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    I stood out side looking at the sun while it set. the breeze blew gently and calmly.I was in front of my house looking around.the large gate in front of my house made it difficult and impossible for me to look beyond my own surrounding.the breeze blew the trees and planets in the garden and they all danced in the direction of the cool breeze.the sun was setting more and more until I could see it no more,the church beside my house was doing there choir rehearsal (they could really really sing). two little birds landed on a mango tree I sat under.they were talking to each other(I think).a rumbling sound came from the sky above which made them fly away.I looked up and I saw an air-plane moving above my house.well it is not the first time an air-plane is flying across my house.beside I stay very close to MM international air-port so its a regular thing for me.
    I was sitting on a chair but I wasn’t really mind was not with me,my body,spirit and soul were totally apart like three wives of the same house.I saw everything but I understood heart hunted was bleeding because of my own mistakes and stupidity.I placed my chin on my left hand in total sadness in my mind.”victor you really made the biggest mistake of your life now you are suffering for it”I said to myself.
    “Up nepa!!!!!!” The kids in my area shouted(they like shouting up nepa each time they bring the light).I didn’t have the strength to stand up from where I sat. “victor!victor! Come and help me change the line to nepa”my mum called(my mum has being afraid of electricity since she saw a man being electrocuted right in front of her).I took in a deep breathe and out a soft breathe.I stood up then walked in a depressed format to the front door,I went in to the passage where the nepa and gen meter was mum was already there waiting for me.”victor be fast na,I what to iron my cloths”. I pulled up the line with my right hand and power came on,I mum went to do what she wanted to do while I moved to my room in room was filled with picture of my my favourite artiste Davido. my bed was as soft has agege bread,the floor was completely tied with blue ties (I love blue so much) even the walls,my pillow and bed spray are blue.
    I just sat down on the wooden chair that was in front of my computer.everything was so d--n! Depressing for me. so I decided to go online maybe it will help me reduce the sadness and depression I felt,I switched on the computer.while the computer was coming on.I bent down to plug my windows phone that was in my pocket,my apple laptop and the SWIFT 4G HOTSPOT that was at its last the time I was done the computer was already on and ready to go,I used a USB cable to connect my SWIFT 4G to my computer.then i held the mouse and moved it until It pointed to the fox browser, “click,browser loading”.I looked at it as if I was going to see my problems when it opens,it opened and it reloaded my last page(the browser is very fast,c’mon I am using 4G to browse so what do you expect?,slow connection?,I don’t think so 🙂 ).
    The page was fully loaded,I saw her facebook profile pix(what do you know. it actually showed me my problem),she has change her profile pix and it looks very pain increased because each time I see her face I feel pain,and now her picture is right in front of me,” how did my computer come here when I haven’t log in yet”I said to myself in a confuse pattern,”oh now I remember it has been two weeks since I use this browser and I forgot to log out before I switch off the computer” I said putting a little smile on my face ,my hand froze while my eyes got lost in hers,her help me eyes looks more beautiful than ever,my hand moved in slow motion to torch her face that was showing on my monitor.then I stoped and hit my hand on the table which my monitor and keyboard was on.I placed my two hands on my head. “Victor you f----d up big time” said with a low voice.
    i Picked up my phone and called her.”Dialing…..dialing….call ended”,she didn’t pick it.I tried again “dialing….dialing…..busy. She busied my call.I knew it was going to be like that……………………………………………………………………………………..To be continued. Can someone help me call register please

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    ride on

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    Mehn! The way you narrated ya depression at the beginning, i think say person die o not knowing say na qirl make you dey depressed…. Lol..Nice one, lets see how it goes.

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    John Oscar
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    Nice work bro

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    Tenniebenson (Area Mama)
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    Hmmmmmm I was here sha

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    nice work guy

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    seated and following

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    lyk seriouzly i also thought it waz he did something bad nt knwin dat it waz one yeye gal

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