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    episode 1

    I and my mom lived alone initially before
    my sisters joined us later on….
    Before then, my mom and i lived in a
    compound occupying two buildings, a main
    house, and a back flat. The back flat
    occupied two families, mine and another
    neighbour which comprised of a man and
    his wife with three kids. While the main flat
    had in shelter a woman and five of her
    kids. – three girls, and two boys.! They
    were all grown up. The last child( a boy)
    was prolly 17 back then, and the eldest girl
    (eldest child) was in her early or mid 30s.
    In total, we were three families living in that

    ……… Am gonno tell you about each of the
    children in the compound and how they all
    contributed in corrupting me..
    Praise- the oldest child, she was really
    religious, taught me the all i knew about
    God back then.
    Prompted me to go to church and basically,
    taught me how to pray.
    She was really kind, and generous.
    She was’ntt married then, though she was
    goodlooking and in her 30s.
    Emillia- the second girl, was in her mid or
    late 20s..
    She was really pretty, well packaged and
    kinda plumpy with perfectly toned skin, nice
    curves and stature.

    Stephan- the third child, a man in his 20s ,
    a worker, really cool nice guy!
    He was somewhat responsible, though he
    flirt with most girls.
    Omolayo- a young stylish girl, also pretty,
    and quite fat. Had a cool feminine voice.
    She later traveled outta the countr though.
    Felix- the last child of his mom, he was
    prolly in his late teens. 16-19 back then. He
    was fair and tall.
    Eno! Eno! Eno!.. My friend Noso called me
    from far as i was about entering the school
    gate. He ran towards me ” whats up now, i
    thought you won’t be in school today since
    its the first day of resumption” i replied as
    we both placed hands on our shoulders. ”
    my mom forced me to come o”
    Noso was my best friend and we did almost
    everything together, both good and bad!
    As we approached our new class since we
    were just promoted to primary four, we met
    our class teacher who we greeted smiling
    broadly. ” how are you doing boys?” he
    replied our greetings.
    We took a sit that we claimed as ours for
    the term.

    ” who’s that girl that just came in?” Noso
    asked. ” am sure she’s a new student, i
    hav’nt seen her before.’
    ”she fine sha”
    Noso uttered
    ‘you better shut up before uncle hears you,
    its too early to start those rubbish” i
    ”by the way, i saw Esther, she said she’s
    gonno come to school because of you o,
    she said she misses your face ” Noso said.
    ” she better not miss me ooh.. We almost
    got caught by Amaka (a sir pupil) the other
    day while…
    ” While i placed my hands on her thighs.
    What would have happened if that senior
    caught me doing that? ”
    ” but you hav’nt really told me how it
    happened o” -Noso replied.
    Me; I’ll tell you later, Nosa and Emma are
    coming” (my classmate).
    *we all greeted and joked before before we
    heard the bell*
    ##The school i attended had on primary
    school and its secondary school was in
    another area entirely (not in the same
    The bell rang for assembly and we all
    rushed out. Praise and worship was led by
    a teacher. Thereafter, the principal came
    and welcomed all of us. He gave his speech
    on ‘rules and regulations’ and urged us to
    be in our best behaviours.
    +after the speech, we all marched to our
    We were only 11 in primary 4 .
    Six boys and five girls.
    * our form teacher came and introduced
    himself, and requested we also do the
    same.Eventually the new girl Noso and I
    saw was in our class, she
    was fair, neatly dressed and goodloking.
    She stood up and introduced her self as
    Noso started calling her name silently to
    himself (like he was tryna memorize it.)
    our form teacher- Mr Ojo stressed that we’ll
    need a class rep, and opted that anyone
    who wanted to be the class captain should
    come out.

    No one did, apart from Emma.
    He then asked if we wanted Emma to be the
    class rep, we all replied ”NO!”
    Emma was a bully! A dreaded one!
    I can still remember him telling us he’ll deal
    with us after class for refusing to crown
    him captain!Mr Ojo then asked the class to
    nominate anyone,
    Noso and some others shouted ”Leke!!!’
    Leke was my ”nick name”
    i was reluctant to come out cus i was never
    interested in the position, but Mr Ojo
    demanded my presence at the front of the
    class to contend for the position.
    I came out, and the girls in the class also
    nominated Esther.
    Esther was very brilliant, i wonder how i
    was able to still come out ahead of her
    during exams.

    She could pronounce words i did’ntt know
    without obstruction.
    Mr Ojo requested that I and Esther backed
    the class as they voted.
    After the short election, we faced the class,
    and i saw my friends giving me ‘thumbs
    up” as Mr Ojo announced me as the new
    class rep!
    I wasn’t happy, i was scared!
    In my mind ”weitin these people don put
    me so?”
    instead of me celebrating i was thinking
    about what Emma would do to me after

    Time went fast as I hurried home as soon
    as i heard the bell. I did’ntt even wait for
    Noso, i was on my way out of the gate
    when i heard someone called me – ‘lekins!
    Lekins! ”
    i thought for a second, ‘could that be Noso,
    but that is’nt his voice at all”
    the voice called me again, and i did’ntt
    bother to look back cus i remembered the
    I tried moving faster .
    ”you better wait there or else if i chase you,
    you’re going to cry”
    it was the bully Emma calling after me, in
    fear i waited but summoned courage to
    confront him.
    He approached me and……………

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    episode 2

    Emma approached me and grabbed my
    hands, i tried letting go but he held on
    ” What is your problem, what did i do?” – I
    ”you told them not to vote for me abi?
    You’re in trouble” -Emma replied.
    Me: ”listen, i did’ntt tell anyone not to vote
    for you, it wasn’t my fault i was chosen to
    be the prefect, i don’t even want to” – i
    uttered trying to set my hand free from his
    #Emma was far older and bigger than me,
    for his age, he should had been in
    secondary school by then, but his brain was
    a special kind. He was probably at about
    13years then#
    ”so why did you accept the position? ” – He
    asked while landing a slap on my face.
    I couldn’t hit back, that would make things
    worse, i just tried letting my hands go, but
    he held on tight.
    He was about landing another slap on me
    as a passer by intruded.
    The man requested he left me at ones, and
    Emma said – ” you’re lucky, I’ll catch you
    Emma left me and ran back to school
    (probably to descend on those who voted
    for me).
    I was so relieved and elated when Emma
    left, and immediately i thanked the man
    who saved me.

