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    ♦️♥️ #SOCHIMA ♥️♦️
    (My Only Sister)

    ?? A Nigerian Tale ??

    ? Chapter One (01)

    Sochima walked to the back of their house and met the shock of her life

    Well it’s the shock of her life because she never expected such to happen

    The pet of the house; the cat, Millie was sprawling on the ground, struggling for it’s life, substances coming out of it’s mouth

    Millie was her favorite, her own pet, and she would never want anything to happen to it

    She immediately raised an alarm

    “Mum…….. mummy…….mum”, she shouted, her eyes still fixed on the dying cat

    “What’s it? Why you shouting my name like that?”, Mrs Chike or better still, Vera, her mother said, coming out of the house

    She pointed to the cat
    “It’s Millie, look, it’s dying”, her voice was panicking

    Vera looked at the struggling cat on the floor, and back at Sochima, who still had her eyes glued to the cat
    Like there was anything she could do to help it

    She clapped her hands
    “So, it’s because of this thing, that you are shouting in this manner?”

    “I don’t want it to die”, she cried

    It was funny and amusing
    Her mom laughed

    “A grown-up like you is crying because of an animal”, she said and laughed

    It was indeed funny
    Sochima was really grown, and already developing the womanly features

    Was in her senior secondary school one (SS1), and was much matured
    So seeing her cry and panic for a pet, an animal, was really funny

    “You must be a good comediene”, she said and walked to the cat

    She looked at it properly, there was nothing she could figure out to help

    Then the thought of calling Dr Kingsley, the family vet doctor and also a family friend, came to her

    “Sochima, go get me my phone”, she instructed

    Sochima ran in with speed and agility, she returned seconds later with the phone

    Vera went through the contacts and dialed the doctor

    He picked up immediately and she explained her problem to him

    As expected, he showed his interest to come over and check out the cat

    “Woohoo!”, Sochima exclaimed, visibly happy

    Her mom looked at her and shook her head

    “You must be crazy”, she said
    “Go keep the phone where you brought it from”, she gave the phone to her

    Sochima took it and went inside, dancing and rejoicing along

    She was so happy, she wouldn’t let anything happen to her Millie
    Dr Kingsley should better arrive on time else…….she would kill

    She laughed
    Kill indeed, but jokes apart, she would, if Millie dies

    She walked into the sitting room and met Annette, her elder sister, staring out through the window

    “What’s the noise for Sochi?”, she asked, as soon as she entered, still looking out the window

    Sochima stopped in her tracks

    “Well, Dr Kingsley is on his way here”, she said

    Annette abruptly turned to look at her

    “Dr Kingsley? What for?”, her eyes widened

    “The cat is sick, so mom called him to come and check on her. You know she’s my favorite and I so much love her”, she walked away immediately, to avoid more questions

    Annette found herself smiling and grinning from ear to ear

    Dr Kingsley?
    Ohh God, she hopes he comes with Fred as usual

    Fred was Dr Kingsley’s son, and also her secret crush

    From the very first day she saw him, that faithful day she had accompanied her father to Dr Kingsley’s vet office, she had seen him and had instantly developed feelings towards him

    And since then, she was always itching to see him, again and again

    She couldn’t tell him of her feelings towards him, she was afraid to, and so, he was a secret crush

    One of the reasons why she couldn’t make known her feelings to Fred, was because he didn’t even care or bother to know if there’s any person called Annette

    All he knew was that, she was the daughter of his father’s friend, and nothing more

    Fred was very much good looking, and matured

    From her findings, he was much older than her, already in his third year in the university, two more years to go

    But she wasn’t bothered, love can erupt between two people no matter the age

    Fred normally accompanies his father to every of his duties, he always does the driving

    So now that Dr Kingsley was on his way to their house, she was hoping he would come along

    She couldn’t wait

    She immediately ran into her room, packed her hair more properly and changed into something better

    She found out she was extremely nervous and anxious, who wouldn’t

    Her crush was on his way

    Now talking of Annette, she was in her final year in secondary school

    Already done with her final exams and awaiting results

    She’s a dark girl, with dark eyes, strong enough to hypnotize the opposite sex

    But she didn’t know why it hasn’t hypnotized Fred
    She shrugged

    A car horn blaring outside the house jolted her from her thoughts

    “Ohh Jesus, they must be the one”, she said, taking a proper look at herself in the mirror

    After being satisfied of her good looks, she went out

    Dr Kingsley had already alighted and was already talking with her mother and sister

    But there wasn’t any sign of Fred
    Where was he?
    Ohh God, another disappointment?

