have met you somewhere before.” She gazed into space trying to remember something and suddenly she snapped her fingers, indicating she remembered something.

    “yes you are that guy at the party.” She added.

    “How are you doing?” He stretched an open hand with a smile and it kinda pissed me off.

    “Am fine.” She replied smiling.
    My, why am I suddenly infuriated by what’s going on now.

    I took a closer look at him and it was the guy from that party some months back, the night I decided to show Gloria the world.

    “If you don’t mind can we talk outside.” He asked ignoring me, he’s quite rude.

    “Hmm…. As you can see my man is right here with me and he wouldn’t want that.” Gloria replied which made my heart leap with joy.

    She gave him exactly the words he needs.

    “Ohh…. Am sorry.” He said and left.

    “I love you Gloria.” I said and she leaned in to kiss me.

    “I love you more.” She replied.

    It’s time for the show, time to let her know why we are really here.

    “Gloria.” I called her and stood up.

    “Yes.” She replied as her gaze followed me.

    “I know have done a lot of despicable things to you which am sorry for, but am just too selfish and greedy I just want you for the rest of my days.” I said on my knees and brought out a small case out of my right pocket.

    “Baby would you consider me for the last time and be my wife, please be my wife Gloria I love you.” I finally said showing her the diamond ring.

    She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands.

    “Of course…. I will be yours forever and ever.” She replied and kissed me.

    “Really?” I asked excited.

    “Yes I will be yours forever.” She replied beaming with excitement.

    “I love you.” I said and Everyone around applauded us.

    Have never been happier, I put the ring on her finger and hugged her tight.

    I can’t believe she loves me, I can’t believe we did it.

    ⚡3 months later⚡

    The church was filled with beautiful people in different attires.

    Beautiful notes being played from the keyboard.

    I stood at the alter with my heart racing in anxiety.

    It’s today, it’s finally today.

    I looked across the church and I saw Gloria walking towards the alter beautiful like a queen in her wedding gown.

    Today actually marks the happiest day of my life.

    She took her final steps on the alter facing me.

    I can’t wait no more.

    Every eyes were on us as the pastor called out the oaths.

    “Do you Robert Williams consider to take Gloria James as your legally wedded wife and promise to do right by her till the rest of your lifes.” He said awaiting my reply.

    I smiled broadly and said….

    “I do.” I replied.

    “And do you Gloria James promise to do same.” He asked but no response came from Gloria as she remained in silence.

    I looked at her anticipating her reply but none came.

    “Do you Gloria James promise to do same.” He asked again and this time Gloria smirked at me.

    “I….” She said and stopped for a while.

    What is she going to say.

    I do or I don’t.


    To be continued…….

    To know Gloria’s response stay tuned for the last chapter.

    And I know most of you are still thinking about Bianca, of course the story wouldn’t be perfect if we don’t talk about what happens to Bianca and how she spent her life.

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    She better behave and say she do

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    Ogbeni talk na

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    Hmmmm where is the love of my life ar u here on coolval?

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    Gloria hope them never swear 4 u abi what ar u trying to prove?

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    Of course she will say I do

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    🤫My life as A Sex slave👯‍♀️🔞

    🍆{Always on his bed}🛌🏾

    💐 Chapter 20 {It ended in joy.}💐

    Genre:- Erotica romance. Enjoy 😋😋.

    Note, that this story is rated🔞🔞


    🧘🏾‍♀️Gloria’s pov🧘🏾‍♀️

    I slowly smirked at Robert, my heart skipped a thousand beats, the joy was too much and I can’t believe am actually getting married.

    Once again the pastor called the oath and I kept my silence trying to get my thoughts into reality it felt as if I was in my dreams.

    “I… Do.” I said in absolute joy.

    “If so, I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” The pastor said and they all applauded us.

    Robert pulled me closer to him and we both kissed affectionately.

    One upon a time, I lived my life as a s*x slave, a slave, but I didn’t quit fighting I stood up and fought back, fought for my life, my right and lastly I fought for my love.

    That was my story but not anymore, Gloria and Robert forever we will glow in love.

    *3 months later*

    👼🏾Author’s pov👼🏾

    It’s been 2 months since the wedding and Gloria’s delivery is in due time.

    She lies on the bed with Robert massaging her body.

    “Do you like it?” Robert asked while Gloria groaned in pleasure.

    “Of course, you are so good.” Gloria responded. “Baby there’s something I would like to ask of you.” She added which stopped Robert.

    “Of course, go on.” He replied.

    “I would love to visit Bianca she has been sentenced to prison and I want to see her one last time.” She begged pouting her lips cutely which seems to do the job.

    “But your condition I can’t let you go alone.” He replied.

    “It’s alright you will be the one to drive me there, I just need to see her alone.” She persisted and Robert succumbed to her words.

    “Ok when would you like to go.” He asked and sat upright on the bed.

    “If possible tomorrow.” She replied.

    “If that’s what you want, anything for you.” He replied.

    *The next day*

    The next morning they both got dressed and drove to the prison. At the prison they filled out a visitor’s form and were shown to the visitation area

    Minutes later Bianca shows up with a sly grin on her face and with handcuffs on both of her hands.

    “Hi.” Gloria signalled at her in a friendly manner.

    Bianca sat on the chair looking at her spitefully.

    “What are you doing here?” Bianca said coldly.

    “Am here to see an old friend, to see how you are doing.” Gloria responded with a smile.

