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    My regretted

    Chapter 1


    It’s a conflicting emotion. It sends even the most happy-go-lucky person into its deep pits of hell. Nobody ever seems to come out from its never ending hole. Only the lucky ones ever do. I guess I’m just one of those unlucky ones. Depression seemed to have its large muscular arm trapped around me, and it didn’t seem like it was letting go anytime soon.

    “Ari, it’s time to go,” a soft voice spoke. Turning around, I spotted my older brother, hands in his pockets, looking at me. Ethan, my older brother, the one I loved so much before, the one I always pulled pranks on, was now just a name in my life, with a body to match. I felt bad for barely speaking to him. After all, he did help me whenever I was beaten senseless by my father. I guess you could say I’ve had a rough life. Who could blame you? Everyone noticed my depression, but none of them cared. I felt utterly and completely alone. Nobody knew the empty feeling inside of me that grew into a permanent scar nestled into my soul.

    Ethan was holding my little brother, Sam’s, hand in his. I used to love them both so much. Don’t get me wrong, I still do. But with the death of my mother, my life has never felt so cold and emotionless. Happiness isn’t a feeling in my life anymore, much less love. I guess the same applies for my father. He lost his mate, his one true love. Losing his love for his wife meant losing his love for his children. Poor Sam doesn’t get a chance to see his mom and dad happy together. Unlike Ethan and me, Sam is only 6 years old. Ethan was a sophomore in college, and I, a senior in high school. We could handle growing up without parents, but Sam was still a child. I feared for his future constantly, hoping with mine and Ethan’s love, he would grow up to be a bright man.

    “Okay,” I mumbled, getting up off the grass in front of my mother’s grave. I looked back one last time before following my brothers.

    Ethan climbed into the driver’s seat while I buckled Sam into the car seat in the back. Sighing, I sat down in the passenger seat. Ethan gave me a quick smile of reassurance, but I could tell it was forced. The smile didn’t reach up to his eyes. Mom’s death took a toll on all of us, but it seemed to affect me the most. Oh, and of course, my dad.

    With my slightly wavy brown hair and striking grey-brown eyes, I looked too much like my mother. This brought out my dad’s anger. I never hated him though. It was the alcohol that affected him. When he’s sober-which is rarely-he seems to treat us like we really are his kids, but that never usually lasts too long. I guess our werewolf status does help me heal rather quickly, but I can’t remove the emotional scars that he’s been creating in my head. If only my mother hadn’t died…

    But that was years ago.

    My mom died when I was 14, but I never fully got over it. Neither did my father. I was 17 now, on to be 18 in a few weeks. It was the one thing I was looking forward too. I would finally get to meet my mate, to have someone hold me and care for me when I’m upset, someone to wipe my tears away and smile at me, someone who would hug and kiss me senseless till I was happy again.

    A horn blared, waking me out of my daydream. Looking around, I realized we were home. Well, the pack house at least. The large front exterior of the three story mansion, with its intricate brick walls and large 5 car garage, a huge porch surrounded by acres of land looked quite massive, but it was my home. I shuffled out quickly, carrying a now sleeping Sammy with me in my arms. I smiled. It was one of these moments that I was glad to have my brothers. No matter how upset I got, either Sam or Ethan would be there to cheer me back up.

    Ethan was well aware of the situation with my father, and he readily wanted to adopt me and Sam, but unfortunately, Dad wouldn’t give him custody. Besides him, our soon-to-be alpha, Drew Blake denied us exile out of the pack. As much as the pack hated me, they needed me to cook, clean, and do every little thing for them. Yes, you heard me right; I was the freaking maid of the place.

    Maybe now it’s clear as to why I am so upset all the time. Why I’m almost near depression, not quite there, but close enough that people truly believed I was.

    Walking into the house quickly yet quietly, I snuck by the loud group of teens in the den area. Exploding objects and gunshots filled the air.

    ‘Stupid boys and their obsession with videogames’ I thought sneaking past the loud noises quickly, hoping they wouldn’t wake up Sam.

    I went over to Sam’s room and placed him gently on the bed. He shared the room with Ethan, considering it was his before he went off to college. He visits sometimes, like now. However, he usually lives in an apartment with his mate Olivia. She was such a sweet girl. I was glad he found her. They’d met on campus at his school, and were inseparable since. I sighed; at least my brother got his dream girl. Now, I was just waiting for my dream guy.

    Tucking the covers up and giving Sam a small kiss on the cheek, I walked out of the room, only to bump into a hard chest.

