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    written by Temitope Daniel.

    Copyright owner- Temitope Daniel Abimbola 2014.

    ****episode 1********
    It’s been a while I set my eyes on her.
    Not even a while, what am I saying? It’s
    been four solid years now! We just lost
    contact when we were coming from the
    city of Lagos and attacked by armed
    robbers who took my vehicle away.
    Unluckily for me, my love was in the car
    and wasn’t allowed to come down with
    For that four years, I have searched
    even holes of crabs if she was there. She
    was the love of my life and everything I
    had. As much as I love my mother,
    there’s just a little difference between
    my love for her and that. And, I didn’t
    know her parents, siblings, none of her
    family members. But we really loved each
    I never knew I would exist without
    her, until she was taken away from me.
    And to my surprise, I’m still alive today.
    Honestly, I thought it was my end at the
    end of the first week that she wasn’t
    found. I cried my eyes out that even my
    parents chided me that I would just kill
    myself if I didn’t take it off my heart. But,
    honestly, it wasn’t an easy thing.
    A week developed into two, and into a
    month, from a month to twelve and now
    fourty-eight months now. When my
    parents saw that I was becoming
    useless, old enough to marry without a
    wife, they brought Nora to me.
    Honestly I never knew there was still
    someone more beautiful than my Gloria.
    Gloria had been lost for four years but
    the unfading beauty she had never
    faded off my heart. My heart gladdened
    on seeing Nora. She was just the
    epitome of beauty.
    I was shocked when I saw her
    beautiful set of teeth, hers was even
    whiter than snow. She was tall, elegant
    and more than rich in glamour. I never
    knew I would fall in love until I started
    falling the well dug for me- the love.
    Even though I had started liking Nora,
    I never fogot Gloria. My parents didn’t
    know Gloria though, but when I
    explained my issue to them, they knew I
    lost a gem. One thing of great surprise
    was that Gloria and Nora had the same
    I loved that.
    I never told Nora about Gloria, but
    even though I have started loving her
    too, I couldn’t flow well with her. I can’t
    place my hands on the actual reason
    behind that! I don’t know if I even love
    her sef. Is that love or what? Or shey
    that is what they call infatuation? I no
    know jare.
    Maybe it her her beauty, redolence
    and personality that made me like her.
    But, see, I don’t even know!
    Me who is telling you all these, I never
    know say the same thing wey happen to
    me don happen to Nora too before oh.
    Honestly I never knew Nora had fallen
    in love it Alex before. It was one day that
    both were inside the house, gisting
    when some armed robbers came and
    shot Alex. The news was that Alex had
    died but no one knew he never died.
    Not knowing Alex’s parents who were
    stinkly rich had flown him abroad for
    better treatment. He wasn’t allowed to
    leave America for years and so, lost
    contact with Nora too.
    You now see say I don enter trouble?
    Real one! Nora never forgot Alex too.
    She was just trying to be herself anytime
    she was with me.
    But Alex and I had and even have
    different redolences. If not, she might
    have loved me more than how she does.
    You see something, I never forgot Gloria,
    she never forgot Alex!
    Hmmn… Okay oh. The saddest thing is
    that Alex returned back from America
    last year and had also fallen in love with
    Gloria. My own love is now in love with
    Nora’s love. Big trouble!
    The big problem started suddenly
    when it was a day to the wedding of
    Nora and I. We haven’t gotten each
    other well, but we thought we would
    make it up and forget the ones we loved
    before. Though, she never knew about
    Gloria and I didn’t know about Alex.
    I thought I should act according to my
    best friend’s advice, by getting her a
    golden necklace as a gift before
    wedding. I decided to take her out and
    parked at the front of Esmak Plaza to get
    the surprise for her.

