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    Kai,benson u dn spoil finish.repent o,world go soon end

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    I just d look..

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    e d like say dem pause dz site today new posts.
    Val,do something in other tu avoid stories dat touches d heart n itches d bom-bom *a copied line tho* 🙂

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    Tenniebenson (Area Mama)
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    Chai.. Where d rest na?

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    hmmm..i jst cant wait

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    Episode 7

    I hugged for like 30secs and pecked her on
    removing my body………I felt the coldness of
    the bosom and wish to do that
    again………..there was total silent as I look
    straight into her eyes even though where we
    were was a bit dark….No response whatsoever
    from her, I held my hand firm on her waist and
    made the bold attempt by going for full kiss
    instead of pecking her on the neck…..she
    responded and the kiss lasted for like a
    minute……………..she jumped down while I was
    still holding her waist..”pls lets go jare”….”the
    road is not yet clear, look at the front”
    She looked and hissed, my mouth reached
    hers on turning back to me and it was another
    set of kissing and bossom handling…we
    moved to the other end of the car, she was
    backing outside while I was at the other end
    backing a fence……….i opened the door of the
    back seat with my right hand and we find our
    way inside the car…I used my hand to raise
    up her skirt up while on our way down……she
    kissed me me back passionately…I raised up
    her camisole, removed her bweast from the
    Bra, I started doing some bweat s-----g..i
    could feel her silent moan the moment I
    placed my mouth on the bweast, I quickly
    moved my hand down to her pant…It was a
    surprise that everywhere was wet already….i
    played with her Hot poy for a while before
    digging my hand in it……”uhmmmm”…….i finger
    bleeped for like two minutes before I released
    dickson from his abode…..i shifted her tiny
    pant to one side and Dickson found his way
    in……I started riding up and down while my
    trouser was on the floor and boxers close to
    the ground, I was not so comfortable bleeping
    while the pant was on, I removed dickson,
    raised her up and pull down the pant and
    threw it somewhere in the car…..i bleeped her
    hard as she moan under me……..the bleeping
    lasted for about ten minutes as we both
    came…………I stood up while she was still lying
    inside, I put on my boxer and trousers while
    she also sit at the edge of the car adjusting
    hersef and her top.
    Tolu:Bad Boy…..
    Tolu:Abeg na u go drive oooo cos am tired
    Me:No problem my senior
    Tolu:Onibaje ni e…….so u eventually bleeped ur
    senior, pple must not hear o
    Me:which kind ear dey follow person hear that
    Tolu:Better……..come to think of it, u bleeped
    your colleague on your first day at work
    Me:hmmmmmm……………….called for thinking
    Tolu:where is my pant abeg
    Me:somewhere in the car….where is the key?
    Tolu:the key is somewhere here…………….
    I checked through and saw it somewhere in
    the car….i entered and started the car while
    she adjusted her seat backward “abeg wake
    me when we get to stadium” she said.
    I followed through Adeola Odeku as the road
    was free…..It was a smooth ride connecting to
    CMS and didn’t take long before I link to
    costain. I didn’t even noticed if she was
    actually sleeping or not as I was listening to
    wazobia FM. All my though was if what
    happened between us actually happened, what
    if this was a set up? My first day at work, I
    did this without protection, am I safe? Whats
    her motive for getting down with me? How will
    it sound if I tell someone I bleeped a
    colleague on my first day at work in her
    car?…so many questions begging for answer.

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    Nice story

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