    “Oof,” I muttered, rubbing my forehead from the impact.

    “Watch where you’re going, freak!” swirly dark blue and grey eyes darkened as they stared at me. Looking down from my alpha, Drew’s, eyes, I mustered up enough courage to apologize. “S-sorry,” I mumbled pathetically before running away from him and up to my room.

    Heartbeat thrumming in my ears, I blew out a deep breath. I quickly composed myself and speed walked all the way to my room. It wasn’t the fact that Alpha Drew was that scary, in fact, I found him pretty handsome, but our differences were clearly visible, considering how he looked upon me. Nonetheless, I felt something different when I was around him.

    I sighed, leaning against the door to my bedroom-well if you could call it a bedroom. Ever since my mom’s accident, everyone blamed me for making it out alive instead of my mother. You see, my family is the beta family of the pack. And everyone loved the betas, especially my mom. She was always homey and sweet, a mother to all the pack children. She was best friends with Drew’s mom, the Luna of the pack. I guess Drew thought of her as a second mom which is why he mostly treats me like shit. I guess I do deserve it. I should’ve been the one to die, not my mom. Nobody liked me, they never did.

    Well, back to my boring old room. Long story short, everyone hates me, I get a crappy room and crappy things, all while having to do all the chores of the pack.

    “Yay me,” I muttered sarcastically. I sighed for the umpteenth time today before getting out my homework.

    ‘Guess I’ll have to stay up all night finishing this’ I said quietly, allowing myself to get comfortable on my thick, hard mattress. I wish my life was easier.

    ‘Well, who ever said life was fair?’

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    Chapter 2

    The chirping of birds awoke me from my peaceful slumber. I didn’t need an alarm clock when the sheer terror of being unprotected from my other pack members allowed me to become such a light sleeper. Who knows what they would do to me when I was sleeping and unarmed?

    ‘Nice thoughts in the morning, Arianna’ I grumbled to myself. Dashing into the bathroom, I took a quick shower before throwing on a pair of grey sweats and a purple sweatshirt. I combed my fingers through my hair and grabbed my bag.

    Walking downstairs as quietly as I could in a packhouse full of wolves, I retreated to the kitchen to make them breakfast.

    I set the huge platter of pancakes, syrup, waffles, bacon, sausage, toast, cereal, and morning smoothies-for the anorexic sluts, of course-and orange juice onto the dining table. In my opinion, they were more pig-like than wolf with all the food they ate. But I was truly envious. All I ate for breakfast was a piece of fruit and a glass of water.

    I was washing my hands in the sink when I heard the all-too familiar sound of heavy footsteps approaching the kitchen. Shutting the water off, I tip toed quietly towards the corner and stood there.

    ‘The kitchen is clean, food is cooked, and everyone’s things are all ready to go in the front foyer’ I said to myself, imaginarily checking off each one on my mental to do list.

    Soon, my father came into view, and it took all my willpower not to cringe at him as a reflex. Just his presence set my wolf on edge. He grabbed an aspirin from the medicine cabinet and a glass of water before retreating back the way he came. I sighed inwardly; he didn’t notice me this time. I didn’t want to be the first one he saw after waking up from a hangover.

    Glancing at the stairs one more time, I went back towards the kitchen counter, cleaning up the mess he made. Suddenly, the loud voices of my fellow pack mates floated to my ears. Scurrying back towards the corner once more, I stood still, eyes to the floor and hands clasped behind my back. I could feel their presence as they sat in the dining room, feeding off the breakfast I made them.

    “Eww! What the HELL is this crap!?” Dana, the main pack s--t-and alpha Drew’s girlfriend-screeched. ‘Uh oh,’ I gulped, ‘what did I do wrong? Oh god, I’m so dead,’

    All too soon, I felt a large hand swipe across my face, throwing it towards the right. I looked down, biting my lip and holding back tears that were threatening to spill out.

    “What the f--k is this crap?!? I want breakfast for my girlfriend, not garbage! Now go make her something else you useless b---h!” Drew screamed, causing my wolf to whimper in pain.

    ‘Huh, why would my wolf be so upset? It’s not like this hasn’t happened before,’

    I nodded mutely at him. My cheek burned from the impact, probably leaving a bruise there. At least my werewolf healing would help with it.

    I quickly made a substitute fat free smoothie for Dana before heading out the door after the pack. They all got into their expensive cars, leaving me to walk to school. Of course they would. They couldn’t be burdened with having me flaw their perfect reputation.

