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    @jummy come ooo
    roll call dey important

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    spoilt child

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    My Life In Secondary School
    Episode Three
    Written by:
    Dandy Jackson
    (Continue from last episode).
    I stood stone still. I couldn’t move. How did she get to know’ I asked myself.
    “I saw her trying to help you with the form filling and that was why you were looking at her. Is this not true?”
    She said and ended with a question.
    I heaved a sigh of relief. She was even saying about something that didn’t really bother me.
    “Go and bring your school bag. I will be your teacher till further notice.”
    I turned and was about to leave.
    “And I love your dressing”
    “Thank you ma” I left the office and went straight to my classroom.
    I went to my locker and took my school bag. I saw Grace and another lady who wasn’t there when I came to school looking at me.
    I waved to them.
    “The Bursar called me.” I announced and then continued. “I will be learning in her Office from now on.”
    “And so?”
    The girl who was staring at me beamed out.
    “Aahhaa! Victory don’t be too harsh on him! he’s new here for Christ sake! and he’s our class mate!” Grace countered her.
    She hissed.
    Grace came to me and let me out.
    “What was that about?” I asked her as we walked to the Bursar’s Office.
    “I have no idea… anyways, I’ll go back to the class”
    She went back to the class.
    I walked a bit and heard someone calling me.
    “Hey! young man!”
    I turned, it was a boy. He caught up with me within seconds.
    “Now. Listen and listen very good.” He said pointing his fingers at me.
    “The next time you talk to Grace… if you do. I repeat if you do. You will here from me.”
    “Ok sir” I said and left him immediately.
    After some hours of learning. It was time for closure.
    I put Pelumi on a call.
    I asked him to come with the Venza.
    After the dismissal. Pelumi was already waiting for me.
    I brought out my iPhone on the school gate.
    I went into the Venza and minutes later. I was at home.
    I heaved a sigh of relief as I dropped my bag and phone on the bed.
    I went to my BoomPlay and played “Able God” by Chinku Ekun.
    The music kept me abit high.
    The maids brought some fried rice with Chicken laps for me. Minutes later, I was done devouring the winged specie.
    “Chukwudi!?!” My Dad’s voice beamed from the bedroom.
    I ran to see him in the sitting room. He was shaking his legs, with the remote control in his hand.
    “Go and pack your luggages. You are going back to school. As a boarding students”
    “But Dad”
    “No buts…” My sister’s voice ran from the stairs.

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    My Life In Secondary School
    Episode Four
    Dandy Chukwudi Jackson
    R [Rated 18+]
    (Continue from last episode)
    Through out that night our house a going through rounds of debate. Me and sister, me and parents even my mom did not agree. They thought that I was sad because of the recent development but reverse was the case. I was really happy. I will be able to f’k Grace and her fellow classmates and if care is not taken. The Bursar herself. But wait Oh. I have not seen the Director, The Principal.
    Through out the night, I kept on thinking about my life in secondary School.
    Early morning I ate the last delicious meal of the month. Boarding Schools from my past experiences don’t serve appetizing foods.
    Minutes later after the normal morning rituals, I packed my luggages with my Ecolag.
    I in—loaded it on my father’s Toyota V8 Limited.
    I sat on the last seat of the Nine seater car.
    “Chukwudi!” My Father called out with his rich baritone voice.
    “Yes Daddy” I answered knowing why he was calling me.
    “Give me that Phone”
    “But Daddy—”
    “Give it to me!” Just like I expected. I gave him my iPhone. Little did they know that I had my Itel A14 on my luggage. Aba boy no dey carry last nah. Although I was trained in a Serene and rich environment that didn’t deprive me of the normal swags of Aba boys.
    Pelumi opened the gate for me. I gave him some tips. One of my Father’s Police men came inside the car I was on.
    My Dad sat on his Lexus 300. Which two Police Men as escorts.
    Pelumi was my own driver. Minutes later, I was in School with my dad. After all the procedures, I was set.
    The Bursar always gave me a sexy look. Let it not be what I am thinking.
    The lesson for the day was gone. Very boring.
    After dismissal Grace ran to me, talking to me.
    “Chukwudi?” She said.
    “Do you have a girlfriend?”
    “ No, I don’t.” I said. I changed my mood from smiling to moody. She didn’t reply. “Any problem?” I asked.
    “No… No problem”
    She ran into the school hall.
    I went after her with my books in my hand. Girls and their Shakara sef. I saw sobbing with her face glued to the wall.
    I went their slowly. I slowly touched her a—s. She jerked. I knew that she really wanted me to f——k her. I slowly touched her gown and pulled it up from down up to her waist. I bent down and pulled down her G—string white p——t.
    Her a—s was very dark! Confirm ebony. I used my f—’k you finger to insert into her p———y. Her P———y was very Hot. I felt some watery—juicy substance on my finger. I knew she was already wet. I deep my finger inside as shrinked herself together.
    I went more faster and faster and faster. I saw that fingering wouldn’t solve the problem.
    I bent her over and unzipped my Jean trousers. I brought out my already 7 inches d——k and slowly inserted inside her.
    “Mhmmmmm!!!” She moaned and gasped as her P———y welcomed my Cobra. I went more fast and fast and fast. She was literally crying as I kept on doing my job. This was a quickie and I needed to be quick. I went more fast slapping her a—s at random.
    She would jerk, gasp and moan. And sometimes she would even be the one to use her hands to close her mouth.
    3minutes later, I started feeling the c-m building up. I went more faster than before. She screamed and held her mouth.
    I later went in slowly as I released. I hugged her from the back for some seconds and slowly brought out my d——k.
    I pushed her off slowly. She immediately packed her scattered books. She pushed down her gown and tidied herself up and left the hall.
    I dressed myself immediately as I heard footsteps approaching.
    “Jackson, so this is what you’re doing” A voice beamed from the doorway. Wait! Jackson? Only some people knew this name.

