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    This is a story by me best98, a fiction.

    For those magnificent followers, the magnificent brothers will commence after Hilton high school, currently working on it now.

    As usual, all right to this story exclusively
    belongs to the author (best98) and is
    protected under law. The title, thoughts,
    plots, characters, settings, quotes and all its
    content are properties of the author.
    No part of this work; either in part or in
    whole should be reproduced in any format;
    electronic or otherwise without permission
    from the author.

    Your comments, opinion, criticism are highly welcome .

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    You will find episode links at the bottom of the post below

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    (School of the rich)


    Life is not all about Money and power, despite the fact that the two is very importunate, but that should not be your goal. Even when you are not born with a silver spoon, learn how to strive. They say success comes when preparation meets opportunity. So prepare and wait for the opportunity to come.

    HILTON HIGH SCHOOL was owned by a business tycoon called Richard Hilton; one of the richest men in Africa.

    Hilton high school was a school known for its gargantuan building, termed as school of the rich which was absolutely true and Boarding school. Hilton was also known for its outrageous amount of fees which was about 2.5 million per term. The school was situated in Victoria Island (V. I) were only the rich lived.

    First and foremost my name is God knows the best but people called me best for short because the name was too long. I am 5.11 fit tall, 17 years of age, dark in complexion and handsome, I was the kind of guy girls called ladies guy; but I neither a flirt nor saint.

    I am the first born from a family of 3 (2 boys and a girl). My family was blessed with extreme brilliant but I was the most outstanding

    We lived with our mum because my dad was late. Living with single parent was not really easy but according to a saying “if wishes were horses beggars would ride” I wish my dad was alive because living in poverty is not really cool but what can I do about It? According to legend “A man must accept his fate or be destroyed by it”.

    My dad was a wealthy business man who gained a lot of success while he was alive, life was good, I and my siblings attended one of the best schools, wore designer’s clothes until my dad was assassinated.

    It all happened when I was in JSS 3. In the midnight of one day, around 11:30pm, there was a strident noise at our door; we knew that they must obviously be armed robbers. They smacked at the door very hard until it was ramshackle. Bouncing in, they shot my dad on the fore head and disappeared into the dark night. What marveled me the most was why they only shot my dad and nothing more and how they easily located my dad.

    I called them armed robbers because they stole my dad from me. And ever since then, life became a living hell for us; my mother’s business collapsed within a month, my father’s brothers took over his business while we were left with nothing. They claimed my father’s house which we lived in and left us in the mud

    My mum used the little money that was left with her to rent a room apartment somewhere in Ojo, okokomaiko to be precise.

    I and my siblings had to be withdrawn from the private school we were attending due to my mum’s inability to meet to the demand of the school. We started a government school while my mum started a petty business which was where we feed from. She d’ sale pap popularly known as ogi. Expectedly the business was not really flourishing, we don’t even expect it to move or can you expect a business that is been set up with not more than 2 thousand naira to fetch good money? As a result, I and my siblings had to embark on hawking in other to boost the economic situation of the business. But yet, it was almost the same, only slightly changes

    How do I become a student at Hilton? How would life be in Hilton? Who will I meet? How would life be for me being a poor student among those rich kids?

    Stay tune to find out as the drama entailed in this lesson filled tale begins to unfurl gently



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    Last Episode

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    bring it on

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    I woke up in the morning which was Monday, the first day of school resumption after the long holiday. “I was in SS2 then “at last I finally made it to SS2″ I murmured to myself.

    I quickly went to the bathroom to take my bath, few minutes later, I was done. I came out to behold my brother and sister still sleeping.

    “If awards of late coming are to be given, Victor and Amaka would have won millions of it. Seriously, I don’t get why they love coming late.

    “According to Amaka, she says she hate the assemble because it was always boring. Must that warrant late coming? . Most students hated assembly, me especially but I don’t like to come late. I was known for being early to school, and it made some junior students point fingers at me as their future head boy. But that was not really my target, not that I don’t like being head boy but I look forward to something bigger and flexible, I always see the tag of a head boy as stress rather than a serious migraine….


    I quickly put on my well ironed uniform, gazed at my reflection at the mirror. “fine boy” I said to myself and dashed out.

    I saw my mother outside in the kitchen; she was making pap as I got outside, I would have loved to help her out but I would be late. So I greeted her and walked down to school.

    By the time I got to school, people were already lining up for the assembly.