    I was the freak at school, the loner. I was always like this, even before mom’s death. People thought it was weird that I barely talked, so they avoided me. To be honest, I was just a shy kid, but people were always quick to judge. Then, following the death of my mom gave them another reason to justify their stereotype of me. I almost never talked anymore. I just went through class like a mindless zombie.

    The leaves stirred, flowing with the cool breeze. It was a cloudy morning, but not the kind that said it would rain any second. More like the calm clouds that were covering the sky while the breeze whipped around. I loved this kind of weather, it was calming. The clouds were just slightly grey, the breeze slightly cool, and the temperature slightly warm. It was a comforting autumn day. I breathed in the smell. The musk scent of woods, leaves, fresh dew, and human civilization floated up my nose. Before I knew it, the school came into view. I’d almost lost myself in the breathtaking scenery. Shaking my head, I entered the school hallways.

    The school was quiet nice for a high school. The hallways weren’t too murky and bland. Looking down the hallway, I could already see the popular group sitting by the main stairs. They mostly consisted of my pack, and some humans. In the center of it stood Drew, with his arm draped around Dana, while she sat in his lap. She was wearing his varsity jacket.

    ‘At least it covered her scantily clad clothing,’ I thought, dropping my gaze and walking towards my locker. Grabbing my books, I walked off towards my calculus class. Fortunately, Dana or her so called “friends” weren’t in this class. Partly the reason why I took advanced classes, no Dana in any of my classes. Unfortunately, that meant all star quarterback, straight A student, Drew Blake had to be in all of my classes.

    I was the first one in class. I walked towards the window, seating myself furthest away from the desks where Drew and his group sat. Mr. Gregory was busy writing on the board, barely acknowledging me as I walked in. Not that it mattered, this was my usual routine: get into class before the others to avoid any bullying they would do to me. Well, either way they were gonna bully me, but at least it wasn’t early in the morning.

    Glancing at the clock, it read 7:25. 5 more minutes till class started.

    Sighing, I got out my calculus book and started reading the chapter. Yes, I know, how nerdy to be reading the chapter before it’s even taught. But that’s me. I want to escape this hell hole I call my life, and if I was going to do that, I’d need to be smart enough to get into a top tier university. Then I could move thousands of miles away from this place. I’d take Sammy with me, and I’d visit Ethan and Olivia at their apartment every month. Just the thought of those ideas put a smile on my face. But just as quickly as it got there, it wiped off. The sounds of laughter and gossip grew louder as students filled their way into the classroom.

    Turning back towards my book, I waited for the class to fill in. Mr. Gregory began his lesson, talking about formulas and graphs. I mindlessly took notes, trying to pay attention as my mind was having an internal battle with itself. The rational side wanted me to pay attention, but this other side-my teenage girl side?-was daydreaming about Drew. What the hell? Since when did I care about that jerk player? I took in a deep breath, trying to channel all my energy into paying attention to class. I looked back up to the board and began taking notes again. Today just didn’t seem to be my day.


    Finally, the last bell rang for school to end. I waited till everyone ran out of class before gently picking up my belongings. My sides still hurt from getting kicked in the ribs a couple days ago. Thanks to my in-famous father dearest. Wincing slightly at the pain, I grabbed my things and shuffled out of class. I always stayed behind for 10 or so minutes. I didn’t want to arrive at the same time as the others in the pack.

    Making sure the coast was clear; I walked out towards the main doors. I turned a corner, only to bump into a wall-a human wall to be exact. I braced myself to hit the ground, but it never came. Instead, warm arms encircled my petite waist. I looked up to my savior.

    His aqua blue eyes shone with amusement, yet they felt warm and inviting. His beautiful face was angular and masculine. His luscious black hair was gelled up in a messy style. The large arms encircling me felt strong, and muscular. It was then, that I realized how we probably looked.

    I blushed, stepping away from his grasp. He frowned, something that didn’t look right on his perfect face, before smiling sheepishly.

    “I-I’m sorry,” I whispered, averting my eyes to the tiled floor beneath me. I hugged my books tightly to my chest, almost like a shield. I half expected this stranger to look at me disgustingly; to hurt me, but nothing came.

    I looked back up to his face. His eyes held curiosity and a little bit of-confusion?

    “It’s alright. I’m Jake, Jake Donovan. And what might a pretty lady like you be doing after school this late?” his strong, masculine voice replied.

