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    Hmmmmm problem maker

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    Mike senior or Mike junior, cos i no come understand.

    But if it’s Mike junior, kn say their mumu runs in the blood.

    My Gee @delexzy01 you don hands ✋ off ?

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    Another mike is here again

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    Another madam too

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    nxt espisode!!!

    d beginin sounds confusing ooo

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    @kingd5757 yeah

    dont be

    na mike junior

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    Gloria refused to speak to me throughout the rest of the day, i overheard her thought telling herself to avoid me so as to teach me a lesson, but it only made me laugh. If only she knew.
    After the close of work, I was about getting into my car when Gabriel appeared from nowhere behind me; like he was a ghost snooping behind somebody and startled the breath out of me.
    ” Hey! Mike! Where are you running to? Told you we have somewhere to be tonight”. Gabriel said with a hand pressed against my door.
    I was still stylishly catching my breath, wouldn’t want him to know how much he scared me.
    ” I can’t bro, I’m sorry, very tired!”. I said and tried to move his hand from the door but he moved In front of me and rest on it.
    ” If only you know why I want you there”. He stressed.
    If only I knew. Now I wished I could read his thought!
    Gabriel continued more passionately, holding my arms. ” This is one frat meeting you will ever be grateful I invited you to. Please don’t decline it”. He left my arms and stood erect. ” look, I promise you this. Once it’s 11pm, I, personally will literally chase you home!”. Then he stood pouting.
    I looked at him for awhile and then checked my watch, it was 7:15pm. I heaved a sigh. What I wanted was to go home, eat, have my bath, take a few drags and hit the bed! But d--n! I have a weakness declining a plea, Gabriel knows that and always ensures he exploits it.
    Okay, I gave In eventually. He hugged me, kissed my cheeks playfully and said. “lets go to my hotel room, from there we can leave in my car”.
    ” No. I want to go home and change into something else”.
    ” you’re coming with me Mike. You know the moment I blink I wont see you again. I need to keep an eye on you. Don’t worry about what to wear, I’ll buy you some clothes on our way out. And as for your suit, the hotel laundry will take care of it before morning”.
    I stood wondering why going through these stress just for me to attend his frats party. I wished I could read his thought to know what’s brewing.
    Anyways, like a humble lamb, I was led to his hotel driving behind him.
    We got some new clothes shoes and underpants which he personally selected for me.
    We arrived his hotel, ate at the restaurant, took a bottle of bear and went to his room. I showered and changed into the new clothes before drove to the venue in his car.
    We got to the place a few minutes past 9. It was a glass house with a swimming pool in front. So many guys were already there, smoking, drinking, laughing with a loud music blasting.
    Gabriel turned to me excitedly smiling as he killed the engine. ” you won’t regret this Mike”.
    We got out of the car and everyone seem to know Gabriel. They all hailed him like a kind of celebrity. He forgot about me shaking hands and hugging so many good looking guys who obviously were successful. I strolled behind him nodding at everyone he was done with.
    After going through the pool side, we entered the house; a big duplex with nine different coloured couches, a TV on the wall and small framed paintings on every sides of the wall; a huge chandelier hanging on the roof in the middle of the sitting room and flowers beside every door.
    The place was filled up with guys. As soon as they saw Gabriel, there was a roar as they were hailing him. I began suspecting Gabriel may be the idea behind the party.
    While I was still trying to look around for a familiar face, Gabriel dragged me forward and screamed on top of his voice amidst the loud music. ” meet Mike! My blood in a black skin! Today we drink and fvck and become brothers!”
    The crowd went wild and they began shaking hands with me, welcoming me heartily. The music made me not to hear their thoughts clearly but I overheard one saying: Is this the new guy?
    What new guy was he talking about? I was looking out for the chicks but found only guys. I couldn’t reach Gabriel anymore, he was everywhere at a time. So I stood drinking the third bottle since the evening.
    Some girls appeared upstairs and began walking down the stairs completely nude With perfect bodies. They were all putting on masks carrying something in a bowl serving the guys. I looked at them with keen Interest wondering what these guys had in mind.
    A brown skin, curvy girl came to me and smiled with a bowl in front of me. In it were some things wrapped in paper, wraps of smoke; apparently dope and different colours of pills.
    I dipped into the bowl and took a wrap of dope, at least I hope it was something I know. She smiled and said. ” take a pill sir. You will need it “.