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    *******episode 2*******
    The car was parked and Daniel got
    down from the Toyota Venza. He looked
    at Nora and smiled as he motioned
    inside the plaza. He had told her to wait
    for him outside there, he was just
    wanted to get something. Still unknown
    to Nora, she patiently waited.
    She had waited for some minutes and
    decided to peep outside because she
    had been busy pinging her friends and
    wedding planner. Then, her peep met
    Alex’s stare.
    She couldn’t help her ecstasy but to
    rush to meet Alex. Both of them hugged
    each other firmly for seconds until Daniel
    came outside and met the scene. It
    seemed Nora’s ecstasy had made her
    forgotten that she would get married
    the next day.
    Daniel didn’t know Alex, but even if
    that was her brother, the hug shouldn’t
    be as firm as it was! He had thought as
    the package he was holding dropped
    down and his mouth wide open.
    By the time Nora would know she
    was doing the wrong thing, she saw
    Daniel’s face and froze also. Alex, looking
    away also saw the face of his wife-to-be
    that he had told to park by the entrance
    of Esmak Plaza and his heart skipped a
    Daniel swooshed out a long breath as
    he managed hold his tears back. He
    walked into the car and Nora rushed
    into the car too. She wouldn’t leave her
    husband-to-be to leave angrily.
    Daniel, also pulling out of the Plaza
    indignantly now saw Gloria and
    marched on the brake quickly. Was he
    seeing a ghost? What was really
    happening? He parked the vehicle and
    rushed down. “Gloria?” He shouted as
    he widened his eyes and moved closer.
    The name made Gloria look the
    direction and saw him too. “Daniel!” She
    called as the key to her vehicle that she
    was holding dropped on the floor.
    Daniel couldn’t hold himself back, both
    rushed to each other also, not minding
    the fact that they were engaged.
    The bond of love was still there! As I
    saw her, I wanted to die. I thought I just
    saw a ghost now, if she was, I was
    ready to follow her! No! I still loved her
    so much that I couldn’t hold back myself.
    Maybe that was how Alex and Nora
    felt too. But, I still loved her. I wiped my
    tears continuously as I looked into her
    eyes. She had grown more beautiful and
    matured. Gloria was my life.
    Looking back, I saw Nora, already out
    of the car, looking at me. Alex had also
    stood akimbo, looking at Gloria and I,
    then I knew I was done for too.
    At first, I thought it was t-t for tat but I
    felt uncomfortable. Is this how Nora is
    feeling presently? I asked myself as I
    saw Gloria also looking at Alex.
    Then Alex approached us and nabbed
    Gloria’s hand. He pushed her into the
    vehicle and drove away. I looked at the
    Hyundai car as it sped off until I was
    unable to see the vehicle again. I walked
    back to my car and looked at Nora who
    was probably in shock or… what should
    I even call this?
    We both entered into the vehicle and I
    drove off. The car just remained silent. I
    wasn’t pleased with what she did and
    she wasn’t pleased with mine.
    …Story continues 2morrow

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    @Somkhid lolz even thouqh u no call me but na me 1st arrive here o…….. Viz is kul… twist here bt i would suqqest Alex moves on wid his first love i.e Nora and Daniel should do same wid Gloria……well let c how it qoes…… Nwanu!

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    Tenniebenson (Area Mama)
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    Uhmmm.. Tnx 4 calling me… I’ve nt been following most of ur stories (i’m sorry)… Na wrk nd nepa.. But no matter what i’m gonna read dis 2 da end… Fire on!

    Emi gan gan ni first lady… *winks* na me be d first lady wey sign in

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    welcum on board @Tenniebenson my first lady

    am sorry 4 nt inviting u so many tinz dae my mind

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    Twuale for you @Somkhid …Thanks so much Sir…
    Daniel went there just to surprise Nora, and to their amazement, the surprise they both saw there is enough to make a history…
    two-losing-heart-lover met two-losing-heart-lover and the confusion was just only on the first one…..

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    Tee dak Wong
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    Thanks @sohmkid.
    This is really gonna be interesting

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