    Wait, did he say late? I thought it was only 3? He must have noticed my shocked expression because he chuckled.

    “Yeah, it’s almost 4,” he laughed. My eyes widened in disbelief. Oh no! I know I get home later than the others, but not this late! They’re going to flip! I’m going to be their entertainment tonight, as their freaking human punching bag! Yet again, he noticed my agitated state. This guy was like some mind reader!

    “I’m guessing you’re not supposed to be here too late. I can drop you off if you’d like? But for that, I would like to know your name…?” he chuckled.

    “Um, yeah sorry. I’m Arianna Mitchell. And if you don’t mind…” I trailed off.

    “Of course not! It’s not every day that you get to drop off such a beautiful looking girl. I’m sure all the guys would be jealous,” he grinned at me, guiding us towards the parking lot.

    He was quite the character. Smart, funny, charming. But why would he be talking to me? Oh, he must be new. No wonder I don’t recognize him. Too bad I don’t have any classes with him.

    “So, are you new?” I said, politely making small talk.

    “Yeah, I’m starting tomorrow. I just registered. What about you? What grade you in?

    “I’m a senior,”

    “Wow, me too! Maybe I’ll have a few classes together with you! But I don’t know, I don’t want to distract you from class, with a sexy hunk like me sitting there,” he smirked, waggling his eyebrows at me suggestively.

    I laughed. Wow, how long has it been since I’ve actually laughed. Today has seriously been a strange day.

    “So, I was wondering, if you could take me to your alpha. I’m a new werewolf here, and I need to join the pack. So if you don’t mind…?” he questioned me.

    Oh, I’m so stupid! How could I not smell his werewolf scent!? I smiled back, before replying.

    “Sure. I live in the pack house. I’ll take you to him,”

    “Great!” he replied.

    And that’s how the ride went. Him and I talking easily back and forth, chit chatting about nothing. It was nice to talk to someone who didn’t judge me, or look at me with pity. Sooner than I wanted, we arrived at the pack house. I led him through the house, glad that nobody noticed that I was missing.

    ‘Why would they?’ I snorted.

    ‘I know, they’re just a bunch of stuck up losers. Don’t worry, we’re better than that!’ replied my wolf.

    She was such a sweetheart to talk to. She helped me through my pain and suffering, yet still remained strong. Must be the beta blood, I always told myself.

    We finally reached the large French doors of Drew’s room. I hesitated, before knocking the door. I could feel Jake behind me. He was standing awfully close, that it brought a slight tinge to my cheeks.

    The doors opened, revealing a sexy looking Drew. Woah, sexy!? What the hell is going on with me! Since when did alpha Drew look sexy to me? I mean, yeah he was attractive, but nothing more.

    ‘It’s probably my teenage hormones. And the fact that I’m a werewolf enhances them,’ I told myself mentally.

    “What?!” Alpha Drew spit out, teeth clenched.

    “A-alpha D-Drew, this man w-wants to j-join our pack. H-he wants to talk to you,”

    Drew’s eyes softened as he noticed Jake behind me. Jake’s eyes, however, seemed to harden.

    “Thanks Arianna,” Jake smiled at me before walking into the room behind Drew.

    Drew shot me a look once more, before slamming the door in my face. Tears pooled in my eyes, but I held them back. I was used to this lack of respect, but why was it affecting me now?

    Sighing heavily, I retreated up to my room. At least here I was safe. After changing out of my clothes into a pair of yoga pants and a sweatshirt, I headed over to Sammy’s room.

    Sam was playing with some of the other kids of the pack. They were all gathered around on the floor, playing with toy cars. I chuckled.

    “Hey little guy, what’s up?”

    “Ari!” Sam cried, before jumping up and wrapping his tiny arms around me. His head hit my stomach, while I rubbed his back. Bending down to his level, I chuckled before kissing him on his forehead.

    “Glad to see you to buddy,” I smiled at him.

    “Ari, can you play cars with me, Todd, and Chase! Please, please Ari??” my brother begged with his puppy dog eyes. Darn, I could never say no to those eyes.

    “Alright Sammy, but only for a bit, okay? Ari needs to make dinner for you after,” I stated, tickling his tummy. He squirmed and giggled before grabbing my hand and leading me towards his friends.

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    Links To Available Chapters
    Scroll Down For Chapters 3-4

    Chapter 5-6

    Chapter 7-8

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    I guess this is gonna be interesting

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    Chapter 3

    I flopped down onto my hard mattress. I was unbelievably exhausted. After playing with Sam for an hour, I had to cook and clean before doing my homework. I was hoping to let sleep overtake me, but I guess I was wrong.

