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    Hmmmm who could it be then ?

    Nice story guy.

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    Chapter 5

    Drew’s eyes bore into mine, making me shiver and look down. I finally realized we were against the bathroom wall. The door was closed again, and by the looks of it, seemed locked. D--n, my escape plans just went down the toilet. I laughed inwardly at how ironic that thought was, after all, we were in a bathroom.

    “W-what are y-you d-d-doing?” I stammered, mentally cursing myself.

    His gaze softened as he looked at me. Before I could comprehend, he had his face buried in my neck, inhaling my scent. I bit back a moan. But all too soon, it ended. He stepped back quickly, and I’m sure the look on my face easily showed that I was hurt. I looked back down, before shuffling towards the door.

    His arm grabbed mine, sending small tingles everywhere. I ignored them, focusing on him.

    “Look,’ he frustratedly ran a hand through his hair, “ don’t tell anyone we’re mates! I don’t want you. I never did, and I never will,” My heart leapt in my throat. I looked up at him surprised, he didn’t want me. Even if he didn’t say those words, his face wrote it like a book. I was crushed, no-beyond crushed, I was completely broken. Even the thought of my dad beating me senseless sounded less painful than this rejection. I wanted to cry, to scream at him, but I kept my expression blank.

    “Now tell me who caused those bruises!” He whispered harshly. I sighed before replying.

    “I-I tripped on t-the s-stairs,” I stuttered again, lying to him.

    “Don’t lie to me Arianna!” his voice bellowed, but all I could focus on was the way he said my name. Dirty thoughts instantly rushed into my head, making my face heat up.

    “M-my d-dad kicked me d-down t-the stairs. T-the p-pack also t-thought it was f-fun to h-hurt me s-so they did,” I whispered, not looking at him in the eyes. I heard a low grumble before I was backed up against the wall again, but not as hard as before. Drew was being gentle with me, which surprised me the most.

    “It’s okay, I’m not gonna hurt you,” he whispered softly, noticing how I shrunk away from him. I gaped at him. He was saying sorry, to me! Flipping me! This had to be unreal.

    He chuckled, probably noticing my expression.

    “What? Can’t a guy say sorry without looking like you’ve just seen an alien?” he smirked at me. I looked back down shyly. He lifted my chin, making me meet his gaze. I saw his eyes flicker down to my lips before looking back up to my eyes once again. He seemed to be contemplating on what do to.

    Finally, he sighed, pulling us away from the wall.

    “We should probably head back to lunch,” Just as he said so, the bell rang, signaling that lunch was over. He looked back over at me and gave me a small smile before running out the door. I watched his figure retreat before replaying the whole scene in my head. It was completely unreal.

    Taking one last look at the bathroom, I followed his path out the door and towards my next class. Evidently, I was also sharing this class with him.

    Not even before I could take a step inside, Mel jumped at me. Startled, I stumbled back only to be caught by an amused looking Jake. I frowned at him before turning my attention to Mel.

    “That’s not really a nice way to greet someone ya know,” I mumbled.

    “Hehe, sorry Ari,” she smiled sheepishly before continuing, “what took you so long? I was about to come in there and find you!”

    “Oh, uh, I was feeling kinda sick so I stayed in the bathroom in case I threw up,” I lied, looking anywhere but her face. Sadly, I’m a terrible liar. But I’ve never been one to care for so it was easy to lie to the few people that cared to notice my limp or my sharp inhales of breath whenever I was in pain. Luckily for me, Mel didn’t push it, which I appreciated greatly.

    We walked inside the class, and I saw Drew look up at me. I avoided his eyes and sat down in the back by the window, far from where he was. He glanced over at me subtly.

    That’s how the entire class went, and the next, and the next: Drew staring at me while I paid attention in class. Soon, I was out the door, walking to the packhouse. The sky was greying and I knew it would rain soon. I pulled up my hood up, and listened to the soft sounds coming from the forest. I hadn’t shifted in a while, and my wolf was aching for a release. Before I could decipher what was going on, I was running into the forest, dropping my bag and stripping my clothes before transforming into my white wolf. I trotted over to my favorite place in the forest, the waterbed creek.