    The girl: Mike. At last.
    I looked at her smiling face wondering if I knew her as i took one pill.
    She said again. ” two will be better”.
    I nodded and smiled. ” one is okay”.
    The girl: I hope he’s not a waste. Two would have taking you to cloud 9.
    Then she smiled and moved to the next guy.
    I turned to a black guy beside me and collected his lighter, lit the dope and wanted to return the lighter when i saw the guy picking four pink pills. He threw them in his mouth, chewed and turned to me. ” it’s gonna get crazy tonight”.
    The black guy: When are they getting started? I can’t wait! Demn! These chicks are fvcking sexy!
    I smiled nervously and handed him his lighter.
    The pill in my hand was blue. It was big and squared. I sniffed it, put the tip of my tongue on it to have a taste of what it taste like and a hand slapped me on the back.
    ” it’s tasteless dude!”. I turned and the guy walked passed.
    I threw it in my mouth and chewed the tasteless tablet looking around for Gabriel.
    Gabriel appeared upstairs and shouted. ” the party is about to begin. Everyone in your uniforms!”
    The crowd went wild and everyone started walking towards a door at a corner. I waited for instructions from Gabriel before making any move.
    ” hey come on!”. A well fed Chinese guy said and pulled me along with his hands around my neck. I could hear him saying.
    The Chinese guy: hope he becomes one of us after entertaining him. He must be a cool guy to have put G through all these stress.
    I began wondering what he meant as we strolled into the room that they were all walking into. It wasn’t really a room, it looked more like a hall with about 40 men already standing in an arc form facing the door with some yellow, red and white candle lights arranged in circle and a big red candle in the middle in front of them.
    The guy with me moved to where the men were and stood beside a huge Arabian man. I heard one of the men saying: this man looks scared. He thinks we’re into voodoo hahahaha! That’s how I felt when Steve first introduced me.
    I was the only one away from the crowd. I Scanned through the men looking me for Gabriel.
    Another man standing some distance beside me said: Is he looking for Gabriel? I’ll love to see the look on his face when we start stripping.
    Stripping? What does he mean by stripping? I suddenly became scared. Could this be a gay club or something? I was about making up my mind to walk out when Gabriel came in completely naked. He looked at me with a wide grin on his face and said. ” put on your nice underpants”.
    ” underpants?”. I tried to understand what he meant, while trying to make sense of the reason he’s completely nude.
    The men began taking off their clothes, and in few minutes, a bunch of adult men stood in an arc around the candles naked with different sizes of penis standing erected.
    What is going on here? Gabriel was looking at me amusingly when I turned to him.
    ” I told you this was an orgy, but I didn’t tell you it was your orgy party”. Gabriel said.
    I could make a little sense in what he called my party, but what I couldn’t understand was what I was doing in front of naked men.
    ” mike!”. Gabriel said in a comforting tone. ” I have always admired you and envious of you. I love how you give in your best and succeed most times. Your zeal and passion inspires me I must confess”. He screened my face thoughtfully and continued. ” that is why I have decided to make you a member of this frat”.
    I was shocked. And wanted to object but he continued. ” look! I have all the connections, I know people. But you still beat me at work. We need need guys like you. People with future! These guys naked before you are CEO’s, multimillionaires, men with substance, yet they’re naked before you. Man! It humbles me”. His voice sounding pitiful. ” I love you Mike! You know i do! Be part of us!”.
    I could feel the drug kicking in. I was now feeling happy and excited. I looked at the men and then at Gabriel, then nodded. The crowd went wild with happiness.
    Then Gabriel asked me to move in front of the candles and recite their frat’s creed after him which I did. And then stood looking at the smiling men.
    Gabriel came close to me. I slowly moved away conscious of his rod. ” take off your clothes except your boxers, some ladies are waiting for you”.
    I looked at him. He smiled and nodded. I felt slightly relieved he mentioned chicks.
    The drug was getting to me. I was feeling some strange changes in my mood. My whole body felt sexy like i should begin touching myself; this was an odd feeling. I immediately shook my head and said to myself, no! Get a grip on yourself!
    ” we are waiting for you! You have until these candles go off before these men can come out. Chose as many ladies as you want. It’s your orgy. Get off your clothes and be in your boxers the candles are burning out”. Gabriel said In his usual friendly tone.
    I took off my clothes and my rod was as stiff as a stick and erect from my boxers. I was surprised. The guys exploded in a wild laughter i stupidly joined them. I was high.