    We did praises and worship before the principal came on the podium in front of the students to give his speech. Seriously, I hated listening to the crap he called speech as he will keep on blabbing from one topic to the other

    He started by greeting the students while we all respond in unison.

    “I have a very serious topic” he started as usual “it’s about a scholarship that had just been brought to my notice” he brought out a piece of paper showing it to the group of students “the scholarship is for the popular school we’ve been hearing about which is the great Hilton high school which we all know as the biggest and best school at Lagos at large. I will like every one of you to pick the form which is just N2000 only and be among the 10 people that would be rewarded with the scholarship to Hilton.
    Although more than a thousand of people would be sitting for the exam, only the best 10 would be picked from JSS1 to SSS2. As a result, I advise you purchase the form and sit for the scholarship exam which will commence next week.
    You never knew if you could make it” the principal advised while I noticed some students jubilating as though they have been given scholarship already.

    Worst of all, I even saw Emmanuel who was known as the dullest student jumping up like an Imo state masquerade.

    “So are you going to purchase the form?” someone asked me from behind. I swiftly turned back to behold Deborah

    Deborah was my classmate; we have been class mate since JSS 3. She had this crush on me but I don’t really feel anything for her. Don’t blame me because she was very fat. Her dad was loaded; I don’t know why she had to attend government owned school. All the same, everything has a reason.

    “I don’t think so” I muttered calmly with the intention of taking my leave because I don’t really like talking to her. That was my nature; i hate talking to fat and ugly girls as their chats was always boring.

    I left her and went to my class to sit down. Immediately I sat, down I behold her. Who?

    Her name was Benita, one of the most beautiful being the great almighty God has ever created. Rumors had it that the lord spent 2 weeks in creating her. She has what I called killing point and massive curve, she looked like Nadia Buhari but more beautiful.

    Benita was my crush, she was every guys dream. She do not date anybody at school, she don’t even talk to me that much. Just normal classmate talks
    She believed that none of the guys at school were up to her standard.

    She was cat walking to her sit like a royal princess. I was busy staring at her before I heard my name.


    I quickly turned to my right to see who was calling me

    “Best, your eye go blind because of Benita” a boy said from behind.

    “Fool. na your eye go blind ” I fired back at him.

    Immediately the literature teacher came to our class and everyone composed him/herself.

    She was a female whose name was Miss Cynthia. A young beautiful Igbo lady though very ruthless and wicked. Everybody was afraid of her because she always bombards us with questions.

    “So Samuel what is Onomatopia” she asked pointing at one of the dullest student at the back.

    “onomatopia means the—-……… ” Samuel was stuttering while the girls at the back were busy laughing.

    ” Just take a look at yourself, a full grown up man like you, don’t even know the meaning of onomatopia, go on your kneels” she shouted “I am talking to you and you are still standing ” Samuel quickly knelt down.

    “So Benita, what’s onomatopia ” she asked Benita. She stood dumb as sweat drenched her beautiful face.

    ” ma—onomatopia is – – – – ” she was stammering.

    ” onomatopia simply means sounds imitation ” I said from behind while the whole student stared at me in astonishment. Miss Cynthia on the other hand gave me a deadly look which made me shivered in fear.

    ” what is innuendo ” she asked me why I started starring at the ceiling as if the answers were there.

    “I said what innuendo Mr. I too know. You wanted to save her because she is your girl friend right?” Miss Cynthia asked

    “God forbid! He is not my boy friend ooo” Benita said in disgust

    What shall it profit a man to help the girl he likes and loses his soul?

    To be continued

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    Ohk ooo

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    To be continued


    “Ma, I don’t have an idea” I confessed while she gave me a lethal look.

    “Just kneel down there till I finish teaching” She coldly ordered.

    While I knelt down, some girls were busy laughing at me, even Benita too was laughing. I was so ashamed of myself. I hardly got punished by teachers. Just because i decide to help Benita, this woman decided to ask me what she has never thought us before. “Innuendo” or maybe she means Ini Edo the actress. Benita on her own part did not even help matters; she was rejecting me like a plague, someone I just save from embarrassments. No wonder people said that women are very wicked……..

    As I was kneeling down, I decided to take a one look at Benita ***don’t blame me, her beauty was irresistible *** she was busy writing what was written on the board. .”Chai! Benita too fine” I said to myself. She either accidentally turned to my direction and our eyes met, I shivered in fear of beauty.