    It was such a beautiful sight. A slow, transparent crystal watered creek flowed from a small waterfall that emptied into a shallow pond underneath it. The weeping willows hung lazily around the field, sheltering it from the outside. The soft grass was bright green and lively. Purple, pink, orange wildflowers danced with the wind. Cool crisp air as fresh as the crystal water from the creek flowed around, wrapping me in a light cool embrace. It traveled lightly through my fur, soothing my skin.

    Unaware of my surroundings, I heard a rustle of leaves. My ears perked, pointing towards the sound. A large black wolf came out into the clearing, its familiar grey-blue eyes staring at me. My heart leapt into my throat.


    I never really got to see Drew as a wolf, mostly because I was left out of the pack runs we had occasionally. He was a gorgeous midnight color, with a single white streak along his side, disappearing under his belly.


    His voice echoed into my head through mind link. I looked at him with wide eyes. I was naked! How could I shift?! But I can’t defy my alpha! He seemed to notice my hesitation and ran behind a tree, coming out shirtless with only a pair of low slung shorts on. I stared at his gorgeous abs flexing. An eight pack. That was hot. His too low shorts showed the v line towards his-stop! Ari what the hell are you thinking!? I mentally shook my head and looked back at his face.

    He was holding his shirt in his hands, and tossed it over to me. I grabbed it in my jaws and ran behind a tree before shifting and putting it on. His warm scent of the woods mixed with the soft sweet of cologne embraced me. I walked out behind the tree shyly, afraid to look at Drew again. He was shirtless and obviously, with my reaction before, I could hardly trust myself with not throwing myself at him like some desperate s--t.

    I jumped a little when I heard him growl, although it sounded more like a growl of approval. I looked up to see him standing there, eyes filled with lust and love as he raked his eyes over my body. I shivered involuntarily and watched as he inched closer, his eyes hungrily looking at my body that was covered with his shirt. Unfortunately-well for me, I’m not so sure about Drew-it only reached mid-thigh.

    He flung us into a tree, my back pressing up against the rough bark. He loomed over me again before snuggling his head into my neck, laying soft kisses all over it. I was captivated by his touch, his skin tingling with fire against mine. But that’s when I remembered who he was, what he’s done. I pushed him back away from me, turning away and crossing my arms.

    He growled lowly. I looked up again to see pain, hurt, and anger flash in his eyes.

    “I-I’m sorry, it’s just, I-I can’t trust you just yet,” I whispered.

    He walked away, leaving me upset and hurt. I followed after him, grabbing my things before walking back towards the house.

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    Chapter 6

    Arriving back to the packhouse, in my clothes of course, I headed straight towards the kitchen to make dinner. Once done, I trudged upstairs to my room to finish all my homework.

    “Hey you,” a voice called out. Turning my head, I looked to see Olivia standing there with a smile on her face.

    “Liv,” I smiled at her using my nickname for her.

    “Whatcha doin?”

    “Homework,” I mumbled quietly. She patted my head and giggled while I rolled my eyes at her.

    “Arianna!” a voice bellowed out from downstairs, obviously picked up by my werewolf hearing.

    I jumped, while Olivia looked at me with sympathy. She knew the treatment they gave me here, but she couldn’t do anything about it, mainly because I wouldn’t let her, and secondly because she would get hurt if she did.

    I gave her a reassuring smile before running downstairs to see what the problem was.

    I found Drew standing there with arms crossed with Dana beside him smirking at me. Uh-oh, this was bad.

    “W-what’s wrong A-alpha Drew?” I questioned meekly.

    “The guys decided to throw a party tomorrow and you need to get everything for it, and you have to clean up afterwards. That’s all, you’re dismissed,” I nodded before heading back up the stairs. I heard the sounds of Drew and Dana making out downstairs as I left them, feeling my heart shatter in a million pieces. My fragile heart, which was already covered in cuts and bruises, barely held together with small bandages, was breaking. Stupid mate bond! Why did I have to be stuck with a selfish, arrogant, player like Drew?

