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    Fire on with more.

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    B like say dis one go sweet ooooooooo *sits very well*sips kunu*…..val fire on

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    Bring it on

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    Episode 2

    After Reuben’s disappearance I went back to my old self, completed school and went to college. it was a mixed school and i tried my best to be free with guys since i noticed they weren’t as bad as i thought.

    However just when all was about getting rosy something happened once again. This time around, it was with a male student i kind of grew a little close to. His was called John.

    On this fateful day, he gave me a call, telling me that he went to town and got something for me. And That I should come get it. I tried to convince him to wait till morning but he insisted, so I called one of my roommates to go with me.
    We stepped out of the room to meet my friend
    Outside we searched and called him. He kept directing us but we couldn’t find him Until my friend finally said we should spilt. when you find him call me and when I do too I will call u. She said to me.
    with that idea we went on different directions.

    As soon as I separated from my friend Linda. I spotted him.
    “hey we searched the whole compound for you. I have to call Linda and tell her I found you” I said to him. But the moment I brought my phone out he took it from me and said he will make the call himself.
    I insisted on making the call myself but he asked me to relax, saying he wants to ask me something first.
    ok I agreed, equally asking him what he got for me that couldn’t wait till morning. He smiled and told me to be patient.
    I reached out to collect my phone and he grabbed me by the waist and tried to kiss me, forcing me to push him back but he still desperately tried to get his kiss.
    I became frightened and began screaming. He finally let go, smiled uneasily and asked if he has raped me.

    I answered no, then he asked again if he had harmed me, again I said no and begged him to let me go which he did finally.

    I came back to my dorm, feeling very bad.
    The next day, I saw him and became frightened once again. He equally avoided me and never came close to me anymore. Only God knew what he intended to do with me that very night he called me out.

    Finally there was this guy my heart went out to after many months of being on my own but unfortunately i got to know that he was dating my friend Irene, leaving me with no choice than to hide my feelings and so I choose to be just a friend as to see him often. There was also another like him, but again he also already had someone…

    Sometimes we girls do fancy a guy wholeheartedly, but most times the guy we fancy already has someone in his life, leaving us to deal with our feelings which we are good at hiding…

    This is a short story of my life. No sugar or salt is being added.

    To be continued.

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    Nxt pls

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    such is life

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    u dont always get what u want

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