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    A short story by Desire (Paula4eva)

    Episode 1
        The story you are about to read is purely
    fiction, all about my
    adventures with ladies.
    My name is Audrey Akello, am 25years old.
    Believe it or not i was a
    pretty normal kid, a high school
    senior. Despite my good looks and
    wonderful body structure, i never
    doubted the existence of love and though i
    was a ladies man.
            Just like the saying goes “people
    change” I wished i lived
    better, right now no matter how much i
    think about it, i can never
    undo my wrongs.
    Somewhere in kampala…………
         Its a beautiful morning i was up, looking
    so happy, the joy of
    leaving high school was really
    overwhelming. I think those flames of joy
    were only ignitted by the
    love i felt for tania. Although its a feeling i
    would readily deny at
    any point but
    deep down, somewhere in
    my heart was an engraved picture of my
    beautiful tania.
            I got dressed for school today, hopped
    out of my room.
    Mum: audrey!! You look so happy??
    Me: smiling am gonna be a high school
    graduate pretty soon, i cant
    help but be happy.
    Mum: i thought kids are a bit sad about
    leaving high school memories behind?
    Me: well obviously your son isnt inclusive i
    said with a broad smile.
    Mum: i know theres something else audrey i
    really want to know she
    said smiling. Atleast i deserve to know.
    Me: ok just because you are my mum. Theres
    this girl in my school mum.
    Mum: woow…..ok??
    Me: shes my friend but i feel so happy
    whenever she’s around, the
    thought of seeing her cute face again
    brightens my day. I really dont
    know why i get uneasy whenever we got
    Mum: thats love audrey!
    Me: i knew i was in love with her, but having
    mum saying it to my face
    really felt weird. Aaaww mum!
    Mum: i know its embarrassing she said with
    a smile, but the sooner you
    make your feeling known to her the better
    for you!
    Me: i tried telling her before and we just
    ended up being friends.
    Mum: then i think she has a bit of feelings
    for you son. Thats a sign
    you have to take it now.
    Me: thanks mum!! I’ll try! Byeee i said
    running out.
          I got to school
    which was rowdy as usual, just then i saw
    walking towards me as her hair danced in
    the air, her smile like the
    morning sun and her eyes like a thousand
    Me: shit i went dumb again.
    Tania: hey! She said with a smile
    Me: uhmm hi! I said nervously.
    Tania: are you ok??
    Me: of course am not!
    Tania: whats wrong?? She asked abit
    Me: are you free can we take a stroll, i mean
    you if you wouldnt mind.
    Tania: of course you are my friend
          we walked for a while in silence as i did
    a quick search inside
    my brains, for words to
    express my feelings.
    Tania: do you know you are the only guy am
    actually comfortable with?
    Me: smiling i guess now is the time i
    thought. Tania have always
    wanted to tell this but when ever i see you, i
    go short of words.
    Tania: what is it? She asked smiling
    Me: i know its weird because we a friends
    but i really like you tania.
    Am so into you and am afraid i cant help it.
    Tania: ooh come on!! She said hitting me
    playfully you dont have to
    think that way audrey.
    Me: i stopped, held her hands as i looked
    straight into her eyes. Am
    really serious tania, plsss be my gf.
    Tania: smiling
    Me: i know am not the cutest, smartest or
    the strongest tania but i
    know i love u.
    Tania: no its not that audrey, cos you are
    actually cute, muscular,
    you even have pretty eyes. She said with a
    smile, i kinda like
    you but………
    Me: no but plssss just give me a chance to
    prove my love you and in
    less than 2weeks, i promise you’d be my
    super tania and i will be you
    super audrey.
    Tania: smiling, theres nothing i would say
    right now that would ever
    make you change you mind right?
    Me: yes! i nodded slowly as we both gave
    each other a passionate kiss.
        And that marked the begining of a really
    wonderful relationship.

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    Episode 2
          I was like the happiest man on earth, i
    felt like have won a
    trophy much more down a thousand
    precious stones. My friends thought i
    was going insane when they saw me laugh
    on intervals. If love is what
    i felt right now then its really beautiful.
            Its been 2years my love was like that of
    the ocean, wide, deep
    and consuming. We gain admission into
    university of kampala. Today
    like every other day she was feeling h---y,
    she came over to my room
    and we straffed as usual.
          And then I decided to paint a beautiful
    picture of my love for
    her with words. Trying to explain how she
    made me feel.
    Me: for the first time i understood why
    westlife used those lines
    “theres no place that far” because it doesnt
    matter where she goes i’d
    always follow and will always be one call
    I poured out my heart to her hoping she
    gave a more romantic reply.

