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    ?️ Episode 1?️

    I stared bitterly at the frame hung at the front view of the living room,I remembered the very day my sister came home excitedly with the frame ,it was a gift from her husband to celebrate her call to bar,my sister aunty Sharon like I use to call,a beautiful,fair, tall and smart woman who happens to be the only person I use to know

    Good afternoon mum ,a voice came in as the door widely opens

    Ohh,princess,you back,how are you,how was school today

    School was fine but mum why are you crying

    I am not crying,I stylishly used my palm to wipe my tears. . go in and freshen up

    I am not me,I am not fine,all my days has been a mess,I am a loner,I don’t have anyone to talk to,I do things alone and mostly talk to myself ,I at times sees myself like someone that is running mad,I mean how can a well being be talking loudly to him or herself and still provides answers to the questions been asked by oneself,I mean this isn’t normal,well ,I wasn’t like this some years back ,it all started immediately after the death of my sister who was killed on Wednesday afternoon after her returned from first case she went to defended in the federal capital territory

    I mean how do I cope without family , princess happens to be the only only family I have but she is not grown to understand things,I at times talk to her like a grown up person,I will just assume she could provide answers but honestly no


    Yes mum

    “Have you eaten”

    Food? Did you say food? Where do I get that and when did you start caring about me when it comes to lunch

    What did you mean” I turned to her angrily

    Absolutely nothing,I mean nothing *trembling*

    If you want to eat ,go to the kitchen,I made your lunch already and if you are not eating ,then it’s left over to you

    I stood up as I walked along the stairs to the room ,I crawled on the bed and grabbed a pillow to rest my head ,I face my head up glancing at the ceilings like there is something written ontop it or probably the ceilings are showing a TV station

    But wait ,why have I reacted that way to that innocent girl,I mean she deserves my care and full attention but myself I don’t have my attention,all my life have been something else,I have my mind to be elsewhere,princess mentioned when I started caring about her lunch,wtf ,did she mean she haven’t been taking lunch for while or ?? I truly can’t say but I remembered she use to take lunch but that was then ,I mean when everything was still Normal with me

    Knock knock knock

    Who is there
    It’s me mum,princess

    Come in

    The door opens and princess sluggishly walked in and closed the door behind her

    Am about to sleep ,princess said as she crawled on the bed

    I kept staring at her , anytime I see princess I remembered the past,I mean seeing her hurt me, remembering the past is almost running me mad

    Mum that reminds me,there is a parent teacher meeting in our school tomorrow and my teacher said if you don’t come this time around,he won’t take it likely with me,mum pls come , princess said as she pleaded with her palm rubbing each other as a sign of begging

    I did nothing other that to keep muted and stare at her ,I heard what she said but I can’t go anywhere,as I would also be having classes tomorrow so I better keep mute than to give fake promise


    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,I screamed out loud as I jumped up ,sweeting profusely like someone that escaped from the hand of lion after a long run, this dream keep on reoccurring,I don’t even know when I slept ,I mean how so soon,I stood up as I used my finger to wipe the sweat off my face,i moved closer to the side table beside the door and took a glance at the table clock placed on it ,it’s 5am in the morning ,I weakly moved downstairs as I staggered along on the stairs ,I walked straight to the kitchen and get my self ready with the house chores,I found the food I left for princess which she has refused to take ,I disposed it and cleared everywhere,In no time ,I was done in the kitchen and I moved over to clean the living room
    Again!! My eyes can’t come off the frame,I moved closer to it and tears started dripping my eyes ,I can’t forget aunty Sharon

    “Silvia guess what? I made it
    Silvia I promise to take care of you,I believe you gonna make me proud
    Silvia,I will stay with you in times of trouble and difficulties”

    I remember those words aunty Sharon had said to me in her life ,now where is she ,why did she have to die,you don’t deserve it but I assume I killed you ,I shouldn’t have told you to. ..

    Good morning mum , princess interrupted my talk

    Go get yourself prepared for school.

    Mum are you crying again

    I am not crying,I faked a smiles

    Princess left the scene as I watched her climb upstairs in a hurry

    Is not that I don’t love princess,I mean you heard her calling me mum,so why won’t I love someone I claim to be my daughter,her existence is just a burden to me,I mean I can’t bear it,princess birth and the death of my sister has some part in my life,the two are what I can’t forget
    You can search Coolval for more interesting stories
    Well, everything in life happens for a purpose, should I call this a fate or twist of fate,cause I don’t know why someone will have this type of fate writen down, God doesn’t do bad ,I wish I can see him to question him,aunty Sharon can you just come back to life,I can’t do this alone I soliloquies