    Someone knocked on my door, making me jump up into position. I walked towards the door cautiously. When I opened it, Ethan was standing there smiling.

    I arched an eyebrow at him, confused. Why was he all happy?

    “Ari, I know how tired you are right now but I need to tell you something important,”

    “Sure Ethan, what’s up?” I sat down on my bed, patting the side next to me for him to sit on.

    “Okay,” he stated, settling down next to me, “so you know how I was gone all day?”

    I nodded my head, lying down on the bed, my feet still hanging off the side. Ethan mirrored my move.

    “Well, I went to check on Olivia, and guess what, she’s pregnant!” I shot upright, looking at Ethan for any sign that admitted he was joking. His face was serious and his grin stretched to either side of his face.

    “Ethan I’m so happy for you guys! I can’t believe I’m gonna be an aunt!” I smiled at him. He stood up, grabbing my hands and circling them around his waist. He pulled me into a hug and kissed the top of my forehead.

    This was one of the reasons why I was glad my brother didn’t treat me badly like the rest of my pack. Sam and Ethan were all I had left. I hugged him back, inhaling his masculine smell with a mix of light cologne and Olivia’s perfume.

    “Hey you two,” a soft feminine voice interrupted us.

    I looked towards the door. There stood Olivia with her arms outstretched. I ran towards her, greedily accepting the hug.

    “Congratulations, Olivia. I’m so happy for you two,” I told her. She smiled back at me and kissed my forehead.

    “Thanks Ari. You look tired. Ethan and I are just going to head up to our apartment. Goodnight sweetie,” she said kissing my forehead lightly and hugging me.

    “Night,” I whispered as they headed out the door.

    Walking back towards my bed, I snuggled into the thin sheets. I just lay there, thinking about life.

    How could Ethan and I be remotely related? Here he was, total jock, handsome, smart, caring, funny, protective and most of all, he had a mate that he loved. They were going to be a family soon and live happily ever after. Me, well…I guess fate has never sided with me.

    I began to drift off to sleep when I heard the door open a crack. A blonde head of hair stuck in.

    “Ari,” Sam’s blubbery voice said.

    I rushed over to the door and held him. I let him cry on my shoulder, wetting the t-shirt I was wearing.

    “Shhh, it’s okay Sammy. I’m right here. Shhh, it’s alright. Do you wanna sleep here tonight?” I murmured into his ear.

    He nodded, gripping his teddy bear tightly. I picked him up and carried him over to my bed. Laying him down softly, I planted a kiss on his cheek before snuggling in myself. Wrapping a protective arm around him, I snuggled him closer to me. I knew it was one of Sammy’s bad dreams about mom and dad. He always had them. I’m surprised he still remembers the death all these years, considering he was only 2 when mom died.

    I drew in a breath, inhaling Sam’s scent. It immediately calmed me, helping me fall into a dreamless sleep.

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    Chapter 4

    Walking aimlessly to my locker, I was side tackled by none other than, Melanie. Melanie was my only friend. We both had been social outcasts. However, I could never understand why Melanie was one. She had light blonde hair that fit her perfectly shaped face. Beautiful blue eyes and a toned slim figure were striking aspects about her. If Melanie had grown up normally, she probably would have been quite popular. The thought saddened me. I’m glad she was the way she was. I felt kind of guilty for being glad that Melanie was a shy orphan, but without her, I don’t know how long I could have survived my depression.

    “So guess what?!” she giggled in my ear.

    “What?” I smiled at her. Leave it to Melanie to make my usual depressing day into a bright one.

    “Well, since it’s my birthday on Friday, I thought we could go to our favorite spot and hang out?” she asked, biting her lip.

    “Of course Mel! It’s your birthday. We’ll go, I promise,” Her face morphed from nervous to happy. Soon I was smiling; her smile was too contagious. She squealed before linking arms with me and pulling me to class. I sighed. Best friends, can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em.


    The day was going endlessly slow. I was walking over to English when I saw Mel. She smiled at me and stepped beside me. Walking in sync with each other, we chatted about nothing before reaching our class. Melanie seemed slightly agitated, which confused me.

