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    Chapter 7

    There, sprawled out on the lavishing couch was a heavenly sight.

    Drew was hovering over Dana, spreading kisses on her neck, while she moaned and rubbed herself all over Drew’s lower body. I grimaced, before tears pooled my eyes and I wished they would retract. I wouldn’t let Drew see me so weak. He’d enjoy making me suffer. The d--n bipolar jerk. His behavior wasn’t even close to what was appropriate of an alpha, but I guess it was reasonable. He was a guy, a werewolf guy nonetheless. Of course they were going to be h---y dogs. But the fact that here he was, s------g over the s--t of the pack, when he’d already found a mate, made my wolf howl in agony.

    I just walked away from them-barely acknowledging the dry humping they were doing-and headed off towards the kitchen.

    After making a quick snack for the others, I retreated to Sammy’s room to check on him. He was, as expected, playing with his toys.

    “Aribear!” he yelled, throwing his arms around me.

    “Hey little man,” I chuckled, running my hand through his soft honey colored locks.

    “Aribear why you crying?” he whispered, pointing at my face that was still drenched in tears.

    “Oh nothing sweetheart. Now tell me, what did you do at school today?”

    His eyes gleamed with happiness.

    “Ari, today a girl was being picked on, and I helped her and told everyone to leave her alone!” he huffed proudly. I ruffled his hair again before smiling at him.

    “That’s my little hero,” I laughed.

    The sound of deep chuckling flooded my ears as I shot up straight. I turned around, finding Drew standing there. I stood in front of Sam protectively, shielding him from any abuse he might see.

    Drew looked pained and hurt for a moment before he covered it off with his usual smirk. I frowned, backing up slowly, while making Sammy follow closely behind me. We walked backwards, bit by bit, till I made sure he was a safe distance from Drew.

    “Hey Sam, I bought you a cool new bike! Want me to show it to you?” Drew crouched down, outstretching his hand. I gripped Sam’s arm firmly yet soft. I didn’t trust my voice at the moment to say no, so I just went with holding Sam back.

    Drew studied me a moment before sighing.

    “Your sister can come too,” he smiled at Sammy.

    “Come on, Ari can we go, pretty please?” Sam whined, making me smile.

    “Okay, but you have to finish your homework too buddy!” I playfully scolded him. He nodded before running past Drew. I looked at Drew again, almost getting caught up in his icy blue grey eyes. I shook my head of those thoughts and followed after Sam.

    We walked towards the garage, with Sammy running in front of me, while I took quick and quiet steps behind him. I felt Drew’s presence right behind me. So close, in fact, that I could feel his body heat sparking with my own, making me shiver.

    I scowled, clenching my fists at my side. I didn’t like his effect on me. I didn’t want this. Any of this. It was all a mistake by the Gods! Why on earth would I be compatible with this walking, talking human devil?

    My wolf growled softly, probably upset that I insulted our mate. But too bad, he didn’t deserve any of my kind words.

    Arriving to the garage, I opened it up to find a brand new bike. It was a shiny blue with silver and grey streaks spiraling around the body. Sam’s eyes lit up at the sight of it. He ran over to the bike, completely engrossed by it.

    “Y-you didn’t have to buy this,” I mumbled to Drew.

    “Of course I did,” he faced me, smiling a smile that made my stomach flutter. I looked away from him, crossing my arms over my chest.

    “Sam, let’s go upstairs,” I said curtly. The sooner I got out of the 5 foot radius around Drew, the better I would be.

    Sam whined about, but finally gave in, letting me drag him to his room.

    I sighed, collapsing onto his bed while Sammy sat beside me with his homework, as I went through my usual routine of helping him. Soon, I got myself lost in the alphabet jumble that was Sam’s so called homework.


    The night sky shone brightly. The stars were dim, illuminating a soft glow around the forest. It almost beckoned me, luring me into its grasp. Oh how I wanted to let my wolf out and relax.

    Just 5 minutes, I thought to myself. I jumped off the windowsill, and ran downstairs as quietly as I could. Once reaching downstairs, I bolted for the forest Laying my clothes in a nearby tree stump, I beckoned my wolf. Soon, the familiar feeling of paws on the soft dirt floor encompassed me.