    Tania: come on audrey she said with a smile,

    you should really drop
    this love act of yours or you are gonna get
    Me: tickling her, hahaha tell me you dont feel
    Tania: hahaha no!! Ok! Ok! I do i love you
          Hearing her say that my body froze, for
    the very first time i
    heard her say i love you back. And this time
    my mind werent playing
    tricks on me.
    Tania: what audrey??
    Me: you have no idea how good those
    words sound in lips i said with a smile.
    Tania: hahaha its just a word theres no big
    deal audrey!
    Me: no its not, i want to hear you say that to
    me all day! I said
    moving to kiss her.
    Tania: i think you are so much into this love
    thing audrey.
    Me: yup and because its a true feeling i cant
    deny it, i cant help it
    either i said grabbing her palm placing it on
    my chest.
    Tania: what now??
    Me: thats the rhythm of my heart when you
    are around tania.
    Tania: i think i have to leave now.
    Me: why?? did i say something wrong??
    Tania: no…no…its just you are really
    obssessed with this love
    thing and am not comfortable with it.
    Me: its not an obssession tania, tell me you
    dont feel thesame way,
    tell me your hearts doesnt skips and you
    get uneasy.
    Tania: staring at him like a lost puppy, you
    want the truth?
    Me: yeah i said abit confused.
    Tania: i dont she said bluntly.
    Me: the beating of my heart was intensified,
    then why are you with me
    tania? I guess its because you are inlove
    with me right.
    Tania: no audrey, i already told you before,
    love doesnt exist.
    Me: what about us?
    Tania: exhaling us?? She stared at him
    seeing the pleading looks in
    his eyes, she told a thousand times before
    she doesnt believe inlove
    perhaps he was blinded.
    Me: yes the love we shared even now.
    Tania: you just dont get do you??
    Me: no unless you tell me.
    Tania: i like you audrey, you’re hot, cute and
    ofcourse a wonderful straffer.
    Me: and??
    Tania: am sorry but am not inlove with you
    Me: this time i was close to tears then why
    have we been dating.
    Tania: i thought when a guy wants a girl,
    love is the only excuse they
    use, i thought those where you lines too.
    Me: no no they were real tania.
    Tania: am sorry audrey, i didnt mean to get
    you hopes up but like i
    told you before am really not into guys.
          She grabbed her stuffs and walked
    I sat fixed staring at the door hoping she
    would turn around and tell
    me she was only kidding. For hours i sat
    there and there was no sign
    of her. It felt like a movie scene just played
    infront of me, i tried
    waving it but deep down in my heart i know
    she’s not coming back.
           I thought i found my dream girl, i told
    my momma about her at
    every opportunity i get, if i was man enough
    we’d be married by now. I
    cant believe she ignitted all those feelings in
    me just the back out
    at the c----x of it.
           Its been over 2weeks, i barely lived
    through each day, i felt
    like drowning in the oceans. But my
    buddies, brothers from another
    mother was always there for me.
    It was barely a month after she left me
    without even a goodbye, i was
    out with my friends in a party to clear my
    head. After going over a
    few drinks i felt pressed. I walked towards
    the rest room, ladies to
    left and men to the right. I guess i was abit
    high to
    signs, i walked to the left, just when i threw
    the door open i saw 2
    ladies kissing and smooching.
    Girls: who the heck is that!! They both yelled
    Me: oooh my God tania!!!
    Girl: tania you know him!! She asked abit
    Tania: he used to be my b---h but we are
    over now.
    Girl: i thought you said i was the only one!!
    She yelled angrily.
    Tania: great now you’re gonna keep
    stucking me. I guess now you
    understand what we had was just a lapse!!
    She yelled before going
    after the girl.
    I wiped my eyes a few time just to be sure i
    was seeing correctly.

