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    Episode 1.

    I woke up in the middle of the night and
    let my thoughts drift down memory lane,
    I imagined how my life would have
    if I have not met Sandra and Anita.
    I had foreseen the doom they brought
    on me, I would have ran as fast as my
    little legs could have carry me away from them.
    I became a di*ck hunter ’cause of my
    friends influence on me, I want to share
    my life story with you. My name is Jessica,
    my friends calls me Jessy, sometimes Jessy
    su-cker, because I was obsess with su-cking
    of di-ck. It all started in my first year in
    the university, I just turned 17years
    but I had
    the body of an adult, am quite busty
    wide waist and rounded moderate soft
    butto-cks that can set fire on your g---n.
    with two pair of sweet melons on my chest,
    my ni-pples was the ’cause that Alhaji
    chased away his beloved wife and children.
    Fair in complexion and chubby, I love
    dancing especially twerking, my family
    was an average Nigerian family.
    I had
    my first sex due to pressure from my friends
    and the need to belong. Most freshers
    could relate to these feelings to roll with
    the big girls on campus. I never dreamt
    of losing my virginity the way I lost it.
    I had two room mates; Sandra and Anita
    I always thought they were from Rich
    homes because they wore expensive
    clothes and used the latest phones, I
    they are both se-x workers, runs girl
    they called it. . They were way older than me
    but you wouldn’t know that at first glance.
    Anita was an ebony with slender body,
    her brea-sts and a-ss are so obvious compared
    to her smallish stature, with full lips and
    h-orny eyes, than can make a man blow
    his seeds while staring at them, Sandra
    was fair with big a-ss but moderate bre-asts,
    we usually hailed her Sandy wire wire,
    she has se-x often, Sandra was in a relationship
    with Michael, a leader of the toughest
    cult on campus, one day I was returning
    from lecture, it was hectic day. because
    I knew few places on campus, I was
    in need of were to stay, Sandra and Anita
    offered me shelter with some money I
    paid to them, after returning from the
    faculty for clearance, I was hugging my
    files and beads of sweats forming on my
    forehead, I went to the school park and
    took a shuttle down to the park at the end
    of the campus, I came down from the shuttle
    and paid fifty naira, since it was free lecture
    day for me, I decided to spend the day at
    home. I got close to the lodge and I started
    hearing funny sounds coming from the apartment
    I shared with Anita and Sandra, I was
    a neophyte then, I have never seen a po-rn
    video, neither do I have knowledge of
    se-xual sounds, I opened the gate and
    entered inside the room, I was startled
    with what my eyes behold, Sandra was
    on top of a naked guy, and she was naked
    on top of him. she was riding his di-ck.
    “Aahhh” Sandra was moa-ning loudly,
    and enjoying every bit of it. My files
    off from my hands and I screamed “Jesus”
    both of them turned to me sweating profusely.


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    Episode 2.

    They didn’t make any attempt to move
    or cover up themselves, I wanted to run
    out but it was as if an unseen force rooted
    me to that spot. I stared at Sandra who
    remained sitted on his stomach,his
    d--k was still buried deep inside her. Her body was sweaty, while Michael stared
    inquisitively at me, she made to call my name,
    that was when I gathered enough courage
    and ran out,I heard them laughing afterwards.
    I came out of the apartment and sat
    Mallam Shehu kiosk at the front of the
    yard, what I saw kept replaying in my head.
    I felt a sweet chill run down my spine and an unusual feeling have never felt before. After twenty minutes he came out with
    Sandra beside him, their hands were
    locked together, I must confess then
    that he had
    a pretty huge d--k and he is handsome
    too, with an axe tattoo at his nape.
    I slapped
    my forehead to discard the thought but
    it still won’t go away. Sandra got back
    and asked me if I liked what I saw back
    there and I replied in the negative,
    gave me a wide grin saying “Babe no worry,
    very soon you go dey chop cucumber pass me”
    and I wondered what she meant by that.
    Anita came back later in the evening with
    two big bags filled with goodies;one was
    filled with clothes and shoes, and the
    other contained provisions and I really
    wished I could be in their shoes even
    for a day.
    “Hey Jessy have this” she gave me a smaller
    bag and I thanked her wholeheartedly
    for her kindness and benevolence act.
    On opening it I saw new dresses, three pairs of shoes, jewelries, and lastly a
    Android phone and make-up kit.
    “Hmm Annie,
    you know I don’t wear make-up but thanks
    anyways” I reminded her, Sandra laughed
    so hard at me and called me a jew girl
    wey never know wetin dey sup.
    all had dinner and went to bed, I woke
    up around 11pm because of the sound
    I heard and it turned out to be Sandra
    and Anita dressing up. I wondered where
    they were heading to by this time of the night…


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    Time to look for cucumber and money

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    ok seated

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    Where ar my friends. @henrymary @lawman @ele1 @ladyg @ugonnadeyoungestwriter @timson7373 @emmy01 @pexxy2d @fb-danieledem abeg i no see u guy. happy new month coolval friend

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    wow… Fresh story. My chair dey my nyash. Madam p, one bottle of alomo dia, make i use download this tori.

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