    I trotted lazily over to the small pond in the forest. The moon’s reflection was clear as day in the shimmering water. I studied my reflection: soft white/gray fur matching with my brownish-gray eyes. My ears lazily flat against my head, and my posture relaxed and comfy.

    The sound of rustling interrupted me from my reverie. I looked back to see the huge wolf of Zane, a close friend of Alpha Drew’s. He wasn’t as bad as the others. Never had he physically or mentally hurt me, however, he didn’t ever stand up for me, which was why I avoided them all.

    “W-what are you doing here?” I said through mindlink, submitting towards him with my head down.

    “I have a proposition for you,” he smirked at me-well, as much as a smirk would look like on a wolf. Running behind a tree, he shifted and emerged fully clothed. I mirrored him, and we both moved towards the edge of the lake, overlooking the horizon. I decided to speak up again.

    “What d-do you mean?” I stuttered confused.

    “I know that you and Drew are mates, but him being the d--k he is, won’t let go of his player ways so…” he trailed off, looking at me expectantly. I gasped, looking shocked that he’d known. He gave me an understanding smile back, which assured me somewhat.

    “So…?” I questioned back, utterly confused.

    “So, we both have a fake relationship. It’s simple: you and I act all lovey dovey. Some hugs and kisses here and there, and he’ll be putty in your hands,” he grinned.

    “But why? I mean, why would you help me?” I stated, looking down at my hands in shame.

    “Because I’m tired of everyone treating you badly, and I’m tired of Drew’s selfish player ways. Unlike him, I’m waiting for my mate like a gentlemen, while he’s off s------g girls left and right. Now I know you might be surprised on why I hang out with a guy like him, but it’s not that complicated. On other terms, we’re like brothers, but when it comes to girls, I have decency, while Drew, well…you catch my drift,” he shrugged.


    “No buts Arianna. Please! If not for yourself, do it for all the girls Drew hurts by having one night stands! One of those girls could be a loving mate, tricked by Drew’s selfish ways. Sometimes I’m afraid that it might be my mate one day. I would not hesitate to kick his ass if that ever happened. And besides, I’ve always looked at you like a sister, with Ethan and I being close as kids. He was my mentor on how to be popular, until I met Drew, and he took me under his wing. But it was your brother that taught me to be a good guy, and not a h---y wolf. That’s why I feel like it’s my job to help you get Drew on track. So please, Ari, do this for me?” he was using the ultimate weakness: puppy dog eyes.

    “Alright!” I huffed, giving into his cute little face. He grinned like a maniac at my giving in.

    We walked back together, and I found myself strangely at peace with the strange boy next to me. Sadly, my life just didn’t always work that way.

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    Chapter 8

    I had to admit, Zane’s idea did make me curious. Would it actually work? Could Drew accept me? But this was reality. Yeah, maybe it would work for a normal girl with a loving family, and best friends, but it was me here. I had no parents, a brother who wasn’t always around, and another to take care of. Plus the fact that I was the pack’s little mutt pet. There was no possibility that me and Zane could go out, not even hypothetically. Even if Zane wasn’t as popular as Drew, he was still part of their ‘it’ group. Besides, Zane was pretty hot, and then there’s me.

    “Boo!” Zane popped up from behind the breakfast bar, scaring the crap out of me.

    “Zane, go now,” I muttered, keeping my eyes fixated on the bowl of eggs I was whipping for breakfast. I couldn’t let him, a well-liked pack member, hanging out with the “girl in rags”. Honestly, Cinderella and I could’ve been best friends.

    He sighed, before tipping my chin up. I was met with his beautiful brown eyes, concern and sadness filling them.

    “Zane, please, I-I just don’t want you getting hurt because of me. I’ve caused a lot of pain to a lot of people, and I don’t want to add you to the list,” I whispered, tears blurring my vision.

    He stood there, dumbfounded, before the spark of determination lit up in his eyes. ‘Uh-oh,’ I gulped. ‘Male wolves and their stupid sense of pride,’

    “Hey! I heard that!” Zane pouted, crossing his arms. Oops, I guess I forgot to put up my mental wall. He must’ve overheard my thoughts. Stupid mindlink.