    By now, small tears were spilling out of my eyes. I hugged myself with my arms, going up the agonizing stairs with my already worn out feet.


    “Stop crying you worthless s--t! You’re nothing but a useless w---e! Now get out of my sight!” My father said evilly from where he was standing on the stairs. He was holding a bottle of vodka in his hand and had a look of disgust covering his face. I cringed, barely noticing the burning sensation coming from the cheek were he smacked me. I picked myself up from the floor where I’d fallen from his slap and stumbled back towards my room.

    “Ari?” a soft voice spoke.

    I was surrounded by warm arms that engulfed me into a hug. I immediately recognized my brother’s scent. I snuggled into him before letting my sobs out. They wracked my body, making it heave. Finally, after my long waterworks, I pulled away and looked up at Ethan.

    “Who did this to you?” his voice eerily low as his eyes focused on my already bruising cheek. It didn’t take a genius to know that he already knew it was our dad that hurt me.

    I gave him a small smile, telling him it was alright. But Ethan, being the stubborn one he is, stormed out of my room. I sighed, before walking towards my bed when another voice spoke out, sending chills down my spine.

    “Well that bruise doesn’t look very good on your pretty face, now does it?”

    I froze, not wanting to acknowledge that Drew, of all people, was in my room. I turned hesitantly towards him. He was standing by the door, leaning on the frame with his arms crossed over his broad chest. His eyes showed amusement but a flicker of hurt and anger passed. I blinked, almost like I didn’t believe he could care.

    I lowered my head and stared at the ground before speaking up.

    “I don’t have a pretty face, alpha,”

    Before I could process what was going on, I was forcefully slammed into the wall with a very pissed looking Drew pressed against me. Our sudden position reminded me of this morning at school and I blushed involuntarily.

    “Don’t ever say that,” his voice hissed, cutting through the air like a knife.

    “B-but you said-“I was cut off by his lips pressing against mine. The sparks that ignited were breathtaking. Little bursts of flames that burned between us as our lips collided. My stomach was doing summersaults inside at the close proximity, yet I felt so complete, so whole, so loved, that I forgot everything around me and delved myself further into the kiss. That was, until I finally came back to my senses. I broke the kiss first, pushing myself away from him.

    “A-alpha!?” I whispered.

    He growled lowly before attacking me with his lips once more. He bit my bottom lip, making me gasp and pushed his tongue further, prodding around my mouth. He tasted like sweet honey and vanilla making me ache for more. All too soon, the kiss ended.

    “Don’t call me alpha! I’m your mate!” he growled grabbing my waist and pulling me closer to him. I gulped before looking back at his eyes, which were a darker blue-grey and staring at me with lust and love. I was completely confused with his bipolar emotions. On one side he treated me like shit; on the other, he loved me like a true mate would.

    “S-sorry, D-drew,” I whispered again, looking back down and away from his hypnotizing eyes.

    He lifted my chin up and planted a soft kiss on my lips. It wasn’t like the other one, hungry and possessive. This one was sweet and inviting, like a normal boyfriend would give to his girlfriend.

    “I’m sleeping in your room tonight. Everyone from the pack is gone tonight. I sent them all away,” he ordered.

    “W-what about Sam?” I asked.

    “All the kids are with the older wolves, I told them it was important that they stayed there tonight,” he answered nonchalantly, like it was the most normal thing to do.

    I sighed, knowing there was no way I could defy the alpha.

    “A-are you sure you want to s-sleep h-here? M-my b-bed is kinda s-small and u-uncomfortable,” I knew I had to tell him the truth about my bed, and I was kinda hoping he wouldn’t want to stay. Yet the last part did send a pang through my heart. I repeat, stupid mate bond.

    He smirked before grabbing my hips and pressing me closer to him.

    “This isn’t some way of getting rid of me, now is it?” I was seriously tempted to wipe that smirk off his face.

    He grabbed me, pulling me over his shoulder and walked over to my bed. Dropping me to the bed, he climbed on top of me and leant down, kissing my lips yet again.

    He pulled back, his infamous smirk plastered onto his handsome face as he rolled over to the side and propped himself up with an elbow. I got up and turned off the lights, knowing that he was watching my every move the entire time. I got into my bed, and pulled up the covers.