    She shrugged, accepted her fate and walked to greet the doctor
    He was the family’s good friend

    “Good evening Dr Kingsley”, she greeted and faked a smile to hide her pain

    Deep inside her, she was hurt

    “Good evening Annette, how are you?”, he asked smiling

    She nodded
    “I’m okay, how is the family?”, and Fred, she wanted to add that, but restrained

    “They’re fine”, he replied and turned back to her mother and they began walking to the back of the house, her sister inclusive

    As she was about to go after them, the car horn blared

    Is anyone there?

    She turned back, and her joy was instantly restored

    She saw him, her Fred, alighting from the car in his full bloom of handsomeness

    He’s really handsome
    Fair complexioned, pink lips, very dark hair and an attractive athletic build body

    He was putting on a sunglasses and wore jean trouser and a blue shirt

    So he came?

    Before she realized how long she had stood there watching, he had walked up to her

    She heard the dangling of the car keys he was holding and his perfume filled her nostrils, that was when she realized
    And she started walking off in a start

    “Hey Annette”, his soft voice called, he was now walking beside her, and this alone thrilled her and made her cringed

    “Go …….. good evening”, she stuttered, her eyelids abating

    “Evening, how are you?”, he asked

    She felt so withdrawn, she couldn’t remember the last time Fred had engaged her in a conversation as this

    “I’m fine”, she managed to say

    They were now walking to the back of the house, to join the others

    “This is really the first time I will be seeing you since you took your exams”, he laughed
    “So how was it?”, he asked

    She swallowed hard, and rolled her eyes

    “It was okay, thanks”

    “Thank God, let’s go meet the others, heard that your cat is sick”, and he walked away, ahead of her, even before she could reply him

    That was it, she usually cringed his presence
    His presence makes her soft and she hoped he would be able to read her mind and understand her

    She walked to where they were and saw Dr Kingsley placing an instrument on the cat’s body, she didn’t know what it was

    And then soon, after administering some injections to it, it slept off

    “Doc, would my Millie wake soon?”, Sochima was the first to ask

    Everyone turned to look at her, except the doctor, he just had his gaze on the cat

    “Yes dear”, he nodded, still looking at the cat

    Then he raised his head
    “Mrs Chike, let me see you”, he said and they walked out, chatting away
    Sochima followed

    Annette felt it was time she leaves, she turned and Fred’s voice stopped her in her tracks

    “Annette, can we have some words together?”, he asked

    Did he really said that?
    Ohh Jesus, she couldn’t believe it

    She wanted to accept almost immediately, but she ended up cautioning herself

    She slowly turned to look at him, and she nodded

    “Sure”, she said

    He smiled and began walking towards the car
    She followed him

    They got to the car and stopped

    Now, she knew it was time he felt to tell her what she’s been itching to hear for months

    He rested his back on the car and slowly removed his sunglasses

    She couldn’t help but cringe, his handsomeness was at the highest peak

    “Well, I just wanted to ask you for something”, he said, jolting her back to reality, she had already wandered off into thinking

    Something? What could that be?
    Well he could ask for a lotta things, she was ready to provide the answer

    “What’s it?”, she asked, her heart beating so loud

    He sighed
    “Do you have Timi’s contact?”

    What the hell! ©️

    ✍️ Ndozi Nuellitta ✍️

    To Be Continued ? ?

    This crush is very wicked sha ?, asking for another girl’s contact ?

    Love y’all ? ?? ?

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    My only sister episode 2

    ♦️♥️ #SOCHIMA ♦️♥️
    (My Only Sister)

    ?? A Nigerian Tale ??

    ? Chapter Two (02)

    FOR a split second, Annette was lost in thought
    When she had thought he wanted to talk things over, and tell her what she’s been itching to hear for a long time now, here he is asking her about someone else’s contact

    What the heck

    But hold on, she didn’t even know the person he’s talking about, she was dazed about it

    “Who’s the person you’re talking about?”, she asked

    Fred looked at her
    “Timi, your friend and classmate. The one whom you came with to my father’s office the period you were writing your exams”, he explained

    Ohh! Timilayo
    The girl she and her sister had nicknamed ‘tolotolo’,

    She was so proud and full of herself, loves swaying her torso whenever she walks, that’s why they had nicknamed her ‘tolotolo’

    Thinking of this made her laugh, and she didn’t know when she had laughed out

    “You okay?”, Fred asked

    That was when she realized she was with someone, and that they were discussing

    She looked at him
    “Ohh, I’m fine”, she said with a start
    “Yeah, u remember her now”, she said

    Fred smiled
    “So do you have her contact?”, he asked

    Now she realized what he wanted, of course, or what else would he want her contact for?