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    Bad boy

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    episode 5&6
    My Life In Secondary School
    Episode Five
    Dandy Chukwudi Jackson
    (Continue from last episode)
    “Willington?” I called out and exhaled.
    “Ehh. Bobo. How far.” He said as he walked in. We exchanged pleasantries.
    I took my book as we made our way out of the hall.
    ”So Jackson, you’ve been in this school all this while. For you to catch a bae and f’ck.”
    “Boss no be so” I replied in pidgin language. “Na my welcome service be that” I continued. “Are you in SS1” I asked and stopped to face him. He laughed as I stood puzzled at his reaction. He caught his breath. “Me? SS1” he started another session of laughter. “Willie be serious nah, answer the simple English naw”
    “Okay. Okay. Okay.” He said with a mixture of laughter. “I’m in SS3. SO, for the mean time I am your senior.”
    “Senior oya dash me ₦1000”
    He looked at me.
    “Wait. Son of the owner of Danac Ventures is looking for ₦1000?” He looked mean. “It is just a joke. Don’t take it serious.”
    “Okay. If you say so. I wi—”
    “Ssshhhh!” I interrupted him. “Don’t tell anyone. I just want to live a normal life. You hear?”
    “With your Lamborghini and Toyota V8 Limited, abi?”
    “Baba forg—” I was interrupted when a boy came and told me that the Bursar is calling me.
    “Boss!” I shook his head. “We go for night time”
    “Oya nah” He went back to the dormitory.
    I took my own path. With some few steps, I was already in the Bursars office.
    I didn’t see her there. I forgot that school hours were I over.
    I went to the staff building.
    I saw one of the teachers and asked him about the Bursar.
    The teacher was yet to answer when the Bursar came out.
    Oh my holy Zechariah . She was d--n hot. She wore a a black thight and a tube revealing her b——bs and excess load at the back. Her flat stomach was not left out.
    “Ye.. Yes ma. You called me”
    “Yes. I called you. I would like to show you the solution to the math that I gave you the other day. Come inside” ‘Which math? Lekwanu’m Anya Oh this woman’
    I understood the game as I went inside with her.
    The teachers thought it was a normal student-to-teacher. Her room was well furnished with pink decors. Her bed was a 12inches bed with a dressing mirror beside it. An Air Conditioner was hung atop of the bed.
    Her set of Home Theater were all Samsung made.
    “Chukwudi?” She called out. Reviving me from my ‘survey’.
    “Yes ma. Come to the bed and learn.”
    I climbed up the bed.
    Very soft and a bit hard.
    “Do you know how to solve Algebra?”
    “I did it in Grade 8 or so. I just can’t remember.”
    “Grade 8?” She asked. I wanted to use that medium and tell that I studied in California.
    “Yeah. Grade 8 that should be equivalent to JS2 in Nigeria. I did my Middle school which you call Junior Secondary in South Gate, California.”
    “Oh really?”
    “Yes ma.” I replied. I could feel her heart beat.
    She Drew Closer as her lips Drew Closer To mine. She closed her eyes. Our lips met and we locked together in a passionate kiss.
    I pulled down her thight bent her
    Buttocks, twerking. Her buttocks move must have impressed my
    d1ck more than it did me because the cucumber
    got so hard that I wondered if it’s still a
    part of my body. I took her to the sitting room, sat her on
    single couch, made her lie back a little,
    held her legs up high and was rubbing
    my d1ck on her c--t when she started
    saying “Chuks your d’ck is really big. Give me a hard f’ck. Very weeeeeellll. I will teach you well next. Nobody will touch you. I love you. F’ck me!!!”.
    She was still mumbling her negotiations when I slide in
    my d’ck into her already wet p———y. My
    Joystick must have
    adventured deeper and faster cuz she
    exclaimed in a low whisper
    “chuuuuksssss….. hmmmn…arghhhh.. Chuuukssss”. And I f’cked her. Pounded
    her p———y
    so hard until her whitish fluids covered
    my d’ck
    but yet she was not satisfied. I scooped
    her up, turned over and made to sit with her on top when she started pulling me
    down to the floor with her weight while
    f’cking me. I lay on the floor and she got
    wild. She started moving her waist
    violently in any
    direction we are and I f’cked her as well. F’cking with
    such energy and being f’cked back with
    enthusiasm is mind- blowing.
    We were lying and f’cking side by side
    facing each other when suddenly she held me tight and started singing
    her sweet Pour chorus
    She held me tight and started moving
    her waist tightly
    against mine, her movements made me want to come so i lay on top of her and
    slammed away. She spread her legs to
    the full length and brought her head up a
    bit while moaning “aayi…ayi…ayi”. As
    my Pour juice was ready to spill, feeling
    the sensation, pulled out and as I was coming all over her p—y and laps, she jerked her waist
    and squirted all over me. What the…?
    The timing was perfect and outstanding.
    That was my first squirter.
    and I loved it.