    We got in and sat at our usual seats, but Melanie kept glancing around, trying to spot something. I looked at her confused, until I saw Jake walk into the doorway. He was looking handsome as ever, with a grey long sleeve shirt- highlighting his abs I must add-and some casual black skinny jeans. This hair was messy like before, but it looked sexy on him, not as sexy as Drew though-wait woah? Drew again? What is wrong with me?!?

    Melanie must have noticed me looking up, because when she did, she just stared at Jake. He was looking right at her with the same look on his face. Both of them seemed to be in some trance. I was about to tap Mel when the teacher walked in, silencing the class. The girls began giggling flirtatiously at Jake, which seemed to anger Mel. I had an idea about what was going on, but I wasn’t exactly sure. I’m guessing they were…

    “Mate” both Jake and Mel said, when Jake walked towards them and sat in the seat next to Mel. I smiled, happy for them. Jake grinned, ear to ear, while looking at Mel lovingly. I couldn’t help but giggle quietly at the two lovebirds.

    “Erhm,” I said, clearing my throat, “Mel, this is Jake, Jake, this is Melanie, my best friend,”

    “You two know each other?” Mel asked me.

    “Yeah, I kinda bumped into him yesterday-literally,” I laughed.

    “Melanie, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl,” he said to Mel, making heat rise quickly to her cheeks. I smiled at them before looking away at their intimate moment. I longed for that so much.

    Just as I looked up, I met the familiar eyes of Drew, standing at the doorway. Oh shit, I just looked him in the eyes! I was never supposed to do that! He’s probably going to beat me after school! I shivered at the thought, but somehow didn’t feel scared that he would hurt me.

    I looked back up to see him still standing there, staring at me with a loving look in his eyes. Wait, loving!? No that can’t possibly be it. Just as soon as it was there, it was gone, the familiar grey blue eyes staring at me with disgust. I looked away, tears brimming at my eyes. Why was he making me feel so heartbroken? I’d never acted this way before, why now?

    “Hey Ari, you okay?” Mel said quietly, her hand on my arm as she looked at me with concern.

    “I’m fine,” I whispered, knowing clear and well that she heard me. We were werewolves after all.

    She nodded hesitantly, yet giving me a knowing look that meant ‘we’ll talk later’. I nodded back before staring at the teacher, trying to drown myself in class and avoid the unnecessary thoughts that plagued my mind.


    English had gone by extremely long and uncomfortable. I could feel Drew watching me the entire time, but I never looked his way. It was nerve wrecking. Trudging my way to lunch, I spotted Drew leaning against Dana in the hall. They were doing some x-rated kissing. Normally, I would’ve looked disgusted and walked away, but today, I stood there watching them. My anger was boiling and all I could do was stare. Before they noticed, I shook my head and walked into the cafeteria, ignoring the tugging pull at my heart for leaving Drew behind with that skank.

    I spotted Mel sitting on Jake’s lap. They were eating and Mel was blushing, while Jake smirked at her. I stifled a laugh. They were too cute of a couple.

    Jake noticed me first and waved. I waved back before walking towards them and sitting across from them. Mel noticed me and grinned mischievously. My eyes widened. Mel was planning something, and it wasn’t going to be good. Before she could say anything though, I was roughly pushed into the table, the edge digging into my already hurt ribs. I bit my lip, holding in a scream. Jake seemed to reach out towards me, while Mel growled lowly at the guy that pushed me. I gave them a small smile, although it was hard to considering I was still biting my lip, but I managed to show them that I was alright. Jake and Mel were still a bit skeptical, so I just shrugged at them.

    “It’s okay guys, not like it hasn’t happened before. I’m just gonna go to the bathroom okay?” I stated, getting up to go check on my bruises.

    “I’ll come with you!” Mel said, abruptly standing up. She wobbled a bit, before Jake grabbed her waist, steadying her.

    “N-no, it’s fine. I’ll be back in a bit,” I said in a rush. I walked towards the cafeteria doors and stepped into the hallway.

    Letting a breath out, I closed my eyes, steadying myself before walking to the bathroom.

    The mirror greeted me to a small girl, whose eyes were glistening with tears. I shook my head at my reflection. Sighing, I pulled my shirt up a bit, checking on the bruises. I was glad nobody else was in the bathroom. Evidently, I spoke too soon.

    Slam! The door banged. I turned around trying to spot who it was. Before I could, I was slammed against the wall, a muscled body pressed right up against me. Tingles and sparks lit my skin like a lick of fire. I was mesmerized, until I remembered the compromising position I was in with some stranger. I looked up, gasping in shock at who it was.

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