    Gabriel led me out and shut the door leaving me standing in the sitting room that was once crowded with guys now filled with different kinds of masked ladies; fat, slim, tall, short, black, white, red, yellow… What was I seeing?
    The chicks where doing some lesbian stuff, others were solo pleasuring themselves.
    They saw me and four very voluptuous girls; a white and three black skin came walking towards me. I felt like jumping on them and fvcking the four same time. My body was shaking. It felt like I was no longer on earth, like the girls were some kind of angels in a spirit realm.
    They came to me and started kissing me all over. One on my lips, one s-----g my nipples, one at my back kissing my neck, back waist and ass, and the last knelt in front of me, pulled down my boxers s-----g my d--k.
    One of the girls: D--n! He is sexy!
    Another girl: Mmmm…ooohhh…nice…
    I closed my eyes receiving it. It felt fifty times sweeter than I had ever felt.
    Soon one of the chicks pulled me by my hand to the middle of the floor. I couldn’t tell how many girls mounted my body kissing and licking everything on me while i stood with my hands and legs apart. Wow! This was something out of this world. I was only hearing them thinking: Oh…yeah..hmmm…mmmm…
    Nothing else!
    A very chubby dark chick led me to a couch where some girls in different shapes and sizes knelt in a doggy position. Beside it some laid on their with their legs open stroking their clits moaning. I looked at them and went for a black ass. Before i mounted her, one of the girls wore me a condom. I t----t Into her pounding, It felt like i was cumming at each t----t, it was the sweetest sex I had ever had. I was moaning aloud, shedding tears and crying profusely, shouting out of ecstasy with hands, tongue and lips of the chicks all over my body.
    Something hit me on my face, I opened my eyes and saw fat white laps spread apart, she was seated on top of the couch exposing a pinkish p---y. I didn’t waste any time to put my tongue inside it, licking like I would die if I don’t.
    There was moaning everywhere. A hand pulled me away from the girl I was fvcking and leg me to another couch where a chubby Italian girl laid. I jumped on her, she clapped her legs around me, kissing me as I pounded like I was breathing through each t----t.
    I felt hands and lips touching me all over. I and only hearing them thinking: Ahhh…mmm….ooohhh…haaa…oh gosh! Sweeet!.
    The sounds of their thoughts drove me nuts. I think I blanked out and saw myself floating in the air cumming continuously and screaming as though I would die.
    A hand pulled me off the Italian and shook me back to reality. I turned and saw a smallish black girl with a small butt. I jumped on her , pushed her on the wall and plugged into her from behind. She bent, curved her waist for me to smash. I pounded as if I would collapse if I don’t. Each t----t was as sweet as cumming. I was crying, my chest filled with tears and was speaking gibberish.
    Another hand grabbed me to herself and began kissing me. I didn’t even bother to look who she was before I returned the kiss. And she pulled me to a couch, sat on it and pulled me close. I opened my eyes and saw a white skin girl with a very pinkish p---y. I made to plug and discovered my condom was full and sperm was leaking out of the opening. I was still looking, she grabbed me to herself and i began again. I cant tell for how long i was on her before a stronger hand pulled me off, I turned and saw a white guy in mask ; that was when I noticed the real orgy had begun. The place was filled with guys now on mask and girls banging on different positions, the sound of cry and moaning filled the air.
    I was looking at the craziest orgy of a life time when a familiar mask came to me and pulled me away. She led me upstairs into an empty room. She was the girl who served me dope and pills earlier.
    The girl: I have always wanted to do this to you mike. You seem far away, now I got you.
    I tried to see if I could recognize her but couldn’t. She pushed me to the bed and said in her thought: This is you and I.
    I tried to change the condom, she removed my hand and used her mouth to remove a condom filled with c-m and s----d me. She raised her head and showed me her mouth with c-m inside. Then she swallowed it all and showed me an empty mouth smiling.
    I loved what she did and watched as she moved up to my lips and we began kissing passionately. Something entered my mouth. I tried to remove it but she placed a finger on my lips. I noticed a butterfly tattoo under her wrist.
    Girl: Come on! You will love it!
    I looked into her deep blue eyes and swallowed whatsoever it was. Then we began kissing.
    We must have kissed for hours who knows, before i started seeing flashes of me f-----g missionary, d----e, cowgirl, faceoff, wheelbarrow, cowboy, spooning, standing d----e. It was all flashes. And I blanked out.
    The next thing was a blinding light on my face, I shielded my eyes and slowly opened my eyes and to full bright day. I immediately awaken completely, jumped off the bed and checked my wrist watch, it was 10:55am! D--n! I turned to the bed and noticed that the girl was gone.
    ” Gabriel! You have ruined me again!”. I screamed

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