    I just shook my head at him, grinning. He looked like a quiet one, but he was a talkative and good natured guy. Almost like a lost puppy, he would trail after me everywhere, whining and begging at me for attention. The thought of him actually getting up on his knees and begging me like the dog he was made me laugh inwardly.

    “Zane, just go to the dining room and eat. We’ll talk later.” Scolding him, I grabbed the food and walked into the dining area. Zane trailed behind me, yet again, and stuffed his face instantly. I smiled, he reminded me so much of Sam. With his playful banter and puppy dog eyes, they were like mirror images, except that Zane was a tall, muscled, 18 year old boy.

    Who knew one of Drew’s guys would be so caring yet mischievous?

    I was brought out of my assessment by the heavy thud of footsteps. My throat gulped nervously. Dad. Instinct made me cower in the corner like always, but I guess today just wasn’t his day.

    “Hey b---h, where are you?! Get out here right now!” He whisper/yelled at me.

    I gulped once again, and scrambled out to meet his ferocious green eyes blazing right at me. Mentally, I tried to recall anything that I might have made him upset for, but I came up blank. I’d already made him (and the others) breakfast, did his laundry, made his bed, cleaned his room, everything. So why was he mad?

    “Why the f--k did I hear you laughing this morning? Stupid piece of shit, you don’t deserve to be happy!” His voice laced with venom directed towards me.

    I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from crying. Why, oh why does my life have to s--k? Before I could comprehend, I was lifted from the ground. His burly hand wrapped around my slender neck and pushed me against the wall.

    “Now you listen here b---h, if I hear so much as a whisper come from your mouth, I will personally rip you to shreds,” he spat, dropping me to the ground and kicking me repeatedly. His kicks targeted my already bruised stomach and ribs. He gripped my arms so hard I was sure purple splotches would be showing up soon, and threw me against the wall. My head throbbed with aching pain, as my lungs scrambled for any last breaths of air. Air was all around me, yet unfortunately, my windpipe couldn’t exactly reach it all. I gasped again as pain shot from my abdomen; where I glanced down to see my father throw one last kick at me.

    I couldn’t even begin to imagine how I must’ve looked at that moment. My usual messy bun was rattled into different directions, hair slipping out. The old ratty t-shirt I wore was crumpled around me, seeping blood through. I tried to sigh, but it only hurt my stomach even more. Grudgingly against my body, I hoisted myself off the floor and cleaned up any mess of blood that I may have left behind. The walk up the stairs was just as eventful as walking to my room. Every little body part screamed for release, to just collapse on the bed and sleep away my life. Honestly, I don’t know why I hadn’t ended my life yet, but I already knew the reason: Mom. Because of mom. I promised her, when we were near death in that accident. That stupid accident sealed my fate, as well as my mom’s. If that accident hadn’t happened, I would be hugging my dad, instead of protecting myself against him. Ethan, and I would be making disgusted faces as my parents kissed each other affectionately, while Sam would be hoisted onto dad’s shoulders, laughing. The picture perfect family. Ruined because of me. Just before dying, my mom promised me, that if she were gone, I would take care of the family.


    “Mom, oh god, mom please say something!” I screamed frantically, shaking my mom.

    Her lips parted, as a low groan emitted from her mouth. I stopped my frantic screaming and helped my mom. We were upside down in the car, and my mom’s head was slouched over on my seat. Blood poured from the long gash on her forehead, where she hit the steering wheel. Glass shards were littered all over my arms, but at that moment, I didn’t care. All I cared about was saving my mom.

    “Mom, please, please, wake up! We have to get out of here!” I patted her cheek softly. She lifted her eyes open a fraction, and whispered lowly.

    “Sweety, if I don’t make it out, I want you to run out of here. I want you to promise me, you’ll take over my position and be the mom of the family. Please sweetheart, just listen. I don’t have much time, just get out of here and take care of your family.”

    Tears scrambled out of my eyes, making her image become fuzzy. I tried to say something, anything, but I couldn’t. I wanted to protest, I wanted to beg, to plead, for her to stop talking and try getting out of the car, but I couldn’t. Her lips curved into a small smile, as her eyes trailed over my face, taking in every feature. I couldn’t let her do this. I wouldn’t let her do this.

    “Mom, no, everything’s going to be fine, you’ll be fine. Come on mom, Ethan, Sam, and dad are waiting for us at home! Everything’s going to be just fine, I-“ she cut me off, planting a kiss on my knuckles, before she lay limp in my arms.

