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    Episode One
    Written by:
    Dandy Jackson
    The alarm beside my bed woke me up.
    I sluggishly stretched my hands and switched the alarm off.
    I fell down on my bed.
    I came from my bed. I rushed to the bathroom, took my paste and toothbrush and brushed my teeth and a hot shower.
    Minutes later I was done.
    I bounce enter kitchen. Omo them never cook, I checked the fridge and saw some rice and stew.
    I made a quick cook and prepared the food for myself.
    Oh lest I forget my name is Chukwudi but my friends call me Chuks.
    My father is one of the richest men in Nigeria.
    He owns the Danac Ventures Nigeria LTD.
    And today was Monday. My first day in my new school.
    As soon as I was done eating.
    I entered my parents room.
    “Good morning dad”
    “Good morning mum” I greeted respectively.
    “Morning son… how are you doing?” my mum asked me.
    “I’m fine ma.”
    “Are you through with your preparation. Pelumi is waiting for you. Choose your favorite car” My Dad said.
    “Be very careful son.”
    “Yes ma” I replied and walked out before their ‘advising session’ will begin.
    I walked to my room.
    “Good morning sir” One of the maids greeted me.
    “Mhm” I replied and rushed down stairs.
    My school didn’t have a peculiar uniform to wear. Just dress decently.
    I rushed straight to my ward-robe. I selected my Gucci shirt, Gucci Jeans and a Gucci sneakers.
    Confirm. I rushed down stairs.
    “Pelumi!” I shouted as a dark boy ran out from the boys quarters.
    The guards looking at me with respect.
    “Oga… I dey call me?”
    “No… I dey call my self. Go and get a Lamborghini and take me to school
    The guards wanted to follow me but I declined
    Few minutes later, I was on the tarred road.
    Zoom! zoom!
    I done reach school be that.
    I stepped down from my car and looked at a bill-board where the School’s name was inscripted.
    ‘Amazing High School’
    I surveyed the area.
    “Make I stay?”
    “No Pelumi, you can go. I’ll put you on call when I need you.”
    “Okay sir.” He said as he ignited the car to life.
    “Hey! you are late and you’re walking like that” One boy shouted from the school premises.
    I hastened up abit.
    “Walk fast… senior Isaac Frank is very wicked”
    That was the words I heard as a girl ran past me.
    “Infact kneel down there!” the senior added.
    “Omo I done enter Oh!”

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    Episode Two
    Written by:
    Dandy Jackson
    I knelt down peacefully with my Gucci scarf.
    I got a hot slap before I could lift my face up.
    I held my cheek and looked at him.
    “Did I ask you to kneel down with a scarf?” Isaac barked.
    “I.. I thought that—”
    “You thought that what?!?!”
    He straightened his cane to flog me.
    A boy came in and whispered to his ears.
    He nod his head as the boy passed on the message.
    “Who is Dandy Chukwudi here?”
    ‘What could I have done’ I thought to myself self.
    I stylishly raised my hand up.
    “So you ate the Chukwudi?” I nodded.
    “The Bursar is calling you”
    I stood up and left.
    I walked some inches and looked back and asked for the address.
    “So you didn’t know where you where going eh?”
    “Yes” I replied.
    “Foolish boy. Take your left. Then go to the receptionist, she’d lead you to the bursar.”
    I left without saying anything to him.
    I got the receptionist and she took me to the Bursar.
    I saw the girl who asked me to run sitting on the couch in the office.
    She shifted abit. I sat beside her as the Bursar attended to her guest.
    “What’s your name?” I asked.
    “Grace” She replied.
    I nod my head. She sat in, exposing her ebony thighs.
    I looked at her and noticed the increase in heartbeat.
    I went closer to her making sure that nobody noticed what I was doing.
    I touched the thighs, wow, very smooth.
    I looked at me and nod her head.
    I pushed my hand in to her thighs.
    I formed the ‘f——k you’ posture with my finger and inserted a bit of it inside.
    She clasped her thighs and closed her eyes.
    I noticed as the Bursar was about to release her guests, I pulled off my hand.
    “See you next time sir” The Bursar acknowledged the parent that his money has been transferred into the school account.
    “Come here Chuks” I stood up and sat as the chair that faced her
    I turned around and looked at Grace. She smiled abit.
    “Fill this form.”
    The Bursar said a she gave me a form to fill out.
    After-all-said-and-done I was through with the form filling.
    I left the Office as she gave me the address to my class.
    The first teacher came in.
    I looked dizzy. I wanted more sleep.
    A boy came inside the class and said that the Bursar was calling me.
    ‘Bursar again!’ I said within my self.
    I took excuse and went to see her.
    On reaching I saw with some paperwork.
    “Excuse me ma” I went in.
    “So… I called you.”
    She adjusted her dress.
    “Do you think I didn’t see what you were doing in my office with Grace?”

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    on ur first day at school

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