    “Old friend you say? You think it’s over? You think I will let you be?” Bianca said with pure hatred and stopped for a while as Gloria’s jaw dropped in disappointment.

    “Oh, I can see you are pregnant too what to do? Because am definitely coming for you b---h, you took everything I have, everything I wanted and here you are telling me you want to see an old friend!” She yelled and Gloria flinched.

    “Am sorry, I can see you haven’t changed, no you can never change, do you think I wanted this, you think I wanted to be a s3x slave, but also I should be thankful to you because you made me realise what it means to be in love.” She replied which surprised Bianca.

    “What do you mean?” Bianca asked.

    “Fortunately, am married to my sweetheart, love of my life am married to Robert, you can spend the rest of your life in total suffering, depression and frustration, goodbye.” Gloria said and left Bianca in pain.

    It was then she realised it was too late, there’s nothing she could do anymore she already failed, she already lost.

    Time to end it all.

    She was thrown back into her cell, and made up her mind to commit suicide.

    She tore her clothes in pieces and hanged herself to death in her cell.

    What a pity!

    👨🏾‍💼Robert’s pov👨🏾‍💼

    “Are you done?” I asked Gloria as she entered the car.

    “Yes, we can go now, I don’t feel any regret, it’s done.” She said and wiped off her tears.

    “It’s alright.” I replied and ignite the car.

    I understand how she feels, the one person she trusted as a friend was her enemy and she never knew.

    *2 Weeks later*

    I was in my office when I got a call I checked my phone and it was Gloria calling.

    📞 Hello baby* I said at first pace.

    📞 Oh! Robert! it’s coming, come home.* She shouted which was clearly heard from the phone.

    📞 What’s wrong bab…*

    📞 The baby is coming.* She said before I could utter another word.

    My eyes widened, the baby? Oh no!

    📞 Are you due already? Am coming baby.* I said and cut off the line.

    I picked my car keys and drove straight to the house. I barged in and met her groaning in pain, I took her inside the car and drove off to the hospital.

    At the hospital🏥

    We arrived at the hospital and she was handed over to the nurse, my whole body was burning with adrenaline pumping through my veins.

    It’s today, I can’t believe I will have my baby today.

    I really can’t believe I will be a father.

    For hours I felt unease as I sat on the chair awaiting the doctor.

    Finally the doctor shows up with a broad smile.

    “Congratulations, she’s given birth.” The doctor said before I could utter a statement.

    “Really? She has given birth?” I shouted as my heart leaped in joy.

    “Am a father, finally am a father.” I shouted and every eyes were on me.

    I kept my calm and picked my phone to call my bodyguard.

    It’s about time I show her the surprise.

    📞 Hello boss* my bodyguard said picking up the call.

    📞 It’s time, bring the gift along to the hospital.* I said and hung up.

    I hope she likes it.

    🧘🏾‍♀️Gloria’s pov🧘🏾‍♀️

    I looked at my newly born baby, my joy.

    A drop of tears rolled down my eyes as I reminisced my life up till this moment.

    “My baby.” Robert said as he entered with an old woman.

    “You are here.” I said silently.

    “Thank you so much Gloria, I really appreciate everything you have done.” Robert said showing his gratitude. He sat beside me caressing my body.

    “You are welcome.” I replied to him and smiled. “Who’s she?” I asked and his mood changed.

    “Well…. Gloria it’s your mom.” He said and my heart broke.

    “What the hell is she doing here?!” I half yelled and she got on her knees crying profusely.

    “Gloria, am sorry please forgive your mother.” She pleaded holding my hand tightly.

    I jerked her off with no pity.

    “My mother, I see, you can claim to be my mother after you abandoned me?” I lashed at her.

    “Gloria… Take it ea..”

    “Am disappointed at you.” I said to Robert before he could complete his words.

    “You should be because I understand how you feel but she’s your mother she has every right to be here.”he replied which seems right but I don’t care.

    “No, she has no right she’s a monster.” I replied harshly. Have you forgotten how she tried to manipulate me into marrying you for her own selfish gains.

    I glared at her and saw her crying pitifully.

    “Gloria if you love me the way you claim you will be happy about today, yes she treated you wrong, but because of her I knew you, because of her I found love because of her you found love too, is that not enough reason to forgive her? if not for anything consider our baby.” He made the final statements which were true, she did hurts me but it’s time to let go of the past. Coolval stories

    “She… Dosent deserves to be here.. she really did me wrong.” I said sobbing.

    “It’s alright, she’s here to correct her wrongs now, isn’t she?” He replied patting my back.

    She stood from the floor and held my hand, I looked into her eyes and it’s true I really missed her, I moved into her arms and hugged her tight.

    “Am sorry… My baby.” My mom said and hugged me back.

    “It’s alright now it’s all over.” Robert said.

    And it did was over.

    All his actions right from the day I started my escape plan made me realise I won’t be a s*x slave forever.

    His love for me started right from the day he met me, the s3x was just the element needed to make that happened.

    He truly loves me, and I do too.

    I looked at my baby, Robert and my mother and I knew we would make one big family.

    Robert and Gloria. The love that came after all the troubles and pain.

    One that would last forever…..

    The end of my life as a s3x slave 👯‍.

    This story is dedicated to every woman out there who due to some or no reason are passing through hell.

    Be strong and take up the fight, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are you. For more interesting stories kindly join MarbleJ amazing story library

    You have your own beautiful choices and decisions to make.


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    Congregations to the new Couple

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