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    (Based on my personal true life story/experience)


    That night that I will never forget, it was full of scary experiences. My parents weren’t around. In fact, they were meant to stay away from home for seven solid days. Me alone! It was the first night after they left that the whole thing happened. I made sure that I locked the doors of exit for downstairs as well as upstairs. Then I warmed the food. Because there was no electricity that night, I had to make use of kerosene lantern. Having done everything necessary for the night, I dropped the lantern at the corridor leading to my room and went into my room. I switched on my torchlight and placed it on my bed beside my pillow since everywhere was dark except for the rays of light coming from the lantern at the corridor. Then I slept off. Well, the “long-short” dream started with a sound of someone opening the exit door downstairs. In that dream, I was still lying down on my bed facing the door and the torchlight was still on (just like in reality). I was hearing the sound of the feet of someone climbing the stairs. Then the entrance door to our parlour (upstairs) opened. The entity passed through the parlour and headed towards the corridor leading to my room. I was hearing the footsteps. It was loud and heavy. By then I was almost half dead because of fear. It looked so real. Like something that was programmed, it passed all other doors and came and stood at the front of my room. You can imagine the fear! The fear grew into pain!! The pain was almost eating me up!!! Then the door opened slowly. As dream may have it, the torchlight I beside my pillow turned and faced me. You the feeling when the light is pointing to your eyes in its full energy? You wouldn’t be able to see anything coming from behind the light, right? That was the situation! I was only hearing the footsteps of whatever was coming but I wasn’t seeing it because of the light. Suddenly, I saw a figure like a woman. She was very dark and so old that I was surprised that she could walk. I tried everything possible to move, all to no avail. I couldn’t even move an inch of any part of my body. Every part of my body was as heavy as anything one can think of. Then this old woman came to the bed and laid down behind me on my bed without saying a word!!!!! Imagine the torment. I started struggling to stand up. It wasn’t effective. It never even looked like I was putting any effort. I was just motionless. Only my eyes was moving around. I was seeing the parts of the room where my eyes could see. Right now, the torchlight has returned to its formal position. The door was closed. I thought I was awake. Yet I was feeling the body of that woman pressing against my body. Also I was still motionless. It was as if I was both awake and asleep. Or better still, the dream world was already mixed with reality. The environment was real but the woman and my motionlessness was also real. I couldn’t tell if I was actually awake or asleep. I was lost in a world of horror. I was trapped between dream and reality.
    I really don’t know how it happened but mistakenly, I moved only one finger and I woke up. I didn’t move. I remained silent. I was so weak that I couldn’t even turn to check if anyone was still lying down at my back. The only difference between that dream and the reality was these: the woman was no longer at my back and also, I could move my body.
    Till today, that experience and the subsequent ones are my worst experiences in life. Have you ever had such experience before? Share it, let’s hear from you. Love you all🥰

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