    Her eyes glazed over, no raw emotion in them, just blank. Time stopped. I couldn’t acknowledge the sounds of distant sirens, the screeching of car tires. I couldn’t see the trees around us, the forest ground, the dirt hill we had rolled down a few seconds ago. Nothing was seen. It was like a soft focus photograph. Everything around was a blur, and the center, crisp and sharp, was me looking down at my mother in my arms. I cried silently. The tears flowed down to my chin, and dropped onto her face. I wiped them off of her and closed her eyes. I wept silently, as a police officer grabbed me out. I continued to weep, as the last image I saw was my mother sprawled on the ceiling of the flipped over car. Her arms outstretched, as if reaching for me, as if calling me back, but I couldn’t. I’d lost her forever, and it was my entire fault.

    Flashback End

    No, I could not fail my mom. She was my role model, my best friend, my protector. I missed the stories we used to tell each other, or how we would watch TV and my mother would point out all the hot guys, while I blushed. I loved how we used to bake cookies together every weekend, or how we used to take long walks down to the park. I missed her sparkling brown eyes, her beautiful brown hair flowing around her face. Her eyes lighten with amusement as she played a prank on us, or made a joke. She made our lives complete. Without her, I felt so empty, so heartbroken, and it was truly my fault for not saving her in time.

    I turned my head to the side, looking at the clock. It was way past time to leave for school. I would surely be late if I left now. But at that moment, I really didn’t care. Waking up the dormant thoughts of my mom left me so vulnerable right now, I just didn’t have the heart to face school.

    Grabbing a new t-shirt, a worn out black sweatshirt, and my backpack, I ran out the door.

    The cool morning air felt good against my aching body. I wish I had taken a shower after the beating, but sadly I couldn’t. I was still surprised that everyone ate and left without hearing my father beat me. But honestly, I doubt they would care.

    Shoving my hands into my sweatshirt, I took in the view. The October sky was lit with warm hues of orange and yellow, as the sun slowly crept its way onto the cloudless blue sky. The houses around me were surrounded by trees, as I got closer to the forest.

    The familiar dirt trail greeted me as I ventured inside the forest, taking in the scenery. The dirt was slightly moist and patches of grass were light with dew drops. Gnarly tree branches reached out towards the eminent sky, blocking the view. I was in serenity. All I needed was a few supplies, and I could seriously enjoy living out here. I chuckled at that quietly, but not before looking around frantically. I half expected my dad to jump out from behind the trees and beat the crap out of me again for laughing. I think he was just getting edgy because it was almost my eighteenth birthday. A week had flown by since I found out Drew was my mate, leaving my birthday only two days away. It was one of those rare moments when I wished my dad didn’t know what day my birthday was, because he treated me worse then.

    A tear slipped from my eyes and I wiped it away hastily. No need for crying when I can relax in the forest. I walked further in, until I stepped into a wide clearing. The giant trees gave enough shade, and the grass was not as damp. I sat down and pulled a sketchbook from my backpack. I sketched the scenery before me, adding detail and shading wherever needed. To be honest, I was a pretty good artist, not incredibly great, but slightly well nonetheless. For some reason, I felt like someone was watching me. I couldn’t smell or hear anything, but that may have been because my wolf was trying to mend my injuries. Suddenly, the scent of evergreens and musk cologne floated into my nose. I embraced the scent, feeling it swirl around me protectively. Only one person I knew had that scent.

    Drew’s ebony colored wolf stalked out of the trees, looking at me with curiosity in his eyes. I dropped my head down to my drawing. He barked menacingly and I jumped at the sudden noise.

    I scrambled to my feet, and stood awkwardly stiff. His wolf ran behind the trees, and he came back dressed in a V-neck and jeans.

    “Sorry for skipping alpha, I, uh, just didn’t feel too good,” I whispered quietly without eye contact.

    “Look at me when you speak! I’m your alpha!” he boomed back. I suddenly felt angry. If he was the d--n alpha, why the hell wasn’t he acting like one? S------g around with Dana when he knew he had a mate was freaking low. I clenched my hands into fists, creating nail marks in my skin. I shut my eyes, willing them not to turn dark brown-grey as I felt my wolf itching to take over.