    Episode Six
    Dandy Jackson
    I had cummed fast. I had f’ked her for like 7 minutes. I quickly tidied my self up. I took my Books. I made my way to the door. She laid down there as she covered her nakedness with her bed sheet.
    “Chukwudi?” I turned.
    “I’m sorry” She apologized. I slammed the door as I left the room. In me I was happy that I was able to eat her apple.
    Some few steps out of the staff building, I saw Senior Isaac and My friend Willington.
    “Bozo! you be bad boy Oh” Senior Isaac hailed me. Wait! Is that the senior that flogged me the other day hailing me?
    “Boss how nah?” I asked rhetorically as my friend kept on laughing. “So you f’ked Grace?”
    I stood transfixed. How can Willington leak such secret to him.
    “Guy cool down.” He said as he panted me in the shoulder.
    “You’d soon understand.” Willington cut in.
    “Anyways, I’m hungry.” I complained.
    “Well haven’t you visit the school cafeteria?” Isaac asked me. I was wondering if truly he is still the same guy that flogged me.
    “No… I haven’t” I replied as I was restored back. “Come” he said as he led the way. Willington followed him as I followed suit.
    We didn’t talk until we reached the cafeteria.
    I stepped inside the well ventilated cafeteria. The AC breeze chilled me down to the spin.
    The cafe was like a fast food.
    As we walked I felt eyes fixed on me. I turned as my eye jammed together with the girl that insulted me in the class.
    I tapped Willington. He slowed a bit.
    “Who is that girl looking at me?” I asked him.
    “Well, her name is Ebot. Very rich but insultive.” he answered and continued.
    ‘I must f’ck this girl [na play ọ]’ I said in my mind.
    I took the food of my choice and joined Isaac and Willington.
    After all said and done, I was done with my feeding. I left the cafeteria with my cohorts.
    “Do you mind if we play some football?” I asked.
    “Yes of course. Nice idea!” Isaac exclaimed.
    “But first tell the Games Prefect” Willington suggested. .
    “Oga, can we play football?” Isaac said to Willington as he hit his shoulder playfully.
    After much talking, we decided that it will be a game between SS2 (which happens to be my class) and SS3.
    I went to some of my cclassmates and talked to them about it.
    “Ehe… who knows if you can play football?… if you can, then, you’d still our girls Ọkwa yá?” Wisdom Asked me And answered the question himself.
    “What if he can not? then that would show how stupid he is. Fine boy without swag!” Stanis defended and insulted me at the same time.
    They left the shade where they sat and walked inside.
    They came out with their jersey and boots. They looked at me thinking that I don’t have mine. I went inside and dressed.
    “Shall we?” I asked Wisdom as I saw the jealousy clearly written over his face.
    I left them as they followed suit.
    The whistle was blown, the game started.
    Willington was talented in football. No wonder they gave him the games prefect. I thought within my self.
    Knowing him for some years, gave me an advantage over my classmates. I tackled his left leg which was the main striking and dribbling leg. I manuevered my legs getting the ball from his grip. He didn’t chase me forming big boy. Isaac came after me with speed.
    I stopped the ball, using my right leg. I stood on the ball partially, turning then used my left heel to kick the ball backwards.
    Isaac was caught off guard as the ball passed in-between his legs.