    “Ma, Best is disturbing me ” she complained to the teacher .

    “Go to the staff room and kneel down” Miss Cynthia ordered me while I angrily stood up push the desk in front of me and walk to the staff room.

    Immediately I got to the staff room, I quickly look at the time on my wrist watch and it remained 20 minutes for her period to be over. I decided to go to commercial class after all there was still enough time but little did I know that going to commercial class would even became more perilous for me.

    Luckily for me there was no teacher there so I walked in with confidence. I liked going to commercial class because they were more matured than us as they do not disturb, “i will get in what they are discussing” I said to myself as i walk to a group of students discussing.
    Actually the topic was no other than the outrageous increase in price of foodstuffs.

    ” Buhari is not that bad, Jonathan caused it all” I chipped in

    ” Wetin you know? abeg no come support Buhari here, person go dey buy rice 250, kerosene 240, everything just increased, even pure water na 10 naira and you dey here they say buhari no bad. abeg Best abi London best no talk rubbish here oo” the girls at my left hand side fired back at me.

    I was so into the discussion that I forgot that Miss Cynthia asked me to kneel down in the staff room.

    A junior student suddenly came to the class “Please, is Best here?” the young boy asked respectfully.

    ” Who is looking for him ” I asked from behind.

    “Miss Cynthia is looking for you” he replied and walked out.

    I knew from that moment that I was already a dead man.

    Chai! I quickly checked the time on my wrist watch and 40 minutes had gone.

    Immediately, i went to the staff room to face my judgment.

    I walked in with pounding heart.

    “I asked you to kneel down here and you went to commercial class to discuss politics abi, politicians?” she mocked while the rest of the teachers busted into laughter.

    “Mr. Emaka, please, I need you to flog him 8 stroke so that next time, if I asks you to kneel down you won’t disobey me” she said while Mr Emaka began to smile sheepishly.

    Mr emaka quickly came forward holding his instrument of coercion.

    “turn your back” he said as he swung the Cain. As he was about flogging me, the principal walked in. ” Best I need you in my office” the principal said while I quickly breathed in relief.

    “Make sure you come back” Mr Emaka said.

    “when I no be fool” I replied in my mind.

    Truth be told, the principal was a lifesaver, Mr emaka would have dealt with me just to prove to his girlfriend that he is a man. Yeah you heard me right. Mr emaka was dating Miss Cynthia or let me say, Mr Emaka was Miss Cynthia house boy and her A. T. M. machine. Everybody knew that except Mr Emaka or rather Emaka, because he did not deserved mister in his name.


    I walked into the principal’s office and saw 4 student with him.

    I quickly stood at the back of the students with a pounding heart wondering while the principal wanted to see me.

    ” I know you guys are wondering why I called you, it’s about the scholarship examination. I will like you guys to write the exam because 5 of you here are the best students in this school and I think you can scale through If you believe in yourself. ” the principal said. While I breathed in relief because I thought that I might have committed another crime and he wants to punished me.

    “We will surely write the exam” a girl at my left replied.

    “What about you Best?” the principal asked pointing at me.

    “Sir am not really sure if I would be writing because I don’t have the money for the form. “I calmly explained while he breathed heavily.

    “Okay. I will give you the form for free because I believe in you, and you must promise me that you will be among the 10 students that will be rewarded with scholarship and make this school proud” the principal replied surprising me with his kind gesture

    “I promise sir” I assured him while he gave us the form and discharged us.

    When I got to the class, it was already break time so students were busy playing and buying food. I quickly walked to my class to relax.

    I saw Benita busy pressing her phone as I walked in. immediately she heard my footsteps she quickly looked as if it was a teacher approaching. Our eyes met while I shiver in fear of her beauty for umpteenth time. Don’t blame me because I don’t know why I always shiver when our eye met. I guess it was because she was the most beautiful girl I have ever came across.

    ” Hi best ” she says with a smile, while I was stunned because Benita had never talk to me first.

    “God is great” I sang inwardly.

    “Hey” I replied.

    She simply stood up from her sit and came to embrace me, she gave me a tight hug surprising everyone with her action.

    It was as if I was in heaven, her fair skin was so soft while her breast touches my chest sending electric current down my spine as shivered in ecstasy.

    “Chai! God is wonderful” I sang inwardly.

    To be continued

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    Ride on…

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