    I swiftly walked home as i heard a familiar
    voice beckoned on me..
    I turned to look, Behold it was Nonso
    running towards me.
    ” Leke , hope that mad man did’nt beat you
    badly (referring to Emma) , cus i saw him
    threatening to beat Isaac for not voting for
    him’ -Nonso uttered
    ” He was about to when someone helped
    me” – I replied
    And Nonso added-
    ” you’re so lucky. by the way, don’t mind
    him. Afterall, you are the class rep, you can
    report him to Mr Ojo.
    And please, allow me write names of noise
    makers tomorrow. Abeg!”
    ”if that is your problem, ok, you can write,
    but don’t write Esther’s name” – I replied
    Nonso laughed while saying ” i forgot she’s
    your wife.
    well by the way, that new girl Tasha, she
    was among the people that voted for you o,
    she was the only girl that raised her hand
    to vote for you ”
    I was surprised and was speechless for a
    moment, I then uttered ” well, I’ll thank her
    ‘ i also noticed she was always looking at
    you’ -Nonso replied
    ”come, is that not the way to your house,
    (pointing to the direction).. So bye bye” – i
    ## Emma and i then waved good bye as we
    parted ways##
    On my way home, about getting to the
    junction leading to my house, i saw two
    grown up girls , i greeted and passed.
    One of them called me back and asked for
    my name, i told her.
    ” Do you know you’re very handsome?” –
    she said smiling at me..
    Thank you ma- I replied looking at the
    ” my name is Tonya, you look so much like
    a boy i used to know, where do you stay?” –
    she asked
    I replied by pointing my hands to my street
    unable to raise my head cus i was shy.

    Her friend called her and she opted her
    friend to go without her, that she wana
    follow me home to know my house.
    #I was transfixed, remembering my mom
    telling me not to talk to strangers let alone
    bring them home. I refused, telling her my
    mom would not allow it. she made it clear
    to me that she would’nt come inside. I
    agreed in reluctance.
    On our way to my house, she offered to buy
    me ice-cream, but i refused. Telling her
    ”thank you ma”.
    Still on our way to my house, she started
    asking me some uncomfortable questions
    such as
    ” have you ever ……………………………..”
    ” Have you ever had a girlfriend ?” – miss
    Tonya asked me..
    ”no ma, am still too small” -i replied.
    ## Tonya was a good looking young girl,
    she was in her early 20s back then, who
    lived in a street adjacent to mine##
    ” you’re a very nice looking boy, i would like
    to know more about you, that’s why i want
    to know where you live.” -Tonya
    ”ok ma, we are almost there” -i replied
    pointing my hands to my house.
    ## we got to the entrance of my house and
    we both haulted and she said ”so this is
    where you live right? I’ll come visiting
    someday to take you out, and to also get to
    know your mom”##
    ”Okay ma, thank you.”- i replied
    ”take this”- Tonya said.
    ##she brought out two pieces of N500 note
    and offered me one##
    ”Thank you ma, but my mom would asked
    me where i got it.” – I objected
    ”then tell her an aunty gave it to you, please
    take it” -she utter.
    ## after much persuasion, i insisted in
    refusing to take the N500 from here. She
    did’nt insist anymore and bid me goodbye
    giving me a kiss on my cheek and smiling
    and told me she’ll come to see me some
    other day.”
    *i went inside the house and our door was
    locked, i went to the usual place we kept
    our key, and i found it………. I opened the
    door and marched straight to the kitchen, i
    opened the pot, but my mom did’ntt
    prepare anything for me to it. * we weren’t
    poor, as a matter of fact, i lived likka ‘aje
    butter’ with a blend of ‘kpako’*
    when i saw there was’ntt anything prepared
    for me, i was pissed! I went to the fridge
    and made tea and ate along with bread to
    hold myself before my mom comes.
    After i had taken off my uniform and had
    my bath, i zoomed off to the main house.
    ” aunty good afternoon” – I greeted
    ”how are you? And how was school’ -miss
    Emillia replied
    ” School was fine, where is everyone else?”
    – I asked
    Miss Emillia: they went to out, your mom
    said she’ll be back very soon, she went to
    see her sister.
    Me: Ok… ( i sat on the chair opposite her)
    she was putting on a skimpy mini skirt and
    placed one of her legs on the handle of the
    chair she was sitting while watching TV.
    As young as i was, i was carefully staring at
    her legs (not in lust though, just innocently

    She saw me and smiled, and asked.
    ” do you like them?”
    I replied saying ” no o”
    she started laughing and told me that her
    bf is crazy about them.
    I did’ntt reply, i just gazed on the Tv.
    She stood up and went to the kitchen and
    brought me a plate of rice. I ate as i
    watched tv. She was still sitting in the same

    After i finished eating, i stood up and went
    to wash the plates. I then returned to my
    sitting position after that.
    I noticed she was smiling even when what
    we were watching was’ntt funny, she looked
    at me smiling partly and called me

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    Hmm hope things are not about to get weird….

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    all this girls make una no teach dis boy bad thing ooh

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    keep it coming

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