    I went after the ball dribbling the SS3 students with great alacrity. Wisdom asked me to pass the ball to him.
    I wanted to play a self-fish game. I continued with my dribbling — no looking back. My legs wasn’t all that steady. I guess it was because of the s—x I had. I stopped the ball and took note of the post.
    I kicked the ball as the ball went straight at the bar of the post, slowly in entered and
    “GOAL!!!!” the students cheered.
    What a perfect R7.
    As the SS3 students were about to pass the ball. The Games master who happens to live in the school took the ball. That was how I instantly became popular.
    “Nice one guy.” Willington and Isaac complemented. “Thank you” I appreciate as I unhouse my boots and socks.
    Later in the night, We eat once more. Indeed a boarding house was now more interesting.
    I was given a room to sleep alone.
    I was kinda scared but I scared the scare away. I slept peacefully.
    I woke up as the dormitory assembly was conducted.
    I washed up and eat in the cafeteria.
    I saw Ebot and her group of girls. This girls were d--n hot.
    After the school normal assembly which was conducted by the Chaplain.
    We went to our different classes.
    A teacher walked in with a long cane. I’ve never seen him In the dormitory. Maybe he lived outside.
    ‘’ Complement Class!” The prefect shouted.
    “Good morning Sir. You are welcome!” The class chorused. ‘Even big girls like Ebot is greeting. no p?’ I asked and reassured my self.
    “We are going to talk about ‘Program Development’ and today, we’ll discuss. I’ll give you the note afterwards.” The teacher said with a deep baritone voice.
    Indeed, he was the computer teacher.
    “So who knows the definition of Program Development?” He asked.
    The class became still. “Yes. Anyone?” Nobody responded.
    “Sir!” Wisdom’s voice shot from the backside.
    “Computer Development is the developing of computer’s”
    Everyone laughed.
    “Shut up!” The shouted.
    Everywhere became quiet. “Did any of you attempt?” Wisdom was now filled with pride. But that will be short-lived.
    I raised my hand up.
    “Yes?” The teacher permitted.
    “Sir, program development is a set of logically ordered finite number of instructions which tells the the computer what to do in other to achieve a specific task. These kind of instructions are stored in the computer memory or storage unit for the computer to follow mechanically and solve the problem”.
    The teacher removed his spectacles.
    He looked at me with a surprise look…
    “Come to my class after the lesson today… clap for him. What a piece! well derailed. What is your name again.
    “Dandy Chukwudi sir.” I replied as I sat kingly. I looked at Wisdom and nod my head. Mission accomplished.
    “You’ve gotten what I want to teach. See you next time” He packed his textbooks and left the class.
    The students pampered me around.
    Ebot was now falling for me. I noticed it.
    The teacher’s came and went as I exhibited my profound intelligence.
    The rest of the day was not interested. The Bursar didn’t call me. Grace was now shy.
    I slept off after the light off.
    Later in the night around 09:12. That should be 12 minutes after the light was off. I was always accurate with timing.
    I heard a knock on my door.
    “Yes… Who is it?” I asked as fear gripped my whole body.
    “It’s me Ebot”
    What! Ebot on my door step.
    Enjoyment time!
    I said in my mind as I cruzzed to open the door.

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