    ‘Sweetie, just let me take over, this no good mate needs to learn a lesson,’ my wolf growled.

    ‘I know he does, but he’s our alpha too. I can’t let you hurt him, not because he doesn’t deserve it, but because he would win against us any day,’ I replied.

    I looked back towards him, my usual soft brown eyes almost black and glared. I was done with his shit, I was done with all the crap I was given, but mostly, I was done with my mate.

    “Why? Why in the HELL would I need to look at you? So I could see the mistake I’m stuck with? So I could see the betrayal I’m forced to live with? I’ve been through so much pain, that if I looked you in the eyes, you wouldn’t be able to take it. You just don’t understand do you? Everything is always handed to you, your alpha title, the girls, the popularity, the money, the fame, everything. But, for once, what if all those things in life were just objects that mocked you day by day? Try walking down a hallway, only to get shoved because your of so little importance that even the weakest kid thinks you’re weaker! Try being the only wolf that is hated in her pack, the place where everyone belongs! Try being the child of an abusive father!” I screamed at him. Shock and disbelief covered his face, as he judged my eyes for any signs of a lie. He obviously found none, because next thing I know, Drew’s back in his wolf form.

    He growled menacingly towards me, but it wasn’t directed at me. I stood there, dumbfounded, before I felt him take a step towards me. For some unknown reason-maybe, an anger high?-I shifted into my wolf and lunged back at him. A low growl emitted from him as we both stood guarded, hackles raised, ready for combat. He ran at me full speed, but I dodged just in time. He bucked his head against my body, sending me flying. I fell to the ground, but quickly stood up and charged at him. I did a fake, and maneuvered around him, but not before biting his hind leg. He let out a yelp and turned around, facing me. His eyes gleamed power, but still held pride in them. What, pride? I growled back at him, but in a quick second, I was underneath him, his wolf pinning mine down.

    This position clearly wasn’t good at all.

    ‘Hmm, actually, I quite like this position,’ Drew whispered huskily through mind link. If I were a human right now, I would’ve blushed 10 shades of red.

    We both shifted back, but not before I realized I was stark naked underneath my mate. This was not good! I desperately tried to cover myself, as Drew’s eyes raked up and down my body, but not before I heard a rumbling growl from him. The vibrations passed from his body onto mine, and it felt incredibly sexy. As much as I hated Drew’s alpha tone, his angry demeanor was really turning me on. I blushed at the dirty thoughts, but it didn’t seem Drew had caught it. He was too busy glaring at my stomach. I looked down, only to notice my bruises and bloody bandaging.

    “Your father did this?!” His voice all but shook the ground.

    “N-no, I’m just kind of a klutz,” I laughed humorously, but I could tell Drew wasn’t buying it.

    “F-----g p---k! I will beat the shit out of him when I see his f-----g ass! D--n idiot!” Drew raked a hand through his brown locks, some falling back into his eyes.

    “I will get that son of a b---h, and when I’m done with him, no one will hurt you Arianna, I promise,” I looked at him with awe, pride, and a bit of distrust. What if he just wound up hurting me again? I really couldn’t risk it, being hurt all over again. But as I gazed into his determined eyes, I felt like I could trust him this time, fully and with all my heart.

    “O-okay,” I whispered back. He leaned in ever so slightly, and kissed my lips hungrily. I slid my hands up his toned torso, taking in every sculpted plane and crevice. My arms eventually found his neck, where I tugged at his luscious hair. Our mouths connected with one another, each time I moved, he moved to fill up the empty space. It was like a jigsaw puzzle, and we were the two pieces that matched to finish the whole thing. We parted, and he continued kissing my face, down my jaw, and onto my neck. He kissed my collar bone and went lower, kissing my upper chest.

    “You’re mine, Arianna Mitchell. Every d--n inch of you is mine, all mine, and I will promise to keep it that way,” he smiled at me before crashing his lips onto mine yet again. I felt like we were in a bubble, protected and loved. It felt as if I was travelling with the wind in this bubble, light as air, yet sturdy. Our relationship was indeed crazy, and I still couldn’t trust him much, but I could see it in his eyes, how much he regretted his actions. I just hoped he lived up to his promise.

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    Let’s go,loving it

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