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    Wow..Nice Start

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    Episode 3
           The first time she walked away i felt my
    heart shattering into
    a thousand pieces. But this time i felt like my
    heart was ripped out
    of my chest.
    Me: I sat on the floor as tears flowed freely
    from my eyes. She just
    called me a b---h! She’s gay! Those were the
    words echoeing inside my
    I cried until my tears were begining to dry
    up when some ladies walked
    in, to use the restroom. I got up quickly to
    leave as they stared at
    me like i was a pervert.
    I joined my friends outside still looking
    devastated as i emptied the
    drinks on the table angrily.
    Micheal: audrey are you ok??
    Solomon: did something happen.
    Me: tania! She’s gay!
    Solomon: hahahaha he busted into laughter
    uncontrollably as micheal
    quickly hushed him.
    Me: i’ll be leaving now.
    Solomon: whoa!! Whoa!! Dont get yourself
    run over by a car ok??
    I was out of the party, climbed up a really
    high building, i stood at the edge of it, watching cars drove at high speed underneath.
           I was angry, fustrated, not just heart
    broken, i couldnt feel
    my own heart anymore. The anger, the hate,
    the resentment and all
    disappointment. I had to channel it all to one
    thing! Ladies!
    I felt so pained that i vowed am gonna do
    the same to any lady i come
    across. And thats how it all began.
           Being i cute guy i decided to step up my
    game even more! I ran
    into different ladies, we had dinner dates
    and hanged out too. I gave
    them all the sweet word but deep down i
    was out to the destroy a
    precious organ in there body (there heart).
          I guess i was to be nicknamed killer of
    emotions. Just when they
    were head over heels for me, just when
    those beautiful feelings was
    burning so hot, i’d back out after taking a
    share of there cakes.
    All these years not a bit of me felt remorse
    until i meet anastasia.
    She was funny, beautiful and energetic. Like
    a few other girls in the
    past she was the had to get type.
           Bit by bit her emotional walls was
    begining to crack, we were
    getting intimate by the minute. Unlike every
    girl i dated, she told me
    her fears
     and insecurities, most of all she was really
    fragile. I
    still remember her words to me.
    Anastasia: am really scared that one day i
    would fall so madly with
    someone who isnt gonna love me back.

          Knowing that i was that someone love you. First time i felt
    guilty but those feelings werent enough to
    stop me, because right
    now, i was like a vampire addicted to blood.
    I knew sooner or later
    i’d have to hurt her, even when some how
    she awaken something inside
    of me that is asleep.
    It was valentine day when i decided to use
    my ever working cassanova
    trick on her. Red and white roses where
    scattered every where, with
    her room well decorated in red and white.
    And a nice fragrance to turn
    her on.
           She happily gave in, with the taught i
    was her prince charming,
    after talking my pounding of flesh i was out
    for good but this time
    with a bleeding heart. Something deep
    down inside my love her, but my
    heart was to wounded to ever nuture love
    again. Somehow i still felt
    bad for doing that to such and innocent girl.
    I was driving today with the thought of
    anastasia still in my head, i
    just couldnt get rid of her memories. I was
    about walking into
    shoprite when i ran into tania.
    Tania: hey!! Audrey!
    Me: hi! I said smiling dryly quickly hiding the
    anger in my heart.
         We talked abit, hanged out for a while
    and then she told me all
    she went through and now she’s no longer
    Tania: i wish i could go back to the time
    when you first asked me out audrey.
    Me: what would you have done differently?
    Tania: i’d have given you all my love audrey, i
    really wish you can forgive me.
    Me: have never stop loving you tania i said
    smiling, time for revenge i thought.
         We started dating and the love we shared
    was rekindled but this
    time i was even more careful to know she
    was head over heels for me.
    We even made wedding arrangements and
    she was so happy. Just at the
    alter when i was suppose to say i do.
    Me: tania! You can never eat your cake and
    have it i said before
    walking out of the altar.
            This time i was sure anastasia
     was the only one who has awaken
    the feeling of love in me. I went in search of
    like a crazy person.
    And then her mum told me she had accident
    on after valentine. She kept
    on saying my name even when she was
    I was taken to the hospital to see my
    beautiful anastasia lying
    unconciously in the hospital. Tears rolled
    down my cheeks, as i
    grabbed her hands.
    Me: my anastasia, i know am the worst jerk,
    i hurt really bad. But Pls
    i really need you to believe me this one time
    because you all the good
    i need in my life. I know you thought i was
    gone but i could never be
    far away from you my love because only you
    can save me. I bent my head
    towards her as i sobbed. Just then i heard
    her voice.
    Anastasia: audrey is that you she
    THE END.

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    love…gat to love ooo…

    my …??

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    What a start

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