    She felt pains to her bone marrows

    “Er……yes….no…. I mean, no”, she stuttered

    His eyes widened
    “No? You don’t?”

    She shook her head
    She has her contact of course, but giving it to him……ohh Jesus
    It would spell doom for her, and a stop to her crushing on him

    She decided to give it to him, for the blind love she got for him
    She decided not to lie to him

    “Sorry, I mean yes. I have it”, she said against her will

    “Good, please can I have it?”

    Now her heart was shredding into pieces, slowly and slowly

    “Sure, let me go get it”, she walked into the house, took out her phone, and penned down the contact on a sheet

    By the time she was out, Dr Kingsley was already walking towards the car, still discussing with her mother

    Fred was still leaning on the car, presumably waiting for her

    “Here”, she gave the sheet to him

    “Ohh, thanks”, he took the sheet and glanced at it

    “You are welcome”, she faked a smile

    “Take care”, he walked to the driver’s side and entered the car
    His father entered and they drove off

    In pains, anger and tears, Annette stormed into the house as soon as they left

    She rested on the window panes and fought the tears welling, from flowing
    She was so bittered

    Sochima entered and saw her sister in that position, she was shocked

    She walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder

    “Hey sis, what’s wrong with you?”, she asked

    Annette turned to look at her and sighed. She said nothing

    “I’m asking ya a question”, Sochima pressed on
    “I saw you and your Fred talking, did he say anything to you yet?”, she asked

    Sochima knew how mad her sister was about Fred, so mad
    And she knew she loves him

    Annette shook her head
    “Not yet”, she said

    “Then what were the both of you talking about?”

    “He was asking for Timi’s contact”

    “Huh? ‘Tolotolo?”, she asked, stiffening a laugh

    Annette bursted into laughter and Sochima, not able to hold hers too, joined and they both rolled in laughter

    “You won’t cease to make me laugh. Yes, it’s ‘tolotolo’, it’s her contact”

    Sochima scoffed
    “What for? What would a handsome dude like him be doing with that turkey?”

    Annette looked at her
    “It’s okay Sochi, the insult is enough”

    Sochima’s eyelids abated
    “But I don’t know why Fred had decided to choose a turkey over this epitome of beauty, this black beauty standing before me”, she demonstrated

    Annette laughed out
    “Stop the flattery and let’s talk something important”

    “I’m not even good at flattery, so you gonna be sure I’m not flattering you”

    Annette sighed, playing with her fingers

    “Is that why you look worried?”, Sochima asked

    Annette looked up and heaved a sigh
    “Yeah”, she nodded

    “You can’t be too sure, maybe it’s for something else he wants to see her”

    Annette looked at her and she nodded

    “Yes”, she said

    “I hope so, because I….. I really love that guy”

    Sochima smiled
    “I know, don’t be worried, it’s gonna be fine”, just then she heard her mom calling her

    “Gosh! I have to go big sis”, and she ran off

    Annette sighed as she watched her ran off, she hopes everything gonna be fine as she has said
    Moreover, it might be for something else Fred wants to see Timi, and not for what she’s thinking

    A knock on the door snapped her out of her thoughts

    She walked to the door
    “I’m coming”, she said as the knock kept coming
    Who was that?

    She opened the door to find Timi smiling at her

    Hmm, talk of the devil

    “Hi Anne”, Timi greeted, flashing her thirty two
    As usual, she was putting on skimpy clothes and looked like a w---e

    Annette was happy her dad wasn’t around, else he would have chased her away for putting on such clothes to his house

    “How you doing Timi?”, she asked, opening the door wide to usher her in

    “I’m good and you?”, she entered and Annette closed the door

    “I’m good as well”, they walked to the sofa and sat

    “You looking beautiful everyday, seems secondary school really hid your beauty”, Timi said, and they laughed

    “Thank you, you too. Well, you’ve been beautiful since I knew you”, Annette replied her

    She smiled
    “Well, what happened between you and Fred?”, she asked

    Annette looked at her inquiringly, what does she mean?