    I gasped when an arm shot out and wrapped around my waist, pulling me to a muscled chest-a naked muscled chest at that! I tried squirming away but he just pulled me back and blew hot breath in my ear.

    “Now, now, kitten, I don’t think you should do that,” he smirked against my neck. I shivered at the touch. D--n him and his effect on me!

    Sighing, I gave up the fight and let sleep succumb to me.


    I woke up to the sound of rustling. Turning my head slightly, I realized I was alone in my room yet again. I sighed, content, yet somehow felt upset that he left me.

    Looking at the clock, I realized it was 5 am. Just my luck. I got out of bed, fully awake now and ventured into the bathroom.

    I opened the door to find a wet looking Drew with a towel wrapped dangerously low around his hips and wet beads of water trickling down his sculpted body. I found myself staring until I heard a chuckle. I blushed crimson before turning around and running the hell outta there.

    He walked out again, still wrapped only in a towel and smirked at me.

    “Like what you see, babe?”

    I scoffed at him, but soon realized what I did and prepared for a slap, but nothing came. I opened my eyes, one at a time, to find Drew looking at me with sadness and guilt. I raised my eyebrows in confusion.

    “Did you think I was gonna hurt you?” he asked so softly that I almost doubted myself for hearing it.

    “N-no,” I said quietly, looking away to the ground. Again, my lack of lying skills was so evident that I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t believe me.

    “Ari, stop lying, you were scared that I would hit you. I’m so sorry for whatever I’ve done. Please forgive me. I feel like a jerk for what I’ve done to you. Please, please forgive me baby,” he whispered, coming closer and eventually wrapping me in his arms. I forgot the fact that he was half naked, but instead, enjoyed the warmth of his body on my arms, how I molded into his body perfectly. I was enjoying his embrace until he pressed us closer together. I fought the urge to scream as he pressed tightly against my bruises on my stomach and ribs. Sadly, I still let out a muffled yelp, which Drew had heard.

    “What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? I’m so sorry!” he rushed out, inspecting me for any signs of hurt. I just shook my head no, but I was already too late. He pulled up my shirt and stood staring at my bruises. His face contorted to one of rage and he dropped my shirt before charging out of the room. I stood there confused at his actions yet again. This boy was clearly deranged.


    School was yet again, boring. I listened animatedly to Melanie go on and on about how her date with Jake was absolutely wonderful. I felt like the worst friend at the moment, but my thoughts were too preoccupied with Drew. Why on earth would he outright make fun of me and hurt me like usual, then act like nothing happened and we were the loving mates that everyone admired? What was his deal?

    I tried to avoid him like the plague. Hallways, class, even the lunchroom were spent finding escape routes so he wouldn’t see or hear me.

    I was walking out the school doors, preparing myself for a walk home when Drew’s sleek Lamborghini Gallardo ran by me. The window slid down, revealing a smirking Drew and an evil looking Dana. I sighed, rolling my eyes, before continuing my walk quietly on the sidewalk.

    “Hey freak! Make sure you walk a little extra today! You could lose the extra weight!” Dana shrieked at me, laughing along with Drew. The thought of him laughing at me sent my heart reeling in pain, but I said nothing. If I did, I’d probably get beaten yet again. Drew leaned over on Dana’s side and looked at me with an amused expression.

    “Oh and don’t get wet!” he laughed, before speeding off his Lamborghini, effectively getting me wet by the water that splashed off his tires. I grimaced at my wet clothes, and decided a little shifting wouldn’t hurt.

    I snuck into the woods, stripped off my nasty, wet clothes and shifted. The open feeling felt wonderful on my caged in wolf.

    Before I knew it, the time had flown by, and I was facing the packhouse yet again. I let out a long, exasperated sigh before walking in.

    Sadly, I wished I didn’t.

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    What kind of mate deliberately hurts their other half?

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    This story is interesting but I honestly don’t understand this Drew

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    Huhmmm 🤔🤔🤔
    Just carry on, am still observing

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    Thanks bro @thecomely

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