    I weakly walked down from the stairs, not that I am weak but seeing my mum in this condition,I mean everyday tears and broad thinking makes me sad,I never enjoyed her company as a mother,all she does is go to her own school and if not school hours then sit with a frame and cry ,I love Silvia but she wouldn’t even let me express it ,all she does is nag at me and at times took most of her time to soliloquies,I finally got down of the stairs and met the dining empty

    No food for me this morning again,my stomach still hurt due to yesterday lack of food hoping to sort it out with today’s breakfast,gaaad

    Mum ,am set

    Mum came out of the room with her handbag ,she made move of stepping out of the room while I followed instantly,she drove me to my school gate and handed me a thousand naira note

    Take this for yourself and find something to eat ,she said as she left in hurry

    Imagine,my own mother,I wish I wasn’t born by her ,infact no doubt, Silvia cant be my biological mother,no mother will react this way to her own daughter

    To be continued

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    ? TRAUMA?

    ?️ Episode 2?️

    I sluggishly walked in my class like someone a pregnant woman who was waking in the sun, imagine how tired and weak she would be ,I got to my class and bow my head on my desk ,I have no idea if the assembly had been held or about to

    Princess ” I quickly raised my head after the voice

    I hope your mum is coming up this time around if not you would be dealt with seriously,the principal said looking at me in the eyes with his two hands on my desk

    I nodded negativity as tears roll down my check

    You would get the beating of your life today i promise

    I can’t help my tears,it flows freely this time around,I fear been beaten,I see the way the principals beat other student and this fear alone could make me loose my brain ,I collapsed and that was all I knew

    ? Silvia?
    I walked hurriedly along in the school compound and walked pass a group of guy

    Hey Silvia wait,a voice came from behind and I waited

    The guy ran approached me and stretched forwarded his hand for greetings but I ignored and fold my hands in between leaving one in my armpit

    What did you want

    My name is Kennedy,he said giving a light smile

    That wasn’t the question I asked

    Well,I like you,can I have your contact,he said after a minute stare

    Phone rings
    Ohh, principal
    Hi principal
    Hi Miss Silvia *shivering voice*
    What’s wrong

    Princess fainted

    Me ,what happen,I am coming right away ,
    I threw my phone in my bag and ran as fast as my leg could carry me to my car spot

    Hey calm down,you can’t drive , Kennedy said

    Don’t tell me you followed me

    I ran after you ,cause the way you reacted to the call wasn’t fine

    I said you should leave me alone ,are you mad

    I don’t think it’s necessary for argument now,just bring the car key,let me drive you cause if something could make you run that way that means

    Just take ,take

    I threw the car key at Kennedy and opened the door,he drove me to the hospital where I instructed him to

    I rushed down of the car and ran inside the reception ,

    Where is the doctor , someone should talk to me,where is the doctor

    Calm down Silvia,Kennedy said

    I turned around and found the headmaster shivering and trembling
    I was sweating profusely even under the air condition ,I walked from one place to another Hoping to hear something

    Yes! Emm
    Doctor ,I interrupted
    Where is she,I mean where is princess

    She is fine, she is inside but she instead on seeing someone, she said Silvia ,yes, Silvia

    I am Silvia,can I go in

    I never waited for the doctor to finish ,I barged in and met Silvia lying on the bed,I knew the ward , after all I saw where the doctor came up from

    I sat beside her on the bed

    Silvia what happen

    She refused to talk and I quickly went to the doctor’s office

    Doctor,what’s wrong with my daughter

    She is not too well ,I found out princess is battling from ulcer and she is mentally unstable

    Mentally unstable,ulcer ?
    Where,when, how
    What happen

    Well ,I can’t really tell,you just have to watch and stay close to her to avoid memory loss

    Ahh,I am doomed,am I not coming to loose my only family ,I have ruined things with my hands,how can I be this careless

    I sluggishly walked out of the doctor’s office and arrived at the reception

    What’s wrong Silvia , what happen,you looked worried ,can I follow you ,Kennedy questioned me but neither do I give any reply

    I sat beside princess and broke down in tears


    I raised my head and looked through princess eyes

    Princess I am sorry,I never meant to hurt you ,I don’t just understand,I don’t know what’s

    Mum,it’s okay,I love you,princess interrupted

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    Okay o Silvia you kn better, make us to understand.

    Ride on.

    Links To Available Episodes.

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    Episode 5

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    Episode 8-9

    Final Episode

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    Bãd bøy
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    Fire down ride on bro i dey feel u nxt epili

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    Princess thank God u understand ur mum and i known that with time she will tell u every thing

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    Sylvia,why are u causing harm to yourself n de only family u have?
    Whatever it is,u have to let it go,Sharon is dead n gone,derz absolutely nothing u can do abt it…
    Do u want to lose ur only daughter too???

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    Silver is hiding something

    Ride on

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    hmmm ur daughter should die because ur sister die too abi?

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