    “What do you mean?”, she asked

    “Come on, don’t pretend. Fred, your number one love, did you two had a brawl?”

    Annette shook her head
    “I don’t still understand, we didn’t had a brawl, and nothing happened between us”, she said

    Timi’s eyes widened
    “Are you serious?”

    Now Annette was confused
    “What’s the problem?”, she asked

    She sighed
    “Well, I met him on my way coming here, he stopped me and he…… he….”, she hesitated

    Annette was now becoming agitated, her bulging eyes boring holes in Timi

    “He what?”, she asked

    “He asked me out”


    Annette felt her world crashing, she was gradually breaking

    “He did what?”

    “That’s why I asked what happened between you two”, Timi said, lowering her gaze to the floor

    Annette looked into space, nodding her head slowly

    “And you accepted instantly I guess”, she said

    Timi looked at her surprisingly
    “Oh, you expected me to turn him down? That handsome dude? That rich god? What would you have done if it were you?”

    Annette looked at her with her mouth open
    Of course, she would have accepted if she was the one, but not too soon like she did

    “Well, we weren’t even dating, so I don’t think it’s a problem”, she found herself saying

    Timi looked at her
    “But I got a problem, I’m in love with someone else”, she said

    Annette laughed
    “For Christ sake you can’t love two guys at the same time”

    Timi nodded
    “Yeah, you are right. But I don’t want to leave Fred”, she complained

    “So what you gonna do to the other guy? Do I know him even?”

    “Yeah, it’s Peter. I will just handle him soonest”, she smirked

    Annette shook her head, Peter?
    Peter was their classmate, they took the final exams together, so Timi was dating him?

    This girl was too loose, she thought it was Mike, because they were both so close at the time they were promoted, she didn’t know when Peter saga started

    She wanted to ask, but thought it better to keep mute

    “Handle him as you’ve said”, she said to her

    Timi smiled and shook her head
    “Now to what brought me here. Our results are out”

    Annette looked at her
    “What! What did you say?”, she asked

    Timi laughed
    “Our results are out. I deemed it necessary to come and inform you, because I know you might not know”, she paused and looked at her
    “Because you are always at home”

    Annette slapped her shoulders
    “Come on don’t blame me on that, my parents won’t let me. So have you checked yours?”

    “Not yet”, she said and glanced at her wrist watch
    “I should get going now”, she said

    “Thanks for coming to inform me”, she got up, “ohh, sorry I didn’t even remember to give you something”, she said and laughed

    Timi laughed
    “Don’t bother yourself please”, she said as she got up

    “I will o. Wait here”, and she ran into the kitchen

    She came back minutes later with a can of soft drink and a packet of biscuits

    “Here”, she handed it to her

    “My God”, Timi exclaimed, “all these?”

    “Oh come on, it’s nothing”

    “Thank you, God bless. I will be on my way now”

    “Let me throw your legs a little”, she said and they walked out of the sitting room

    Annette escorted her to the gate and returned, she was never allowed to leave the compound, except for important reasons

    So her fears has been confirmed, Fred asked her out
    He doesn’t love her, she should stop killing herself over him

    She wasn’t the type that fights, she would have fought Timi for taking Fred from her

    But Timi wasn’t the one who took him away, it was Fred himself who had approached her

    Anyways, what will be will be, that was her slogan

    Her mind drifted to the results, and she cringed

    God, she pray she passes, she had applied for the same university with Fred during her Jamb, and the admission was granted

    So, it was her results she prayed to make, at least, she and Fred would be close in the university

    She found herself looking all inch anxious, her dad was the one who gonna check out the results for her, and he traveled, not yet back

    She hopes he stays a little bit longer, the anxiousness was at it’s highest peak

    But thinking of Fred, how close they would be at the university, she wanted him to come home soon

    She met Sochima at the entrance to the house

    “Hey big sis”, she called

    Annette looked at her

    “Guess what?”, she smiled

    “The news breaker, I can’t guess”

    “Well, daddy is back”. ©️

    ✍️ Ndozi Nuellitta ✍️

    To Be Continued ? ?


    Love y’all ? ?? ?

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    Annette you had beta calm down…you dnt kw what fate is preparing for you… Maybe if you are with Fred now something bad will occur…

    Just expect good news from your dad and get ready to experience life in the uni

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    Next pls

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    Anne, small small abeg

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    Ayotunde Ayodabo
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    Continue please…

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    Ayotunde Ayodabo
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    I think this story will be sweet…

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    Next pls

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