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    This is a true life story of a young Ghanaian girl, simply scroll down, read and engage your emotions .

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    The story of my life
    Episode 1

    I was born into a wonderful family. I had five siblings and a perfect world.
    My parents were the strict type yet did everything for me. We lived close to a Catholic church and I knew nothing about the world outside .
    To me my family was my whole world and all was perfect.
    I hardly mingled with anyone at school apart from academic work that made me chat with everyone. I hardly played with anyone aside my brother.

    As i grew up and met people I opened up a bit. However my woes began when I turned 9..
    Yea, I can remember my first strange encounter with with a guy. It was on a Wednesday night, almost 8pm. My parents were at choir rehearsals. My elder siblings weren’t around. I was the last child by the way….
    I came downstairs to put the fowls in and had to chase one stubborn fowl into one of the room downstairs. The room was dark, the bulbs in it room were all spoilt..
    I managed to get the fowl but as i did, i equally was grabbed from behind by someone. I become scared and turned to see who it was, relaxing when I saw he was one of the church attendants.

    At first i thought he was just trying to scare me..I asked what he was doing in that room, he said nothing, giggled and pushed me to the floor. Next he started trying to remove my skirt while i fought very courageously, biting his chin real hard that he let go..I ran upstairs while he disappeared. I was so scared that i couldn’t even tell my mum or my dad…

    My second strange encounter was In December of the same year when my aunts and uncles came in with their young ones.
    It was on a Sunday. I was bathing my nieces and nephews, getting them ready for church when i was attacked by two different boys from the neighborhood. They were twins and ran away when I screamed….. I never took my bath again and never went to church that Sunday.
    That was when my hatred for men was formed. I never wanted to be close to them and I was really scared of them…
    My immediate elder brother was my only friend, but we were soon separated when my eldest brother took him to Kumasi and I was taken to Accra by my elder sister.

    I was kept in a good home where everything was perfect and i still had no idea what it was like to be in the world outside my family .
    I attended a single sex school in Accra, where my mates had fun teasing me when they realized I was scared of guys.

    Then one beautiful day, we went for a program in another school which was all male. I sat on a chair close to the administration far away from what was being done, trying hard to control my fears..It was there and then that I met this guy Reuben. He came and sat close to me

    “Why you here alone?” he asked me. I was silent

    “whats your name?” he asked. I finally spoke and told him my name ..

    ” wow you have a nice voice. Do u sing?” he asked with a smile ..

    “no” I replied, and he kind of encouraged me to join a choir, giving me a lot of reasons why i should join.

    “wow I said to myself ..this guy is like my family ….he is behaving like my family ..he is not bad .. 🙂 ”

    He soon broke my thoughts, asking me to take a walk with him.. it was fun and for once my fears was gone ..I was happy. I had a new brother.
    We soon started writing letters to each other. He was so nice to me and because of him I never wanted to miss going out to the stadium during sports and my joining the sports team helped me see him more often.
    However before I completed school I meet him at stadium as usual during games and he made me listen to a song .. “two wrongs make no rights” .. by Wyclef Jean…

    I never knew it was a goodbye and I that i will never see him again

    To be continued

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    Bring it on

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    Too early to comment

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    Ok…… I am here

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    Some bois can be so stupid, luving ur story ride on

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