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    Episode one {1}

    . . .

    “Mom,why are you always having a problem with my wife?” I asked my mom whose legs were crossed.
    “I already told you son, I don’t like that girl and there is nothing you can do or say that will change that fact, just look at how fair she is, she looks like a witch,am sure she is one” mom said as she continued chewing her gum.
    “Are you jealous that Mia is fair?” I asked come confused.
    “Why would I be jealous of that,am only worried about you son,how can a Nigerian lady be that fair,it only means one thing” she said looking serious.
    “And what is that,what exactly is the thing?” I asked curiously.
    “That Mia girl is a witch,a strong one at that,if you are not careful,she is going to do something bad to you and you been alive now is all thanks to my prayers” she said.
    “You are a drama queen mom,her been fair doesn’t make her a witch and moreover, we are also whites ,does that mean that we are also witches?” I asked.
    “Keep quiet son and snap out of this madness you call love,everyone in America is white but Nigerians are black like coal,very black, so why is this your so called Mia different from them,did she fall from the sky?
    Oh oh,Now I know,I now remember” she said as if remembering something.
    “it is commonly said in Nigeria that anyone who is really fair and beautiful usually have a marine spirit in them,am sure that girl is a mermaid, she must have a merman who she is in love with in her world which is the reason why she can’t give birth to any child,she gives birth to your children in the marine world to her husband there” mom said dramatically.

    “Have heard enough mom,am tired so I will be in my room now” I said dragging my heavy self on the stair case.
    “so after all I said now, you are tired is the only response you have to give me” she yelled after me but I ignored.
    “Aziel!! Aziel!!” mom yelled but I didn’t reply.

    This is me Aziel Storm, first and only son of my parents, I have other siblings but they are all females, my mom had problems with my wife Mia ever since she set her eyes on her.
    I had to forcefully get married to her,I met Mia during one of my business travelling, I fell in love with her and named her Mia my self, her real name is Ayomikun (My joy is full). And that name worked out for both of us,ever since I married her I always have an unexplainable joy in my heart.

    I opened the door to I and Mia’s room,am sure my mom is the reason why Mia didn’t come to welcome me.
    I looked around but there was no trace of her,I jerked when I heard whimper and sniffs from the bathroom.
    ‘Another problem’


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    Episode Two {2}

    [Her Crazy Mother In-law]

    I came back home feeling very happy cause I am coming back home and with the hope that my mother In-law wouldn’t be in our apartment but I shrugged it off cause she didn’t pass the night at our place last night which means she wouldn’t be at our place.

    My face fell immediately I saw our apartment window opened and a loud music coming out from the seating room..
    I sighed dejectedly as every ounce of happiness in me flew off,she is here again,the witch is here, the only problem I have in my life,she is here,my mother In-law.
    “Good afternoon mom” I greeted kneeling cause I wasn’t ready for another section if teaching this evening.
    “And what is good about the evening?” she asked making me remain on my kneels.
    “Am sorry ma,I am going to mean,I mean my room” I stuttered.
    “Can you see you are such a fool,you don’t even know what to say,now tell me where are you taking your stupid self to?” She asked.
    “Am going to the kitchen, I need to prepare dinner” I finally said without stuttering.
    “Oh,you want to go to that kitchen, that same kitchen where you put poison and love portion for my son to eat,well,do you know what your plans won’t work this time,you witch” she said making me gasp.

    “Why do you look surprise, is it because I called you a witch,yes you are, I have been saying it behind you and am going to say it now before you,you are a witch Mia” she yelled.
    “Did I ask you to leave?” she asked when she noticed I was trying to walk away cause I couldn’t take the insult anymore.
    “I am sorry mom” I said facing downwards.
    “Who is your mother?Definitely not me,there is no way am going to give birth to an unfruitful witch like you,you are unfruitful, you are here for the past how many years,still you haven’t given birth to any child” she said.

    I ran out of the seating room cause I couldn’t take the whole thing anymore.
    “Your mother called me barren,she is the reason I haven’t gotten pregnant now and she still blames it on me” I said crying on Aziel’s chest.
    “Am sorry mom,please just forgive my mom for my sake,she doesn’t mean what she said” he said consoling me.
    “You keep saying that but she keeps saying it, am fed up” I said.
    “Come here,you look really ugly with that face of yours,come on put on a smile for me” he said smiling which made me also smile.
    His stomach grumbled loudly.
    “Seems someone is hungry” I said laughing.
    “Yea,let’s go to the kitchen” he said.
    We both walked out laughing.

    Thank goodness he is going with me to the kitchen, I will be able to cook comfortably now,I just hope I will be able to do that tomorrow . I thought to myself.

    T. B. C

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    Like is it a crime off to be Fair ni?
    This Nigeria mother’s gan ☹️☹️☹️

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    Carry on

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    Jboy young
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    Na wah oo

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